2003 lincoln navigator air suspension

Hyattsville, MD

#203 Jan 27, 2011
I have a 2003 Lin Nav & my driver side is rubbing now. Now that I have read other reply, do anyone know how much this sensor costs, where is it located exactly & can the sensor be bought elsewhere besides the dealership?
St Mike from Chino-Ca

Norwalk, CA

#204 Jan 31, 2011
lonewolfxXx wrote:
wolfwithwife---> Are you a freaking moron. This a post for others. So mind your jerkoff face. yea I still own my navi cruiser alright. No need to slam no one alright. hey yo buzz off. What a my a freaking moron overhere. go do yourself and happy marry mother face alright schmuck. Help others you punk.:)
First off, let me start off by thanking people like LONEWOLF. It's because of him and willingness to blog issues/results "We" the novice mechanics are able to tackle tough issues.
Like many people here, I was having air suspension issues with my 03 Navi(cold weather.) After reading numerous blogs entry's and attempting to diagnose what was wrong with my ride, I realized and hoped my Navi's compressor, ride height sensor, solenoids, T-connectors, blah blah were not the issue. I determind I would start by breaking down the airbags on the the front of my Navi and replacing the O-Rings. Keep in mind, these part #s are for an 03 Lincoln Navi w/air suspension.
Part#1- KYB Front Shock and Strut Mount #KYSM5426 from www.carpartwholesale.com $53.00ea x2=$120w/tax.
I then realized the Air Shock Solenoid that connects to the air suspension also contains 3 O-Rings. Went ahead and replaced the Solenoids. Quick search on net found new Solenoids w/O-Rings in San Diego @$50.00ea x2 =$110w/tax.
Final purchase was a 30mm socket needed to remove the bolt from lower A-arm @$15 at autozone. B4 you start, switch off the air suspension switch & remove the negative cable from battery.
The first airbag(rt front) took me and father In-law @3 hours to break down & reassemble. Here's a helpful "How to" for the novice like me. If you go to strutmasters.com , look up your ride, there will probably be a YouTube video you can watch which shows you step by step how to remove the faulty airbag/strut from your ride. I literally removed 5 screws and it was completely out. Only took 15 min. Once out the fun began. Breaking down the airbag proved difficult at first, but can be done. If you go to Fordparts.com and look up part# 18124 (ASH-142) click view image, it will give you a detailed diagram of how the Airbag/strut breaks down/goes back together. While looking at diagram click on part #'s and look at the diffrent prices ford charges. Mind you I paid $53. for a kit that ford sells separately. The 3 bolt cap alone is @$150 w/ford, that don't include the O-Rings and the Air Solenoid is an additional $180 LMAO and none of that includes labor.
If you just pay attention when you break the airbag/strut down, it's obvious where the new O-Rings and bumper gaurd go. Once in place you will probably have to use come large C-clamps to get the airbag to re-seat with the top 3 bolt cap, so you can secure the small securitry pins that go on the side. Secure the top half first, then work the lower half on.
Your airbag/strut is now back together. Simply re-secure onto your vehicle in reverse order it was removed as shown on video.
The front driverside airbag/strut literally took my all of an hour to break down, repair and re-attach.
The Final test... Reattached negative battery cable, turned on air suspension switch and started vehicle. WOW was I amazed. The airbags inflated right up, returned to normal ride height within a few min. and test drive was super smooth. Upon parking the car and turning it off, it even did the little kneel thing. It's even been pretty cold the last couple of days and the O-rings are holding strong.
In short, it cost me a Saturday,@$250 and a few scraps on the knuckles, and she's back to purring down the highway. Best part is, with the $$ I saved in labor, I bought myself a case of Dos XX Lagger, a good Tequila and enjoyed my evening.
Thank you to all that post their issues and results on blogs like this. Without your entry's, repairs can be almost impossible and much more expensive. Special thanks to LongWolfxXx, you were right bud.. O-Rings, O-Rings, O-Rings. Gods Speed to all.
St Mike from Chino-Ca

Norwalk, CA

#205 Jan 31, 2011

Newport, NC

#206 Feb 1, 2011
St. mike thats awesome you were able to solve your problem that way....but like me, I dont have the time nor the money to do something like you(Which sucks). I clicked on the carpart link that you posted and nothing came out. I then clicked on Strutmasters for curiosity and its amazing what they do. They say its as easy as a brake job to put them on. Dude that doesn't sound bad at all for a guy that doesn't have the time to put in like you.
St Mike from Chino-Ca

Norwalk, CA

#207 Feb 1, 2011
Keep in mind Ron I only spent $250 for all the parts I used and a Saturday.

