03' Lincoln Navigator
Julie N

Maple Grove, MN

#81 Sep 18, 2010
Thank you! Ours also did that and after resetting the battery and the switch, we read your post and it worked! Thanks a lot!

United States

#82 Nov 17, 2010
I have a 2003 navi, my car won't start. A loud noise coming from fuse box. The relay is hot. I changed the relay for a new one. Car starts and shuts off shortly after. Mechanic don't know what's the problem. Please help

Grand Rapids, MI

#83 Dec 2, 2010
cmd03 wrote:
Does anyone know where i can buy the air spring bag for a 03 navigator? I called my local lincoln dealer and they want $700 for one which is insane..I already bought a new compressor as the other one crap the bed...I also have a height sensor link that keeps popping out which is why i need a new air spring bag..what can i do too keep this link in and stop popping out?...thanks
I knew i should of bought escalade instead..lincoln sucks and I'll never buy another again.
Go to the Ford or Lincoln dealer and buy a new hight sensor for $25. Mine kept popping out and since I purchased a new one, it has not came out. What I found out is that the orignial sensors were defective soo Ford replace them with a new model which prevent them from popping out.

Grand Rapids, MI

#84 Dec 2, 2010
By the way, my brother in-law has an Escalade, Not only doe it has a loud copmressor for it air compressor, he had to pay $600 to replace one headlight otherwise the truck will not start. His dealer told him the headlight has a sensor which tells the copmuter to not turn on the vehicle for safety purposes. The headlight is all one piece, unlike the Nav where its lamp is separate from the light assembly. So NAV owners, you could pay $20K for the Escalade and still have reasons to complain. By the conversion kit and be glad!

Port Orange, FL

#85 Dec 23, 2010
I think we should all get together and get lincoln to pay for air suspension problems, My lincoln is sitting on tires in front bought one drivers side air bag and it went up and after two hours it fell again someone said I need air suspension sensor on pass side its 300 scare to spend more money and that it wont fix problem don't know what tooo doooo

United States

#86 Jan 8, 2011
John Jones

Rio Rancho, NM

#87 Jan 27, 2011
Rich wrote:
I just bought an 03 Navigator and noticed the same problem. I brought it back to the dealer and they said that was normal. I hope we can find some one who has a different take It's getting annoying.<quoted text>
it is not normal. The compressor is designed so it can barely be heard. When a bag or your compressor goes bad, replace the entire system with a conversion kit, that replaces all the air bags with coil springs. The ride will be just as good, the springs will last forever, and the spring strut combination has a lifetime warranty (air bag strut combination has a one year warranty).
Now here is the kicker. there are many companies that sell conversion kits. One of the best is Strutmaster. Their kits use high quality parts, and their prices reasonable.
But, the 2003 Lincoln Navigator is the same vehicle as a 2003 Ford expedition. the two vehicles have the same chasis. So the spring strut combination from the Ford Expedition will fit the Lincoln. Go to you parts store, purchase a Monroe Quick Stut for an Expedition, and install them in your Lincoln. I have done this many time with great success. Napa sells four spring/strut combinations (two front, two rear) for under $700, my last set cost me $656.
The advantage that Strumasters has is that their instructions will tell you how to turn the air suspension light off, this information is not included in the instructions from the Monroe Quick Strut.
Also of interest is that most of the struts and springs sold in this country come from overseas, so if someone says the quick strut is made in China, so is theirs.
when I learn how to turn off the suspension light, I'll let you know. Convert to springs, you won"t regret it.
I hope this helps.

Newport, NC

#88 Feb 1, 2011
John I couldn't agree more with you. I used strutmasters as well, I read so much about it that I had to try it out for myself. I really do like that their kits come with the instructions on how to remove the suspension light and lifetime warranty.
gerald pate

Risingsun, OH

#89 Feb 24, 2011
rbonham wrote:
I have a '03 Navigator that is too high in the back. It didn't used to be that way,but now it is stuck like that. The suspension system seems to be working. Is there anyway to lower it?
Iam also haveing the same problem and working on it as we speek,will let you know what i find.

Midlothian, VA

#90 Feb 26, 2011
Rich wrote:
I just bought an 03 Navigator and noticed the same problem. I brought it back to the dealer and they said that was normal. I hope we can find some one who has a different take It's getting annoying.<quoted text>
I have a 2003 navigator and its not normal. i had to have my air compressor replaced because it was leaking air.
After your vehicle has set for a long time does your vehicle looks like a low rider, if so then the air has escaped from your compressor. Also have them run a dye test in the compressor air lines this will also detect leaks leaks in the air suspension system. It should only come on to level the vehicle out ie rough terrain carring a load etc.

