Recommended Equalizer Settings

Recommended Equalizer Settings

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United States

#1 Jun 4, 2006
Hi, I have a 2004 Saturn Ion3 and had had recently replaced my factory head unit with Pioneer DEH-P2500 Supertuner, as well as my rear speakers with Sony V1630A Xplod...and my woes had started! The problem is that the aforementioned Supertuner has a built in 3-band (Low-Mid-High) parametric equalizer, and it needs to be adjusted because the flat preset sucks big time, especially with Thrash Metal CDs. I cannot tell you (but I'm sure my wife can!) how many hours I have spent in my car trying to adjust the damn thing to no avail! Either I'd get too many highs or too much bass! I know that my system is great, but I just don't know how to bring it out! I had tried to set everything at +6 db, and it sounds good, but I hear you can easily fry your speakers that way! I am asking if anyone had a similar issue and had actualy set it in my type of car, if so then I need to know the following:
The recommended decibel settings for Lows, Mids and Highs (they range from -6 to +6), the recommended frequencies for the above (for example 40 HZ for lows, 500 HZ for mids and 8KHZ for highs), the Q factor for each of 3 bands (ranging: 2W-1W-1N-2N), and finally the Fade Balance (ranging from F15-R15), as well as the use of Loudness level (ranging from OFF-L-M-H). If you can help me you'll know what I mean, if you cannnot, there is no point of me trying to explain. I will however give you an example of a total recommended setting:

Lows:+2, 40 HZ 2N
Mids:+2, 500 HZ 2W
Highs:+2, 3 KHZ 1N
Fade: R5
Balance: 0
Loudness: Mid

See what I mean?

Please, anybody, help me out so that I can finally move on with my life , thank you for any and all of your help in advance,

New York, NY

#2 Apr 13, 2007
I do not personally have any of those components in my car but I have adjusted a lot of Pioneer decks.(I only had 1 for a few months years back) I was just wondering if you knew what everything meant exactly. What Kinda stage you wanted to setup ect... For example 2N -1N - 0 - 1W - 2W. I wanted to make sure you knew what it meant. as far as that goes its Narrow and Wide 1 little bit 2 a lot. You said the +/- dB is 6 i wouldn't go too high or too low. like Low -2 mid 0 high +1 that is a pretty average one w/out subs. oh wait you said metal right? ok cause that is hard to get right so ill help best I can with that. Few possible settings

Low:-3, 2W, 50Hz +
Mid:+1, 0 , 800Hz
High:+2, 1N, 5KHz

Low:-2, 1N, 50Hz +
Mid: 0 , 0 , 1KHz
High:+2, 0 , 5KHz

I could only think of those 2 right now. also because my girl is nagging me. anyway. make sure that after you put it the Freq.'s & Bandwith (1N/2N) play with the dB level adjustments. Then Rest the Bandwith's Play with levels then again, then again, then again, the adjust the Freq. and play and then the bandwith and so on. make sure tou keep 2 things solid whle playing with the levels. I know this might sound stupid or dorkish, I do it. copy down everything you try.***ing the ones you like the most. I mean you then know what sounds best for what and you don't "retry" that setting because you forgot you tried it already.
It is a life saver.

As far as the loudness goes, set it how you want it and leave it. then do the other settings. I know, everyone likes their own loudness setting. Balance and fade.. options. Having the sound centered at your seat, the center of the car, the center of the dashboard(sounds like from the windshield)(like it is a stage)(Concert) depending on how you want it. Wherever you want the sound stage to be,(0 fade/bal) put ur head there. check sound. rest. adjust. settings.(Fade/Bal) Put head back. check sound. rest. copy results. repeat.

I am sure you have done some of this all or maybe none... I dunno. anyway hope this helps. let me know.

Durban, South Africa

#3 Aug 21, 2008
low +5
mid +3
high +7

sub -2db

Great sound!!!
try it out





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Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

#4 Aug 24, 2008
I got Logic 7 system on my beemer. anyone recommend a setting for the equalizer? it has like 10 switches u can adjust, just like winamp..
? thanks





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reza vw

Kuwait, Kuwait

#5 Dec 8, 2008
-4,-5,-6,-5,-4,-3,-3,-2,-1,0,- 1,-2,-4,-3,-3,-4
This is for 16 grphice equalizer!
Loadness: OFF
for using this setting u have to increase ur gain from ampilifire!!!!





