Solstice is fully of PROBLEMS!
christineandsadi e

Newark, OH

#41 Feb 12, 2009
MeTexan wrote:
Has anyone else had a bunch of problems with their Solstice??
First month I had a major oil leak and a flat tire.
4 months later another flat tire.
2 months laster another flat tire and the clutch blew.
Driver's side door handle popped off.
Emergency brake does not fully engage the car (rolls back if on a slope)
Cup holder broke.
Am having some problem with the battery lite continually beeping when i come to a stop.
The top flew open once while on highway!
I have taken my 06 solstice in 4 times because 1 of the tires starting going flat when I got about 5k miles on it...Always being told that nothing is wrong with it...Now at 10k miles 3 tires are now going flat..I just made an app't to get it checked out again...I'm assuming I'll be told nothing is wrong with them, so maybe they better check out the one tire which has to have something wrong with it, because it's not going flat.
Robert Annapolis Maryland

Lutherville Timonium, MD

#42 Feb 15, 2009
I have had ongoing problems with the Rear End of my car since 1000 miles when it leaked the first time. Since then it has had the pinion seal replaced 9 times and the loud humming noise that started at 3000 miles was passed off by GM Factory as Normal Noise and handed a 2 year old bulletin by the dealer after the Recall said it wasnt normal. The last replacement of the pinion seal I was told by the Factory that noise was Normal and they have flagged my file with a note that would not allow any future claims on warranty for humming noise in the rear. Friday the 13th 5000 miles later the rear end locks up solid at 65 mph and I will attest that the recall is correct the driver will not be able to control the car!!!! it spun across 4 lanes of traffic before skidding straight ahead for 400 feet hopping. I was lucky I didnt hit anything and walked away with a bad case of the shakes. When the car was towed to the dealer GM factory say Quote" Im sorry sir but your car is now 2 weeks outside the factory warranty at 28,056 miles you are under the mileage but over the 3 years that is allowed we can not help you with this problem and you will need to pay for the repairs yourself. I am still waiting to see if they will cover the repairs which had 9 previous attempts and spent over 2 months sitting in there shops that never fixed the problem.

Yes my cup holder broke also along with a few other stupid warranty issues that GM never fixed on the car either. I love the car but I sure don't like the way GM has treated me for service after 8 GM products in the past 20 years.

Millican, TX

#43 Feb 17, 2009
WOW! I was driving a 2001 Jeep Wrangler, four cyl engine-till ten months ago I bought a 2008 Red GXP. Ten months, 22,000 plus miles. Only problems are the cup holder sticks, needs replacement, and cracked leather on the steering wheel.

Now for the things that can't be substantiated, but I claim anyways.
1.) Increased sexual potency!
2.) Hair regrowth!
3.) Colon cleansing-first time I REALLY stepped on the gas!
4.) Cleared up my acne!
5.) Lost weight
6.) Tan and increased skin tone.
7.) Increased life span-I'm like 16 again!

Heh, every car can have problems, that's what the warranty is for. I just hope everyone out there is able to enjoy their Solstice as much as I am. I want to drive this baby across America.

This is the Golden age of American cars. Buy American.
solstice husband

Plano, TX

#44 Feb 28, 2009
My wife drives her 07 gxp everyday. but only about 5 miles total. other than the occasional trip 60 miles southt to see family and the weekends that is all it seees 14 months old and 10,600 on it. it's been in the shop 3 times for check engine. 2 times for clunking rear end, 3 times for top leaks and or rubbing the windows when you open the doors. 2 times, come mondy, for HARD downshift into low gear for the auto tranny AND squeaking front shocks when going over neighborhood spped bumps even slowly. and now the AC unit has started making a grinding noise and vibrating. can anyone top that.
solstice husband

Plano, TX

#45 Feb 28, 2009
one more thing if anyone has any experience they would like to share. has anyone tried to just "rev" their gxp? We can only get about 3k out of it (when not moving) and then it falls on it's face as if someone shut off the gas. it keeps running of course but will not even begin to rev any higher than 3k with a quick push of the peddle in park. About that lemmon law....not sure but may be SOL if GM files Bankruptcy. Trust me I have considered it myself but wife loves this car if it would only be dependable.

