2000 saab 9-3 sometimes doesnt want ...

Austin, TX

#108 Oct 20, 2011
My 2000 saab 9-3 wont start sometimes and then will. is it a alarm issue? My battery works just fine, lights, air, etc..... just doesnt want to start sometimes and then will. Any suggestions what is going on?

United States

#109 Oct 24, 2011
No comment I have saab 2000 9 3 turbo wont start. When uf does start it sounds like its a piece of shit n dies. If I can manage to move its no mors then 75kilometers before it dies. there is a cylinder looking thing that leaks a little air if I turn it( dont know that im suppose to be able to turn it). It did say it time for service n I didnt take it in but doubt oil change is my problem. Guy I bought it from said it used regular gas n now I found out it does not makes me wonder if he had actually owned car longer then few mkmths. Any recommendations?

New York, NY

#110 Oct 27, 2011
So I replaced the battery-then i replaced the starter and now I am having the problem again! this is frustrating and expensive. HELP!!!

Car does not start only sometimes-when I stop for gas and try to start-or stop for a short errand. How frustrating!!

Jelgava, Latvia

#111 Nov 1, 2011
Change the battery!!!:D
Roland Perth Australia

Perth, Australia

#112 Nov 1, 2011
Have the same issue with starting problems but seems to coincide with the electrics. Fuel gage goes from res to full temp and tacho gages irratic. Had this issue 2yrs ago saab tech changed a few things to isolate the problem - nothing found! now its back!!!! HELP PLEASE

New York, NY

#113 Nov 1, 2011
My mechanic is insisting that it is the starter-so after I got a new starter and the car would not start-he replaced it again- a week later-
I only have the problem when engine is hot or weather is hot-We are heading into Winter-so hopefully i will be ok for a few months-then time for another car-the anxiety of not knowing when i will get stuck is not good.(getting grey hair from worry)
david williams

East Aurora, NY

#114 Nov 12, 2011
I am experiencing the same thing after 1/2 hour to an hour after it has cooled down it will start I have been told by a saab dealer that it is most likley a crank sensor have an appointment for a week from now to have it fixed I want to see If i can do this myself!

Anaheim, CA

#115 Nov 12, 2011
Warm Start Problem: for me, the dealer replaced the crank sensor and it didn't work. They do this because it's cheaper than the neutral safety switch, which is what it turned out to be. The diagnostic didn't give an error message. As the engine cools, the connection in the NSS is broken and turning the ignition gives you nothing. Then, after the car continues to cool and the connection is restored, it will start fine.
Cold Start Problem: I have never figured out why it occasionally cranks & cranks without turning over in the morning. Saab expert in LA said there was a service bulletin written that notes: "If the engine starts within 30 seconds of continuous cranking, then it is acceptable". Since, I've tried the full pump, fuel filter, coolant temp sensor, wire harness, this is what I do. The work around he advised is as follows: crank it for up to 30 seconds straight and it usually starts. If not, turn your ignition part way, so you hear the pump run, do this 10 times (to prime engine) and then crank again up to 30 seconds. I find that it almost always starts.
STEVO 2002 saab 93 5 SPD

Anaheim, CA

#116 Nov 28, 2011
Its not CPS wrote:
just got my car back from the shop...they said my spontaneous no start problem was CPS. Bull! drove it off the lot stopped at the mall, came back out no start! i drive 2002 sabb 93 convert too.. Its a bunch of bs they said my battery was bad and cps all together costing me 500 which included the rental car for 1 day... I just got burned bs!
upon doin some research and calling the saab dealership the fix varies depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission because from what i understood manual trannys don't have a neutral safety switch or a crank shaft position sensor. I called the dealer and they said it might be the "ignition switch" and that I should bring it in but the closest dealer is 60 miles away and have to set aside a whole day and then some to wait for it to be fixed and possibly need to find a ride back to the pasadena saab dealership...-_- i wish he would've just told me what the problem was for sure instead of trying to get me to come down there.... but has anyone else with a manual transmission fixed this problem? its really an annoying inconvenience.

