I took my SUV in for this and the dealer comes back to me 20 minutes later. Saying I need a new battery and wheel alignment and the list goes on.
This is at a Toyota Service dealership. He said I had vacum lines off under the air filter. Which caused the rough idle. How the lines came off is news to me. I never do anything in the engine compartment. Just check the oil and fluid levels.
The leak that is costing 700 dollars to fix is fishy to me. Are they milking me or what.
The technician told me to not fix that leak could cost me an engine. I have had that leak under my SUV for 6 months. I could not tell where the leak was coming from. My SUV is not running hot. I have heard a screeching noise at one time at start up and it was not the starter or solenoid. Over the months, I have heard that screeching noise twice.
I said to myself. What the hell is that. I never did figure it out. If I can stop them in time. I will want to see that leak again. Maybe stop the repair. I can not believe that a water pump on a 2003 Highlander LImited can go out at only 37,000 miles. The odometer was not turned back. I am retired. I do not drive much. What do you think?
Do you think it is normal for a water pump to go out at 37,000 miles on a TOyota Highlander 2003.