Barnesville, GA

#46 Mar 4, 2009
I love my car. I have had it since March 07 and my battery light keeps popping on and beeping. I am taking it back to the shop. This makes the third time. I rarely put anything in my trunk and we know why. But I did and I found things that were molded. My trunk want pop up automatically. I have to physically pull the canvas connector out.
My car sounds like a bed squeaking when I go over bumps in the road. That supposely been fixed, but it still happens.
When I turn on the heating or air. It is soooo noisy.
But this is my dream car; like the man you love; you know he got issues but you love the way he makes you feel.
solstice husband

Plano, TX

#47 Mar 15, 2009
well it looks like the dealer may have addressed all the issues .for now, the squeaks are gone....there was a buletin to replace the strut bushings. The tranny shifts good, tech support told them to replace the valve body and reprogram, the horn works....don't know what that was. Diddn't have a clue why the temp light came codes stored. it steers a lot better now and actually has power...apparently the thing was taking off in 2nd gear all the time but it has so much power you didn't really notice it.BTW GaPeach make them change the strut bushings, there is a bulletin for the squeaking. they also had a retro bulletin for the Air conditioner to replace a valve and add some mounting bushings / brackets to reduce vibration and noise. check engine light will have to wait and see. it isn't on...for now.

Lansdale, PA

#48 Mar 17, 2009
Bought mine in August 07. Back window defogger never worked (typical Wilmington assembly) and the front cup holder broke (bad engineering). I've put 40,000 miles on it commuting 50 miles each way to work, and still love every minute in it. I do wonder why GM doesn't promote them as commuter cars. The big Buick stays home for with wife and I get the FUN car.

United States

#49 Mar 25, 2009
Buyer beware, I own a lemon yellow Solstice that has had eight major failures in two years. Do not buy a Solstice.

United States

#50 Mar 25, 2009
My Solstice had two shocks leak, rear wheel hub seal fail, rear differential seal fail, fuel pump fail, injector wiring harness fail and the front end suspension creaks like a 90 year olds bones. Other than that the piece of junk looks good.

Ingalls, IN

#51 Apr 27, 2009
Lou wrote:
It sounds like post one has had every problem you can have with a solstice.
You either have a lemon or like a few miata owners sneaking onto Solstice forums to spread hate and discontent. You sound like the latter. You say your from Texas, Yeah right Osaka texas I bet. We have owned a 07 GXP
for 4 months and have 4,500 miles on it with no problems. Very few problems noted on the forum for 07s. Now this is the truth, never in 35 years of car ownership which has included the likes of the Austin Healy 3000, Corvette, firebird and jaguar have we ever owned a car that turned heads like this one. Put this pocket rocket in the middle of a Lotus, Lamborgini and and pick another + 100 thousand dollar sports car and all eyes are on the Solstice. My last car 02 Miata. Cute but not even close!!!!
Amen Two years on my 07 GXP and no problems. People see this car and heads turn. Mine is Envious in color which is what I ordered. Most fun auto I have ever driven. No one should complain about storage space or the top. It is what it is. One beautiful car. I have taken many trips with it. I carry all I need. Fun fun fun. Love it.


#52 Apr 29, 2009
I have a 2007 Solstice GXP,20,000 no problems. LOVE THIS CAR! I drive this car everyday. Hugs to a curve like no other.

Haslett, MI

#53 May 14, 2009
I have a 07 GXP and at 3000 miles I had a severe clunk/bang in the front end coming from the front end on my way back from a 400 mile trip and thought the front end was going to come out right on the highway. got back took it to dealership, they said nothing was wrong with it. I asked for a service guy to take a ride with me, before we could get out of the dealership parking lot, it made a loud clunk and he said it is for sure messed up, they ended up replacing the struts/shocks. Had a sweaking noise in the convertable top..took them 50 miles to find the problem..fixed it, now it is doing it again..they say nothing is wrong with I keep having a clunking noise in the transmission/clutch. three times to the dealer and they say nothing is wrong with it. they test drove it and as they was pulling it into the bay, it made a loud thunk, they heard it, gave me a rental car, called me the next day and said there is nothing wrong with it..I dont know what to do next ???
Jill Yingling

Apollo, PA

#54 Jun 6, 2009
My wheels are chrome plated. I have 14,000 miles on my 2006 Soltice and I am on the third new front tire. I have to go to the dealer to tell them I just found out that the chrome is peeling off inside the tire and is cutting the $325.00 special tires inside like a razor blade. I got a flat on the highway and almost killed myself when the car had 10,000 miles on it and was only 2 1/2 years old, he dealer didn't have tires in stock so I took it someone else.. I didn't know what was wrong until I took the car to a reliable tire dealer. I am praying they offer me aluminum wheels for safety sake.
Debbie Houston TX

