Toyota Rav 4 - Noise

Oceanside, CA

#62 Apr 2, 2009
Personally, I think there should be a class action lawsuit against Toyota.

I've brought the 2006 RAV4 back several times now to deal with the buzzing noise. Several dealerships had no idea how to deal with it. Others "fixed" the problem only to have it reoccur. Now, at 50K miles, after three fixes, I hear that buzzing noise creeping back up. Toyota quality my foot (I would use an expletive, but the people on this board seem above the mix).

Sundre, Canada

#63 May 20, 2009
Leo wrote:
Hi All, I have 2007 V6 Limited and I hear a reappearing every few seconds humming noise in the speed range of 55 - 60 mph, when the engine is going at constant rpm, for example at cruise crontol.
It does not look like the sound is coming from the engine or powertrain. Feels more like a vibration/resonance sound.
I am reading that it is the Fuel Resistor....there is a TSB on this problem

Sundre, Canada

#64 May 20, 2009
Check out the Fuel Resistor...there is a TSB on this faulty item with Toyota

Los Angeles, CA

#65 Jun 17, 2009
absolutely agree.

I have a 2006 rav4 sport(v6). Had weird code on the radio display (fortunately fixed under warranty by replacing the old radio); had the humming noise in hot summer (they were never able to find/fix the problem); and now I found the clunking noise when I turn around in my company's parking structure. The car is over 37k miles and out of warranty already....

La Canada Flintridge, CA

#66 Jul 31, 2009
David wrote:
Regarding '06 Rav4 and the "clunk" or "thunk" sound made while turning (particularly at low speeds)... Took it to the dealer today and was told it was a part of the Steering Shaft. Was also told that Toyota has issued a "bulletin" about the problem. Apparently, a "bulletin" is a prelude to a recall, so for those of you who have passed your warrenty; perhaps, there is hope yet. Not sure if the actual problem is fixed or not since it's still in the shop, so we'll see... Stay tuned...
Dave.. any updates on the recall???? at dealership now w broken intermediate shaft.. help!
Janet in Miami

Miami, FL

#67 Aug 3, 2009
Since I purchased my RAV4 in 2007 Ive been experiencing this same problem I have questioned the service team sales team at Headquarter Toyota and now after 2.5 years later when my warranty finally wore out 3 month ago I get a technician tell me this is a reoccuring problem. After 10 times I brought my vehicle in for service at HeadQuarter now I am told I am responsible for the shaft. What a rip off Im going to be seeking legal advice because I feel betrayed by the TOYOTA PROFESSIOANLS does anyone have any adive

Halifax, Canada

#68 Aug 14, 2009
I had a humming sound in my 2006 Rav4 that was more noticeable in high wind situations when driving at faster speeds on the highway.
Ended up that the noise was being caused by the cross bars on the rack that is attached to the top of the vehicle. I removed the cross bars and the sound is gone.(These cross bars had been installed either by the manufacturer or the dealership. They are not a custom option that I ordered but were included in with the 6cyl Sport package.)
Now in August 2009 I am hearing a creaking sound when turning the wheel when moving at slow speeds.

Wichita, KS

#69 Aug 17, 2009
Dale wrote:
2006 Rav4 Sport makes popping sound in front end when turning either to right or left when moving. Does not make this sound when parked and steering is turned all the way right or left.
Mine had the same issue and it was the intermediate steering shaft that was replaced. I believe it had to do with a joint in the steering column. They replaced it and it fixed the problem.

Arlington, VA

#70 Aug 18, 2009
I have just found out there is a bulletin (not recall) on the steering (clunking noise we all hear)... I brought my car in several times when I first bought it and they gave me receipts saying nothing is wrong they don't hear what I hear... now I see a bulletin that RAV4's 2006 to 2008 have bad steering parts.. the noise can go away for a price.. but now my warranty is up...this is ridiculous that I have to pay because they said there was no problems back in 2007! when I went 3 times to have noise checked.....

Ooltewah, TN

#72 Sep 21, 2009
David wrote:
My wife and I purchased the '06 Rav4 (brand new) and are experiencing the rather low pitched "thunk" or "clunk" sound while turning. We have ~29K miles on it and it seems to happen at low speeds and mostly when turning left, but can happen while turning right. We plan to take it in to the dealer and will let you know what we find out- stay tuned. Or, drop me a message if you want... [email protected]
i have a 2006 rav4 has 30,600 miles on it but had 3 years and dealer will not extend warranty to cover this, only 1 month out of warranty. i think they need to issue a recall since so many others are having the same problem...i registered a complaint with the dept of transportation. i don't know how many complaints they have to get before issuing a recall or maybe they have to wait until someone gets injured or killed.

