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Sylvan Lake, Canada

#21 Jun 1, 2008
i have a tachometer problem wth my 99 gti vr6. tach randomly starts to jump up and down and then will stop working completly. when it rest on zero rpm the low oil pressure indicator goes off. i had to take appart the gauge cluster and cut the wire for the cluster alarm because it was drivng me insane. ive taken it to 3 dealers but they all have no idea whats wrong.

Athens, GA

#22 Jun 26, 2008
I hope this helps someone, because when I was looking for the answer no one posted their fix! All it takes is a few minutes to create a post and cut/paste it to several forums. Let others know what worked for you! Please post solutions too, not just questions!

I purchased a 1999 VW Jetta. Speedometer & Tachometer didn't work. Tach sat at zero... speedo "bounced" on zero. Odometer, cruise control, and all other gauges worked fine.

I removed the instrument cluster. It's really simple, a couple of plastic covers, the light switch, and four screws. It was MUCH easier than removing the gauges from my F150!

I opened the speedometer and found no servicable parts. Some posts will tell you there is a gear inside that is stripped. That may be the case, but I didn't want to risk breaking anything else!

I found DNA Speedometers by searching the internet. They're in Tamp, FL. I packaged the gauges and shipped it allong with a check for $129. Turn around time was GREAT! The received it, fixed it, shipped it back. That's it. I didn't have to call or send nasty emails... nothing. They litterally turned it around in one day! Round trip took a whole week... that's UPS ground!

When it arrived I installed it and took it for a test drive. It worked like a champ. They even replaced the blown bulb in it. DNA Speedometers even garauntees their work for six months!

There are other places on the internet that repair speedos... I went with this one and had a GREAT experience.

(Posted 6/26/2008)

Wayne, IL

#23 Aug 26, 2008
I purchased a 99 Jetta last week only to find out at 65-80 mph the speedometer started to "bounce" around!How can I fix this?
Dan thecvman

Chevy Chase, MD

#24 Sep 24, 2008
Hey Guys,
I had the same problem and I just figured it out. First verify that your sensor and speedometer are functional. Remove speed sensor from tranny, connect 3 pin wire connector to speed sensor have a buddy inside the car turn the key to on without starting the car, attach a drill to the shaft head and to manually spin metal pin inside of the speedsensor if the needle moves this should rule out a bad sensor and bad speedo, Next check gear pinion and the gear inside.. Unscrew gear pinion from tranny it should have a plastic gear inside and attached see below link. If gear is not attached you need to buy a new Gear pinion part#(095409193A) along with a new gear (if u don't want to fish the old one out of final drive) Part#(095409197A). Hope this helps took me a while to figure out my gear pinion was the problem as it was not holding the gear which kept falling in

the following link for Ref http://tech.be ntleypublishers....r.JPG
Dan thecvman

Chevy Chase, MD

#25 Sep 24, 2008

Chicago, IL

#26 Oct 2, 2008
I had this problem on my '96. The cause in my case was a leak from the coolant housing which was dripping onto the electrical wires to the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). The VSS was apparently shorting out and this caused the erratic movement of both the speedometer and tachometer. At least in my case, this was the cause and the solution. I am no car person but do feel I have a good repair shop and that was their take on it. Since the coolant housing was replaced, I have had no further problems.

Valparaiso, IN

#27 Oct 6, 2008
The speedometer problem could be several things.

There is a possibility that the gears in the motor that controls the needle on the gauge are bad. In that case get a used gauge off of ebay and replace the gears if you have the guts to take the gauge apart. This was not my problem though.

The other possibility is that the motor that controls the needle is bad. This was my problem. To determine if the motor is bad to have to take the gauge apart and test the connections of the four posts of the motor that come through the circuit board.

-Here is how to test it.
You will need to put the front of the car up on jack stands so you can shift into drive or first so the speed sensor is sending the signal that you are moving. At this point you have the gauge apart so you can have the circuit board plugged in and still have access to the back of the board. With the car in gear (with the car running) test (with a multimeter) the four point on the back of the circuit board that come through from the speedometer motor. There will only be voltage when there is a increase or decrease in speed. So press the gas pedal and vary the speed as you test each terminal. The voltage will vary but will drop back to zero when your speed has leveled off. If you are not getting a reading you either have the multimeter on the wrong setting or the problem is not the speedometer motor.
If there is a varying voltage then the motor is getting the correct signal and it is bad so you will need another speedometer motor or another whole gauge cluster.
I soldered a new motor in place and it solved the problem.

So basically you will need a new or used working gauge cluster to fix the problem. If you solder in a different speedometer motor you will not have to change the mileage. If you don't mind the different mileage reading just stick in a different gauge.
The only problem with getting a used gauge is you run the risk of that gauge going bad too.

