2001 Passat GLX V6 transmission problem

2001 Passat GLX V6 transmission problem

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Van Nuys, CA

#1 Nov 24, 2008
The VW dealer told me to replace my 2001 Passat GLX V6 transmission. It going to be $7,000. Has anyone replaced a transmission of a 2001 Passat GLX V6 before? I would like to know how much it costed to do that.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#2 Jan 5, 2009
I have a 2000 Passat AWD (bought new) that had transmission problems AND engine problems. Long story but VW rebuilt the engine at 24k miles due to excessive oil consumption (~1qt per 1500 miles). They then tried multiple times to fix the transmission shifting problems. I finally told them they had one more shot or they were buying it back under the Ohio lemon law. The replaced the complete transmission. If I recall correctly the parts alone were over $8k. I like the car but it's been a piece of shit mechanically with over $13k warranty work performed not counting all the recalls I've taken it in for. I have under 70k miles on it now, the valves rattle, I've had to replace both front window regulators and most recently the drivers side window seems to be ready to fail again. If I start my car and turn it off before completely warming up, it will flood and be next to impossible to start again. Also nearly pulled my hair out a few years ago tracking down some problems with 2 coolant sensors that were posting error codes and causing the check engine light to stay on. Replacing both sensors fixed that. Even though transmission still isn't normal, there have been no major problems the past few years. I've learned to live with it's quirks and don't mind tinkering with it. However, it is the last VW I'll ever own. My biggest mistake was not making them buy it back under the lemon law. It has no resale value now due to the Passat's reputation and the history of problems. I went with an Acura RDX last year for the wife. So far that's been a great choice.


Sacramento, CA

#3 Jun 22, 2009
I too got the quote of about $6500 to rebuild my transmission. I have the 2001 Passat V6 quattro AWD. At this point, it costs more than it is worth so I'm thinking it is going to scrap metal. I am not buying a VW again. Nothing but problems as soon as I paid it off. Typical huh? I'm thinking of going with Acura as well.
Lost my mind

Scarborough, Canada

#4 Jul 4, 2010
I cannot believe that I am not alone in the STRESS AND ABSOLUTE BULLSHT I HAD TO PASS THROUGH WITH MY 2001 VW PASSAT. To tell the God's honest truth the exterior is what attracks people to this car, there is nothing good under the hood. I have spent coutless of dollars on this car, and all the money has gone down the drain. Its a smooth drive before the passat starts to show its true colors.(alot like a bad relationship) I personally think that VOLKSWAGON need to compensate all who own a Passat. Hopefully the media could help spread the word. I have read the above comments on the Passat and I have faced all they have faced and more. With my Passat its one problem after the next, I have been PUBLICLY HUMILIATED with this car, even when I tried to sell it, all of a sudden for the first time it decided not to start when everything was fine the day before. I have alot of Sad memories with my Passat. A SLAP IN THE FACE FOR THOSE WHO CREATED THIS PIECE OF JUNK!

Oconomowoc, WI

#5 Aug 10, 2010
I have the same car its a gray 2001 volkswagen passat,glx. first I found out i had like six oil leaks, costed me over 2000 to fix, the cat converters went out probably because of the oil leak, and up paying 2000 something for that. now the gaskets used to fix the oil leak were coming out because their was to much pressure in the engine. ther O2 sensor went out last winter and that didnt cost to much to fix but still. i have had so many problems with this car i am 22 and it is my second car, i am a college student trying to get threw school while working full time and i do not live walking distance from my job, i get paid just one dollar over minimum wage at this point and i am afraid of losing my car, and not having a way to get to work and school. So for any college students dont buy this car, it is terrible. I have walked miles to work just because of my car being in the shop, the shop gives me a better price, but the oil leak just doesnt seem to get fixed. i am gonna have to trade it in. and i will NEVER GET ANOTHER FOREIGN CAR!! NOBODY BUY THESE CARS. ALSO I GOT SOMETHING IN THE MAIL THE OTHER DAY ABOUT A LAWSUIT FOR LEAKS THAT HAVE DAMAGED THE VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2001 GLX SO IF YOU HAD THAT PROBLEM LOOK IT UP AND GET WHAT THEY OWE YOU!
Passat guy

