stop low oil pressure 1.8t
abdul al-eissa

North Hollywood, CA

#64 Jun 2, 2011
I was looking at a 2008 passat with a 1.8 t today, it took me 3 hrs to find the hose directly abouve the oil filter housing was cracked really bad in more than one area, large cracks. it is the Oil Filter Housing Breather Tube.


#65 Jun 7, 2011
hi people with lots off probs.......i hade the oil light come on in mine went away when i went slow came back on when i go faster ..... iff you get a hew oil filter? and 5w-30 full syfetic oil take the stump off with 10mm or alin key? then 3 bolts from the gearbox that gose to the stump the thers 3 triky bolts to the gearbox side get to them you need to cut a alin key up keep the long part you need this to fit into a small rachit bar with a small reach find a small socket to it to make it fit?the only way you can get them off trust i did it take your stump off ooww dont forget to dran oil oww and get some gasket gell ?take the you beat stell pip off it has a mesh thats blockt that you need to clen like new ....stump to the all back the way you toke it off ......half fill the oil filter as i do lol.... fit it on all back together then fill oil .....start up bet you you dont get the light agen i did it to mine oil light was on for about a year dun that never agen have dun 40000 miles since then by and good luck with yours as i has luck with minelol..........


#66 Jun 7, 2011
sorry my car was a 270bhp audi a3 1.8t

United States

#67 Jul 31, 2011
My son just bought this 2003 vw passat glx v6 with 85k its a nice car but frist day needed to replace PO 441 that was an easy fix..but now low oil light os on says stop motor what do I need to replace for this to be fixef thankx for reading

United States

#68 Jul 31, 2011
johns wrote:
<quoted text>
can u send me some pics on how you made a larger oil screen pickup for the 1.8t ? I've replaced several of these - not an easy job ! thanks
Please send me also pic of inlet tib with the new screen thankx
[email protected]
concerned wyomite

West Milton, OH

#69 Aug 2, 2011

have exact problem. could u inform me of location of drilled hole for tap insert and size of insert u used (1/2, 3/4", bigger)? I think the trick is to drill hole, insert needle nose pliers and yank out screen. The engine doesn't need a screen - anything (coke turbo turds) will go thru oil pump and stop in oil filter. thanks, J

Richland, WA

#70 Aug 3, 2011
i bought a car with same problem. since the pressure was low it did lots of damage to the head to where the cams jamed and the cam shaft pulley tooth thats inside broke off bending the valves. i replaced the venteletaion tubes and pipes, cleaned some, and just clean ur oil pan and on your oil pump there is a small grid that gets clogged . just take it out clean it put it back in place use mobil 1 fully synthetic oil and change oil every 4k miles . very simple
andy savage

Bristol, UK

#71 Aug 6, 2011
i have the same low oil pressure warning on my 2003 2.0 ltr 20 valve. is this oil pick up problem just on the turbo engins or accross the range

Palmer, AK

#72 Aug 31, 2011
I had the same problem on my 2002 passat 1.8turbo the pick up tube was clogged so I cleaned it out and the Oil light STOP keeps turning on when I drive, anyone know what can be the problem, could it be the sensor or maybe the crank bearing?
Bob 58

Georgetown, Canada

#73 Sep 1, 2011
I have a 2000 VW beetle 1.8 turbo I have the same problem I changed the oil sending unit with the proper one , light is still on I have removed the oil pan and changed the pick up tube with a new one I put in synthetic oil 5w30 I also did a engine flush the oil light is still blinking , I am going to do another engine flush , But this time I am going to put on a VW oil Filter I read earlier someone mentioned about proper pressure with a VW oil filter After this I will let you Know what happens . I have had the pan off cleaned every thing and mentioed earlier I did buy a out in a new pick up tube Any one with an answer please right I will let you know if this works for me .
Bob 58

Georgetown, Canada

#74 Sep 2, 2011
Hello Answer I did another Engine Flush I put a VW oil filter on I also put in a liter of Lucas oil treatment. At Low rpm the light doesn't go on ,Rev the Engine to 3500 Rpm Stopped not driving the light does not come on take it for a drive the light comes on. Drive in the drive way the light goes out .At this point I am Stumped . I wish some one out there knew something. post some good news Thanks Bob
Bob 58

