2003 lincoln navigator air suspension

Prairieville, LA

#82 Nov 20, 2009
look I change the air compresor and now a dont have power feeding the compresor, I check each fuse and relays that supply the power and even the back switch and still no power,QUESTION..ANY IDEAS?
Joe - Miami

Hollywood, FL

#83 Nov 23, 2009
I have a 2003 Navigator. When I hit a bump, large or small, I can hear the sound of air coming out of the front, passenger side area. The sound is like the one you hear when pressing down on a tire valve to let air out (i.e. pssssstt)
I replaced the solenoid with one from Arnott and I still hear the sound. This causes the compressor to turn on over and over again and I'm concerned it will wear faster as a result.
Has anyone had this problem of audible air leaks when driving thru road bumps?

Gonzales, LA

#84 Nov 23, 2009
yes Joe, you have a fitting problem is the one where the lines split from the compressor is like a t fitting

Vancouver, Canada

#85 Nov 24, 2009
where are the height sensors on my 2006 navigator i like to lower it from factory settings .....can this be done... it would be nice if some one can tell me or send me pictures where these sensors are located you can email me at [email protected] thxxssss
Joe - Miami

Hollywood, FL

#86 Nov 24, 2009

are you saying my air leak is coming from a T-fitting in the compressor? What is the solution to my problem? By the way, I had replaced the compressor about 3 months ago.
Joe - Miami

Hollywood, FL

#87 Nov 24, 2009
I've read here about recommendations for strutmasters, specifically the Navigator conversion kit to coil springs. Can anyone tell me if they've purchased the same type kit from Arnott? Also, please comment on whether you did the installation yourself and what the comfort level of the ride was after converting.

Joe - Miami

Hollywood, FL

#88 Nov 26, 2009
this morning my entire front had dropped considerably. I turned on the engine and could hear an on/off air leak sounding like pssstt. This was the same air leak I thought happened when I would hit bumps. Seems I wasted my money changing the solenoid. So, with the engine running, my entire front barely moved up. Then, about 2 hrs later when I used the car again, the entire moved up to normal height. I then switched off the suspension at the switch located in the rear hatch, driver-side panel.

Does anyone know what negative effect this could have on the suspension if I leave the switch in the off position? I expect to turn it on once the suspension drops some again. For now, is it possible I'm fooling the system, particularly the height sensor as I feel it is the source of my problem due to not working 100% of the time.

My next car will be japanese...I've had it with american cars.

Houston, TX

#89 Dec 2, 2009

I tried turning off the suspension but the front suspension still went down. My issue is related to the outside temperature and turning off the suspension did not stop the 'leak' of air. I just ordered a new solenoid and will try to figure out how to change it. First the front passenger solenoid and then test. If still an issue then front driver. If stil an issue then o-rings.I fstill and issue then the T-fitting as omar suggested.

To me is seem that the solenoid does not 'close' properly when it is cooler outside. One time I had turned of the suspension. When i got back to the car, it was sitting level. I turned on the suspension, then the car. The front started lowering while the compressor was running. I seems this could be a bas solenoid, releasing air as it being pumped into to the bag. Not sure though.

United States

#90 Dec 3, 2009
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW found the maiiiiiiiiin problem and turns out to be a simple fix.
Basically, is a design flaw and supplied parts flaw.
Found after changing the Orings/seals a total of 5 seals/Orings. 2 on top inside 2 in bottom inside and one small to hold strut to washer thru strut mounting. THIS IS THE FLAW the strut mounting seal is to thin in cold weather it contracts and lets the ait out. I REPLACED IT WITH ANOTHER SEAL/ORING SAME DIMENSION AND THICKER. Instead of one supplied. I replaced it with two and tighten that sucker good. What you know no leak in 30 degree weather. So try that. I did replace my strutmount since my wheels are 22" rims so it puts torque and needs to be replace anyways. One way to SPOT AIR LEAK IN THE CENTER SCREW TRY A SOCKET AND LISTEN SEE IF AIR IS LEAKING OUT :D. Then you know you have to do this :D. Total cost 60 bucks. What you know is working like NEW. I will post more links since they are changing them at a later time. Gonna go navicruising now cya guys later :D

