oil leak not transsion fluid

oil leak not transsion fluid

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lu rice

Taylor, MI

#1 Mar 24, 2012
I need help in determing why my 75silver shadow has leaked oil,[I think its oil] while being stored for a year AND what do I do about it??????????Thanks,Lu
Jan Forrest

Bradford, UK

#2 Mar 25, 2012
It's difficult to give advice on such little information - assuming that you never saw any oil leaks before you left your car stood for such a long time. You would have to try and be precise about the look, colour, feel and smell of the oil and exactly where under the car it has appeared.

Please understand there are several fluids which can be describerd as 'oils'. There's the engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid (both in the brakes and the self-levelling suspension) and even damper fluid inside the 'shock absorbers'.

Although there are seals and gaskets which can shrivel or harden if a car is left standing for a long time few of them will leak until the car is run again.
lu rice

Taylor, MI

#3 Mar 25, 2012
thank you so much Jan for the info!!!!!You were very helpful a few yrs. ago regarding getting the trunk open .I am assuming from the color,texture and smell it is oil.It is located under the front of the car.I am going to have it looked at by the mechanic tomorrow.......I just wonder about the cost but obviosly won't know untill I get a diagnosis
Jan Forrest

Bradford, UK

#4 Mar 26, 2012
Just off the top of my head I would expect it to turn out to be a slight weep from the engine or gearbox sump plug which has built up from the car being stood so long. It could also have dripped down from the rocker box covers as the original cork gaskets would be long past their 'use by' date. Replacements aren't cheap and there are a few hours of labour involved in fitting them. For a few extra dollars you can get uprated gaskets with much longer lifespans. Don't let the mechanic fob you off by saying that he can just nip up the cover bolts as the cork gaskets will just collapse making the leak even worse.

Another source of engine oil leaks are the 'weep holes' in the sides of the engine block which help drain excess oil from the hydraulic followers. Many owners simply block them off as the real cure is a major strip down of the whole engine which a sledgehammer and nut situation.
Drew BrydenAndrew

United States

#5 Jul 16, 2012
I have a 92 corniche Rolls Royce currently has the heads removed and sau there may be some leaking from the weep holes on the block. They are asking for an additional 20k dollars to fox the issue. Can the oil weep holes just be plugged to fix the issue? Rolls Royce will not do it but if it is ok do to this to fix the problem I may have someone else do it. Thanks for any help
Jan Forrest

Rotherham, UK

#6 Jul 17, 2012
Your mechanics are taking you for the fool (although it IS the factory recommended solution to the problem)! The problem is that one or more cylinder liners will have to be removed (ALL of them if it's a RR/B dealership) so that the top and bottom seals can be replaced. The big problem is that after 20+ years the liners could be so hard to remove that removal could damage any of them or even crack the block! OUCH!

As I previously stated it is quite accepetable to block off the weep holes as they are simply Rolls Royce's usual 'belt & braces' approach to any situation. There are 2 sets of these holes below each cylinder. The top ones will leak coolant if the upper seal at the bottom of the cylinder liner gives way to prevent the coolant entering the sump. The bottom ones are meant to indicate the reverse if the lower liner seal has gone. However there is no significant pressure in sump so the oil cannot get past the top seal into the cooling system.

There 2 methods that can be followed to seal them safely. The first is a permanant seal by pressing short lengths of 3/16" plain wooden dowel into them. The second, more flexible approach, is to tap an Imperial (Whitworth) thread into them and then obtain and insert the relevent size of grub screws liberally coated in 'Loctite' or similar then they can be easily removed if thought necessary.

Obviously no RR/B dealership would undertake such a 'kludge' and you would be forced to do it yourself or prevail upon a 'back street' mechanic to do it - preferably one you have had dealings with before or that has been recommended by friends.

Beirut, Lebanon

#7 Oct 12, 2015
dear friends
i have a rolls royce silver shadow 1980 and the mechanic said there is leak between the engine and the gearbox .
is there any joint we could change between them ? or what shall we do?
he is afraid to work with it and then if we couldn't find the joint we can not continue.
any solution?
Jan Forrest

Rotherham, UK

#8 Oct 13, 2015
Has he said what is leaking? If it's coolant I would be thinking along the lines of a corroded core plug. Transmission fluid would indicate a worn input shaft seal and engine oil, a worn rear crank seal. None of these are immediate sources of major worry, but cannot be left too long as they will only get worse with time/mileage.

In all cases they can only be cured by first pulling the whole transmission - engine and gearbox - out of the car to get at the relevant components.

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