Classic case of style: Moto Guzzi V7 ...

Classic case of style: Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

There are 41 comments on the story from Jun 28, 2008, titled Classic case of style: Moto Guzzi V7 Classic. In it, reports that:

Moto Guzzi V7 Classic [tech/spec] Kevin Ash reports on Moto Guzzi's latest entry-level bike, the V7 Classic Moto Guzzi has been having a hard time of it recently, with sales falling from a low 10,000 or so to ...

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Stuart Garfath


#1 Sep 29, 2008
When the first shipment of Bonnevilles hit the Australian shores, I was quick to buy one, a 2001 model. Overall, the Bonnie was everything I ever wanted -until 'the troubles' started. For the next two years I got no support from the Factory, the Importer, or the Dealer, and, in the end, I GAVE the machine away!, it was a true 'lemon', in over four decades of riding, this was the most miserable 'experience' of motorcycle ownership I have experienced! Triumph, you should be ashamed!!, that they did'nt care was pretty obvious.
I will soon be the owner of a Moto Guzzi V7 Classic,(the 3rd one sold in Australia), this machine will be my last,- if all goes well- I have heard nought but good of the V7, I hope my Wife and I are not disappointed - again!.

Morayfield, Australia

#2 Oct 25, 2008
Hi Stuart,
Is the V7 on sale already? I've been watching this one closely for a while. Is the price more than the Breva?
Stuart Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#3 Oct 29, 2008
G'day Chris,
I've been told that the first shipment of the V7 Classic is already 'on the water' and is due to arrive 16th November, but I have not been able to get a price, and I'm not going to guess, in case it (my guessed price) becomes Urban Fact/myth. I have had a very thorough LOOK at a V7, heard it's exhaust note, VERY nice indeed!. The twin electric horns are certainly loud enough to attract attention where needed, and overall, the quality and presentation of the machine I looked over was excellent!. I'll keep you posted.
Stuart Garfath


#4 Nov 17, 2008
G'day Chris;
The first shipment of the Moto Guzzi V7 Classic supposedly arrived here in Sydney 16th Nov, I have yet to have it confirmed. What I can confirm though, is the price, and it is AUSD13,990.- That is WITHOUT onroad costs, I got that info from the Guzzi Importer's website, so it's legit.
Not long now, about a week or ten days roughly, and I'll be V7 cruisin'.
I'll keep you posted.

Neutral Bay, Australia

#5 Nov 24, 2008
Hey Stuart,
just read your blog, and went to the syd moto show, had a long and good look at the V7 and been smitten with it, even when I saw the first photos of her (it's a girl of course)... So I would like to know from you how you enjoy the ride and are you and pillion happy....have you added or changed anything ie. suspension or other??? is the stock suspension any good..How about Fuel consumption is it economical to run???
would be great if I hear a response
Ciao christian
John Kelly

Sydney, Australia

#6 Dec 2, 2008
The dealer I spoke to recently told me that the bikes landed and are now being put through paperwork - compliance etc... and will be ready for sale in the next week or so. 20 coming in and about of them 10 pre sold.

The one at the bikeshow put the retro triumph's to the sword and looked as good as the ducati's for a lot less coin!
Stu Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#7 Dec 5, 2008
A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of looking over and sitting on MY (OUR) V7 Classic. I am VERY pleased!. In doing so, it was immediately obvious that a minor alteration was needed. Here's why.
I'm 5'3" (do your own metrics) in height,- NOT vertically challenged or whatever the P.C. dropkicks wanna call it, I'm just not as tall as the Average rider, I was on 'tippy-toes' as I sat on the machine. No problem,'Mark', of Pauls Mowers and Motorcycles, Richmond, NSW, yair, they're a 'Guzzi dealer,(with craploads of experience and knowledge), suggested what to do, and it's being done as I speak. Upshot?, I may well be RIDING my (OUR) V7C next sunday, Dec 14 off the showroom floor- You bloody beauty!.
Christian and John, I'll most certainly let you two know both I and my Wife's thoughts and impressions, I'm very confident at what I've seen so far,- gotta say, the attention to detail and finish is excellent, there's been good work done here, I just felt like sitting down and 'looking', I'm sure you both know what I mean. This next week will be a looong one!

Melbourne, Australia

#8 Dec 13, 2008
Looking forward Stu to read any impressions/comments of your V7C ride.
I'm 5'7'' so any seat height adjustment details will also be eagerly digessed! Rgds Larry

Ely, UK

#9 Dec 18, 2008
Have you seen the V7 Classic Cafe? Also a 750 but Guzzi might have done better by doing a 1000/1100 version a la 1000s - still, an alternative to the v7 classic
Stu Garfath

Langley, Australia

#10 Dec 27, 2008
I have just completed a two day 700km trip Sydney/Canberra/Sydney on MY V7 Classic. Conclusions - very enjoyable indeed!. Observation - The seat needs altering, it is FIRM and not suited for long rides at all.
I used a piece of foam over sheepskin, it helped but I'm looking at an 'Airhawk' seat to solve this problem.
Apart from this, the machine was faultless, no vices, handled all that was thrown at it, and ran on the smell of an oily rag, Ausd$22.00 for the trip.The Sound is throaty, not loud but attention getting, the dual electric horns are the Loudest I have ever heard on a motorcycle, and they have a purely 'Italian' note, just brilliant.The Brembo brakes do what they do very nicely, no noise at all. One suggestion for the lucky V7 owners, Get a Centre-Stand!, I did, it's money well spent, this is the easiest bike to put on a centre stand I have EVER experienced!!. More later.
Mick Steele

Greenway, Australia

#11 Jan 8, 2009
Let me know how your height adjustment went?
I too am 5'3'' old terms and have been eyeing off the V7.
My main concern was the seat height.
If you have achieved a good result would like to know
Dave Davies

Boldon, UK

#12 Jan 11, 2009
Please excuse a UK interloper!

