Throttle Body Failure 04 - 06 Camry R...

Throttle Body Failure 04 - 06 Camry RAV4 Solara - TAC Problem

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United States

#1 Sep 23, 2009
I am happy I discovered this forum. I read all of the problems up until mid September and learned a great deal. There are other sites that are helpful too. I truly feel your frustration and I had to share our experience. My wifes 2005 Camry LE died and when she restarted it the engine RPM would go up and down between 2K and 3K and when she pressed on the gas it would either die or do nothing (we discovered later that the car has a limp-home-mode...and it does work well) at least it got her to the local auto parts place and they were nice enough to run a quick diagnostic and it came up with a P2112 and something else. Oh..the other thing it also did was when she pressed the gas pedal to the floor it did absolutely nothing except die or continue to idle low and high. Sorry....P2112 indicates the TAC (throttle actuator control) was not working and that it was in fact "stuck closed"...this is the brass butterfly inside the throttle body. There is another code that indicates it is "stuck open) either way its the same fix. Why Toyota must attach this plastic part (TAC) permanently to the throttle body is a puzzle to me, but thats another story. So I begin googling like a mad man and discovered that like many of you got the bad news. The part (throttle body with the TAC attached) was $917.00 and the labor was about $350.00. This is just not right on a car with only 57K miles...I later discovered on some site that 50K miles is the average mileage these things peter out. Before I get into my good news you could try removing the big hose from your air cleaner that ends up on your throttle body...seems a few people were able to clean them and they would last a little longer. I used two cans to no avail...but at $4 per can it was a cheap first attempt. Now the good a used one at your local salvage yard from a wrecked car (not a parts car) this way you know it was working before the car was wrecked. I found one and put it on in an hour and 15 minutes...started her up and she ran like new again. You need to ask for a throttle body for a 2AZFE Toyota engine (4 cyl)...the part number can be either 22030-0H020 (North American) or 22030-28060 (Japan). Don't hold me to this but I believe what I found on the internet indicates that these will fit 2004-2007 RAV4, Camry, or Solara but call your Toyota dealership and have your vin number ready and they will tell you the exact part number and it should be either of the two numbers above. The one I removed from my Camry ended in 0H020 and the one I replaced it with ended in 28060...anyway they are the same. Please remember this is coming from a person that does not work on cars so I am far from an expert. The easiest and fastest way is to of course start her up and limp to your local dealership and fork over $1200 to $1500. I was so upset at the extreme cost of this that I bought several of these and at least one to keep in the trunk. So if any of you can't find one just let me know as I have a couple extra throttle bodies.
If you decide you are up for the challenge there are four small hoses on the throttle body and you need to have two golf tees at the ready to plug up two of the hoses (I think I lost less than a cup of anti-freeze) the manual says drain all of the antifreeze but I didn't and it worked fine...anyway I felt your pain. You can get a manual from the library that shows you step by step how to do this (I didn't) I just started at the air cleaner and detached everything on my way to the throttle body and just reversed it after putting on the new one. Oh...also you might want to spring for a new gasked (about $7). I did, but mine looked fine...but for $7 its probably worth the trip. Good luck to you and I hope this has been a little help to you. Tommy

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Feb 12, 2010
Thank you for the helpfull information

Phoenix, AZ

#3 Feb 12, 2010
I am having the same problems with the same code but thanks to your helfull information we narrowed it down to not taking the easy way out and prevent from paying too much money i am hoping that by changing the throttle body my car will soon be running like new again. Once again thank you

Leavenworth, KS

#4 Mar 7, 2010
The throttle body went out on my 04 Camry at around 50,000 miles also. Is it just me or does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe with all problems the Camry's are having with acceleration lately, this should be included as a faulty part and should be recalled as well? I was outraged when I had to fork out over $1,000 for a repair on a car with such low mileage and from a reputable car company. Does anyone know if this is a recalled part? I would sure like to be reimbursed!!