Greenwich, CT

#73 Sep 23, 2009
I heard a clunking noise on my 2007Rav4 limited (21,000 miles) when I turn the steering wheel - and guess what - it is from the steering as per above mentioned complaints - why was there not a recall for this? When I mentioned this the service rep. acted as though he had never heard anyone else complain of this problem. Are there any other problems with the Rav4 I should know about - my warantee is up next month. Please respond. Thanks.
2007 Rav4 owner

New York, NY

#74 Sep 23, 2009
Sharon wrote:
I heard a clunking noise on my 2007Rav4 limited (21,000 miles) when I turn the steering wheel - and guess what - it is from the steering as per above mentioned complaints - why was there not a recall for this? When I mentioned this the service rep. acted as though he had never heard anyone else complain of this problem. Are there any other problems with the Rav4 I should know about - my waranty is up next month. Please respond. Thanks.
Just make a copy of the Technical Service Bulletin and show it to them. Mention that you have that same problem.

The dealer sometimes don't want to do the work because they don't make much money on it from the manufacturer).

I took my Rav to Westbury Toyota (where I bought it from) and was ready for a fight, but they took care of it. I also had the same problem in my wifes 2003 Camry. Good Luck!


Traverse City, MI

#75 Sep 24, 2009
Same S problem, in RAV4, 2008. At slow 30-40 Mile speed, clunking sound, very light. When steering wheel is turned from right to left, reproduce part of clunking sound.
Not present always, comes and goes. Miles on vehicle, 27,000 miles. Problem started at app. at 25000 miles.
Took it to dealer, 2 times before but told everything A OK, my foot.
Read this forum, took copy to dealer, and now they are ordering the part for steering wheel, hope to get it fixed soon. Toyota quality has gone down significantly. God Bless Toyota.

Stittsville, Canada

#76 Sep 25, 2009
Please have your calipers serviced - had the exact same problem and that solved the problem.
Unhappy 07 Rav 4 owner

Québec, Canada

#77 Oct 7, 2009
I am another disappointed Toyota Rav 4 2007 owner who has had the clunk noise when turning at low speed or especially when turning on acceleration from a stop, since being under warranty. My Quebec Toyota dealer said they never saw this before weren't sure if it was the steering or something loose in the body, either way it was going to cost me $500 CAD per fix. We're just out of warranty, so,$1000 to trouble shoot the problem ?! Dealer also said that they saw in their computer there was one, and only one, similar case in Vancouver for which a service bulletin was issued, that is not commercially supported by Toyota. When I see how many owners are reporting this problem on this blog, there's more than one and they know they have a potential recall problem but aren't willing to fess up. This is my first Toyota and I always thought they stood by their quality, "The Toyota Way" as they call it. What a load of BS. And if it's the calipers (previous post), and they know it, then why aren't they fixing this under warranty ? And are the dealers just trying to make a few bucks off this problem ?

Sacramento, CA

#78 Oct 7, 2009
Replaced power steering pump, fluid keeps pumping out of reservoir, & still have no power steering, HELP...

Sacramento, CA

#79 Oct 7, 2009
Oh by the way Rav 4 is a 02..
lob2 2007


#80 Oct 16, 2009
Warren wrote:
I think I know what everyone is talking about. My 2006 Rav made a droaning noise when I reached 80 km (50 Mi) dying out and returning when I reached 100 KM (62 Mi)AND only with slight pressure on the gas (ususally on flat road way). This would include a vibration under my seat. This also happened with the 2007 model.
Canyon Creek Toyota took it up with Toyota Canada - this was about Oct 06. At first I was told a new firmware for the 4x4 computer was in the works. It ended up with Toyota replacing the entire 4x4 computer (under warranty)and I have been told by the dealer they were placing more with other owners. The droaning noise is barely detectable if at all, however I seem to detect a bit of vibration but I'm unsure of the source, be it different road conditions, tires, or transfer case.
What my next venture to have looked at is a rubber like sound when turning the steering wheel at parking lot speeds. They first replaced the left front strut and realigned the wheels. Now they think it's two metal panels rubbing together.
I have my doubts about that, as I've seen reports in the Lemonaide book where the 97-98 Camry exhibited what is described the same noise I hear. The Camry had a problem with front suspension groan fixed by replacing the front suspension bumper or steering rack bushing.
<quoted text>
Rav4 V6 same droaning noise at 80 kph & 100kph dealer is replacing module with updated 4x4 under warranty.

United States

#81 Oct 26, 2009
I had the same problem with my 2006 RAV4, it has 56k miles and my warranty just expired january this year.I called my dealer and told them about the TSB about steering shaft.They will fix my car as a one time goodwill,I do not have to pay anything.Try to call your dealer,they might be able to help you.Thank you for all your posts here,it gave me possibilities.
intermediate shaft

North York, Canada

#82 Oct 28, 2009
if you are having troubles with the intermediate shaft on the rav4 2006, please report it also to toyota themselves, and not just the service department. the number for the US is 1-800-331-4331 or 1-888-869-6828 for Canada ... they need to realize this is a larger problem and requires some attention.

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