Just doing a bit of V7 Classic browsing!

I've had my V7 Classic since last summer and absolutely love it. I traded 'down' from a Breva 1100 (having been a Guzzi man for 20 years plus) as I was finding the 1100 physically a handful due to a bit of ill health. I too am a bit on the short side at 5' 5" - interestingly the V7 saddle height is about the same as the 1100 but narrower and obviously the bike is much lighter so far less of a handfull.

I was interested in the comments by Stu regrading the fitting of a centre stand. I bought a Breva 750 one on Ebay but haven't as yet tried to fit it as I read elsewhere that they wouldn't fit because of the different silencer shape. Can you tell me which you have fitted please Stu and if any mods were needed?

I have fitted some appropriate quite 'retro' looking panniers bought from a US site - had to make the brackets myself but not difficult and look superb.

Many thanks, Dave Davies
Stuart Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#13 Jan 12, 2009
Sorry Sam, I have not seen nor heard of it, but, I would speculate that, as with the Triumph, this will certainly hit the right spot for the discerning keen types who prefer quality, sound,(not noise!), style and all that is best when enjoying their riding. Me?, well, I'll just enjoy the breeze, the smells, the sun and the company, at a more leisurely pace, to quote a well known line from an Australian movie of a few years ago,(called 'The Castle'- check it out), "ahhh - the serenity!". I welcome your comments.
Stuart Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#14 Jan 12, 2009
Re: Mick Steele, Canberra.
The V7 is in the dealer's, no worries, just the scheduled 1000km first service, and I'm also having some more 'de-upholstering'(?) done, I reckon I'm on the right track here, the work done by the seat bloke so far is truly invisible, dead set, I'd bet quids if anyone could see where he's plied his trade, it's that good!.
Basically, the deletion of 'X' amount of padding (to suit), and the use of an Airhawk (registered trademark-I don't work for them) seat product looks the go. I'll get my V7 back this sunday, 18th Jan, so with 'She who must be obeyed' as pillion, we shall ride and check out the alterations and get back to you asap - no punches pulled.
Until then,
david ofria

Brisbane, Australia

#15 Jan 13, 2009
Great to hear you love the C7..I too have been looking at this model for some time as well as the new ducati gt and thruston...C7 looked ok up close..The dealer in Sydney, william street has already sold the 4 that arrived..Im waiting for the c7 cafe classic to arrive..April they tell me! Thats a nice bike and very cool..The only thing i would prefer to change is the seat..I love the look of the cafe classics but the seat needs to be like the original gt750 ducati. The bar end mirrors would also be a perfect! I will be on my way to a classic looking bike that stops.
Stuart Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#16 Jan 14, 2009
David, in my opinion, you are completely on the mark. I just have to get the seat 'right'
and my V7 will be all I, and 'she'
require. I'll let you know the outcome.
Stuart Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#17 Jan 14, 2009
G'day Dave,
Interloper!- no way mate!, your input is most welcome indeed!. I have just been talking to my Guzzi dealer and he is pretty cetain that my centre-stand is the same as yours, he did say previously that the fitting was 'very fiddly' and required the removal of a central spreader bar and the loosening and moving of the two silencer clamps, and as he said, even then it was 'tight'.
Well, I'm off now Dave, it's almost 4;30 pm, it's hot (41C, yep, not a typo) and I'm about to jump into my swimming pool and cool down the internal/external man, with the appropriate liquids on hand, so-
ooroo for now,


#18 Jan 16, 2009
Thanks for that.

Guessed the temp' wasn't a typo my best friend from school days, who I email regularly lives in Rockhampton and it isn't exactly mild there either!

Okay that's spurred me on to get the job done. Best time now as the V7 is laid up from the winter salt gritting - but I'll be out on the Enfield trail bike tomorrow.


david ofria

Mascot, Australia

#19 Jan 29, 2009
Im selling my original 1964 vespa GS160 to fund the Cafe V7 Classic....Cant wait for her to arrive....I want to buy it, in the same year as my son was born so i can give it to him when he turns 21..If he is a crazy kid, i will have to give it to him when he turns 30..Dont worry i will ride it..
Stu Garfath

Merrylands, Australia

#20 Feb 19, 2009
My V7 Classic is now up and running, so to speak. My one and only concern was the seat height, since decreased by removal of about 3 centimetres of padding under the rider, and at the lowest point it is 28 cms wide so after the last two and a half weeks commuting 60 kms each day, I am VERY pleased with the result!. When stopped, I can put either foot comfortably down, but not both at the same time, pretty standard really. Fuel consumption: I get 215-220- kms around town before the Reserve light comes on, and 230-235-ish on a long trip. Handling around town/city traffic is excellent, light, nimble and QUICK?-yeah!. Two-up is no problem, just ride to conditions, tell your pillion to hang on and I easily leave the rabble behind, no worries!.
I've ridden in the extremes, 44C for five days straight, then two weeks of 14C-21C and heavy rain, she did'nt miss a beat, I reckon I've really struck it lucky this time, this 'bike is a nice piece of kit. One 'down side', going from work to home takes a bit longer now than in the car, I tend to 'go for a bit of a ride' instead of just straight home, certainly gets rid of a lot of stress!.
Stu Garfath.

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