Livingston, NJ

#5 Mar 11, 2010
i just replaced the throttle linkeage on the 2005 camary . it was over 1,000.00 toyota would not cover this. this is unacceptable

Livingston, NJ

#6 Mar 11, 2010
i just had the throttle linkeage rplaced on the 2005 toyota over 1,000 to fix and toyota will not accept and % of responsibnility. this is unacceptable

Kearny, NJ

#8 Mar 28, 2010
My wife was on her way home from work a few days ago and her car stalled at a very busy intersection..we had the car towed to a car repair shop and it turned out to be the same problem as above..we were told it will cost in the ballpark of $1,100 and that the part has to be ordered and will take a few days before it is available..she has a 2004 Camry with only about 2,600 miles on it..I always considered Toyota to be a top notch car but I doubt I will ever be buying one again.. I have a 2004 Rav 4 with the same engine as the Camry and now I as worrying that the same might happen to my car....

Denver, CO

#9 Apr 6, 2010
I'm going through the same issues right now, I own an 04 Toyota Solara with approx 86K miles on it. From the sound of it i've been fortunate so far that my TCA hasn't went out until now! Like "JohnL's Wife" i was stuck in the middle of rush hour at an extremely busy intersection. My car stalled after I pressed on the gas, the EXACT same symptoms happened as "twnok" after i got my vehicle started to roll out of the intersection i let it sit about 5 minutes started it again and everything was fine. I was able to get it to an Advanced Auto parts store and the diagnostics test read that the Throttle Control Actuator was not working accurately. I called around to local mechanics and they all quoted me between $1300-$2000... I've come to the conclusion that from the google search i did and the amount of enquires there are on the matter, that this too should be a recall! If Toyota wants to be able to keep their name in good standing things like this shouldn't happen! Transmissions, yes. Brakes, yes. Alternators, yes. Batteries, yes. Emissions, okay. but THROTTLE CONTROL, NO! Like "twnok" said What kind of engineer would place a plastic piece where heat and compression are placed?!? They wouldn't unless it was for cost benefits or future revenue?!? a little fishy if you ask me!
Good luck to you all! My car "ROXY" (yup i named her ;)) has been a great car! no complaints until NOW! I'll be switching to back to Hondas though, they seem to have a better understanding of what consumers need and want out of their vehicles!
claire -04

Greenlawn, NY

#10 Apr 17, 2010
I have a 2004 toyota camry. I just had the throttle replaced for the second time, once in 07 then again 4/10. I think it should be recalled . I also think i
I should be reimbursted for paying over $2,600 for the two replacedments
Natacha Miami-FL

Pompano Beach, FL

#11 Jul 19, 2010
This was very helpful because I know that I have a seriousl problem with my 2006 Solara. I was quoated $1200-$1300 and was stunned because I though this would surely be covered as a manufacturer defect. I was wrong. Sadly, I can not afford the part of $863 so my vehicle is sitting until I purchase the part. i was advised by Toyota not to use my personal mechanic because the problem is guaranteed to repeat. This tells me that Toyota is aware of this porrly constructed part.
Natacha Miami-FL

Pompano Beach, FL

#12 Jul 19, 2010
I am disgusted with Toyota. I have not been able to recive any assistance. I am simply being told that my vehicle is no longer under warranty and that I must pay $1300 for the replacement of the throttle, a part which cost $863. How can Toyota knowingly allow this to happen. Apparently we buy Toyota because we trust it. My vehicle stopped with my on I-95 while driving. I could have been killed, easily. I guess that would probably have to occur before Toyota gives my small $1300 problem any seriousness. This vehicle is poorly built because even at 80K miled, this shouldn't happen. And apparently the part is so expensive because its expected to happen. This will be my last Toyota purchased and I will surely pass it on.

