Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2570 comments on the story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

Created by schneider11 in the Lincoln Owners Club Message Board. Your Host is pat What is this discussion about? Lincoln LS, Sedan # 609 of 618 torque converter noise by chrisannr Feb 22, 2006 my mechanic says ...

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Mike M

San Diego, CA

#102 Jan 17, 2007
My '01 lincoln LS needs another Grille. a rock caused it to shatter. Is there an after market item for this?
Please write back to [email protected]


United States

#103 Jan 18, 2007
My airbag dash light flashes a blinking pattern three pause six flashes and repeats a number of times then remains constantly on throught a driving period... Any help???
Matthew Webster

Clearwater, FL

#104 Jan 20, 2007
anyone got a free diagram of the lincoln ls wiring? for the alpine 6 disc--removal of the dash too

Farmington, CT

#105 Jan 22, 2007
Need to replace battery on my 2000 ls. I already took off the clamps and the bar that goes over the battery. Where is the latch to take the battery out?


#106 Jan 26, 2007
I have a 03 LSV8 with 68,000 miles. I have several issues. 1st issue - After driving the car turning it off and then getting back in I start it up, put it in Reverse the symbol for R pops up as if its in reverse and step on the gas and it goes no where. It acts like its in Neutral. Turning the car off and on does not fix it, I have to put the car into drive move a bit and then reverse will engage.
2nd issue- At times I can be driving and when I lightly start to apply the brake, the Picture of the sliding car (advance trac) symbol appears and the car starts to make a really bad rumbling sound and you can feel the rumbling through the brakes, i let go of the brake and apply it again and same issue happens. No error comes up and when I hit status it goes through the checking and says Advance trac is ok.
3rd, the squeaking/rubbing sound that comes through the steering wheel is very annoying, it can only be heard in the car and after washing the car the steering wheel makes no noise, is there something I can lube up to fix this? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jacksonville, FL

#107 Jan 27, 2007
I recently bought a 2004 Lincoln LS with 14,000 miles. I had to replace the Continental tires because they had flats on them and they were noisy on the road. I replaced them with brand new Yokohamas. At high speeds, the car still gets loud inside the cab. I had the tires rechecked for balance and they were okay. The dealer replaced the drive shaft. At high speed, the cab still filled with noise. The faster the speed, the noisier the cab became. There is also a slight vibration at high speed. Dealer suggested force balancing, but there is absolutely no shaking when I drive. Any suggestions for help???
Dan Elmhurst IL

Elmhurst, IL

#108 Jan 27, 2007
THe car was running fine - got my tires rotated yesterday and an oil change. Went out this morning and the car will turn over bet not start - Good power in the elec system. Does anyone know of a relay or something that prevents the gas from goin into the injectors. Seems like it isn't getting gas and the car has more that a 3/4 tank
barry 2002 LS

Olney, TX

#109 Jan 29, 2007
Teresa wrote:
I have 2001 Lincoln LS V8. I have had my car to the dealer several times because the AC blows hot air mostly on the passenger side. They tell me I should keep the thermostat on 65 on both sides & adjust the fans...I freeze at that. to me that is not a solution. & my passenger should be comfortable at 65 if i want mine on 72. That's what the comfort of the car is set up for. Anyone else having this problem??
I have 2002 Ls that did same thing only drivers side was hot side, the a/c system has three things that could be the culprit. First there are three airflow gates that have sensors replacing these is fair cheep about 14.00 per sensor plus labor, if not those then a/c module is has bad readings not cheap 400.00 dealer cost. If you feel you need control module I have new one and could save you some money [email protected]
barry 2002 LS

Olney, TX

#110 Jan 29, 2007
Katie wrote:
My 2002 LS's heating cooling system only seems to push out hot air no matter what the temp is set to? Any suggestions?
may have bad sensors at air flow gates or bad comand module for a/c system

Quarryville, PA

#111 Jan 30, 2007
I have a Lincoln LS 2002. I have two problems. right now. I always have condensation in my headlights and it also for some reason if takes for ever to get my car out of park.( I have a automatic)I have to try and pull the button back several times and put my foot on and off the brake before I can get it in the R or D. Anyone have this happen to them? Please email me [email protected]

“Colts Rule!”

