Volkswagen suit becomes class action

Volkswagen suit becomes class action

There are 126 comments on the The Morning Journal story from Aug 9, 2007, titled Volkswagen suit becomes class action. In it, The Morning Journal reports that:

A 2004 lawsuit filed by Sandusky residents alleging their 2002 Volkswagen Jetta had a defective bumper has lead to the suit being given a class action status against the car maker. via The Morning Journal

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Jeff Wilkinson

Phoenix, AZ

#21 Aug 22, 2008
My wife has a 2000 VW Jetta TDI diesel that just had an engine literally fall out of it at a stop light!!! The engine block fractured at the left front mount location and caused the engine to drop 5-6 inches. Note: not the engine mount bracket, but the actual cast aluminum, solid engine block failed!!! The serpentine belt pulley was sticking out of the bottom plastic cover and almost touching the ground!!! They are fixing most of it for free under the 10 year 100k mile power train warranty, however are saying they will not pay for engine mounts... Will be working on that one soon. After the engine dropping and putting extreme stress on the other two mounts, they should definitely be paying for brand new mounts. Plus trying to get them to pay for 2-3 plane rides plus other expenses (rental car for a week or so, borrowed one the rest of the time). We were out of town at the time, so our car is now ~600 miles away from us. She has done all recommended service on the car over the years. As usual dealer expenses or upkeep is very expensive, but useful in this case as they an easily see all the upkeep over the years.

Anyone else out there had this kind of failure during normal operation (i.e. not during a wreck)?


#22 Aug 30, 2008
I'd like to join any class action suit against VW. I own a 2001 Jetta which I purchased new in 2000 and have had numerous problems with it since day one. The paint peeled and I had to have the entire panels replaced, smells like crayon, brake pads replaced one month after purchase, mass air flow sensor, catalyctic converter, motor fan, transmission cooler, engine cooler, new coolant cap, car trunk lock broke, glove compartment hinge broke, hazard light switch broke, thermostat replaced -- need I go on?? This car only has 85,000 miles on it! This is an outrage.

I'd love to be a part of the class action suit!
Please email me at


United States

#23 Sep 19, 2008
I purchased a new 2003 Passat GLX V6 in July of 2002. Love my Passat and never had a problem with it until I took it into Fladeboe Irvine Volkswagen in 2008. Took my vehicle there after my alternator died 121,000 miles later and the electrical systems needed to be rebooted. My original receipt from Fladeboe Irvine VW says, "Customer states horn, a/c, radio, passenger heated seat, dashboard panel lights, and headlight out." Fladeboe told me it was the ECU unit that was causing all of these problems and to fix it would cost me $700. I paid the $700 and picked up my car to discover that only horn had been fixed. My Homelink system was damaged and is now inoperable, a side light had popped out of the socket because Fladeboe misplaced the tension spring, and everything else was still not repaired. The manager told me he'd call me back to resolve the issue, but he never did. I took them to small claims after the Bureau of Automotive Repair and BBB found that Fladeboe Irvine VW violated several auto laws. An Department of Consumer Affairs investigator discovered that Fladeboe also failed to reconnect several hoses, punctured the coolant hose, and left a screwdriver which melted into the engine. Damage caused to my vehicle is estimated at $3400. I presented the court with solid evidence (photos, phone records, detailed chronology of events, and receipts) while Fladeboe VW couldn't present any type of evidence. The temp judge gave his decision in the mail days later. He favored Fladeboe. I wrote 2 formal letters requesting an explanation and the court's response was "Decision is final." No explanation. Later I find out that the judge specializes in divorce, not auto laws, and has been sued by one of his clients. I cannot afford to take this to Supreme Court right now so I can only offer other VW owners a warning about Fladeboe.
Andy and Trish Labout

United States

#24 Sep 19, 2008
We have a 2000 GTI VR6. 7 Mass Air Flow Sensors. Cat. converter, O2 sensors. Transmission had a scratch in 2nd gear since it was new. They finally replaced the transmission last year after begging for seven years. It is now about to fail on it's 8th MAF and they don't want to cover it. EPA put out a voluntary recall on this car on the MAF. This car has 68,000 miles on it and is a garage queen. We have heard from TONS of VW GTI people and Porsche Boxster people (same transmission in both cars) about transmission failures.
If you REALLY want to join a class action, count us in.

