My family owns a 1936 Rolls Royce and I would like to know more about it. I know there are people that know the history of individual cars and I was hoping someone may know about this one.
The car has been in the United States around 40 years or more.

I found some paper work that says its a 25/30 HP and the Chasis no. is GRM53. Body-Enclosed Limosine. Date of sale may 1936 . invoice #6680
Chasis delivered on 10,9,36 to Hooper. It has a window in the middle that rolls down and seats that fold out. It says long wheelbase, seats 6/7

on the inside of the door it says:

Motor Body Builders and Couchbuiders to

His Majesy the King
Her Majesty the Queen
H.R.H Prince of Wales
H.R.H. The Princess Royal
H.R.H. The Duke Connaught
Hooper & Co.(coach builders) Ltd London

I would like to know the model for certain. Is it a 25/30 or a more specific model? Where would the Vehicle identification number or other markings be found on the car?
I can probably find more information if it helps.

Does anyone know more about this car or its history?