Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2590 comments on the story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

Created by schneider11 in the Lincoln Owners Club Message Board. Your Host is pat What is this discussion about? Lincoln LS, Sedan # 609 of 618 torque converter noise by chrisannr Feb 22, 2006 my mechanic says ...

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#646 May 6, 2009
melissa wrote:
<quoted text> did u ever find out the problem? I've replaced 6 out of the 8 coils & still have the problem. luckily there is a recall for the ignition coils! HELP!!!!
Ms. Melissa, have you tried changing out your fuel filter, Sometimes restrictions int the fuel line cut down on the amount of fuel getting to the motor. Hope this helps! Post back if on how its going for you. I'm neck deep in keeping my daughters 03 LS on the road!
Expensive too

Langhorne, PA

#647 May 10, 2009
Good Luck! I'm in the same boat. Just found out it will cost me $3,500 to replace the tensioners on my 2001 Lincoln LS that has 97k miles on it. I had a cadillac that lasted me 12 years and 200,000 miles and never had to invest this kind of money. The car only has 97k miles on it. By today's stardards I don't feel that is alot of mileage. Not sure if I should spend that kind of money ! Any advice out there ??????????
chris M chance wrote:
Had the engine in our 2000 v-8 ls go out At 89,695 miles Due to the timing chain tensioner. Found documents from lincoln on the concept of the Ls & how the timing tensioners are "New" technology & will remove any slack through out the life of the engine, Can not find any information in regaurds to when we should of replaced it & No info on how to check the operation of the part. Only to find out that as of 2002 the part has changed 3 times from plastic to all alloy metals that NOW will not need to be replaced. Why would you revise a part with money & hours all to find a fix & tuck it away somewhere where the owner of the car will never have acess to see it.
Asked FORD OVER 20 TIMES (All Documented) for help but get NO ANSWERS!
Have had the FORD / LINCOLN Dealers tell me the part never needed replacing but when I called a Jaguare dealer and ask the same question the tell me not to drive anything more than 60,000 miles on the tensioners, So are lincoln & ford lying to me or do they not have any knowledge with the items they are supposed to be selling?
Feel free to email me @
Info on the concept of the Ls is found here:

Ferndale, MI

#648 May 27, 2009
I have a 2004 LS V8. The trans will randomly pop out of gear and go into neutral when coming to a quick stop. Sometimes even going around a sharp corner it goes into neutral. It can take several seconds to go back into drive. Any idea why it is doing this?


#649 May 29, 2009
You are low on trans fluid. You are throwning the fluid away from the pickup on braking and turning then pump sucks dry then no pressure so it then neutrals out. DO NOT keep doing this untill you have trans topped off. LS's do not have a dipstick tube to check level. You might want to google how to check trans fluid in LS or have shop do it. Also make sure you use the correct trans fluid mercon5. You don't want to kill your trans for 15 dollars of trans fluid. I bet you are 2.5 qrts low.

Atlanta, GA

#650 Jun 1, 2009
Is anyone else having problems with this car when you go to start it. When I go to start the car it keeps cranking for a good 5-7 seconds cold start. I changed the fuel filter thinking it was that and I also wait a few seconds before starting to let system pressurize with fuel but still not that much help. Any suggestions?
Mike D

Minneapolis, MN

#651 Jun 4, 2009
Melinda wrote:
Is it true that if you want to replace the brakes and rotors on a lincoln LS that if you do not get Lincoln brand rotors and brakes from a lincoln dealership that they will squeak and quickly need replaced??
Whoever told you that is filling your head with nonsense. My 2000 LS V8 has EBC rotors w/Green Stuff pads. I have no squeaking, squealing, grinding noises whether wet or dry. Just don't use the cheap rotors that are made overseas (China, Taiwan) they won't stand up to the abuse this car puts on brakes.
Mike D

Minneapolis, MN

#652 Jun 4, 2009
Hassan wrote:
Code P0430, on a 01' Lincoln LS V8 sport. Is it the Catalytic converter or the 02 sensors..please help I already changed the 02 sensor after the Cat.
There is another sensor before the "cat". Trust in Fords logic they use four(4) O2 sensors instead of one or two like everyone else.
Mike D

