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Richmond Hill, Canada

#21 Jun 19, 2012
Same thing happen to me: my 2009 subaru forester has about 45000 km. check engine light steady, vehicle dynamics control steady and cruise flashing.The dealer checked it and chang the canister valve, spent $500. After one day, the problems come back. What the.... what should I do, go back and let them change something again. The dealship is a lier.

United States

#22 Jul 1, 2012
09 Subu Foro Dude wrote:
Lots talk about it on this thread:
My 09 is doing it also ~ dealer says they don't know ~ which amazes me since so many people across the board are having the same problem(s).
Good luck and post when/if you find something out!
Did you ever find out what the problem was? All the same lights went off on my 09 impreza last night and I'm pretty stressed about it since I drive a lot for work

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#23 Jul 2, 2012
I have the same problem, 45,000 miles on a 2009. I was told it was the secondary air pump,$700+, the lights came back on within 24hr.. The next time it was the that my gas cap wasn't tight enough, and the following afternoon it came back on again. Anyone have any luck with a fix?

Minneapolis, MN

#24 Jul 19, 2012
Just go my 2012 Forester a few weeks ago. 2,200 miles currently. Accelerating causes the same issue for me. My check engine, traction control and cruise come on and the cruise/TC cease to function. Dealers looking at it tomorrow. Bummed. I think I'll have this problem for the foreseeable future.

Endicott, NY

#25 Aug 8, 2012
2011Forrester wrote:
This happened to me earlier this month; dealer here in Colorado says it is a software bug. We are scheduled to get a software patch later this month when the Subaru representative is in town (the local dealer is not allowed to apply software patches). The local dealer did clear the error codes.
I have a 2012 Forester Premium and the trouble codes were P0301 and P0304. They happened when I first staredt it in the morning and the engine sounded rough. This occurred at 3,000 miles which the dealer in Vestal, NY updated the software with the patch June 2012 timeframe. Now at 5,100 it happened again. They say they are checking for a washer that is on the cam sensor that was wrong on some of the models. I Will post a follow up of they find this is the issue.

Graham, WA

#26 Aug 8, 2012
our 2013 outback with 834 miles on it is having these exact same issues. Called the dealership we bought it from two weeks ago and thye said to check the gas cap. VERY annoyed.

Prince George, VA

#27 Sep 17, 2012
At 3800 miles the check engine light, vehicle dynamics light came on steady and the cruise control stopped working, "cruise" was blinking, on my 2012 Forester. Taking to the deaer today. I've owned 5 subarus 3 of them for over ten years each and 200,000 miles. No Problems. Hope the dealer can fix it.

Kurnell, Australia

#29 Sep 23, 2012
Had the same issue. After filling up petrol. I accidentally didn't turn the ignition on all the way and the car conked out and when turned the key again it took a few seconds for the engine to start.
But had these warning lamps on. Car drove fine. After reading these forums i popped the fuel cap undid the fuel cap and a gush of pressure let go,tightened the cap back up and started the car. All lights are gone and car is running 100% fine.

United States

#30 Sep 26, 2012
My 08 WRX just had them come on today. Gonna fill up later and check the gas cap and quite possibly do the battery thing to tonight. Such a pain in the rear since I just had the clutch replaced a month ago and had the car for just over a year. My mileage is 58,000 too.

Ceres, CA

#31 Nov 4, 2012
I've had this cruise control light on & check engine light (sometimes also AT oil temp light on briefly) flashing so many times I can't count. My vehicle is a 2006 Subaru Forester, now with about 165,000 miles on it. My mechanic (NOT Subaru dealership!) points out that this is a YELLOWISH trouble light, NOT RED; the shop just resets it if need be. Trouble lights eventually go out by themselves after a few DAYS, but very annoying....been doing this off and on for about two years.