United States

#91 Dec 3, 2009
You listen the leak by using the socket close to the center mountstrut within the engine area. By just placing the socket close to the screw the air will rebound of the socket and create a hissing sound. This means you have a leak of the seal from the strut rod that screws tight to the strutmount. By replacing this factory or replacement Oring/seal. To one thicker one. By making sure placing two will secure tight the leak withing the space in the washer and the strutmount. Where the replacement Oring/seal part goes in there. By the way no grease in this bolt strut or washer area. This seals wear out in time. So when it leaks try this first and see if you have this leak in your Air suspension STRUTMOUNT first.

I bought my strutmount for airbag suspension. There are two kinds. 1 not airbag 2 airbag suspension. Here is the part number for the 2003 to search in google at anytime.----->
KYB Front Shock and Strut Mount
Here is where i bought mine at carparts wholesale.
Works great.
Do a search for parts if link dies here below in the site.
I think now is much easier fixing this AIR SUSPENSION UNITS NOW.

Shreveport, LA

#92 Dec 10, 2009
Say my navigator keep lowering on the front right side sometime as soon as i turn it off and it sund like air is coming out but it stays up sometime anyone had or has this problem

Gainesville, FL

#93 Dec 13, 2009
Does the 2003 navigator has springs or air suspension?

United States

#94 Dec 14, 2009
instead of waiting so much money every year,why not just waist $900 once by replacing air suspension with conversion kits.it will aliminate censors,air pumps and modules

Portage, MI

#95 Dec 16, 2009
Jimmy wrote:
my passenger side front will not rise when the truck is started. The top of the wheel well is rubbing the tire. i'm wondering if anyone has had this problem before.
I have this same problem, but the entire passenger side does not raise up.

Portage, MI

#96 Dec 16, 2009
I too have this problem, but my entire passenger side does not raise up.

United States

#97 Dec 17, 2009
Ptocco wrote:
<quoted text>
Justin...how much did you pay in install for the conversion?
Hey I just got a bill for $2500 to replace the airbags and other parts needed to make it work again. My 03 gator was not inflating all the way on the right side and the left side stayed raised and sitting way higher than normal. I am having the whole suspension replaced to get rid of the air suspension, and they are charging me a total of $1400 plus tax. I figured why keep paying for replacement parts and waste the time I dont have replacing them myself when I can just get rid of the problem altogether. I hope this helps. Last winter my entire front end dropped and all they had to do is replace a burned fuse. This time around is worse so I hope my suggestion keeps you away from having to comment on here what your next issue is with this horrible suspension setup. I will never purchase another vehicle I dont care what the make is that has an air suspension. I have worked on my 03 gator myself through tune ups, engine work, brakes, electrical issues with the computer and this suspension problem is BS! from KC Alex

Aberdeen, SD

#98 Dec 22, 2009
I have an 02 navi that wont rise up all the way in the back. I just replaced the rear bags and compressor and also the rear height sensor but the pump just cycles on and off but only lifts the rear end barely and inch off the wheels but the front has at least five inches of clearance. Any ideas on what else i need to replace? I got aftermarket bags but the sensor was dealer only for 300 bucks and im pretty sure the old one works so i dont really want to blow any more cash on parts i dont need. Thanks.

Aberdeen, SD

#99 Dec 23, 2009
The check suspension light comes on now too.

United States

#100 Dec 24, 2009
My 2003 Navi engine makes a whirling sound, but is not connected to RPM's. Any idea what it is?

Hollywood, FL

#101 Dec 26, 2009

I found the part number SM5426 by KYB at the car-stuff.com website. I have two questions for you:

1. The part number includes the KYB STRUT MOUNT with bumper, O-rings, and pin kit. Did you change all this or just the O-rings?

2. Did you have to remove the strut with airbag from the vehicle to do the above work?



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