Bronx, NY

#13 Jul 20, 2010
Natacha Miami-FL wrote:
This was very helpful because I know that I have a seriousl problem with my 2006 Solara. I was quoated $1200-$1300 and was stunned because I though this would surely be covered as a manufacturer defect. I was wrong. Sadly, I can not afford the part of $863 so my vehicle is sitting until I purchase the part. i was advised by Toyota not to use my personal mechanic because the problem is guaranteed to repeat. This tells me that Toyota is aware of this porrly constructed part.
Run. Don't walk. To another local repair shop. Your own mechanic will do nicely. Surely you realize the Toyota dealer is ripping you off.

Four Oaks, NC

#15 Oct 19, 2010
Went thru the same things as the rest of you...found one on ebay from California...cost about $220...better than $670 plus 10% shipping/handling thru ....also found a new one for about $760 at an auto parts store...they are available aftermarket...but not normally thru chain stores such as Autozone / Advance..try your Carquest or regular auto parts dealer...part is made thru Worldparts or Worldpart...That is if you want a new one..Guess I was wife's car had 120,000 miles before it went out
Ron Egub

Orlando, FL

#16 Feb 7, 2011
----91762--CAL wrote:
Thank you for the helpfull information
Can you please jelp me fine one of the throttle body assy.? I can't find one near Titusville Florida. My wife wants to trade-in her 2004 Camry LE now...Thanks

Mc Lean, VA

#17 Feb 23, 2011
My 2005 camry (with 97,000 miles) broke down on the road (without warning) with the same problem (P2112). So I searched the internet and found that this is a common problem with Toyota. This is unacceptable with the reputation brand like Toyota, in term of the part cost and the life of the part...

Florham Park, NJ

#18 Feb 28, 2011
My 2005 camry (37,000 miles)had the same problem. The throttle body got replaced. It costed me $1300. When I called Toyota customer service center, they blamed me for not taking the car to dealers for regular maintenance.

Downingtown, PA

#19 May 25, 2011
i guess we all have the same problem with this particular cars. i have 06 solara with 72k miles with the same problem. the part cost $900.00. with this economy where they expect people to get that money just for part, i believe they know exactly what they are doing is all ripped off, but we really need to do something about it. i already fixed mine and i'm selling it. so if anyone interested you can email me at [email protected]

Wichita, KS

#20 Jun 1, 2011
This just happened to my 2007 Toyota Solara with 73K miles! Ironically, it happened right after my battery had died overnight so I thought it had something to do with that. Thankfully, my Solara is certified pre-owned and I was able to have a jump and towed to the dealer with no cost to me, but finding out I needed a throttle body for a car i just purchased in August 2010 that shouldve jumped through hoops at inspection was not what i had in mind! When I got the call back that this was going to cost $1270 (part & labor) i almost flipped out. Then to find out this isn't a certified pre-owned covered item made me even more angry!!!! Well thankfully, i had purchased an extended warranty through my credit union when i purchased the car and this ended up being a covered deductible. So, in the end I paid $110 (diagnostic fee)and the problem is fixed! However, i'll be sure to find out what the warranty is on the new throttle body!

Brookhaven, PA

#21 Aug 8, 2011
77K miles,(low for this old),TAC bites the dust! Toyota dealers just about laugh at you when they tell you it's a 900 dollar part! Called dealership where I bought the 2004 Camry LE and asked why no recall. My car drifted to a stop with no warning. Blessing my kids weren't with me on the expressway! We would likely have been killed! I will gladly join in with anyone attempting to organize anything that could help us and future owners. I phoned my Mom right away as she has the exact same make and model! I agree this is not a part "regular maintenance" would have found a problem with before catastrophe hits. I am so disappointed that I mistakenly believed I was driving a car my kids were safe in. This ticking time bomb should be recognized by Toyota indeed! I was given this number for USA Toyota 1-800-421-3407

Brookhaven, PA

#22 Aug 8, 2011
This is a slightly, and I mean only slightly better number to try calling ; 1-800-331-4331. Big run around. I think Toyota doesn't want to recall this and open up liability for the crashes and possible injuries and deaths related.

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