i have a 92 900 non turbo that has always been good to me . on the way home one night it just died now bucking or anything like that it just died it does crank over the rotor does turn so i do not beleive that it is a timing belt of chain problem . i tested all the relays and fuses they are ok i checked with a volt meter to see if voltage was getting to the fuel pump i think it was only 2 volts i can not remember i test the fuel pump putting direct power to it and it does work i got 2 computers from a junk yard that yes match my numbers the car tryed to start a few times but then did not and just cranks over i put new rotor dis. cap and plug wires the spark plugs were good . i tryed with starting fluid and still would not start i swapped out the coil and still nothing i am not sure if i am getting spark but both coils tested ok with a volt meter using the continuety test so i am not sure if they still could be bad i did have the alernator belt go on me and it took out the other belt and the power steering belt i replace them the car rann fine before the belt blew and after i replaced them that night but that is when the car died on the way home i was woundering if maybe there is something that the belt could have disconnected or broke like maybe a ground wire or something this is my first saab and the car in in great shape and would like to get her back on the road i did by a fuel filter but have not yet put the new one on and not sure if it would really help is there any other computer other than the one in the passanger side kick panel like possablely on that controls the spark any help would be great i also read tht saabs have a safey feture that stops fuel and spark if you are in a accident so i am not sure if when the belt broke it may have engaged this for some reason but i would think that if that was the case after disconnecting the battery it would have reset it and or the computer i am really at a loss and would hate to have to send her to the scrapp yard thanks Jazz