United States

#25 Sep 20, 2008
I have a '00 GTI VR6 with 68k miles. Since 10/06 I've had 4 Mass Air Flow sensors blow on the car - 8 in it's lifetime. It needs one now but the service manager refuses to honor his written 12 mo/12k mile warranty. He expects me to leave my car at the dealership for 4-8 WEEKS while he sends the failed MAF to Germany to be analyzed!!! I have life-threatening health issues and can't be without my car, yet I can't drive the car with a bad MAF - I'm in a very bad situation right now. I can't drive it and I can't sell it. How can VW produce cars this bad then walk away from their responsibilities to owners especially when we do have legal rights with things like warranties? Where are the lawyers when we need them?!?!?
VeeDub 4 Life

United States

#26 Sep 28, 2008
Wow I would be mad also if all this happened to me... I personally owned 4 VW's (1993 Corrado SLC, 2003 GTI VR6, 2005 GTI 1.8T, and currently drive a 2008 GTI DSG.) I loved all of them and will probably never buy anything but a VW cause they are a lot of fun, Quick, look good, And safe. I say safe because with my 2005 GTI I T-boned an older lady driving a Lincoln Navigator while she stopped in the middle of the road and I was going 65mph... all that happened and I only bruised my elbow while my was was KILLED...
Tetley - Richmond VA


#27 Sep 30, 2008
Have owned several VWs - and have NEVER had an issue with any of them. Some people must have inherently bad luck with their cars. Go to other websites - you'll see similar issues with Hondas and Toyotas. Buy cars from Brown's of Richmond - great dealer and great service.
Happy VW

United States

#28 Oct 9, 2008
I bought my 2004 Jetta 1.8 Turbo new & love it. I've never had any problems,in fact, We've had a 2004 R32, no problems, a 2006 Golf GTI, no problems, and now a 2008 Passat Turbo, no problems. I will never buy another brand of car!
John Andreacchi

Markham, Canada

#29 Oct 19, 2008
I would love to join in on the class action suit as well. My email address is
Don Kelley

Charlotte, NC

#30 Oct 29, 2008
I have an '02 Passat 1.8T with 86,000 miles. The engine has sludged twice. Have always used Castrol Syntec synthetic oil and changed oil every 5K. VW dealer says that standard oil is at fault for this problem, but synthetic oil is no better. Had the oil cooler replaced after it filled the cooling system with crankcase oil (another common problem). Last night on the way home, the STOP ENGINE light came on for the 4th time since I've owned it. Engine does not sound good now. I am sick and tired of being lied to by the dealer and the manufacturer and paying for repairs that NEVER should have been required in the first place. I have driven 4 Chrysler minivans to well over 150K and, other than normal maintenance, did not spend 10% of what this vehicle has cost me in repairs. I will not fix this car again. It is headed for the junk yard as we speak. When we buy a Volkswagen product (or any other), do we not have a reasonable expectation of service and dependablity? If we don't get that, isn't the manufacturer held responsible for their short comings? Apparently VW of America has much better lawyers than the owners do. Someone PLEASE find a way to make us owners whole again.

Fort Wayne, IN

#31 Oct 31, 2008
[2005 passat 21,294 miles) i also have just experianced an issue where volkswagon has indicated that due to lack of timely oil changes that i need a new chain tensioner $1700 plus repairs.... not covered under warrentee due to oil was dealer serviced, they checked fluids but never oil, 3 annual inspections, no suggestion on changing oil more often to prevent sludge issue. 2004 passats filed class action suits, nothing yet on 2005 passats.

Houston, TX

#32 Nov 11, 2008
If you have any info on a law suit I am IN! I know it has been a year since your post but we VW people are STILL having problems.

I bought mine used in 2005 (its a 2002 Jetta GLS Wagon)

I have had numerous issues with this car, rear axle dropping on the freeway, drivers window falling in, constant check engine light on, break light switch failed (wouldnt get out of park) but most recently it is the leaks, last night after a heavy rain I got into the car to drive home from work, I stepped in and it was like stepping on a soaked towel, I looked down and water was coming in through the hood latch, I started on my drive home and as I turned a corner water poured into my lap, I looked up and it was coming from the visor, As I opened the visor more water poured down and the garage door opener that is attached was literally full (I could pour water from it)it was coming from the vanity light, I got home and took out floor the mats to dry them.