Minneapolis, MN

#653 Jun 4, 2009
Liz wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks Mike!
Everyone needs to remember that these valve covers are for the most part plastic! And with all the heat they have to endure under the hood it's not going to give you a permanent seal. Trust me, been there, and done that a few times!
2000 LS V8 123,000 miles
Gina Fort Myers Fl

Fort Myers, FL

#654 Jun 4, 2009
Angie wrote:
I am having possible transmission problems with my 2001 Lincoln LS. A few weeks ago, it started lurching at about 55 mph. Then, a few days ago, it would not go over 35 mph. We have replaced the fuel pump, but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas?
I had the same problem with my 03 Ls. It turned out it was not the transmission but was a very costly repair. I had to have the throttle body(not covered with extended warranty) and the coils replaced, it fixed the problem and the car runs and shifts fine, but the catalytic converters are making the check engine light come on and stay on a couple of days after it is re- set and even though my mechanic says they are fine to get the light to stay off they need replaced, so for know I am living with the light.
dago red

Marana, AZ

#655 Jun 4, 2009
Deka wrote:
<quoted text> Try running the highest grade of Exxon gas and do not allow it to go below 75miles to empty
I had a 97 Lincoln TC and the engine light came on..long story short...I had to replace the 4 oxygen sensors and the problem of the light disappeared...
dago red

Marana, AZ

#656 Jun 4, 2009
For you Lincoln owners who state that your engine light comes on and will not turn off...I had a 97 Lincoln TC and had to replace all four oxygen sensors..problem solved and the cost was minimal...hope this helps someone...

Colts Neck, NJ

#657 Jun 4, 2009
anyone want to start a class action law suit? if so email me ive had it with my Lincoln Ls and all the money ive put into it and im sure eveyone else feels the same!

Colts Neck, NJ

#658 Jun 4, 2009
Eric did you get your car fixed....i am having the exact same probelms, if you can let me know thanks!

United States

#659 Jun 5, 2009
My 2000 lincoln ls is a beautiful car and I have owned it for 4 years.I was coming in from out of town and and had driven probley 150 miles and I was on a turn pike and in the middle of no where and I had my crusie control on and it was just like it was not getting gas. I put the petal down to the floor nothing happen. I pulled over and shut everything off.Set there and restarted it and made it to a gas station and filled it up and drove it another 100 miles. Know it cuts out in passing gear and dies. No codes show up and my machanic says he does no know what is wrong. Anyone one have this type this problem? please email me I am new on this computer will never find this page again. dirai743 .

Raleigh, NC

#660 Jun 12, 2009
I have the same problem. Took it to the Lincoln dealership and they tell me they cannot find the problem. It does not happen all of the time. Did you get your problem resolve and if so, how?
rsw wrote:
my 2001 ls will not start. when i put the key in and turn it, all it does is crank and the theft light flashes rapidly. if it does start the light will flash rapidly 6 times, pauses, flashes once, pauses, then flashes 6 times. it repeats this pattern for about 5 minutes. i feel like a jack ass sitting in my LUXURY car and not having it start.

Madison, MS

#661 Jun 12, 2009
changing the schrader valve in a/c, have 2 different colors in bag,1 black,1 red, which is high and which is low,and how do i remove the old 1, to replace it?

Fall River, MA

#662 Jun 18, 2009
XKWIZT wrote:
I have a 2001 Lincoln Ls with the 3.9L V8. The car has a mind of its own, sometimes it will start right up and sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get it to start. When it does start, I smell gas. Has anyone else had this problem, if so how was it cured? THANKS
Have you found the problem yet that is the same exact thing mine is doing.

Adair, OK

#663 Jun 22, 2009
i have a 2003 ls with 3.9 v-8.with less than 70,000 miles and all of a sudden i go to crank it up in the garage and its just free spins as if the timing chain or gear is mechanic even said it could be the crankshaft..any body else had this problem or know if there were any recalls for tmodel

United States

#664 Jun 22, 2009
I recently had to get the brakes replaced (rotors & pads X 4) and then had the front lower ball joints replaced about a week later. My ABS light and traction control light came on simultaneously after having the ball joints done. Is there a plug that could have gotten loose or what? Is seems strange they both would come on at the same time; are the two systems related?

Darby, PA

#665 Jun 25, 2009
My lincoln 2001 makes a loud poppong sound and sputters at 40.....anyone know what's wrong?

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