Good luck on your fix
Jason Wendell Konopka

Jermyn, PA

#28 Nov 25, 2008
ron v wrote:
Sorry to change the subject, but is anyone haveing manual transmission, shifter problems? My 99 Jetta seems to shift fine at first, but the more I drive it the harder it is to get into gear (mostly first) and to find gears when downshifting.
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Jason Wendell Konopka

Jermyn, PA

#29 Nov 26, 2008
Dan wrote:
I had a problem on my 95 jetta with all the gauges randomly quiting. Found out it was a short in the wiring harness. I replaced the wiring harness and it works great now. I don't know if this is anybody else's problem but it didn't cost too much it was just kind of a pain to put in.
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Ant man

Bethlehem, PA

#30 Dec 2, 2008
COnnie wrote:
[If you can get the answer I hope you will share it. Its only my speedometer that doesn't work full time. No problem with my tac. Mechanic says it may be the speedometer sensor where it goes to the transmission????????
i have the same exact problem and a mechanic told me the same but how hard is it to fix and is is expensive?

Tucson, AZ

#31 Jan 10, 2009
The problem you're discribing can be fixed. Attached is a link to a company in FL that can repair them. http://www.dnaspeedometers.com/aboutus.htm

Spokane, WA

#32 Mar 6, 2009
if i put a new speedometer cluster in my 96 vw golf will the mileage stay the same or be mileage from the car i oulled it out of

Long Branch, NJ

#33 Apr 13, 2009
Landlash wrote:
Both my speedometer and tachometer work intermittently, usally they don't work, but sometimes they do work, how would I fix this ??
It is a factory problem, all of the gen 3 will eventually do it. it is an electrical design flaw within the gauge cluster. the only way to fix it is to buy another one and hope for the best.

Dallas, TX

#34 Apr 16, 2009
my light for speed and tach don't work. anyone?

King, NC

#35 May 19, 2009
I just bought a 2009 Jetta TDI, My speed-o-meter is off by 3-4 mph. They don't have a fix for this. Just left the Flow VW dealership in Winston-Salem. Was told all VW's will have this problem and there is no fix. You have to calculate your speed difference so you won't get a ticket. I was stopped by police doing 77 when it said 75. When I'm going 71 by the meter I'm really doing 74. They will fix this or take the car back.

La Plata, MD

#36 Jun 19, 2009
Landlash wrote:
Both my speedometer and tachometer work intermittently, usally they don't work, but sometimes they do work, how would I fix this ??
the only way to fix this problem is to replace the instrument cluster with a new one or used one. the cluster affects the cars ecm (computer). the electronics in the cluster is bad. i had a overheating and delayed trans shift with mine as well as the same intermitant problem. i went through my cooling system and everything was in working order and replaced my vss(vehicle speed sensor). i am an ase certified mech. and had never seen this type of problem before. i have a 95 jetta i replaced it with a 98 gti cluster. just like that my drivability problem was gone. you will have to get airbag light turned off with scan tool. vw dealer can reprogram odometer for about $90.00 if you want the correct odometer reading.

La Plata, MD

#37 Jun 19, 2009
sylvia wrote:
my light for speed and tach don't work. anyone?
there is a tsb for the instrument cluster up to 1995 with a short for the cluster lights. you can replace bulb after bulb and will still go out. you can buy the housing at vw dealer or get one used from a 96-99 golf/jetta. the housing was redesigned from this problem. i had the same problem and replaced my 95 jetta cluster with 98 gti cluster. problem resolved you now have dash lights.

La Plata, MD

#38 Jun 19, 2009
gregg wrote:
if i put a new speedometer cluster in my 96 vw golf will the mileage stay the same or be mileage from the car i oulled it out of
it will show the mileage of the cluster you replaced it with. the cluster holds the odometer reading not the cars ecm. however the vw dealer cam reprogram the correct mileage as long as you write it down before replacing it. or just leave it alone with more or lesser mileage. that may pose a problem with future sale of car due to incorrect odometer reading.

United States

#39 Jul 4, 2009
I just purchased a 1999 vw jetta. it was made in 9/98, so it is still the older body style. My speedometer and tach do not work. but my fuel and temp gauge work. when im driving down the road my speedometer needle twitches from 0-5 very fast back and forth. Anyone have any ideas?

Oscoda, MI

#40 Sep 10, 2009
I had the problem where the Tach and Speedo would bounce and then not work. I found that if I held pressure against the white plug on the back of the IC, it would work correctly. So I took the IC apart and the pins solder points had become broken. I got a pen style soldering iron on low heat and resoldered the connections on the pins of the board, be careful not to burn the board. No problems since, actually indications that were inop before worked now too. Check your pins on the connector, could seave yourself alot of money.

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