2006 Forester - Check Engine light on...
2005 Subaru Outback

Washington, DC

#166 Jul 1, 2010
My 2005 Outback showed the check engine light/cruise light flashing and non-functioning at 112K miles. Local mechanic found a code for the air fuel (A-F) sensor, replaced the right side sensor, and also did an oil change.
Two days later the check engine/cruise flashing returned. I took it back to the same mechanic who couldn't find a code problem for cruise control and no othe reason for the problem. They oiled the switch for cruise thinking it may be stuck, and simply re-set the check engine light so it was off. Next day (yesterday) check engine/cruise flash and non-function started again. Am debating to take it to dealer now, based on the fact that this problem seems to be a Subaru hopeless glitch. Oxygen sensor was already replaced in the first couple years.
Also, I have experienced the periodic choking/shuddering/no "go" power described above and by others online three times in the past year and no mechanic could see a reason. It goes away after driving the car (15-20 mph!) for about 5 minutes. I'm hoping this A-F sensor may have been the cause of that problem but see online that this issue is also common to Subaru. VERY DISAPPOINTED, SUBARU!!!!! All my miles are highway and I need cruise to work. And as a woman driving alone I hate to ride with the check engine light on. H-E-L-P.

Saint Paul, MN

#167 Jul 7, 2010
I have 2006 Outback and I'm having the Check Engine and Cruise light problem. I don't want to take it to dealership because it's going to cost over $100 to do a diagnostic and there doesn't seem to be "smoking gun" solution to this problem. I'm stuck with this problem for now.

When the lights are flashing, this problem also disables the Cruise Control.(very frustating)


1)Insert your car key in the ignition and turn it to ACC (less than half)

2) Move the Cruise control handle up, down, forward and press the set button. There is no combination

3) Start engine. Hopefully this will "trick" it to stop the lights. You may have to do it several times.

This seems to work for a while but its a temporary fix.


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#168 Jul 8, 2010
If you get your oil changed at a quick lube type place, they will sometimes check the code for you and reset the light for free. My Grease Monkey did it for me.

Still no problem since they switched the converter.

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#169 Jul 15, 2010
My 2007 forester had the check engine light (solid) & cc light (flashing) go off simultaneously last night. 60k on my car, almost all hwy driving, just had 60k svc. Took to local shop & it was throwing code p0420 which has a history of being related to the catalytic converter. Called dlr to confirm b/c the cat converter is under 8yr/80k warranty. Dlr also said it had a related recall I wasn't notified about :| I have an appt next Fri - we'll see how it goes!

Richmond, VA

#170 Jul 30, 2010
A friend was experiencing flashing cruise control, longer to start, and the check engine light was on after only installing a new battery. The problem was a blown ECM related fuse. That fixed evrything.
FYI: There was no code for it and no reading whatsoever from computer, so unless you look for it, you'll never know.
Hopefully this helps some of you.

Paris, KY

#171 Aug 6, 2010
My Forester has 190K. The check engine light has been on for the last 187K! The car runs as good as the day I got it. After 6 trips to the service department, I finally got tired of taking it in. Just put some black tape over it.

Naperville, IL

#172 Aug 17, 2010
On my '07 Forester w/41k the airbag system light came on. Had an extended warranty so took it to the dealer & they replaced the computer module. At 43K the Check Eng/CC lights came on. Went back to the dealer 6 TIMES. Emissions items replace included both censors, computer module, & some other part I wasn't totally clear on.$$ wasn't so bad but MAN what a PAIN IN THE BACK SIDE. Given all the other folks sighting similar experiences, Subaru DEFINITELY has some sort of weakness in this area. VERY disappointed -- no more Subies for me!!
08 outback Iowa

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#173 Aug 19, 2010
Filled up the tank, 15 miles later the CEL and cruise light flashing, car hesitated, stalled, finally died. 2 shops checked and there was a lean burn code. Everything worked ok the next day. About 30 miles later same lights came on and thought I would stall again. Had it towed an hour away to neared dealership, and they are telling me they can't find anything wrong....possibly bad gas? Whatever subaru...Let's get your act together!
08 outback Iowa

United States

#174 Aug 23, 2010
This is fantastic information for anyone who has had cel light and cruise light:
I sent it to the dealership. Let's hope they can figure things out!
charlestonSC gal

North Charleston, SC

#175 Sep 10, 2010
My 2006 Forester has had this problem for 6+ months. The code is mostly P0457. The dealer service folks are not helpful. They have replaced the gas cap, a fuel gasket and reminds me ad nauseum to "clip the gas cap when filling!!!" Which is NOT the problem. I am ready to trade this car in on a Honda!!! Subaru, listen to us and solve this nonsense. On top of the check engine light you linked it to the cruise system so it is inoperable! Quite annoying!
Virginia Beach VA

Virginia Beach, VA

#176 Sep 11, 2010
I have had my 06 Forester for 4 years at 62,000 mi. thought it was the best car that I ever had. until today. the engine and cruise light came on. now Im not so sure. The last thing I need is to have problems like I see everyone else having. is there a fix that anyone has found yet.
charlestonSC gal

North Charleston, SC

#177 Sep 11, 2010
Virginia Beach VA wrote:
I have had my 06 Forester for 4 years at 62,000 mi. thought it was the best car that I ever had. until today. the engine and cruise light came on. now Im not so sure. The last thing I need is to have problems like I see everyone else having. is there a fix that anyone has found yet.
I've loved my subaru too until this. I have also started losing oil...burning it not dripping. I saw another posting on an other forum site regarding this. so watch your oil even between 3000mile oil change intervals. Good luck with your subaru!
Allan L

Marlborough, MA

#178 Sep 12, 2010
I still love my 2006 Turbo Forester in spite of my similar incident in may described in #161 of this thread.


