The root of all evil is money and I think taking the lotus name down is immoral, thatís sinful very sinful, you can see the line up is looking very agreeable and the cars need to make the USA in order to exploit the world market,
The Elise or Exige cars should have made a larger impact in the USA market, it should still be there.
Putting the car into the same arena with Porsche was a good market, but the execution of it was poor
Example the Porsche dealer carrying the lotus name is bad very bad
You have 35 solid years of successful income for the sells staff at most Porsche dealers, if you look at a lotus to buy, for get it. You have six sells people selling a Porsche over the lotus.
Even if you walk to the lotus sells side, the lotus staff is not capable of selling the lotus correctly such as the Porsche sales representative is.
1. Donít market a lotus with a Porsche dealer
2. Donít take the low budget exotic car from the market
3. Sell the car in county seat size dealers in each USA state
((That 5-6,000 cars a year sells)) building brand name and awareness.
4. Sell the car at operational expense only ((brand the name)) you have six years of, what is that cool car.
5. Every USA person thinks the Exige or Elise was a 100,000 plus car, which is just one more reason you could not sell 5-6,000 cars a year.
6. Show the car at the county seat size towns with a trailer transporter and set up financing for the cars on the road, sell three to five cars at each county seat city location in the USA a week
7. China builds chaotic disaster very well
Could go on and on sorry so poorly written schedule busy