Broken strut tower on driverside

Broken strut tower on driverside

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Petebrokenstrutt ower

Pearl River, NY

#1 Sep 22, 2009
Mine is ripped at spot welds. It is a 2002 150thou. What should I do

Toronto, Canada

#2 Sep 28, 2009
Get it fixed ASAP.. I had the same thing, but didn't know it.. I took a hard right turn, the load pulled the tower almost completely off, but it sheered the steering shaft. I lost all control.. Lucky for me, it was slow speed and stopped before hitting anything.
I have learned that in Canada, that area is rustproofed with a black wax, to avoid corrosion, and rot However in the states, they don't do this.. And since I live in New England, it rusted out.. Cheap buggers..
2001 Pathfinder 160k.

Toronto, Canada

#3 Sep 28, 2009
I'm from Massachusetts, but it broke in Canada, and I'm stuck in Canada while its in the body shop for repair..
wisconsin guy

Holmen, WI

#4 Jan 4, 2010
My girlfriend just had her driver side strut tower break away from the body and busted the steering arm today. Now we have an expensive mess to get taken care of. Im just happy she was slow moving and was not hurt. I will tell you when the 2000 nissan pathfinder is fixed. It will be sold. Im buying a ford or chevy.

Ottawa, Canada

#5 Jan 11, 2010
Mine broke on my 2001 pathfinder xe - on Saturday jan 9 2010 after a day of skiing - lucky for me it was at a stop sign a block from my house not on the highway or coming down the from the ski hill. Broke the steering shaft because the strut tower spot welds broke.

Dover, NH

#6 Mar 8, 2010 this a factory recall?? mine looks like its about to give out on both sides. any suggestions?
rhode island

Tiverton, RI

#7 Mar 18, 2010
^^wtf is right. i go to unh bro. i'm thinking about them reinforced with some 3/8 steel plates and possibly shortened for a little more clearance
John D

Milford, MA

#8 Apr 19, 2010
My Shock tower was hanging on by a tread,$2100 to repair. Called Nissan and asked for assistance. 2001 LE with 82k on it, I have done all the repairs, oil changes, brakes, tires. And the Rep from Nissan said that it was out of warranty. So I went off.. I said this is a SAFETY ISSUE, YOU KNOW ABOUT IT AND DID NOTHING, NO RECALL. SOUND LIKE ANOTHER CAR MARKER.. She said that they would make a payment of $1000. towards the repair "FINAL OFFER" So after a few more words with this nice lady, I said fine, but I don't think it's right and that if I was driving down the street and it let go it would have been a lot worse! She said FINAL OFFER B*%^H. But I am not done, I plan to call Nissan again and go over an above this person. THEY KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM AN DID NOTHING!!

Norwich, CT

#9 Apr 20, 2010
Yes, the same thing happenned to my 1999 Pathfinder. My driver side strut tower completely separated and I could put a small football right through the hole there. I was able to have an awesome mechanic weld plates in there to fix it but that could have been a huge problem driving it around like that! This is a defect that I'm sure Nissan knows or should know about. My guy charged me $300 to fix it but most places were talking 1500-2000 to fix!
John McG

Saint Louis, MO

#10 Jul 9, 2010
WHo did you call at Nissan? I have the exact same problem and I just got a rediculous estimate of $3500.$1000 would sure help.
John McG

Saint Louis, MO

#11 Jul 16, 2010
Nissan finally got back to me and someone else is supposed to call today.. This vehicle is a severly design flawed death trap!!! Can anyone say NTSB????? How many 2 ton time bombs are rolling down the road right now??? If I don't get the right response I'm calling my lawyer, Going to the media and contacting the National Transportation Safety Board!! Anyone else with this problem should do the same. Innocent lives are at stake!!!!!

Carmel, NY

#12 Aug 28, 2010
Just had the same thing happen on my 1996. I noticed a sound coming from the front end and the steering wheel was never in the same place when I was going straight. Then the ABS light came on. Turns out the tower separated from the body so much that I can pass my fist right through it. Now it is pressing up on the master cylinder. Got to get it checked out ASAP but it looks like it is time for a new car for me.:( Has anyone out there gotten this repaired? How much did it cost?

Newark, DE

#13 Sep 9, 2010
Just had this happen my son's 2001 pathfinder ... completely snapped the steering shaft. I filed a report with the US DOT NHTSA (888 327-4236). They took my complaint which will be assigned to an investigator, but she told me that unless there are numerous complaints within the NHTSA system, it is unlikely anything will happen. She siad the NHTSA investigator only looks in their system and will not do any internet research to see if there is a more pervasive problem out there.