I have had no subsequent occurrence of the flashing dash lights I mentioned since then, but mine seems to be associated with my overuse of the cruise control for local driving. I taped over the cruise control switch in May and have not had a re-occurrence.

Remember (as I mentioned in #161) that my mechanic said to clear the codes/flashing lights "turn the engine off and on with the key three times, and this should clear the check-engine/codes issue."

However, I have not had the opportunity to try this as have not had a recurrence since I quit using my cruise control then.

Has anyone else had this flashing dash lights symptom after receiving code p0607 or which was directly associated with the cruise control? I'd like to use my cruise control again on long trips but want to avoid having the governance imposed in which I can only go 5mph when I am very far from home.

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#179 Sep 13, 2010
I don't know what code it was, but it came up engine misfire at the local oil change place. But then it was catalytic converter at the mechanic. Since it was covered under warranty, the dealer put a new one in. That was a year and a half ago and over 20,000 miles. Knock wood.

My latest problem was needing to replace the rear wheel bearings. My niece had the same problem with hers.
Josh - New Hamshire

Framingham, MA

#180 Sep 30, 2010
OK, First off I have read most of these posts and it is a sad world when there does not seem to be a known fix and so many people have the same problem. I have a 2005 XS 5sp with 72K miles. After a heavy rain, the car experiances the same hesitation for about 5 minutes (check engine light goes from flashing to solid) and then starts to drive normal. I either disconnect the batter or lett the CEL light cycle out but YES the engine light and cruise control thing happens.

OK, when the CEL light comes on the cruise control light flashes, that's Subaru and the problem has nothing to do with the cruise control, in my opinion.

OK, I have recently changed the spark plugs to denso irridium, so I know it is not a spark plug issue. It is OBVIOUSLY related to HIGH water moister in the air. I say this because I don't have to be driving the car in the rain for this to happen. It usually happens "after" a rain fall, like the next day. It happened today, it rained like a BIT*H yesterday (I did not drive the car) and today when I went to start the car... BINGO, hesitation, engine light FLASHING then engine light SOLID and finally the car seems to drive fine.

When an engine light FLASHES, this usually means VERY SERIOUS ENGINE PROBLEM, such as a cyclinder misfire. The studering feels like there is water on the MAS, but if the Mass Air Flow sensor the engine light would not flash, it would be sold!!! I would also like to mention that I recently had a new catalitic converter installed due to the last recall (got lucky and they gave me a new Catalitic converter), I just wanted to mention this because other seem to feel that this problem may be related to the exhaust system.

OK, this is my self diognostic. I think it is related to moister SOME HOW getting into the engine. The question is, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? The air intake system seems to be SOLID, but it is possible that VERY LITTLE water is going into the engine through the air intake system (but I doubt it because... If it was the air intake then you would think that water needs to be sucked in and the problem seems to happen after the rain fall and not during the rain fall) I also think it is very possible that the engine has some kind of water build up at the bottom of the coils, hense the engine misfiring. The trueth is I have no clue.

I would love to know what is causing the problem with the engine light/stuturing/ engine light flashing problem, but I am TO CHEAP to take it to the dealer and I DON'T TRUST DEALERS.

Sydney, Australia

#181 Oct 14, 2010
I have a suburu forester xt 07 and the engine light comes and the cruise control light flashes but runs fine. I went to a dealer and also a suburu speciList and they told me that the prob is in the polution system. I have a faulty air pump due to moisture build up along with 2 seized valves apperantly. What it's designed to do is reduce the polution the car creates. The best quote I got was $3800. Faarrrk I'm spewin. It's definately a manufactory fault passed on. Anyone have any ideas on taking those lights off or fixing it heaps cheaper.
Waiting and wondering

Virginia Beach, VA

#182 Oct 18, 2010
Well this is my second post and I am hoping this works. Taking all of the data that I have seen on the suckuru and my 06 forester being out of warranty. I am going with the cheapest fixes first. Just changed the gas cap which was one suggestion and the spark plug wires which was another. I reset the comp and am hoping that is it. all of $70.

I am going on a trip to PA tomorrow and am hoping that did the trick. would hate to break down somewhere in between. Im not from this area and haven't got a clue as to what is around here.

I will post again after the trip I guess. or if I break down I will post from a dealership where I will trade the !@#$%^ thing in on a toyota or something.

Bellevue, WA

#183 Oct 31, 2010
I had this issue and it was related to a spark clug wire that needed to be replaced. Cost about $250 for parts and labor, but it has not been an issue since
Melissa Rolf

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#184 Nov 6, 2010
I have a 2006 Tribeca and on a 4 hour drive out of state, while using cruise control- I had the sport light, slippery road sign, the cruise light blinking and the check engine light on. I am worried about driving home tomorrow with my kids and getting stranded... but I am tempted to risk it and get it home, just in case the repair doesn't work and I can't take it back in. Diagnostics ran showed something with 5th gear and the trans/differential, but I need to take it to a Subaru dealer to fix it. The nearest one is 30 miles in the opposite direction of home. Nervous about the repair costs. What is the ballpark figures out there?


Wurtsboro, NY

#185 Nov 14, 2010
I believe that it may also be the EVAP canister.
most of that stuff
it is on the passenger side rear of the car black box. Very easy to check all that stuff out. mine had must have hit a curb or other type of sharp dip since it had been struck by something and was pushed back and slightly unhinged. One of the hoses had also dislodged and when I put it all back together ,,,, no more blinking Cruse or CE lights. Start with the gas cap. Make sure its sitted and sealed properly Then find that canister and make sure everything is ok.

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