Pompano Beach, FL

#117 Nov 29, 2011
Felipe vieyra wrote:
I have a 9-3 saab and i am begginig to have starting problems with it. it tends to start sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Like it doesnt even try to start u can't hear nothin. one time it was early morning and all of a sudden the car wouldn't start until i brought it in nuetral then it started but it only does it sometimes. So if u have any ideas please help us out i will appreciate it. i bought the car like 3 monthes ago with 94,000 miles on it. thanx felipe
You have a problem with the neutral safety switch which is beneath the battery tray.Remove the battery and then the tray beneath and you will see the neutral safety switch which is connected to the gear selector.By moving the shifter you were able to force the contacts in the switch to connect allowing the car to start.You can remove the switch and clean it and lube it internally or just install a new one.I have had this same problem with my 9-5 I bought with 94K miles on it just a few months ago as well.Funny,this seems to be the life expectancy of this particular component.A good cleaning and lube might fix it otherwise it's not a big deal to fix.Good luck..hans440
Liverpool UK

St. Helens, UK

#118 Dec 31, 2011
Number one.
Don't listen to SAAB dealers. They wan't SAAB money for repairs.
Find yourself a small non dealership who portrays confidence and trust, stick with them. They get to know your car and what to look for at cheap bucks.
We have a 93 cabrolet and a 9000 Sedan. Both are quirky. You may find that after inserting the ingnition key , it is best to let the electrics configure themselves for one minute. Otherwise they tend to run like a bitch. If this process is followed they are a dream to drive, all being well.
I do not agree with the comment of poor build. These acrs are like tanks. Only the post 2002 are crap. GM motors rubbish.
In your case I am guessing tht you need a new ignition unit at the key. Might be worth trying a diagnosis.
Good luck- stick with it. they are one of the last great cars. Not to be sen again.

Barrow, UK

#119 Jan 7, 2012
I have a similar problem, I have a saab 93 2001 tdi. I have changed the leak back pipes as mentioned in other forums no joy.My main problem is when car left overnite maybe two days it will crank over but will not fire up i have to keep trying maybe after ten tries it may start its hard work any clues out there???

Barrow, UK

#120 Jan 7, 2012
And just to add the saab 2001 93 are a reasonble good build of car and many of the faults can be self repaired save you a lot of money I know...I do most of my repairs on my saab but at present the starting fault is currently beating me. In saying that if I use the car on a daily basis the fault does not show its only when car is sat for a period of time.

New York, NY

#121 Jan 9, 2012
david williams wrote:
I am experiencing the same thing after 1/2 hour to an hour after it has cooled down it will start I have been told by a saab dealer that it is most likley a crank sensor have an appointment for a week from now to have it fixed I want to see If i can do this myself!
Please let me know if thaT WORKS. Probably hard to tell if it works this time of year because it is cold outside-I found the problem more prevalant during the summer.
good luck!

Blacksburg, VA

#122 Jan 22, 2012
Could someone tell me where the safety neutral switch is on a 2002 Chevy tracker

Springfield, MA

#123 Feb 4, 2012
Hey. I have a 2001 9-3 saab hatchback, and it makes me so incrediable fustrated. I'm a college student, and within the past two years its had its fair share of problems ranging from all the dashlights going, the altinator going, blowing a head gasket, the antenta not working, the computer glitches like constantly saying there is a break light out when there is not, not starting if its cold out, or rains, and its new hobbie is being completely unpredictable about starting. its not started on and off and I've had multiple people look at it and scartch their heads. I jumped it sucessfully the first time, the second, and the third time it took about 45min, but it did start. Now it wont jump at all. The battery light is on, battery wasnt even sparking, thought it was that, had a new battery installed and the altinator checked, and it still turns over but will not start no matter what you do. On top of it, after installing the battery, its lights dont turn on on one side of the vehicle. Whats wrong with it now?????? Any ideas about this one?
saabsaabsaab wrote:
I've owned 5 Saabs (900's and 9-3's) and consider myself a pretty good judge of these cars. Every Saab I owned pretty much had the same problems at the same time. In my opinion, the cars are being poorly built and I wouldn't be surprised if the brand disappears altogether in the next 2-3 years.
They depreciate faster and further than any other car I know. If you scour the internet you will find people giving them away just to get them out of their driveways.
We all know about the AC failing, the antenna motor going, the dashboard lights failing, the engine knocking, problems with the convertible tops, etc. etc. but the thing that annoys me the most is the Saab emblems on the hood and trunk. You will be hard pressed to find a Saab 5 years old or older that still has the blue emblems on the car. You won't see that from any other manufacturer in the world. Of all the things you'd think a manufacturer would make sure to last, it would be their emblem. This tells me alot about the company.
They used to make great cars but thats over.
donna carbone

