2009 Corolla Stock Radio Display goes...
dee dee

Jonesville, NC

#82 Oct 1, 2012
[Om my gosh - me too! I had mine replaced two times and now Toyota blows me off... my radio has completely quit now. 2009 car - really I think it is ALL toyota's fault and another reason I won't buy from them again.

Wayne, NJ

#83 Dec 7, 2012
Bought my 2009 in March 2008. I'm over 36,000 and 3 years and Toyota wants ME to pay $300-$600 for a new radio. I refuse! Since Toyota isn't doing a darn thing to correct the problem with the manufacturer of the radio, if I buy a new one, I'm going to get the same damn defective radio! I think Toyota should Fess-up, and replace any radios that customers are having a problem with when they bring their car in for a recall repair....period!

Bellingham, WA

#84 Dec 21, 2012
I bought mine in march of 08. I had the blocking display issue. I had the blank display issue. The newest one is the radio freezing on one station at one volume. If you touch any button or knob the radio either turns on or off. Im guessing there is no way to reset or fix it based on all the dealerships installing new stereos. Too bad, the rest of the car has had no issues for 125k miles.
Nice person

Newington, CT

#85 Feb 22, 2013
I've had the same problems with my 2011 Corolla radio that most people are describing on this forum

Accra, Ghana

#86 Mar 2, 2013
Same here. cant believe this is happening to a new car. All their intereted in is profit, instead of coming up with good quality products. what is the world coming to. skido

South San Francisco, CA

#87 Mar 22, 2013
Just happened to me today. 2010 Corolla LE. The radio works but had strange blocks in the screen. I'm out of warranty just by a few months (bought brand new in 2009) and the car has been paid off for a year. Totally pisses me off.

San Diego, CA

#88 Apr 8, 2013
We're also having the same problems with our 2009 Corolla S that we bought new on 2009. The station presets reset to odd stations and CD's eject randomly. I'm not hopeful I'll find a decent fix with Toyota parts.

Roanoke, VA

#89 Apr 12, 2013
npbheights wrote:
I've got one for you, the volume knob on my 2009 Corolla's stereo stops working about once a day. You can move it back and forth and it does nothing. It basically stays on the level it previously was. It will then mysteriously start working again. My buddy had the same problem with his 09 Corolla too. Earl Stewart Toyota replaced his and is currently replacing my stereo under warrantee. I am literally at Earl Stewart Toyota in Lake Park, FL typing this on my iPhone right now. I think there are serious problems with these stereos and I hope Toyota has addressed the problem as I did not buy this car to be sitting in a dealership dealing with electrical gremlins.
Hagerstown, MD

I have a 2009 Corolla S and Im having this exact same issue that just happened to me on my commute this morning. Since my car has 80,000 plus on it Im S.O.L.
Called 2 local dealerships and they have no previous records of this issue or recalls but that was no surprise. I suspect it's not common. The dealer only offers to exchange it for a remanufactured radio costing 400.00 - 500.00 big ones. No thanks, Ill buy a much better after market radio instead.

Mugla, Turkey

#90 Apr 12, 2013
Hi What do you think House ?

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

#91 Jul 25, 2013
I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla and this is my second radio. It has problems again (squares in the display,unexpected CD ejection, unexpected radio turn off and son on). The dealer told the warranty was over. Can we make a claim to Toyota? What is the real problem with this radios? Toyota seems not to be responsible for this. WOW!!!!

Huntsville, AL

#92 Aug 12, 2013
2009 Corolla - had my unit replaced in warranty several years ago and now my replacement is doing the same thing again as everyone has described here. Out of luck with the dealer, I guess I'll be replacing with a non-OEM head unit.... WASTE of money.
Jennifer Telles Ohio

North Royalton, OH

#93 Oct 22, 2013
My 2009 Corolla Started switching channels on me today.
Obviously it is a known problem according to this forum.
Toyota claims they have NEVER heard about this. Maybe I should print this all out and take them in?
Dem_Takoushis_Cy prus

Nicosia, Cyprus

#94 Oct 30, 2013
I am really imprested of what I have read in this forum. I have a TOYOTA Corolla since August 2007, I had some of the above symptoms with my radio about 10 months ago. Two days ago the problems are permanent. The radio memories are not working, and for every touch to any button I am getting ON or OFF of my radio and is also pulling my CD out. I was thinking to run to my TOYOTA dealer but from what I have read maybe is not the best idea. Thanks all for your advices .

Chicago, IL

#95 Nov 11, 2013
still a problem in the 2011 models..i have a 2011 corolla and it just started doing this today!!!

Bartlett, IL

#96 Dec 29, 2013
2009 Corolla purchased in May 2008, roughly 27,000 miles on it. Radio started acting up the end of November. On December 2, any button turned it on, any button turned it off. I could only get one FM station, volume control was fine. Took it to my Toyota Dealer on 12/3, replacement radio was installed on 12/13. It stopped working as I drove off the lot, completely broken, won't turn on at all. It's 12/29 and I am still waiting for my second replacement radio. Since we bought a 7 year warranty, it is covered, but still. Based on this forum, I need to see if my outlets are still working (the ones for cell phone chargers). Thanks to all previous posters.
Corolla owner 2009

Berryville, AR

#97 Dec 31, 2013
I bought my 2009 Corolla in May 2008. I have had my radio replaced 3 times under warranty and now it is doing he same thing. It seems to do it more when it is cold. Maybe time for a different radio... This is the only problem I have had with this car. And it has 125000 miles.
jeff west columba sc

West Columbia, SC

#98 Feb 26, 2014
The problem I have is when its hot outside and I first start the engine the radio screen goes blank if I turn the engine off and back on it goes back to regular. Kind of sucks when you don't notice it until you are going down the road.

Hialeah, FL

#99 Aug 14, 2014
I just purchased my 2014 Toyota Corolla 2 weeks ago with 10 miles on it. Yesterday, the radio display screen went blank. CD and radio works fine except for the display. The programed station buttons do not work now either. The seek and scan buttons and the steering wheel controls work perfectly. This is ridiculous on a brand new car. Now I have to take it in to find out what is going on. What an inconvenience. Toyota needs to get on the ball and find out why this seems to be an ongoing problem.

Bronx, NY

#100 Sep 2, 2014
Jerry Freedman wrote:
Just this morning on the way to work, my radio "stuck". It plays one station, complains that there is no disk and any button I press turns it off. Volume doesn't work either.
Hey Jerry Im having the exact same problem... What did you do to fix the problem??

Loveland, CO

#101 Oct 30, 2014
marc wrote:
<quoted text>
Same problem, Dealership replaced no problem, now FM radio stations have static
Mine does this. I pull a Fonzie (smack it with my fist) and thst usually does the trick.

My next car will be an Audi A4.

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