Toyota Camry intake manifold noise


#84 Jun 18, 2007
Rob wrote:
From the free press
"Jeff Meckstroth, a New Orleans stockbroker, bought a Lexus RX300 in late 1998 because of the luxury brand's reputation for quality.
Two years later, Meckstroth's opinion of Lexus, and its owner Toyota Motor Corp., changed when the engine in his car came to a clunking halt and the automaker blamed him for the problem."
So much for toyota taking care of their problems and their customers. Waiting 5 year or more for a resolve is not taking care of and issue...
And a problem covering 3 to 4 million vehicles is major. If this was FMCO, DC, or GM it would be on very tube, paper and online news site... FRONT PAGE..
PS.. My brother is a enigeering manager at the Georgetown, KY plant- where Toyota makes the camry's
And even plant employees did not get the company to fixed the enginer oil slug problems under warranty.
You're absolutely right about brother has been an automotive service advisor for over 20 years and he has told me about the Lexus problem of sludging up. It has such a poor crankcase ventilation problem, if you don't change oil religiously every 3 thousand miles, plan on a rebuild!

Wilberforce, OH

#85 Jun 21, 2007
I am going through the same problem right now. You guys might know the right terms to use more than me but I know that intake manifold was mentionned in my case. I bought an 03 camry in 04 and started having that horrible noise in 05, I was told my flywheel was cracked and it was suposedly fixed but I got the same problem in 06 and the dealer fixed it again because I was just under 36,000 miles. This past May I found myself yet again with the same problem, cracked flywheel again!!!
I am close to 55,000 miles right now and my dealer says it's covered under my powertrain warranty but if history is any indication I am afraid of finding myself at the same spot next year without warranty. Please let me know if there is any initiative for getting some justice hear for us customers ([email protected]). Thanks.

Hialeah, FL

#86 Jun 24, 2007
I have a 2006 Toyota Camry just barely over a year old and the passenger front and rear side of this car has a ratttling sound that is unbearable. The dashboard vibrates and the Toyota Dealership where I purchased this car new told me there really was nothing they could do to correct the problem, I'd just have to get used to it. I would NEVER reccomend Toyota to anyone again.
nicholasville Kentucky


#87 Jun 28, 2007
My 2003 Camry developed the noise in the intake manifold. Toyota said $610 dollars because it's only covered by 3 yr/30,000 mile warranty. Ours was over the limit. Called Customer relations and they refused to pay, giving us the same story. When questioned about powertrain warranty, we were told it is not part of the powertrain. We will never purchase a Toyota again.
Joe S

Duluth, GA

#88 Jul 6, 2007
I, too, have the same issue with my '03 camry. I have a mechanic that will replace the manifold for around $500. My question to those who had the fix...did it totally solve the problem, no more rattling?

San Francisco, CA

#89 Jul 9, 2007
Can someone please post a picture of this defect and where to look for the problem or even a brief description. I have a 03 toyota camry LE 4cy and its making a ticking noise like you were saying.

Rockford, WA

#90 Jul 16, 2007
Joe & Travis,

Please see posts #29, 36, 40, and 44 for a fix that works. While I spent about $14 for gaskets, I don't think that was necessary. This fix now has many thousand miles on it with no further problems whatsoever. I thought the payback (approx.$600) was good for part of an afternoon's work.


#91 Aug 4, 2007
My wifes 2006 Avalon,2500 miles only has a moaning or humming noise in the engine. Toyota dealer says its the intake manifold and is normal,however they replaced the manifold and we still have the noise,drove couple new avalons and they have same groan or hum only not so loud as my wifes,any one of you have the same problem,please reply

Dallas, TX

#92 Aug 16, 2007
My Toyota dealer initially refused to replace my intake manifold because my 57,0000 mile Camry had exceeded the 3yr/36000 mile warranty. Incidently, pages 20 & 22 of the Owners Warranty Information refers to Camrys purchased in California (not Texas)

I then called Toyota (800-331-4331) and spoke with a customer rep who initially told me it wasn't covered. I then mentioned the posts on this web site and asked him to check again for warranty changes. On his second check, he found "Warranty Policy Bulletin - POL0406 " which was an update to the original warranty authorizing the manifold as covered. The update was sent to the dealers in 2005.
Pam Strongsville Ohio

United States

#93 Aug 21, 2007
My 2003 Toyota Camry developed an unusual engine noise which turned out to be the intake manifold as well. It cost over $700 to replace. I have 84,000 miles on this car, but that is the reason I bought Toyota - because I put many miles on my car and their reputation has been good. Had I known this, I probably would have bought a Honda. I am disappointed that Toyota does not back their product. I am continuing to pursue this matter.


