2000 VW Beetle

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#203 Jun 28, 2011
clivevfr wrote:
we have a 2001 2.0litre beetle and have an electrical problem. the sppedo rev counter and fuel gauge are not working, i have checked the fuses in the fuse holder located on the sid of the console and they are ok, can any one offer advice or is ther another fuse box? thanks.
What did you find out on this? I have a 2000 doing the same thing

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#204 Jul 19, 2011
Any one had trouble with ignition firing I keep having #2 and#4 cylinder misfire

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#205 Jul 19, 2011
Changed battery in 2000 Vw bug, now no power to anything and car won't start. What gives?

United States

#206 Jul 30, 2011
Sal wrote:
Have a 2000 VW Beetle & had a host of problems of which the window is the current problem. Hit the switch to lower the window & Halfway it got stuck & made a very strange grinding sound. Won't budge either way. the switch went out in 2004 & they wanted $90 plus for it. Now the window repair is going to cost $389 plus to repair. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a recall repair Available? I recall something to that effect Any help would be appreciated.
That is definitely the typical german window regulator problem. Over engineering and under performance.

Palm Bay, FL

#207 Jul 31, 2011
peckcurwood wrote:
Need help with electrical problem, no headlights, wipers, Blower motor,rear defroster, but all fuses are OK.??
. Had same problem in my wife's beetle. Had computer tested and it was the ignition switch. Cost $ 329.00

Hampton, GA

#208 Aug 8, 2011
zach mundy wrote:
<quoted text>
We are having the same problem too. Has anyone figured anything out?
working on a 2000 beetle with the same issue. found electrical portion of ignition switch to be burned.

Hampton, GA

#209 Aug 8, 2011
peckcurwood wrote:
Need help with electrical problem, no headlights, wipers, Blower motor,rear defroster, but all fuses are OK.??
have the electrical protion of the ignition switch checked. will have to replace the switch and fix the end of the harness.


#210 Aug 22, 2011
how do i pull the dash out of a 2000 model VW to get to the evaporator


#211 Aug 22, 2011
sal i have had that door problem before, where the window has just slipped of the rail. its easy weekend fix were you just take the door pannel off and put the window back on the chain.

Franklin, TN

#212 Oct 14, 2011
Ken wrote:
Our 2000 Beetle's blower motor stopped working today. Won't blow any air through vents (in A/C mode, or just fan mode).
I pulled all the fuses, and all look good, also checked the fuse links and the 30Amp fuses in the case on top of battery, all look good, and also verified those with multi-meter.
Any ideas? I've become alergic to the dealer's repair shop, so don't even want to call them.
Ken, did you get this problem fixed and if so, what was wrong?? Having the same thing with my 2000 Beetle.

Spring Hill, TN

#213 Nov 6, 2011
My ABS light came on in my 2000 Beetle yesterday. There is no repair shops open on Sunday in our area. My question is: Is it safe to drive to work a couple of days till I can get it in to repair shop? I have to be to work at 7am. Thanks Shari

Riverside, CA

#214 Dec 18, 2011
Did you ever find what was wrong with your beetle? I am having this exact problem and don't know what is wrong.
Amber wrote:
<quoted text>
my 2000 beetle did the same thing. last night i was on the highway and all the sudden the blue interior light and my headlights went off but the brake light started flashing, the airbag light came on, the battery light came on, the ABS light came on and the car started jerking. i managed to make it home. this morning it cranked twice but the third time it wouldnt turn over, only click and the clicking sound sounds like it is coming from the engine and under the gear shifter, it is the weirdest thing. the radio went out but some of the lights come on when you go to crank the car, ones i have enver saw light up before...like a key one and a trunk one but ones that i have never saw...and the week before this my check engine light came on..i went to have it hooked to a computer but it read error and no codes would show up..the next day, the engine light was off. Help?!

Kewaskum, WI

#215 Dec 31, 2011
nchardee wrote:
have a 2ooo beetle just quit going down the road no juice to anything acts like it wants to start but will not ????
Sorry but probably blew the timing belt.... book says to change it regularly..
Michael Copeland

Derry, NH

#216 Jan 29, 2012
I have a relatively new battery in my 2000 New Beetle that will not hold a charge. VW says the battery is fine when they test it but this morning it was dead. I jumped it with my other car and once the battery has been jumped and I drive it awhile it holds a charge for about 12 hours. I have not been running anything other than the lights that come on automatically. VW has run tsets on the car and they say all is fine but when the battery goes dead there is something wrong....Any suggestions ??

Chicago, IL

#217 Feb 11, 2012
Toni Atchley wrote:
<quoted text>
My daughter went abroad for the summer and left her car at our house. Same thing. The car was fine when she parked it. The battery went dead, we charged it and now the car starts then immediately dies. We have put it on a computer reader and replaced both oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter. Still is doing the same thing, but is not throwing any other codes..Please!! If you have heard anything, or anybody has an idea..It would be greatly appreciated!
was wondering if you ever resolved this problem. i am having the same issues now.
K Bel

Whitsett, NC

#218 Mar 4, 2012
window fixed for free wrote:
<quoted text>
I got mine fixed free of charge (recall repair) in 2004 at the VW dealership "Deel" (Coral Gables, FL). They even replaced the other window's (though not broken), too.
Do you remember what the recall was? I don't see it on the list of recalls and we are having the same problem. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Bradford, UK

#219 Mar 18, 2012
I have a 2002 Beetle and the boot will not open from the inside switch or using the remote locking key, any advice please?

Three Rivers, MI

#220 May 11, 2012
I have a 2000 v.w. beetle that has been nothing but problems I love it though and keep giving it chances now it is just dying out when going down the road and it trys to start back up acts as if its needs gas with a strong gas smell also back fires while trying to start it and almost getting it going but after a few minutes sitting it will start back up also transmission is slipping trying to decide if I should sell and start over or keep trying to fix it , it has about118,000 miles on it any suggestions
justin miller

Livingston, TN

#221 Jun 27, 2012
may be insterment cluster gone bad dont know about the batt though try one from junk yard see if it helps
justin miller

Livingston, TN

#222 Jun 27, 2012
pannel that is

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