Trouble lights especially activated by mountain driving, but sometimes it's just an uphill "grade" (not necessarily steep or prolonged). The shop troubleshoots the problem one day, and problem will be right back the same day if I drive some uphill grades. My mechanic says I am due for a new transmission EVENTUALLY, but doesn't think necessary yet.

Webster, NY

#32 Nov 11, 2012
Ron Pyke wrote:
<quoted text>
Same thing for my 11 Forester yesterday (3/31/12) atop Vail Pass in Colorado. Had to be towed to Subaru dealer in Thornton. Check Eng, Vehicle Dyn, and Cruise lights all on. Let's see what service dept says Monday!
VERY frustrating, as car has <10K mi and I am 1000 mi from home. Had been told Subies are reliable.
2012 same thing. Traction cruise and engine
It happened three times over 12 monhs. each time after hard acceleration and a turn.
FIXED each time by disconnecting battery for 3 minutes
TOTALLY a software bug!
I need to go to the dealer.

Webster, NY

#33 Nov 11, 2012
jennifer wrote:
Same thing happen to me: my 2009 subaru forester has about 45000 km. check engine light steady, vehicle dynamics control steady and cruise flashing.The dealer checked it and chang the canister valve, spent $500. After one day, the problems come back. What the.... what should I do, go back and let them change something again. The dealship is a lier.
It's totally a Subaru Software Bug. Detach your battery for 3 minutes. The lights will all fix. Think about it. None of these three simultaneous lights have anything remotely in common except the computer crashed. Reboot by in plug battery.

Abbotsford, Canada

#34 Jan 4, 2013
My 2012 Forester bought in May just had these same 3 lights come on, went to dealer and was told it was a software update that was needed for the thermostat. I left the dealer and the lights were off, 75km later they were back. Went back to dealer and now the thermostat had to be replaced! They are very hesitant to use the word glitch, and the tech said if it happens again he's stumped and will have to call Subaru Canada to see why this is happening. I'm afraid to drive my new car anywhere far now, what do I do?
Justin in Seattle

Federal Way, WA

#35 Jan 6, 2013
Ha! Bought my 2011 Forester one week ago with 11K miles and my 3r day driving it, I got the steady check engine light, the traction control light, and the flashing cruise light, with the cruise now disabled. Dealer said same thing to me about tightening the gas cap - absurd. Any tried switching to higher octane fuel if there's a fuel/O2 sensor issue in play? May reset with the battery and then try that.

Buda, TX

#36 Jan 7, 2013
My daughter drives an '09 Forester. The car was rear ended 6 + months ago which caused quite a bit of damage. All repairs have been fine except for the Check Engine light. The people that repaired the car AND the dealer cannot make the light stay off. They can make it go off for a day or so, but it keeps coming back on. Subaru apparently has NO idea how to permanently repair this.
I wish I had counted how many times tightening the gas cap was mentioned!
2009 Sub

Juneau, AK

#37 Jan 15, 2013
Yup I'm having the same problem... And the shop cannot pinpoint the issue... 2009 Forester 33k miles.

Balwyn, Australia

#38 Jan 24, 2013
Hi I'm having the same issue... Someone hit my front bumper bar and when I went to turn the at on all 3 lights appeared..
Called Subaru who would not look at my car until the bumper was fixed!!
Bumper has been fixed an car booked in with Subaru fingers crossed they can fix this and I don't have this issue again

Green Bay, WI

#39 Feb 21, 2013
Mine's doing the same thing now, glad I found this before taking it in...
Carol of Oz


#40 Mar 15, 2013
Yep, exact same lights coming on - I have a 2009 forester. You would like to think Subaru would have done something about it!

Los Alamos, NM

#41 Mar 19, 2013
Same exact thing here -'09 Forester. They tightened my gas cap, told me to try better gas, replaced the speed sensors and spark plugs, and now want to replace the ABS sensor. Lights still go on and off intermittently (more time on than off). Has anyone actually solved this problem? The car hasn't been in any accidents...lights just came on one day when I started the car.

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