Since: Feb 07

United States

#112 Feb 3, 2007
My sons 2001 LS while driving down the highway
traction control started applyiny the brakes.
After he got home and the pucker factor wore off
he tried driving again. has a very rough idle
now and the brake petal is soft and hardly any
brake and the engine light is on. Any clues?

“Colts Rule!”

Since: Feb 07

United States

#113 Feb 3, 2007
This goes with my previous post. The LS has the 3.9
and there is an odor like that of an electrical
device burning like a motor or solenoid.

Rincon, GA

#114 Feb 3, 2007
I bought a 2001 LS and the doors do not autolock when put in gear. Is there any way to turn on or off the autolock feature
Bobbie Jo

Findlay, OH

#115 Feb 5, 2007
My husband and I purchased a used Lincoln LS 2003. It has ran like a dream, but started acting possessed last week. The car was shut off and locked. When I went to unlock the doors with the remote, the car started. No key in the ignition, I wasn't even in the drivers seat yet. A week later I'm driving and my emission indicator light is on. the engine sounds just fine, and the car continues to run well. Should I be running off to the mechanic, or what else would spark a visit to them? Thanks so much

Junction City, KS

#116 Feb 5, 2007
i own a 2001 ls v-8. the major problems i have come across was the engine misfire. when the car hits about 40 to 50 mph, it starts to bog down or sputter. i took in in to check it out and they found that coil 1 and 5 are out. so i got it fixed and the car was back to hitting on all cylinders again. well, a month later it did it again. now this time, the car is smoking from the right side of the engine. once again i took it back to the dealer and they found that the valve cover gasket is leaking oil on to the block causing it to smoke. that cost alot to fix. the labor alone will break you. anyway, i got that fixed. here it is a few months and now the car wont start. i have read plenty of articles on this car and it seems to be a very nice car. dont get me wrong, i love this car. its just so expensive to maintain and the problems are to many to quick. they are notorious for the valve cover gasket leaking.

Thiensville, WI

#117 Feb 7, 2007
I have the exact same problem with my 2001 v8 ls.
I replaced the crank position sensor per dealer recomendation, but it did not fix it. I am now being told to replace the cam position sensor. I do not know if that is the issue. I fif read somwhere that ford was facing a suit from the nhsa for the same problem on their pick ups resulting in accidents. Linked to stalls due to failed Cam position sensor.
chris wrote:
I have a 2000 lincoln ls with 72k miles.. and i am not to sure if i have a huge issue on my hands or not... when i put the pedal to the floor the rpms jump up and then the car shuts itself down.. can someone please help me.... i have been told that its a transmission but i honestly think it could be a transmission sensor... bc on the status screen it came up drive shift gear error... anyone ever hear of that? please get back to me

San Jose, CA

#118 Feb 9, 2007
adam wrote:
im looking in to buying a 200 to a 2002 lincoln ls. Are these cars worth it.
Do not make this mistake; buy something else.

Since: Dec 06

Spartanburg, SC

#119 Feb 11, 2007
Tomada wrote:
Previous It's a lincoln LS 8 Cyl.
I'm Tomada I had the Themostat replaced The Engin check Lite is now extinguished and the engin heats -up much faster Thouble Po125 is likely fixed

United States

#120 Feb 12, 2007
Mike M wrote:
My '01 lincoln LS needs another Grille. a rock caused it to shatter. Is there an after market item for this?
Please write back to [email protected]
The are plenty of aftermarket grills. Check here:


#121 Feb 13, 2007
OSCAR wrote:
I have a 03 LSV8 with 68,000 miles. I have several issues.
3rd, the squeaking/rubbing sound that comes through the steering wheel is very annoying, it can only be heard in the car and after washing the car the steering wheel makes no noise, is there something I can lube up to fix this? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Hi, my name is Anthony. My 03 LS also has an annoying rubbing noise when I turn the steering wheel too. I brought it to the dealer and they put some additive in the steering fluid and it stopped for 2 days then returned. It drives me nuts. Did you ever find out what causes it and did you get yours fixed yet?

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