Volkswagen suit becomes class action

Volkswagen suit becomes class action

There are 126 comments on the The Morning Journal story from Aug 9, 2007, titled Volkswagen suit becomes class action. In it, The Morning Journal reports that:

A 2004 lawsuit filed by Sandusky residents alleging their 2002 Volkswagen Jetta had a defective bumper has lead to the suit being given a class action status against the car maker. via The Morning Journal

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2001 VW Passat Wichita

Wichita, KS

#108 Mar 27, 2011
vw man wrote:
SOunds like you guys have a case of WWMPH. You al need to due your proper maintance.
Really? I can provide you with ALL my maintenance records. I am sorry that you do not understand what everyone here has gone through and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars paid to VW for things that they SAY is covered under the warranty. That is why I bought a VW because they appear to have an awesome warranty but it is only as good as the shop that takes care of your vehicle and the company who stands behind it. People don't ever think this will happen to them but I assure that some time in your lifetime it will. Tell ya what. Why don't you buy this car from me and then tell me in 4-5 years how it has done for you? If you aren't willing to stand behind your insults then you shouldn't make them. How about $5000 today. It only has 67,000 actual miles on it. It has a brand new computer, timing belt, axel, tires, and just needs a transmission control module. The 2nd one is now bad. Oh and if you clean those drains every couple of months or don't drive it in the rain your floors should never flood again. Oh and check it out on line and see what it takes to clean the plenum drain. Hey the offer still stands or are YOU the WIMPH?$5000 today only!!!! LOL!

Belleville, IL

#109 Mar 27, 2011
I have a 96 passat tdi with 204,567 enjoyable miles and it is still going strong I have always used synthetic oil and changed the t belt and water pump 1,000 miles before suggested
2001 VW Passat Wichita

Wichita, KS

#110 Mar 31, 2011
PLEASE address any warranty issues with the FTC - Federal Trade Commission It is a Federal Violation for a dealership to refuse to do work that is covered under warranty and is a violation under the Magnusom Moss Warranty Act. Please also file with your State's Attorney General office they get millions of consumer dollars back every year through investigations just like these.


This is a little effort but they can help!
2001 VW Passat Wichita

Wichita, KS

#111 Mar 31, 2011
wtknght1 wrote:
<quoted text>I have the same problem with 2005 jetta 1.8 turbo, let me know who to contact about the class action.
I have the same view about VW as you.
Thanks JB
Please see my recent comments regarding where to file a compaint, i.e. Federal Trade Commission.
2001 VW Passat Wichita

Wichita, KS

#112 Mar 31, 2011
2001 VW Passat Wichita wrote:
<quoted text>
Please look at my last posting with ABC NEWS address and send your info to them asap.
Please see my last posting of where to file complaints regarding these issues. This is a Federal Violation for VW not to cover warranty issues. Contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint as well as your local Attorney General Office
susannah rice-kamanu

Kailua, HI

#113 May 17, 2011
It turned out to be a third degree burn, so what next?
liner wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, only third degrees are covered.
Vanessa Credeur

Lafayette, LA

#114 Aug 17, 2011
I own a 2001 VW Beetle and am having problems with the fuse box located on the top of the battery. The first time it burnt I had to change my water-pump, fan assembly and the fuse box. putting my 1000 some odd dollars in the hole. the fuse box went out a second time and the fuse was melted in and on to the box. Changed it for the THIRD time just yesterday and the fuse is burnt AGAIN! Don't get me wrong I LOVE my Bug but not having AC in Louisiana is not an option. CAN ANYONE HELP ME???