Irvine, CA

#6 Oct 2, 2010
I have a 2001 glx v6 passat which I bought as certified used with 41K on it. This car has been great to me! Of course I maintain it like a baby. It now has 120K and going strong still. However, like any other car in its age it requires maintenance from normal wear and tear(timing belt, brakes, tires etc). I serviced the transmission at 65K, transmission flush at a cost of $400 from the stealership, and recently at 119K I opened up the transmission pan replaced about 4-5L of the transmission fluid, replaced the original transmission filter, new pan gasket and drain and fill plug seals at a cost of $145.00. The car is running like new but it never has given me any transmission problem before and now. People stop complaining and educate yourselves about cars! No check engine lights ever! But I do have signs of oil leaking which I am in the process of fixing myself. I need to replace the breather hoses, suction pumps, and PCV system components before replacing the leaking gaskets. It should cost me about $300.00 in parts alone. Labor cost $0 since I'll do it myself. I am no mechanic either but am a physical chemistry graduate student. Even after being hit 3x by other morons, including a DUI which I had to chase down! My car has been great to me. Treat your car good and it will treat you nice!! Good luck out there.

Bronx, NY

#7 Oct 21, 2010
I can't belive this! I have the same exact problems with my 2001 VW Passat GLX, it's been a nigthmare.I rebuild the transmission 2 times and this will be the 3th time,I spend more than I should it's. I still have a loan on the car and they only giving me $1,775 for this crappy car,I don't know what to do.... should I give back the car to the bank? I only have 10 more months to end the loan, my payments are of $422, I think this not worth it that all.

United States

#8 Nov 2, 2010
Lol..$7000 buck.. Hahahah they must think you're really special. Dude maximum for a trany would cost 1800-2000 dollars. Anything
Over that is a rip off. I can put it in for less than 300. Maximum 7-800 if purchase trany from eBay. EBay best way to get one too instead of pulling out if the junkyard. Don't be an idiot paying that much on an old car. You might as well buy a used car.or get the conplet trany removal/install tool and do it yourself like I did. Less than 400 dollarsand 3 days one day.@ the junkyard. Don't ever go to dealer to fix your car unless you're a millionaire and don't mind trashing money.

United States

#9 Nov 2, 2010
You people are Fking retard if you pay that much to fix any car. You can put in used good engine and trany for 2-4 gran maximum. Don't rush or show them how bad you need the car cause they'll find a way to take your money.

United States

#10 Nov 2, 2010
Unhappy wrote:
I too got the quote of about $6500 to rebuild my transmission. I have the 2001 Passat V6 quattro AWD. At this point, it costs more than it is worth so I'm thinking it is going to scrap metal. I am not buying a VW again. Nothing but problems as soon as I paid it off. Typical huh? I'm thinking of going with Acura as well.
I'll buy that piece of S** from you. 400 bucks
You don't know good car when drive one.

United States

#11 Nov 2, 2010
Acura is junk.. Ford is the worst junk... Chevy is ok. Honda is good. Nissan is good. The rest if the car is awfull.

Windsor, Canada

#12 Jan 28, 2011
All cars are junk !! period. You as a driver need to be aware of maintenance, yes MAINTENANCE. I have an 02 passat with a 30valve v6. This car has been awesome. I bought it to drive 1000kms round trip every week for trade school . Fantastic highway car, cruises at 140km/hr and drives itself with decent fuel mileage. It requires premium fuel because of the direct injection and higher compression (more power) and synthetic oil (castrol 5w40 european car formula) to run reliable. If you cheap out,(reg gas) you will surely be replacing O2 sensors and Cat Conv.. My car burns a liter of oil for every 5000kms (especially in the winter time) I have a theory it is due to clearences in the engine allow blow by when it is cold. Most high performance cars burn oil. This car can easily cruise at high speeds and is designed for it. I killed a 02 impala 3.4L 120000kms driving the same 1000kms, it failed miserably at holding together at 140km/hr for 4hours (heavy foot and open hwy :)). My passat has 130000kms on it and I am PLANNING a timing belt and waterpump service soon. I will NOT wait untill it fails, I plan for it. On a side note, my 97 ford f150 had 460 000 kms on it and ran beautiful when I traded it in for a piece of shit 05 diesel chevy. THEY ARE ALL TIMEBOMBS, It's a roll of the dice every time you start it up. These cars are sensitive to crappy fuel, just be aware.

San Antonio, TX

#13 Feb 2, 2011
Ghost - How is Acura junk and Honda good if Acura and Honda are both the same company? Same engineering concepts same company.

