2008 volvo truck problems
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Moncton, Canada

#1 Dec 23, 2010
I own 2008 Volvo 780 with D13, 500 000 on my odometer. The truck is nothing but trouble. This is my first and last Volvo truck. I just spent 3 weeks waiting for new injectors, and injector caps. But now I have another problem ,the junk started shaking like crazy, lost a lot of power and the fuel consumption has doubled . I just hate it and wanna get rid of it soon as I can. Four turbos, third set of injectors,problems with regen,sensors,exhaust,interior rattles, every few weeks something goes wrong. I hate this thing...





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Katy, TX

#2 Dec 26, 2010
Welcome to the club. Bought a 2009 780 new off the lot after 7000 mi. starting having vibration problem at 34 to 40 mph. Thought it was tires or alignment balanced and aligned no help. This vibration also appeared at 52 to 57 and 63 to 68 mph. Had truck in the shop 80 days in first 16 months with no resolve to problem. Also had injectors replaced two times and too many other problems to mention, a total nightmare of a truck. Volvo has now refused to troubleshoot vibration problem anymore without charging for service. We are now having trouble with regen system, will not regen automatically have to regen manually then it still doesn't always regen. Going nuts. Have retained a lawyer to get some help, more money spent to fight Volvo.

Since: Jan 11


#3 Jan 3, 2011
Thanx ,but this is not the kind of club I wanted to join. Talking about regen problems,I went through that a couple of times.The quick fix is to clean 7th injector and regen filter.My Volvo dealer also replaced s couple of sensors that were affecting regen system.I don't even remember the number of flex pipes I had to replace.When the pipe goes,the cab fills up with smoke from regen.That can give you a major headache. What else ??? Six sets of injector caps,last two that were installed are stainless steel. It supposed to be a better fix,but don't blame me for not believing in it. Every time Volvo does some upgrade or recall fix, it usually gets worse,or new problems appear.I really want to get rid of this lemon, but what should I buy. I drove freightliners for many years,but they were pre 2000 models with DD 60 series,great trucks,and really reliable. Than I drove macks,internationals,kenworts and volvos, none of them could match the reliability of freightshakers,so I started looking around,and reading some reviews about cascadia. What a surprise, that thing seams even worse than my pile of junk.Being in car hauling business,I need something reliable,I often drive through northern Ontario,bad cell phone reception,very few truck shops,even fewer Volvo dealers.Brake downs,are expensive,even more expensive when I have to use a tow truck to drag my junk for a couple hundred miles to the nearest Volvo shop. I was off for a week, going back to work tomorrow, just wandering if my junk is going to start,and what else is going to happen to it, to bring me closer to bankruptcy,just wandering...

Oklahoma City, OK

#4 Jan 21, 2011
Man my company bought a handful of these things new in 07, and I have to work on them.. they've been constant trouble.. fuel issues, valve issues, EGR issues.. and on and on and on.. none of them have broken 300,000 miles yet(oilfield water tankers..they get beat to hell).. but I wish they'd jet them before they bring the whole company down!

Oxnard, CA

#5 May 1, 2011
my engine just broke down i was driving at 40 mph when i heard something wrong in the engine, turn the engine off right away and get off the truck.oil was all around and one piston came out the block. 284000 thousand miles. and is gone.

Since: Jan 11


#6 Jul 10, 2011
I just got rid of my stupid Volvo. This was a first and last Volvo I ever owned. I'm so glad,the lemon is gone. The worst truck I ever drove. I've decided to give Freightliner a chance, so bought a 2006 Columbia with 14 Litre Detroit with 400,000 miles. I hope that this truck will have less problems than the " ugly revenge of vikings " or a Volvo. No matter what you call it , it was a pile of junk . It's time to celebrate !

Brampton, Canada

#7 Jul 29, 2011
Hey Radek! My name Yuriy. Are you Polish? I create a Forum for drivers http://BigRigLifeToday.com you can place article like that up there, and all drivers will know about problems like that. I want drivers to write about GOOD or BAD COMPANIES, BAD BROKERS and so on. check that forum. I live in Mississauga too. I had my truck fro 6 years Freightliner Century had so much problems too. Now I am just a driver working for Non Stop Transport. You probably know that company.

Ashburn, VA

#8 Aug 11, 2011
I am now driving my third new 670 and just like the last two .... a total piece of crap. My 2011
has had a constant vibration and a "growel" since new. Been back to dealer twice and the always say no problem found. Every driver at my company wants to see these P.O.S. volvos out of here!!!!!!

United States

#9 Aug 13, 2011
i heard that one of the large companys has returned a lot of their volvo trucks with the same problems we are having. they never can work on your truck for days, have to order parts, the lounge area is always full of drivers some for days ????? think it might be junk truck, maybe???