This morning when I got in the car to head to the office I looked up at the headliner, there is now a large stain on the passenger side near the rear seats, it looks like the water had come in through the handles that are attached to the liner, part of this was still damp. I cannot afford for VW to fix this leak AND the major damage that has been caused to the liner & who knows what else! it smells like something has died inside the car.

I cannot sell the car in the condition it is in...I need help!

PS: I live in Houston, TX it rains ALOT here! 70% chance today...more water damamge to come!
pete bragg kingston nh

Pelham, NH

#33 Nov 18, 2008
i have a 2001 jetta 1.8t with just over 100k timing belt was replaced at vw at 70k this one broke and took out the head sad my chevy truck has 190k with no problems they know there is a problem but they wont do anything
Aaron Waddell

Omaha, NE

#34 Nov 21, 2008
i bought a 2003 vw passat with the 1.8 turbo in it and i liked it at first but then quickly changed my opinion. i have heard nothing but problems with these models(of course after i buy one) first my check engine light comes on in result the turbo wont boost..then the EPC light comes on and i cant go any faster than 10 miles an hour with the peddle floored!!!!!!!! then the door panel sticks every time i get out of the car...rear cup holder broke three times..hood release needs to be adjusted every couple of oil changes. not to mention the three water pumps in the last 6 months...

Chicago, IL

#35 Nov 24, 2008
I have a 2005 jetta 2.5. I went in to report a leak and get an oil change and they told me that I needed a new transmission. I almost died. The machanic indicated that there has been problems with the seal and VW is aware of it. He said the transmission is permately seal. I am so upset that I have not been able to sleep for almost two nights. Please give me some advice.

Fort Myers, FL

#37 Nov 28, 2008
I'd love to be a part of the class action suit!

Saint Paul, MN

#38 Dec 16, 2008
W8 a minute wrote:
I have a Passat W8. Less that 1,000 mes out of drivetrain warranty it suffered a catastrophic engine failure, the result of a cam adjuster that is failing on all these cars. It costs between $7K and $10K to fix this $10 part. VW has redesigned the part because it is flawed, but they have not issued a recall and do not offer any financial help for the repair
have same auto & same problem, Any real resolve or class action. Can we verify cam adjuster defective?
S Jones

Sequim, WA

#39 Dec 30, 2008
Add us to the Class Action Suit. We have a 2001 New Beetle 1.8 Turbo. Only has 69K miles and needs a new engine due to "oil sludge". Had to have a new catalytic converter & oil pump that blew the turbo at 42,000 miles due to the same "sludge". VW won't cover under warranty because they say we don't have all the proper documentation for maintenance records. Will cost another $7200 with no guarentee it won't happen again. The check engine light is always on!

Sarasota, FL

#40 Jan 20, 2009
Please add me to the Class Action Suit as well. I'd love it and I'm in! I own a 2000 Jetta GLS 1.8 Turbo and what a nightmare this car is. Just last week the timing belt snapped at 65K miles causing, according to the dealer's estimate,$4,863.00 worth of damage. The VW dealer was so uncooperative (not returning my calls and not faxing me the written estimate as I requested) that I had it removed from their location and brought to a private mechanic for a second opinion and estimate today. Most likely I will sell it for whatever it is I can get for it and take the loss. This car has been very well maintained and garaged and has given me nothing but problems - the crayon smell, the poor interior integrity, the window falling in, the front bumper coming loose constantly, the AC is constantly a problem. We all seem to have similar complaints and problems.

Kansas City, MO

#41 Feb 10, 2009
Please add me (and contact me with all info) to the VW class action suit. I've had many of the same problems. I bought my 2002 VW 1.8T brand new. Only a week ago I took my car to the dealership for a "check engine" issue b/c my small service shop couldn't repair the problem. The dealer said I had to replace the ventilation tubes.$1,000 later and max 10 miles (drove home from the dealership)the "oil" light came on and my car sounded like it was going to explode. I took it directly to the dealer and they said I now need a new oil pump. They claim it is a total coincidence that it happened immediately following service there. This will cost me an additional $1000. I started looking into the problem and have found that many others have had to deal with this issue as well (some far worse...having to replace the engine). It seems that due to VW issuing an extended warranty that they are aware of the problem but make it very difficult for us to get the repair paid for. Please contact me with any advice you have before I drop another $1000 on my car.

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