Houston, TX

#55 Jun 9, 2009
Mark in Toronto wrote:
My cup holder broke too...the front part flung off this week.
The only other major thing...have had a rear differential replaced...8,600 miles on it..! Started with terrible grinding in any gear from 26 - 32mph...I tried to skip this speed no avail...
Hi Mark, There was a re-call on the rear differential...I took mine in back in Oct 2008, it was fixed, now the grinding is back again. I've taken it two more times and they keep saying that it's fixed...but it's not. I love this car so I'll take it back to them every week until they fix it. Also my air conditioner keeps cooling and then blowing outside air, etc. etc. etc.:)

United States

#56 Jun 23, 2009
I had a red (aka Aggressive)'07 Solstice base model and I did have several problems with it. My Solstice had fluid leaking from it. I took it to the dealership once and it wasn't fixed but when I took it back the second time they fixed it. Also the passenger side airbag would not always be on when I sat in the seat (I am small but not that small). The passenger side door handle just popped off one night when my husband tried to get in the car. In Nov. 2007 I was in an accident and totaled the car (and a few weeks later got the news about the recall of parts that caused the leak). Even with all of these problems I adored my Solstice. It was a beautiful,fun little car. I loved it so much that I "upgraded" and bought an '08 Solstice GXP. It's black (aka Mysterious)and loaded.I have also had some problems with it. The first night I was going to drive it to work one of the tires was low and this was to be an ongoing problem until I put a new set of tires on it. I have taken it to the dealership a couple of times because there was a godawful squeaking, squawking soud coming from the front end every time I hit a bump. It has more or less been taken care of. I also had the check engine light come on because some of the plug wires were loose causing the car to misfire. This problem was fixed and I haven't had the problem again. Sometimes during a very heavy rainstorm the top will leak a little (thank God my baby is kept in the garage). Even though there have been some problems with this car I absolutely love it! It is one of the best looking cars on the road. It looks as good with the top up as it does with the top down. For those people who bitch about lack of storage space-I have packed enough clothes for two people for a 7 day vacation and I can pack about $200.00 worth of groceries it that little car. Besides, who buys a Solstice for the damn storage space anyway? I am a psychiatric nurse and I am one of the night shift supervisors which can make some nights pretty rough but when I walk out into the parking lot and see that beautiful car sitting in the parking lot the tension immediately starts to melt away and I smile in anticipation of the drive home...
Solstice Husband

Moulton, TX

#57 Jul 20, 2009
Well it's going back again. 19 months, 13,500 miles and it's on it's 7th trip to the dealer. they had to have it a month ago to replace the AC compressor, yes it locked up throwing the belt off. Now the rear end is grinding when you make a hard turn as in turning back to go down a different isle in a parking lot. I've requested the management at the dealer meet me, per the GM problem resolution protocol. I'll go up the ladder till they a. give me another car same loan just different vin on the papers since I had 0 % financing on this one or b. offer me an additional 2 year warranty or maybe c. just give me my money back including tt&l and I'll go buy a mustang GT.

Hobbema, Canada

#58 Jul 23, 2009
Bought my GXP in 2007, this car is awesome, not one problem since purchase. Best vehicle I've ever owned.
Jeaneen Wallace

Roseville, CA

#59 Aug 17, 2009
06 Solstice w/46K of which I put 29,000 0n it in 16 months. Lucky me, I live in California. If you take care and dont disrepect your beautiful Solstice and accept the way the interior was designed ...then you wont break your cup holders.

As for the became a problem AFTER I got it back from being evalutated by the dealer. After I took it in for the Recall check up it seemed fine for 2 weeks and then the clunking. I figured they forgot to put the fluid in or used the wrong type of fluid. I took it back..."oh its just your shocks..they were stuck in the compressed position". I took it back again and they changed the fluid and it was fine for a few weeks. Well, now its out of warranty and I still have the problem and they are working to fix it. But I have faith that GM will make it right....Just like they did w/my GMC ...thats why I bought American, thats why I bought antother GM....the Factory customer service. Just keep your records, do your research and get 2nd and 3rd pro opinions. You are your best Advocate.

Castro Valley, CA

#60 Aug 22, 2009
Any anyone had problems with noise when turning the wheels both going forward and backward. Already had "worn" tie rod replaced. Now the noise is back worse than ever. I have a 2007 Solstice.

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