Truseni, Moldova

#10 Oct 18, 2011
Who can tell me.I have such a problem, my computer show error, he show trailer disconnected and I checked all fuses and nothing.Everything is okay but error remains ...

United States

#11 Nov 27, 2011
My husband has been a trucker for 28 years, and I as his team driver for almost 15 years now. We always owned Freightliners (dif models) and thought we had too many problems with them. We bought a used 2005 volvo and had too many problems with it, so we went with a 2008 780 series that we purchased in October of 2008. AND I THOUGHT WE HAD PROBLEMS WITH OUR PRIOR TRUCKS!!!! NOTHING we have ever owned comapres to the MAJOR problems we are now having with our 2008 Volvo. In Nov of 2009 we had new injectors put in. In 2010 we had alot of problems with power surges between certain rpm's, no power going up hills, AND we lost $20,000.00 in 2010 to poor fuel milage. We kept bringing the truck into the shop, but they couldn't find the problem---- UNTIL----December of 2010, just one month after our injector warranty ran out. when the truck was in the shop to get the new injectors, they damaged the body of the truck by lowering a garage door on it AND the mechanic dropped a wrench and bent a valve, so they had to fix that and caused us to miss a lot of income. We were going to take them to court over it, but they filed to sue us first since we didn't pay the bill. I thought for sure we would win, but to my dismay we didn't. Just 3 months ago our truck had major problems again that cost us over $8,000.00. Then a week and 1/2 ago another major problem that cost over $6,000.00. The truck made one trip after that fix and is now back in the shop for MAJOR repairs again!!! We haven't even paid off the last shop bill and are lost and not knowing what to do. We want to get out of this truck and into a dif one, but there is not enough equity in it. I am panicking with our financial situation (that I blame on VOLVO and VOLVO SHOPS). I feel like we are about to lose EVERYTHING just cuz we decided to buy a volvo. My hubby is putting in a complaint and going to write a letter to the president of Volvo to see if they might give us some relief, but the way things are right now, we won't be able to even pay the bill to get our truck out of the shop. Therefore, NO WORK = NO INCOME. We have already exhausted our savings------ any suggestions anyone?????

United States

#12 Nov 27, 2011
CONTINIUED.... I forgot to mention... BTW, we need new injector cups again, and when we had them replaced in Dec of 2010 we upgraded cuz the upgrade provided a 2-year warranty. NOW we need new injector cups again, and now they claim the warranty doesn't apply to us because we aren't the original owner of the truck!!! THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE OUR LAST VOLVO!!!(Even if we can even afford to keep the business going.)

Sylvan Lake, Canada

#13 Jan 16, 2012
WOW sorry to hear about your troubles now I know I will not buy Volvo

Neosho, MO

#14 Jan 24, 2012
Update will be coming soon, so stay tuned......

Seattle, WA

#15 Feb 1, 2012
Well, today is Feb 1st, 2012 and I am now sitting in a hotel with our truck in the shop once again. Just got the truck out of the shop from getting a new head and valves, new injectors, new wiring harness, repair on a intake manifold leak, and a minor repair on a hose. Picked the truck up from the shop last Saturday (today being Wed), and the truck broke down on the road night b-4 last night (Monday). Evidentally fuel is now getting into the oil... they are trying to find out where, but think it is most likely from an injector (which was just put in). Back a bit.... Last June we had work done in the transmission that we though was under warranty, but they charged us for it and told us that even though we were w-in the 5-year, 500,000 mile warranty period, we were over on our hours, thus it wasn't covered under warranty. End of Novemeber our truck started acting up again with the same symptoms it had all of 2010 (in earlier posting), suggesting we once again need new injectors. However when we took it to the shop, they said we need a new turbo. OK.... We had them put in a new turbo that cost us $6,000.00. Didn't even have the truck complete another 5-day run, and the rear end went out on the road.... had to have it towed and put in the shop where we got a new rear-end, and since the truck wasn't running great, we had diagnostics and some minor reair work done that added over $2,000.00 on to our bill. The shop claimed they couldn't find any additional problems, that everything was checking out fine, and they were hesitant to put new injectors in for the 4th time (under warranty cuz we had new injectors Nov, 2009, & Dec, 2010, in addition to once b-4 Nov, 2009). Thus, hubby took a loaded trailer with the truck to the shop and had one of the mechanics ride with, with a LOADED trailer..... Mechanic said most likely a leaking injector, however their DYNO (machine that tests the truck under load) was down, and they wanted to wait to test our truck on the DYNO b-4 replacing the injectors. Con't on next........