Springfield, OR

#115 Oct 19, 2011
I will never get a VW, ever again! Worst car in this entire world. I have had this car since December of 2010. The car has been in the shop on a monthly basis. The EPC light is constantly on, I have had thousands of work done and am now giving up. 2001 Jetta is a nice to drive when working (which is very rare) but when its not (which is typical) is just a complete disaster. The car has died on me while driving 60 mph with semi trucks behind me on the hwy, goes 5 mph up a hill, chugs, wont start in the mornings on my way to work, etc. I wish i could get the problem fixed, but now my vw mechanic has given up! I dont even know what to do now. I will however say dont ever spend money on VW!
Kathleen V

Oceanside, NY

#116 Jan 10, 2012
We own 2 VW- an 06'Beetle and an 08' Rabbit. Both cars have had the airbag lighta on constantle. Both show the passenger default. At first the dealer said it was just the sensor and not a problem. He said the airbag will still deploy if needed. Now they say the whole system is not working on either car. We have been having them work on the Rabbit since it is still under warrenty. So far the have replaced 2 part with no sucess. I think this is a strange cooincidence that both cars, different models have the same problem. Anyone else having this problem? I wonder if it warrents a recall!!!

San Francisco, CA

#117 May 11, 2012
the radio, armrest, glovebox, cup holders,+sunroof drainage problems, widows multiple times ,timing belt and now the transmission is toast
I had all the work done at the dealer because they offered cheap oil changes. When I finally took it to another mechanic he was surprised I got 120K miles out of the car before it died. He said they are the great for business, but he would NEVER let a friend, family member ever buy a VW!
I feel sorry for VW driver I see on the road for all the headaches that await them

Mcallen, TX

#118 Sep 5, 2012
I am currently paying on a 2012 Jetta it cost me $26500 paying $450 a month. Three months after I began having problems with the blue tooth, they claim it was my phone, changed the phone but still not working, amazingly it works on the Kia Sportage, they haven't been able to do anything about it. Then the ignition broke, the car stayed on for about three hours, took it to the dealership they replaced it, it did it again, and it was replaced again. Then the sun roof, it does not want to close, when is about to close, it opens up again, took it to the dealership and the parts were ordered, while waiting for the parts, the steering hose broke, The care is currently at dealership getting repaired. Spoke to customer service, requesting to give my money back and to pay off the car, they are willing to give me $750 to purchase another car and to continue paying on it..I agree with you guys we are getting ripped off by VW. Let me know where can a join in the suit.

Woodway, TX

#121 Nov 7, 2012
I have a 2008 Volkswagen New Bettle. Bought brand new. It has 54,000 miles. I have had so many headlights replaced. Now I am having battery/fuse problems. The battery would not hold a charge. A new battery was put in. The battery will still not hold a charge. Now they are telling me it is the radio whether it is on or off that is causing the drain. They gave me a quote of almost $900 for a new radio. I am not convinced this will alleviate the problem. The interior has been pealing for some time. I am about to cut my loses and sell it.

Stafford Springs, CT

#122 Mar 19, 2013
W8 a minute wrote:
I have a Passat W8. Less that 1,000 miles out of drivetrain warranty it suffered a catastrophic engine failure, the result of a cam adjuster that is failing on all these cars. It costs between $7K and $10K to fix this $10 part. VW has redesigned the part because it is flawed, but they have not issued a recall and do not offer any financial help for the repair

Has anything come of this complaint. I had the same problem recently and would be interested in joining a class action suit..
[email protected]

Belleville, IL

#123 Mar 19, 2013
ABG wrote:
the radio, armrest, glovebox, cup holders,+sunroof drainage problems, widows multiple times ,timing belt and now the transmission is toast
I had all the work done at the dealer because they offered cheap oil changes. When I finally took it to another mechanic he was surprised I got 120K miles out of the car before it died. He said they are the great for business, but he would NEVER let a friend, family member ever buy a VW!
I feel sorry for VW driver I see on the road for all the headaches that await them
You must of gotten a lemon. I have a 96 tdi with 224,xxx miles on it. Very little has been done to the car
Barbara M