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jo shmo

Glendale, AZ

#6 Jan 25, 2009
low -6 trust me you'll see why later
mid +2 bring out the vocals a bit
high + 6 you will feel the guitar (in a good way)

loudness: low. this will bring out the sub power (lows) and not drown out the mids and highs.

Kocaeli, Turkey

#7 Jul 27, 2009
hi everybody,

I have Pioneer 5050 USB...what i must do Equlaizer Setting for good quality music ? or any you have some idea for this ?

1) Baas Boost =
2) High Pass Filter =
3) Setting 1 =
4) Loudness =
5) EQ Setting2 =
6) EQ Setting1 = L ? M ? H ?
7) Present Equalizer =
8)Fader/Balance =
9)Source Level Adjustment =

Please help me :)

Albanvale, Australia

#8 Nov 15, 2009
Sony Xplod system.
dont know what equalizer settings to have.
any ideas ?





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Chris Witty

Brooklyn, NY

#9 Mar 21, 2011
I had Reme from Reme Designs install a nice sound system in my Ford Mustang Cobra. We spoke a bit, and I told him I wanted very crisp and clear sound. He told me to use the Critical Mass Audio RS line of speakers, because they are light weight and sound great. He showed me the RS57 that fit perfect in the factory location of the OEM speakers. They looked great, and they are thin shallow so they fit just about any application. They are made of real carbon fiber and have a 2 inch voice coil and a full neo magnet structure. For the amplifiers we used the Critical Mass Audio ULA800 V2.0 to power the RS57 in the front and the RS57 in the rear. For the bass I had 2 old school SAS bazooka bass tubes and we used the Critical MASS ULA2500 V2.0 to push the bass.
The Sound system sounds out of this world, the mid's the hi's the low's it all comes together perfect. I cant say enough about the great job REME did on my ride. It sounds great, perfect imaging and very loud if I want to pump it up.
I race my car from time to time, so I did not want to add to much weight.

Las Vegas, NV

#11 May 22, 2011
I have a 5 band equalizer on my Sansai MP3 player I listen to mostly rock help e with the settings please I just can't seem to get it right

Chennai, India

#12 May 22, 2011
can anyone suggest me the best equaliser settings for sony explod systems in car ??

Pune, India

#13 Sep 7, 2011
i have pioneer 6390sd player plz help me for eq settings that plays great sound quality

United States

#14 Mar 27, 2012
Alpine 310 h.u. pxa h701 processor, arc audio kar 300.4 Boston acoustic sc 50 and 65. Arc audio ks 1000.1 subs, well they came with car I will replace soon so that's not a issue. Any ideas on a template for easy eq set up?? There are a lot of setting any help is more that I have now. Already blew some rainbow audio mids and highs....

United States

#15 Apr 25, 2012
I have a Sony xploid head unit (cuz it was cheap) but I got low mid high sub and aux setting since I only listen to my iPod trying to get rid of the distortion

United States

#16 Jun 16, 2012
Grant wrote:
low +5
mid +3
high +7
sub -2db
Great sound!!!
try it out
great settings awsum sound..!!

Mumbai, India

#17 Dec 21, 2012
i have take hyundai i20 and sound is clear
what setting should be done to get good quality of sound

Helena, MT

#18 Dec 31, 2012
very good

Puyallup, WA

#19 Jan 18, 2013
Grant wrote:
low +5
mid +3
high +7
sub -2db
Great sound!!!
try it out
Is this good or will it blow out my speakers

Ashburn, VA

#20 Aug 25, 2013
Hi all
I have a Pioneer AVH-1450dvd in my car, split system in all 4 doors. I listen to Psy trance alot and dunno how to set the equalizer for good bass, if anyone can please help.
or email to

Jackson, MI

#21 Sep 30, 2013
I have Rockford Fosgate r150x2 250hz. Small I know but not sure what to set my bass, mid and treble at. Help me out here please.

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