Seattle, WA

#16 Feb 1, 2012
Anyhow, their dyno didn't get fixed till the beginning of Jan, and when they finally did test our truck on it, the DYNO broke down AGAIN!!!! Hubby had made a complaint with Volvo headquarters at the beginning of Dec, and was currently working with them for them to make it right with us.... They determined that work we had done in the transmission last June SHOULD'VE been under warranty, and are promising a refund on most of that bill(everything except for the clutch)...... Hubby and I had to keep the truck making $$$ so we set up to bring the truck in for a day when they would already have the injectors there and be able to finish the job in one day..... However, even though they had told us ahead of time the injectors would be there by the end of the week (in Jan), when we brought the truck in, we found out that they had lied to us, and the injectors hadn't even been ordered yet, and they weren't sure if the truck needed new injectors. They did addtional diagnostics on it (cost us an add'l about $700.00) and did determine that the truck did indeed need new injectors again..... con't on next.....

Seattle, WA

#17 Feb 1, 2012
They again promised so that our truck would still be making income that by the end of the week that they would have the injectors waiting for us and they would put them in in one day so we could keep the truck running. Thus, on the way home from a run out west, we picked up a company truck (organized this with the company owner) and drove both our truck with the loaded trailer AND the company truck to the place of loading, and used the company truck to deliver our load and pick up a new load while our truck was being repaired in the shop. I had dropped our truck off at the shop on Friday morning, and they started digging into it right away. Still Friday morning, we got news that our truck now needs a new wiring harness, in addition to some more minor repairs and the injectors, and they definitely wouldn't be done with our truck till Monday morning. This put us into a situation where the load we picked up with the company truck would have to be given to a different driver. Monday morning hubby called the shop and the first thing they asked was if we had ever had the head removed on the truck......... con't on next......

Seattle, WA

#18 Feb 1, 2012
If u recall (on an earlier posting), back in December of 2010, when our truck was in the shop, we had received a phone call that our new injectors were in, but the mechanic dropped a wrench and bent a valve, and now they needed our truck for another week cuz they had to replace that..... That was the ONLY time the head had been removed from our truck.... We explained this to the shop, who called the other shop that had damaged that valve, to ask them to cover the work. The original shop that had damaged the valve (GATR VOLVO, Sauk Rapids, MN) told this shop that they only warranty their work for 12 months, and it was 13 months ago.... HOW CAN THEY REFUSE RESPONSIBILITY when it was them that caused the work to have to be done in the first place....(THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE A WARRANTY ISSUE)??????!!! Well, needless to say, we eneded up with over a $14,000.00 shop bill, with over $10,000.00 of that bill being for a new head and valves. This brings us to where we are today... TWO DAYS after the new new head and valves were complete, we were back on the road and broke down AGAIN!!!! Right now i am in a strange city alone in a hotel room with hubby off in another city with a day-cab rental truck making our delieveries..... We haven't gotten a refund on the tranny work from last June yet, and I wonder if we will see it any time soon...Not sure yest how fuel is getting into the oil, but at least we don't have to pay the bill for the truck being in the shop now, but we barely had enough credit to pay for the rental truck and the hotel room, and still owe the last shop over $9,000.00 (we put $7,000.00 on a credit card).......IT IS SOOOOOO HARD TO STAY POSETIVE WHEN OUR TRUCK BREAKS DOWN REPEATEDLY!!!!!! Unless there is a miracle, we are definitely going to have to file bankruptsy!!!!!

Tamworth, UK

#19 Apr 3, 2012
my bro has 12 volvo tippers fm's from 04-brand new & most have 380-420's, the two 08's have ad blue system with the 380 engines so he know his trucks but he purchashed a 59rg 400 with the egr system rather than ad blue, Its been nothing but trouble, it was perfect for the first week but it has no power, dont even sound anything like the others & when the throttle is pressed fully its like waiting for the revs to build up it sounds strangled to hell, volvo hace had it 3 times but its stil the same, any ideas! please.

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

#20 Apr 9, 2012
billy-wizz wrote:
my bro has 12 volvo tippers fm's from 04-brand new & most have 380-420's, the two 08's have ad blue system with the 380 engines so he know his trucks but he purchashed a 59rg 400 with the egr system rather than ad blue, Its been nothing but trouble, it was perfect for the first week but it has no power, dont even sound anything like the others & when the throttle is pressed fully its like waiting for the revs to build up it sounds strangled to hell, volvo hace had it 3 times but its stil the same, any ideas! please.
hey there,

on the egr return pipe that goes into the top of the intercooler its called the venturi pipe and they block with exhaust gasses if you remove this pipe and blow it out with air line blower and refit this should clear the lack of power issue

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