Boston, MA

#124 May 7, 2013
The engine fell out of my 2005 Jetta wagon two weeks ago. The two flimsy aluminum bolts holding it in place were broken in half. I guess the cost of steel bolts was too great, and VW opted for cheap aluminum bolts. I'm sure they saved gazillions of dollars on those two bolts. I would gladly have spent another $20.00 for the car, with real bolts. Now the cheapskate aluminum bolts have been replaced, along with some other parts damaged by the falling engine. I am truly grateful this happened at a stoplight, rather than on the highway a few hours earlier. The doorlocks and other nuisances I put up with; but this is life-threatening. I wonder how long these new aluminum bolts will last? I cannot believe VW is letting their brand go downhill like this. I could not buy another VW, or recommend anyone else do so.

Woodside, NY

#125 May 7, 2013
The class action suit has settled. VW was going to have to pay $40 to each car owner for EACH time they had the bumper problem causing them to incur a repair charge for it. Better than nothing. There were timeframes, etc involved of when the repair had to have been done by but I don't recall the details. VW sux because I made a whole stink with them when my car was relatively new and they would NOT do anything for me! As luck would have it, I didn't opt to pay for repairing or replacing my bumper within the timeframe permitted, so I could not cash in on the settlement.
Euharlee resident

Mcdonough, GA

#126 May 29, 2013
I haven't had all the problems everyone else had, and geniunely like my 2002 Passat GLX, but here are the problems that are beyond normal wear and tear for a car over 200,000:
1. Comfort module due to sunroof leak...part of that class action suit. Hopefully, it will be settled this year.
2. Engine mounts. At first, we thought it was a transmission problem, but as it turned out, almost all the engine mounts were broken. Glad we found a good mechanic to tell us that before the engine fell out.
3. Numerous electrical problems. The mount for the driver side headlight is broken. We kept replacing lights and then we figured out why they kept going out. The locks sometimes won't unlock with the key. The gas door won't always unlock(I currently don't close it all the way to avoid a hassle). And this morning, my husband went to start it and it wouldn't start. We have ruled out battery issues and think that may be electrical also, but have to get it into the shop.

We started having electrical issues about six months after we bought it in 2008, but attributed it to the comfort module problem. But these latest are different from the comfort module issues.

And Richard, we have maintained our car. Don't throw it all of on owners. There are obviously some problems and always have been, hence the sunroof lawsuit.
Monica rosenzweig

United States

#128 Feb 8, 2014
I have a 2004 passant vw nothing but problems put to much money in it and it keep act up oil dip stick need replace had a car accident the insures took to vw over $3600 in repairs dip stick did not get fixed creak quit system and water pump time change and car still not runn right it did for 2 month then it start act up so vw are not that goo all my sensor act up so yes i would like to join the class action as well it sound like my moter gone go it it not cheap replace or repair every month 700. For any thing who has that can of money i had a ford 150 bought in 1999 still runny great put in 3000 for all the years well not in clue up keep but i put more in this 2004 in one year that i put in the truck for 6 year that bad and the motor don't sound like this and it been threw flood water still runnig like a champ

Woodside, NY

#129 Feb 8, 2014
I'm DONE WITH VW!!! I still have my VW Jetta; only have about 61K miles on it; lousy gas mileage!!!!! I had some minor issues with it, and VW always took care of it; car was practically new when the premium radio needed to be replaced; cheap plastic parts (glove compartment door, as well as the clip that locks the console in between front seats) had to be replaced under warranty , but they would not give me satisfaction with the bumper issue...AND it's been burning oil for the past three years! When I first realized the burning oil issue, the car only had about 56K miles on it! That is RIDICULOUS!!!! Due to them not agreeing to compensate me for the bumper issue and the burning oil, I'm DONE WITH WV!!! I had a Toyota Camry for 14 years and over 100K miles on it, and never had these issues!!!

Woodside, NY

#130 Feb 8, 2014
P.S. They told me that it is NORMAL for the car to burn a quart of oil every thousand miles! BS!!!!!!

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