#94 Sep 16, 2007
JOE wrote:
buy an a... hole joker

United States

#95 Sep 24, 2007
I just had my intake manifold replaced a few days ago. My camry, just like yours, was made in 2003 and it only has 40000 miles. The dealer in Gainesville Florida did not tell me that it is under powertrain warranty and charged me for 601 USD. Thanks for all the inputs on this website. I am going to reclaim my money back. The dealer is really disgusting.

Salinas, CA

#96 Oct 5, 2007
Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm in the same boat as you guys, 2003 Camry diagnosed with the intake noise.. Dealership qouted me a price of 745 for parts and labor. Well, I check out the linked from Toyota of Dallas and decided to order my own part and do the install myself. Seems like there should be some sort of class action law-suit in the makings if one has not been started.
I always thought of Toyota being the better car maker, but I will not buy another Toyota product ever again.
Patrick Bradley

United States

#97 Oct 7, 2007
I have a rattle in the right front area of my 2000 camry LE engine area. Seems to be noisiest during intial warm up, then becomes less noisey.

Also, have a braking icon on the dash board which highlights the rear lights. What could be the reason for this, as the brakes seem to work well?

Rochester, NY

#98 Oct 8, 2007
Is the intake manifold, in question, a plastic, metal, or metal and plastic part?

Los Angeles, CA

#99 Oct 8, 2007
Dave wrote:
Finally a definite answer on this problem. I will keep that in mind. Can anyone tell me about how many miles this will show up? My car has 21K miles and is a 2003.
It seem to me the Toyota Camry 2003 has many problem. My car is under 23K miles and i don't has a problem vibration in intake manifold yet but my car has a problem with noise from the steering wheel column when you turn the steering wheel about one turn, i had a talked to a mechanic and i was told that this is a very commom problem with that 03 model and Toyota had a service bulletin about this problem ,i called to Toyota to request a repair under manufacture warranty but the answer is NO, you better check your steering noise from your car. I think Toyota should honor the repair if the parts they installed the first place is manufacture defected parst.Toyota make about 9 billions frofit last year ,they should take care the problem for their customer or we may need a law firm for class action against Toyota .

Los Angeles, CA

#100 Oct 8, 2007
JimJay wrote:
I just had my intake manifold replaced a few days ago. My camry, just like yours, was made in 2003 and it only has 40000 miles. The dealer in Gainesville Florida did not tell me that it is under powertrain warranty and charged me for 601 USD. Thanks for all the inputs on this website. I am going to reclaim my money back. The dealer is really disgusting.
Hi Jim Jay, do you have any problems with your steering wheel problems such as noises coming from the steering column as my 2003 camry?

Los Angeles, CA

#101 Oct 8, 2007
I have a 2003 camry that is under 23 000 miles and there is noise that is coming from the steering column when I turn the steering wheel. It sounds like there is being tension released. Is there anybody out there who owns a 2003-2004 experiencing the same problem? Is there any way to get my car fixed under warranty? THANKS

Black Canyon City, AZ

#102 Nov 8, 2007
Wow, I hope I don't have another one of these going bad. I replaced the intake manifold in our 2003 Camry due to the horrible rattling noise it was making about 8 months ago. Everything was fine until the past month or two we've been noticing a "whistling" like noise on the freeway that happens ONLY when we give it gas, usually you can start hearing it around 65 or 70mph. Let off the gas, the noise goes away. I took it to my mechanic and he looked at the hoses briefly and didn't see anything that was loose or anything, so he suggested it may be the intake manifold going bad again? Tell me it ain't so? It sure doesn't sound like the rattling noise the previous manifold was making before, could it just be a gasket or something that went bad somewhere around the manifold or exhaust area? If any mechanics out there can suggest any other things that could be causing this, I'd greatly appreciate it!



Ann Arbor, MI

#103 Nov 12, 2007
i,m having the same air induction noise on my 03 camry. i checked my manual and found the warranty info on page 22. i will take this info to my dealer in 2 days and see what happens. any problems with the 05 or 06 camry 4cyls?? thansk-bil

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