2003 Toyota Camry A/C button flashing

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#184 Feb 19, 2010

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#185 Mar 12, 2010
I have a 2000 Camry LE, also have the flashing A/C light - I don't believe I have a cabin filter though, so I am going to try to switch out that relay. By the way, my Toyota has 131K on it and have had very little trouble with it. I did have to get a new tranny once, though. She just would not go into reverse. Has anyone here heard about that kind of prbolem?
Chris E

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#186 Mar 21, 2010
Justardnck wrote:
Thanks to you guys...
We have a 2002 Toyota Camry with a blinking ac light and the ac is inop. I checked the cabin filter and it was clogged but that didn't fix it. I checked the relay under the hood and I took a chance (just to see if the relay was the problem) I put the daytime running lamps relay in it's place and THATS IT... it worked. Tomorrow I will buy the correct relay and have saved the $1000 that the mechanic said it would cost to replace my bad compressor :rolling eyes:
I wish people would learn their trade on their time and money not mine
Thanks to all of you people who made this diagnosis easy
You guys are awesome! I changed mine with the black Daytime Running Lights relay also and it worked great. You saved me a bundle. Better yet, I did this whole thing with my son to educate him why you need mechanical skills and common sense to use your resources.
Tyler from Texas

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#187 Mar 24, 2010
This forum is awesome! I just thought I'd throw in my story as well.
My wife's Camry had the same indicative blinking AC light. We are planning a trip to Disney World and this would throw serious kinks into our plans. We were looking at spending $1200 on having the compressor replaced.
I did a little research and came across this site. I replaced the AC filter and still the blinking light. I read a little further into the postings and found this little tidbit of info "I had to repeat starting the car at least five times... holding the button on the "ON" position until the air stayed on". Once I tried that it kicked on and blows the coldest AC since we bought the car. Thank you so much K C from surf city ca.
Tyler from Texas

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#188 Mar 27, 2010
engineer wrote:
I have a 2003 Camry with 60K. The AC light started flashing a month ago. I took it to a couple of shops and they said they had to open the AC and test the entire system. It may be the compressor!Over $1000.
I changed the Cabin filter,$14 (behind the glove compartment)5 minutes, bought a AC clutch Relay from Advanced Auto Parts,$15.00 and replaced Mag CL Relay, part number 90987-02022 with the one I bought from Advance Auto parts. The relay is located in the fuse box next to the battery and it is off white in 2004 Camry. Done. Works like new. Do not get ripped off by toyota dealers and greedy shops.
After seeing that so many of us had the same problem and through 184 postings almost everyone's experience was the same - don't hesitate. I replaced the A/C Filter (aka Cabin Filter) and the A/C Relay on our 2003 Camry LE (114K miles) and the blinking-light and poor cooling problem is resolved.
Several have posted that dealers were the ones to be wary of... I would like to add to that list auto part stores too. Carquest Auto parts said they only sold the A/C Relay in a "kit" costing about $60. Thanks to this forum, I called the Advanced Auto Parts store for Part #35874 - cost was $15.59. The new relay has the new part number 90987-02028, replacing the old 90987-02022. This is definitely a DYI job... it's located under the "Do-It-Yourself Maintenance" section of the owner's manual.
The A/C Filter (or cabin filter) for the 2003 Camry LE (4-cycl) is Purolater C35479 (also at Advance Auto Parts) for $20.89 here in Austin, TX. Instructions to get behind glove compartment are on page 162 of owners manual. Don't worry if you don't have it.. Purolater includes a set of instructions with the filter.
Our Camry had dried oak leaves... you might be amazed what you find. Good luck and thanks to all for these postings.
jeff okc oklahoma

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#189 Mar 31, 2010
the relay is the only one its size on the relay/fuse box front left (driver's side)of engine. thank God for this web site! now i am happy and my wife is cool on her way to work.

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#190 Apr 3, 2010
Flashing A/C light problem. I tried looking for the A/C relay on my 2003 Camry and I couldn't find it I even pulled the battery. I couldn't find it in the fuse panel either there is a 10 amp fuse but not the relay.