Georgetown, Canada

#75 Sep 14, 2011
Well I have an answer for all 1.8 turbo Beetle people with flashing oil light . if you read the early version of what I have done to repair this problem . yes my pick up tube was plugged that did not cure the problem , I also did an engine flush , I also changed the oil sender . and still oil light flashing . I took the wire of the oil pick and grounded it to the motor ,run the car the oil light stayed off. that tells me my new oil pick has a problem . so I took the oil pick off blew it out with low pressure . then I grounded the base of the oil pick up well I had it out battery test light to center pin then to base. I blew low pressure air in the end of the pick up . the light went on and off . that tells me the pick up is working ok . Then well I had the pick up off I blew air into the spot where the pick screws into also removed a return line that is in the same area ,also blew air into that area also blew air into the return line . I think when doing the engine flush ,it does not clean these areas , I also cleaned the end of the single wire end that goes on the pick up ,making sure it was tight on the pickup making a good connection . After all that I did , the oil light is off and I hope it stays off . there must of been some debris where the pick screw into called slugged . after putting every thing back together . I took the car for a test drive the oil light does not flash any more. success . I wanted to report to all 1.8 vw people out there my success. and this will be my last vw also no one know how to repair them , I even ask the dealers mechanic's they where stumped also . I hope this helps all

Cincinnati, OH

#76 Sep 18, 2011
I have a 2003 VW Passat 1.8T I am having simular problem. I have removed the oil pan it wasnt real sludgy but i went ahead and replaced the oil pump and put new pickup tube cleaned pan plastiguaged the bearings all looked good. Replaced the oil sending unit. Hooked up a Manual oil guage when starting cold it and at a idle it carries 60 psi as the engine warmes the oil pressure drops after about 10 minutes it drops to 18 psi someone said it could be the chain tenchaner called to price one 300.00 little to pricy to guess. have any other ideas?

Orlando, FL

#77 Sep 21, 2011
Megz wrote:
I am having this problem too. Are you saying to disconnect the oil pressure switch permanently?
you better check the oil pump gears or you will need a turbo and an engine

Orlando, FL

#78 Sep 21, 2011
Megz wrote:
I am having this problem too. Are you saying to disconnect the oil pressure switch permanently?
take the oilpan out inpectect the il pickup anf cleaned in an ot remove and inspect the oil pump gears
Carl b

Randburg, South Africa

#79 Sep 23, 2011
I have a 2000 passat 18t,so far it runs perfectly. The previous owner had the turbo replaced after a sludge problem caused failure. When on full boost there is a slight rattling sound from the drivers side,but on normal driving the turbo sounds perfect. could the waste-gate be worn or something to cause this sound? Also how can I check that the turbo is getting the propper oil feed? the enjine was flushed by the agents when the turbo was replaced. I just want to make sure all is happy,as here in South-Africa the parts prices are scary! Thank-you for any feedback!
Top Cat

Eatonton, GA

#80 Oct 3, 2011
Had problem, oil pres message said shut off i did. Good thing i did because oil pump chain idler is made of plastic. came apart and got in my oil pump and locked it up.replaced oil pump,flushed oil lines.So far so good.
Carl b

Pretoria, South Africa

#81 Oct 4, 2011
Hi there,Was the sump removed and cleaned? the smallest amount of sludge can block the oil pump,enough for the light to come on. I had that very intermittently,as the sludge moved around in the sump. a terrible design fault on a otherwise great car!
sparkie wrote:
The RED LIGHT low oil pressure comes on.
The dash board display flashes STOP.
1. The engines full of clean oil at the right level.
2. The oil pressure test OK with a gauge.
3. The engine was then flushed and refilled.
4. The oil pressure switch was replaced with new.
The RED LIGHT and the STOP now are still displayed.
Anyone with any clues?

South Shields, UK

#82 Oct 5, 2011
i have an audi quattro which ran great till recently when the enguine management light and epc light comes on and engine will not go over 4000 revs, when you switchcar off for 20 mins it seems to reset and al good till you drive it for few mins then same again , i replaced mas air flow sensor and cam sensor as this came up as fault but problem stil persists car has had oil pic up pipe replaced twice as well as new turbo ,, any help would be greatfuly apreciated please , many thanks
kris [email protected]

Danbury, CT

#83 Oct 9, 2011
Chris wrote:
I had the same "sludge"/oil pressure problem with my 2003 1.8T. Major engine damage was caused even though the warning came on and the car was stoped immidiatly. Thankfully Audi US covered the damage and put a new engine in the car.
I have the same problem with my 1.8T but a 1997. the oil pressure light was on once i picked it up from the dealer after an oil change. i called them immediately they said it was ok to drive. on the way to the dealer, i shut the engine off and couldn't start it again, had to have it towed. audi dealer says it is due to a slipped timing belt. who can i contact? who did you contact and how did you get audi to pay for it? thanks.

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