If you have this problem, you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD contact the NHTSA to report it.

Rochester, NY

#14 Sep 15, 2010
I have a 2001 Pathfinder, same thing, the strut tower separated from the body, steering was sticking, lots of noise, sears went ahead and installed new struts anyways..morons, lucky I found a real mechanic who found the problem, now I just have to come up with 1500-2000. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Nissan to anyone.

Newark, DE

#15 Sep 16, 2010
Bob wrote:
I have a 2001 Pathfinder, same thing, the strut tower separated from the body, steering was sticking, lots of noise, sears went ahead and installed new struts anyways..morons, lucky I found a real mechanic who found the problem, now I just have to come up with 1500-2000. I will NEVER buy or recommend a Nissan to anyone.
My quote to replace the driver side strut tower is $2100 including the tow. Another 350 for the new lower steering shaft and if I'm really fortunate, only another 400 to replace the spiral cable that goes up the steering column for the air bag and other steering wheel electronics (sometimes they break if the steering wheel is turned too many revolutions ... don't know because the wheel could spin unobstrucrted once the steering shaft was broken). I would have a qualified mechanic take a very close loook at your lower steering shaft. Ours snapped in half becaause of the strut tower pushing against it.

Newark, DE

#16 Sep 17, 2010
Update on working with Nissan on the broken steering shaft / defective strut tower. Spoke with David Gribben, Northeastern US Regional Specialist. David informed me that they would not be participating in the repair since the pathfinder was out of warranty w/ no service bulletins or recalls. He also mentioned that he noticed we bought it used (at 30 k miles) and that we used independent service garages, not Nissan dealerships for service. Never mind that it's at a Nissan/Infinity dealer now to get the repairs done. David also wouldn't talk about any other cases becasue they ahndle each case individually.
This appears to be a Nissan design defect that casues a catastrophic failure of the steering, causing the driver of the car to have NO STEERING WHATSOEVER when the strut tower breaks away and breaks the lowere steering shaft in two. Seems like David doesn't see the problem with this and/or isn't interested in preventing what could be fatal accidents.
He was also kind enough to tell me that if I choose to write a letter to Nissan, it would just end up back on his desk anyway. Nice to know how much nissan cares about the wellbeing of their customers and how the stand behind their product. This is the kind of quality problem (the rust/corrosion/weld failure) that was more typical of an American car in the fifties... but at least back then you could still count on your steering.
Sue - Canada

Peterborough, Canada

#17 Sep 17, 2010
2000 Nissan Pathfinder just did the same thing, drivers side! My mechanic refused to fix it, sugested body shop but said lots won't touch it. Even with welding a plate in place, it would be a safety issue. So getting rid of it. Found this thread looking for some information to see if it had been a recall issue. We were forunate to drive home without it being catastrophic. Shall make a call to Nissan to express concern.
Michael S

Deerfield, IL

#18 Sep 22, 2010
Just had this happen with mine too. The rest of the car is in excellent shape but corrision along the entire weld for the strut tower caused it to rub against the steering column and that broke.

Luckily I wasn't hurt when it failed, but it could have been really really bad.

Anyone have any updates on whether or not Nissan is responding to this at all?
John F

Norwich, CT

#19 Sep 22, 2010
I have pictures of mine showing the whole right through the welds. It ripped apart from where the top and bottom half come together. So much so, that if I didn't have it welded with plates, the top half would have continued moving upwards and pushed up through the strut tower casing. A good bump could have easily pushed the tire and wheel right up into the engine compartment. A pull of the steering wheel either left or right could have folded it in half collapsing and folding in on itself. As long as you are driving straight without having no bumps or having to take hard turns you probably would be ok. The passenger side still looks good and has not come through yet but it's probably only a matter of time. If anyone lives near NH seacoast or southern Maine, I can put you in touch with a good repair guy who can fix this cheaper than most places. He did an excellent job on mine. Email name and contact info to [email protected]
Michael S

Deerfield, IL

#20 Sep 22, 2010
Mine is perfect on the passenger side. Driver side - completly eroded by rust to the point that it separated from the body.

THis caused it to rub against the steering column which broke.

Its not a matter of IF something will go wrong and very badly its a question of WHEN.

I called Nissan USA and opened a case # and am going to have one of their mechanics come and verify the problem. I'll keep you all informed.

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