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#191 Apr 3, 2010
I got it, it's in the front section of the fuse panel under the hood. Thanks alot fellas.

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#192 Apr 7, 2010
I Had the same problem with my Camry 2002.
After searching the web i came across this web http://www.gavishusa.com/toyota
which shows where the relay is and offers the relay for sale for only 24.95 FREE shipping the dealer's price $98+TAX I installed it and it worked perfectly.

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#193 Apr 8, 2010
Before you go buy a new relay part, try this...
open the hood, open the fuse box, pull out the relay labled "MG CLT", there should be a layout on the top of the box lid. Bang it lightly against your car and shake it around a little. Then put it back in the fuse box where you found it...and WALLAH! Simple, quick, and easy solution!
Sometimes when you don't use your AC for long periods of time, something in the relay gets stuck. I did this when my AC started flashing and shutting off and it fixed it no problem.
Else try replacing it with relay Relay 90987-02022.

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#194 Apr 20, 2010
Technical Service Bulletin(TSB) EL011-05
Inspect A/C Magnet Clutch Relay part number.If your relay part number is 90987-02022 replace it with an updated relay part number 90987-02028. Repair is easy. Remove fuse block cover(underhood, near battery).Flip cover over and look for MG CLT. It is a little light gray/tan colored relay. Pull it out and install the updated relay.It should keep you cool!!!!

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#195 Apr 22, 2010
I am having the same problem and the service dept stated I need a new compressor and other parts. Parts & Labor will be ~$2,400.00 to repair. I have a 2006 Tacoma with only 15,000 mi on it. The service dept stated I don't use the ac enough and that's why it failed. What a bunch of BS.

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#196 Apr 29, 2010
First Verify power supply to the a/c compressor.If no power is present check fuse.If fuse is ok ,then replace the relay and it should solve your problem.A clean cabin filter is important for cold air but will not solve your problem.

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#197 Apr 29, 2010
This site is great. I ran across a lady at Walmart that was talking to one of the mechanics in the tire shop. I told her that I had a shop just a few miles from here. She had taken her car to Toyota for the flashing light problem. She was told that her whole system was full of metal and everything had to be replaced. They were going to charge her $3,700 for starters. We went to the dealor and they had not started on it yet. I took the horn relay out and installed it in the clutch slot. GUESS WHAT.. IT WORKED FINE !!!! We had a LONG AND HEATED chat with the manager and the mechanic. Come to find out this is a very common problem and they know about it. THEY ARE JUST RIPPING EVERYONE OFF !!!!! BE WARE !!! All we got was a DO NOT BRING ANOTHER CAR TO THEM and a new relay.

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#198 May 2, 2010
The relay is the problem, look for the bulletin # TSB2811 in a Toyota dealer, YOU GET ALL THE INFOS.

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#199 May 7, 2010
daniel digit wrote:
Same problem here. My mechanic says if cleaning the filter does not work, it is most likely a compressor relay part #90987-02028 that is bad.... apparently a big problem as there are 1,700+ on back order nationally right now! Safe to drive until you can change it out. Cost for part about $85.00, very quick and easy to install. Toyota should have some reponsibility on this but does not as yet.
Daniel, Thanks! This is what fixed it for me.

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#200 May 8, 2010

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#201 May 10, 2010
Thank you so much for the info. I replaced the A.C. filter and the Relay.... Works great thanks again....

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#202 May 12, 2010
I am having the flashing green light of death also. 02 camry with almost 130000 miles on it. just payed 80.00 and had it checked. he said my pressur switch is bad and also somthing that is built into the heating and air control panail is bad. i guess you have to replace that hole peace in the dash bord and it cost 800.00 if you buy it from Toyota. im now gona try the filter and relay tips first and also change the pressur switch also since i already bought it. (45.00 online) hope this will fix it. thanks everyone for sharring your problems and salutions to the problem.

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#203 May 16, 2010
Can't believe eveyone have the same problem with a/c mines too.Blinking light,I removed the freon,added more freon and still didnt work. I will try the air cabin and relay hope it work cause Its hot in my car lol.

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