Lawrence, MA

#124 May 20, 2012
I have an option yo trade My 2004 jaguar x type w 126650 miles for 2000 9.3 saab convertible w only 40000 thousand thoughts

New York, NY

#125 May 25, 2012
the saab pissed me off one time too many-just went out and bought a Chevy.

Saint Paul, MN

#126 Sep 2, 2012
River914 wrote:
Local Dealership's and another Foreign Auto Repair shop's mechinics have found no problem and said the codes they found were corrected. I'm going to let them tell that to my wife the next time it fails. Right now I can't take it to a shop, it will not start. The repair shop I trust and use for other vehicles doesn't have the software for their diagnotic equipment.
I would have it towed back to the dealer but I feel that Iím wasting my time and money. 2000 Saab SE Convertible 5 speed manual 2.0L Turbo Ė Not running.
To see if fuel was getting to the engine, the Dealer Mechanic removed a cap directly behind engine to the right of the oil dipstick and pressed a value, gas spews out. Spark to plug, I donít know. But before deciding that itís a DIC issue, please read the vehicles history.
At the 100K service this year, the local Saab Dealer replaced the DI cassette and fuel line clips on a recall. Dealer also replaced fuel filter and a transmission bracket, replaced battery and reset check engine light. Next trip dealer replaced alternator. Each time for awhile after the maintenance the car runs great, the turbo (see turbo in next paragraph) spins up; good boost pressure, just fun to drive. Park it; lock it and the next time you get into the car it will not start, cranks but will not start.
Last week, a foreign car repair shop that specializes in Saab, all systems performed within specs; printout showed turbo, battery, alternator, and etc. all within range. Drove to work with the top down and a smile on my face; after being parked 8 hours (in the sun) the car would not start. I went to a local bar and waited for a ride. When my ride arrived a couple hours later, I tried the car on a whim and it started. I drove home easy and parked. The next morning it did not crank. That afternoon, I replaced the DIC with a new one ordered before the recall. Car started; drove my 92 year old neighbor around the neighborhood, took him home and parked. Car started minutes later when I returned home (less than 100 yards). Parked and locked car, only the next morning it is not starting again. I replaced the DIC with the one the dealer had replaced, leaving the battery disconnected during replacement and 5 minutes after replacement. Reset system by holding all three buttons on the remote while inside locked car. Car will not start.
Please help, I have spent literally days researching the internet and it seems that this is a common problem with this model and no one seems to have an answer.
My next step is to learn how to replace the CPS (Crank Position Sensor?) but Iím not sure where it is? I havenít been able to locate a shop manual for this model. My previous Saab an OLD 900 Turbo was a great car; l had a shop manual and could usually handle most repair work. Itís sad that the Saab name is being tarnished by these cars and the lack of concern by GM.
Did you ever resolve the problem? This post is a few years old.

Bellflower, CA

#127 Sep 24, 2012
How long have you had yours. I've got two, wife and me. 2003 has issues all the time, nothing major but annoying. 2002 issues with starts and SID display burning out, CD player not working.
We baby the cars, religious with oil changes and maintenance too

Dont hate cars but not something I would 100% recommend either.

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