Durham, NC

#61 Jun 13, 2007
pete wrote:
Does anyone know how to access the window or door thing that controls the airflow to the two climate zones? I read on another forum about someone just wiggling the door a bit on their bravada to fix the same problem of having cold air on one side and not so cold on the other.
Did you ever find where that window/door thing is?

Wausau, WI

#62 Jun 15, 2007
Dan wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same problem with my 2002 olds intrigue. I have the dealer service manuals and from what I have researched, I believe the actuators simply need recalibrated by "removing the battery positive voltage circuit fuse of the HVAC Control Module - wait 60 seconds and install the fuse." That might do it, I'm not sure. dlb
I just tried this and at first it only blew hot air from the drivers side...Grrrrrrrrrr! Then I did it 2 more times and might have done the trick. I haven't driven it yet, just let it idle but it is a point in the right direction!

Memphis, TN

#63 Jun 16, 2007
I just tried to add freon to the a/c of my 1999 Olds Intrigue. The compressor was working right before I hooked up the hose. I couldn't get the hose connected so I killed the car to try again. After getting the hose connected, started the car, cut the a/c on full blast, and now the compressor will not come on? Have I ruined my compressor or you think it just might be a fuse?
andrew campione


#64 Jun 26, 2007
1999 INTRIGUE air blows warm on drivers side.

any easy fixes?

Brandon 99 Intrigue

Byron Center, MI

#65 Jun 30, 2007
when started the car will rev up and down and will stall, also when drivng will stall sometimes and you feel it get a surge. service engine soon light came on. P0122 was the code low circuit input?? any ideas on this.

Glendale, AZ

#66 Jul 1, 2007
Intrigue ShiftLever Stuck wrote:
I will never buy an Oldsmobile again!!!I will never buy american again to be honest, some countries just make better cars. NOW TO THE SHIFT LEVER PROBLEM WITH OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUES.
The button would get stuck, I would push with anger with both hands and sometimes it would work, but it stranded my wife away from home, and that was the last straw. We just parked it and did not drive it, but I got out to it and tried a few things from time to time, and I figured it out tonight.
Either you pay a mechanic your leg for this simple job, or you do it yourself. There are two ways to fix it.
1. pop off the top plastic cover (it goes from the top of the cup holder by the compartmen in the arm rest to the area where I put my change, or cups in front of the shift lever( just two screws at the top by the center compartment). Then unscrew the black shift plate thing that shows what gear it's in, and is attached to the fake leather sleeve on the shift lever. Unclip the traction control button wire so you can completely remove that first plastic cover too. Then you will see a metal square trying to push down when you press the shift lever button. See the gray plastic thing stopping it? snap it off with some pliers!!! Unless you are the type of person that shifts into gear without pressing the brake first, this safety feature is only a problem. If you are trusted with driving a car, you can be trusted to push the break before shifting into gear.
2. THe other way is to replace the strut that moves the plastic piece for you. It is a chrome cylinder on the left side on the base, it moves the arm that moves the plastic thing out of the way of the metal square that is moved by you pressing the shift lever button.
I just broke the plastic thing off!! I am not about to start replacing stuff, I am not going to put anymore money into my piece of crappola GM vehicle.
Did your car work fine after your busted that stuff off?? Cause mine is also a piece of work (aka CRAP) when it comes to shifting and I just want to know every possible out come after I go all samurai on my car shifter with some pliers...

Glendale, AZ

#67 Jul 1, 2007
My 98 piece of junk oldsmobile wont shift!!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?!

Glendale, AZ

#68 Jul 1, 2007
Javi wrote:
My 98 piece of junk oldsmobile wont shift!!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?!




United States

#69 Jul 3, 2007
My 99 Olds Intrigue (3.5L, 67,000 miles) A/C is blowing warm air from driver vents and cold air from the passenger vents. I read the past posts on this problem, any updates would be welcome.
I called the dealer and 2 other reputable repair shops, they are not familiar with the problem. By the way last year I replaced the crankshaft sensor.

Madison, AL

#70 Jul 3, 2007
i cant get the ingition switch out of my 99 intrigue. help

Scarborough, Canada

#71 Jul 5, 2007
My 2000 Intrigue has about 100,000 kms. Recently, it accelerates on its own, to over 80kmh with foot off the accelerator and cruise control off. The problem is intermittent. I disconnected then reconnected the positive lead on the battery. It cured the problem but only for a short while.
I would appreciate any ideas you may have.

Overland Park, KS

#72 Jul 5, 2007
Loren wrote:
My 99 Olds Intrigue (3.5L, 67,000 miles) A/C is blowing warm air from driver vents and cold air from the passenger vents. I read the past posts on this problem, any updates would be welcome.
I called the dealer and 2 other reputable repair shops, they are not familiar with the problem. By the way last year I replaced the crankshaft sensor.
Electric actuator that controls the vents may be out of service. I had the mechanic manually put the vents on A/C and unplug the device.

Aurora, IL

#73 Jul 12, 2007
I have a 2002 intrigue that stalls when idle and sometimes has problems starting up, where I have to pump the gas pedal a few times to get it to turn over, especially if the car has been running for a while. Is it the injectors, or the mass air flow censor, or the air idle controller, or is it something else?

Oakville, Canada

#74 Jul 13, 2007
Left hand turns on my 99 intrigue feel like manual steering
Grace S -Georgia

Macon, GA

#75 Jul 16, 2007
Wow! My O. I. 1999 air cond. system was also only blowing out cold air on the passenger side. It blew hot air out of the driver side. I just turned it off for a while & now it is working correctly again. I was wondering if there was a recall or something..........I am hoping that it will last. I don't want to dump 1500$ in an old car.
Tom wrote:
My 99 Intrigue's AC is only blowing cold air out of the passenger side. The dealership replaced the control head, actuator and charged AC, but 1500.00 later the problem still persists.
Any suggestions?
Grace S -Georgia

Macon, GA

#76 Jul 16, 2007
Has anyone had a problem with the blinkers and head lights? I have seen alot of Intrigues with one fog light on during the day. I have replaced the right head light system ($500) and again it is out. This affects the outside front and inside blinkers. Any sugestions? Has there been a recall?

Mesa, AZ

#77 Jul 18, 2007
I am also having the air conditioner issue where cold air blows on the passenger side and warm on the driver side. Does anyone have an update on the repair. There sure seem to be an awful lot of complaints about this issue.

Frederick, CO

#78 Jul 19, 2007
Running into an odd problem on my 98 Intrigue.

The A/C, when I first turn it on, makes a sound that's akin to geese honking and wheezing. Seems to be coming from the passenger side of the car. It happens about 3/4 of the time when I start the car, and tends to disappear within a minute or two, then work normally.

Anybody else run into this or have any ideas?

Middleboro, MA

#79 Jul 24, 2007
jjj wrote:
has anyone had problems with code# po101 which is the mass air flow system according to autozone?
I had to replace mine at about 100,000 miles. It is located in the hose going out of your air filter box to the engine. Loosen the hose clamps, unplug the unit, noting which direction it goes in and remove the whole unit. There isa large core charge for this part so take your old one with you when getting the part. Prices varied greatly from store to store so shop around.

Auburn Hills, MI

#80 Jul 24, 2007
Anyone have a problem with the instrument panel lights coming on 99 Olds Intrigue(AntiLock Brake Light, Service Engine Light and Low Trac Light) seems like after starting the car - you go a short distance and possibly a bump in the road - these amber lights come on.

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