I was actually thinking about buying a Passat GLX myself, having 2nd thoughts now, thanks everybody!

Menomonee Falls, WI

#14 Mar 4, 2011
Well I have a 2000 Passat Wagon, GLX, 4 motion.. all wheel drive, that I bought in Aug 2009 with 83000 miles, one owner, used from a dealership, yes the carfax was straight up about, in fact the co owner of the dealership is a customer of mine at my work. Nothing shady going on here with how/where it was purchased..

It drove great...I mean the car all but drives itself..in fact I called my wife to tell her, the first time I noticed the windshield wipers sped up on their own when the rain would fall harder. Back in Nov, I had new brakes installed and new tires...and yes I knew before I bought it, I would have that expense. I was warned of that..

Suddenly one day while going home from work, I backed out of my spot..you know, put it in reverse..no worries, I dropped it into drive and it just revved the engine..wouldn't move forward..I was stunned to say the least..so I shifted it over to tip tronic side...and after about 1.5 seconds slight hesitation, it moved forward, and works just fine in 5 speed mode. Just not Drive in fully automatic mode. Even the local dealership manager told me he'd never heard of it, so of course I don't trust him lol. Anyone have a clue? I would like to hear some advice before I take it in Monday..
Johan R

Brooklyn, NY

#15 Apr 21, 2011
Yeah Is A Awesome Car, Comfortable, Different Of Other Foreign Vehicles But When it comes to repair expensive and the worst experiences is the delearship doesn't give owners some consideration with prices. I owned a 2001 passat 5spd v6 and the transmission,Can't find it nowhere since there's different ones the mechanic told me,Any suggestions plz where to find one.

United States

#16 Apr 21, 2011
Well I did get it fixed at some expense. For my year vehicle, they apparantly changed the transmission halfway through the model year, so they found a refurbished Audi transmission for it which really lowered the cost on the vehicle repair. It still blue books for around what I paid for it as I haven't put a ton of miles on it. Only downside is, until the engine breaks in the transmission, my gas mileage is a bit lower than I am used to. I figure if I can drive it for another 5 years without any other expense other than usual maintenance costs, I will end up ahead in the long run.

Boulder, CO

#17 Nov 27, 2011
I am amazed the VW is still able to sell the Passat or any other car. The passat we drive has had more issues then Lindsey Lohan.
I would recommend NOT buying a VW if you want any peace of mind. They are not a good car.
03 passat

Windsor, Canada

#18 Nov 29, 2011
I would definately recommend this car . Been very reliable and a pleasure to drive , this is no cavalier stunning lines and handles amazing. A couple things that need to be done . Tranny service at 100000kms even though they say sealed for life. Oil change every 7000kms (castrol syntec or rotella t6 5w40) timing belt by 140000kms. Spark plugs every 80000kms and keep a few headlight bulbs (8$) handy. Maybe 1 a year. The ca does not like cheap tires (they don't balance well) had good luck with harder rubber tires (Michelin) I have never been stranded and think most people have trouble with the tranny because dealer says its sealed for life NOT TRUE! At 100000 Kim's the fluid is black and stinks. It is a mineral oil used inside and was not meant to last . The tranny is made by ZF and "life" means 120000kms . A ZF rep told me this at the detroit auto show last year. Keep them fluids clean and do the timing belt with water pump and thermostat and fluid at 140000kms . The owners manual has great info. Never use the dealer! Find out who the vdub enthusiasts are using.
2000 Passat GLX is Great

San Diego, CA

#19 Dec 21, 2011
Had this car new from the dealer. Now it has 240K miles. Never one single problem, unless I abused the car.

Having some tranny problems now. But I never did anything to maintain the tranny so what can I expect?

VW Passat is a great car. But you need to do your part. Learn how to fix it yourself and save a bundle. Dealers make huge $$$ if you are clueless about the basics.

Mount Waverley, Australia

#20 Jan 7, 2012
I have a VW Passat 2002 model. Worst car I have ever owned. Nothing but problems!!!!! I have serviced my car every 5,000 kms but this has not prevented the automatic transmission from seizing the central computer chip from dying and the catalytic converter from stuffing up, the engine well from pooling water and the internal cabin from flooding. More than 10,000 dollar repair bills makes VW an absolute joke of a brand.
If I can prevent even one person experiencing what I have with the VW brand then I have saved one person from a huge headache!

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