Middlefield, CT

#91 Mar 7, 2011
03 NGATOR wrote:
Jimmy, turn your steering wheel completely to the left, then shut off the engine. If you look under the passenger side wheel where the suspension is, you will see a height adjustment 4 inch arm probably unattached. Reattach it. It pops right back on. If this is your problem, like mine, it will fix the problem. This is the best that I can explain it.

I just tried your advice and to my surprise you were absolutely CORRECT! The little 4" arm was just dangling. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You just saved me at least a $100 minimun. The funny thing is I stopped by my regular mechanic earlier and he wouldn't even look at it because he propbably thought the worst just as I did. I called the Lincoln dealer and could not even get me in to look at my SUV for a week. I need my truck which is how I got here. Thank God I did. I can now cancel my appointment with them. God Bless You!

Medford, NY

#92 Mar 18, 2011
i have 2000 navi.when i drive or come to complete stop.i hear a load noise sounds like its cominf from left side.i have to press the gas so it stops sometimes when noise happens rpms start to go up and down and my car shuts off.doesnt happen all the time but starting too do it more often

Brandon, FL

#93 Apr 24, 2011
I Have a 03 Navigator and i have been expiriencing problems with my CD changer. It shows CD error and will not play. Im thinking this is going to be an expensive fix. Anyone else has this problem?
lydell boyd

United States

#94 Jun 1, 2011
Theresa Mapes wrote:
Lets start a petition To get Ford I have My contact info On here
Send Me Your Name and address to this e mail if u want it on name on the petition
[email protected]
Lydell Boyd
1017 FDR drive
Nyc ny 10009

Bronx, NY

#95 Jun 29, 2011
My 2003 navigator is sitting very low on the two front suspension. Any advice "

Herndon, VA

#96 Aug 12, 2011
alex wrote:
I have a 03 navi and its been 4 times the air suspension goes out the truck is as low as it can be
check your relay and connector,located under right front bumper near horns,has 4 or 5 wires and mounted with 2 screws.
Lisa Rosa

Jacksonville, FL

#99 Dec 1, 2011
Theresa Mapes NY wrote:
I have an 03 Navigator for about a year now. Today I took it out and it said check suspension on the dash. Before I knew it I was as low to the ground as a car was. It was too late to take it to the dealership and had to drive it home once I took my family mechanic could take a look at it. Both the front and rear suspension are very low almost rubbing the tires. Anyone know a price range it will cost to get this fixed?
I Have totell You some Bad News We have had our Lincoln 03 in 17 times in 2 years for this after warranty ran out it is 1500-2000 a shot at ford .1000 for grandpas shops They say it is the sencors well guess what there are 25 at least Thats how fors is getting away with this and we cant use the lemon law NICE to be robbed and Toyota has a few recalls everyone freaks Ford Keeps this a secret we have to get together and start a petion for Lincoln Navigators and at least get our money back .Someone has to put this on The News
If you are still in process of petition:
Lisa Rosa
2013 Prince Albert Court
Jacksonville, FL
john bigelow

Jamestown, NY

#100 Dec 15, 2011
BridgeShaun wrote:
I am currently having a problem with the air suspension on my 2003 Navigator. The driver side rear is lifted higher than the rest of the vehicle and the air suspension system does not come on. I am with anyone wanting to file a formal complaint with Ford/Lincoln regarding this problem.
i have an 03 navigator and font a complete conversion kit that replaces all air shocks with coilovers and instructions on how to shut off suspention light and only paid $812 shipped strutmasters.com

Arlington, TX

#101 Jan 9, 2012
I have a problem with my front suspension it drops all the way at night and in the morning I have to turn on and off the vehicle for it to go up! Sometimes I have to turn the wheels left and right until it stop loosing the air cause it sounds like its it has a leak but it dosnt they checked and all my sensor are good but once it goes up it dosnt go down until nighttime! So what could of be?

United States

#102 Feb 23, 2012
my navigator loses power studders can,t even get on freeway without causing a hazard. took it to mech an they put it on a computer an found just some air leaks all sensors are fine no problem with catilic converter. anyone know what going on

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