Yes, it really was as easy as changing the brakes on your car. The first one will take the most time, but once you knock that one out, the secong is done in half the time.

If your compressor is turning on and suspension is holding air when its warm out, but not when it's cold out, your issue is O-Rings.

Sure you can buy the coil/spring conversion kit for your ride, but thats gonna run you anywhere from $600-$1000. To me,$250 was a much nicer price.

That web address is WWW.CARPARTSWHOLESALE.COM sorry, I left the S off on accident on the previous posting.

Newport, NC

#208 Feb 2, 2011
Yeah, I'll see what I end up doing. The thing that sucks for me is mostly the time. I am always so busy and always on the road that I don't have time to do something like this. I just need something that can fix my problem quick, you know what I mean. Time is really an issue for me than anything else. I don't know I'll see what I do. Maybe I'll go with Strutmasters, it looks like the better option at this time.
St Mike from Chino-Ca

Norwalk, CA

#209 Feb 2, 2011
Hope it solves all ur problems bud. Keep in mind, it will take you just as long to swap out the old suspension for the new one.

Is your suspension holding air at all? Is it only affected in cold weather?

Newport, NC

#210 Feb 3, 2011
It sort of holds air, but yes it gets affected with the cold weather. It gets quite annoying to tell you the truth.

Newport, NC

#211 Feb 3, 2011
About the time, I figure it does take almost about the same time but I rather just have someone else do it while I do other stuff that needs to get done. Luckily I have another form of transportation, so I don't have to wait on one car to be done. "phweeee" haha

Newport, NC

#212 Feb 4, 2011
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Keepin it real

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#213 Feb 4, 2011
Strutmaster??? Why would I do that? Navi are built to have air suspensions. Pls. Dont use this site to market your products.
We are looking for quality solutions, take your marketing strategies else where or pay to advertise.
Keepin it real!
St Mike from Chino-Ca

Norwalk, CA

#214 Feb 6, 2011
Ron, sounds like its the O-Rings on your driver side suspension. The job is actually pretty easy and you can do it yourself. Though having a helper nearby is alwasy nice.

I'd purchase a replacement solenoid in addition to the O-ring package cause the Solenoid also has 3 O-Rings that may wear out. Just make sure you lube that go inside the airbag/strut with something called electric static lubricant (something like that) available at any pepboys or autozone 5-7$

I only mention strutmaster(KEEPING IT REAL) because they have actual step by step videos on how to remove the airbag/strut in 3-4 easy steps. Not pushing their product in anyway. Visual aides sometimes make the diffrence between trying to tackle on a problem or paying dealers $$$$ to do it for you.

Once out, breaking the strut down to expose the old o-rings is as simple as removing the top screw (u will see it once out) and the security pins on the side of cap (simple flathead screwdriver will pop those out.) Now your O=rings should be exposed and easy to swap out.

Been @3 weeks and riding strong and compressor has to work less.

Arcadia, FL

#215 Feb 7, 2011
I just dropped my vehicle off to a shop that will be replacing my 2003 Navigator airbag suspension with a 2004 Expedition struts and aprings suspension. He assured me that he has done this before, but I want to make sure it is the truth?? Help!

La Vergne, TN

#216 Feb 8, 2011
lonewolf wrote:
One thing, It was hard finding support from dealers.No diagrams. No info on the service manuals. Even techs don't now to much since they just replace all parts at our cost. One did not want to give me part numbers and is local. Out of all forums. This one is the best and free for the public to come without a cost or immediate registration for post. The provider/administrator. Should get a shout out for having this for free for all. I have two servers, that i do the same in online games currentely gibslonewolfxXx at call of duty united offensive.
So that is why i took my time to give back and type all this for us all. Hopefully will save time and money and dumping money on parts that are not need to be replace. My email is [email protected]
All other forums want registration or more money on our problems. Simply to all those post to help other. Should be like this one. Thanks to all of those that help others, and my 2 cents and post is given cya on the next issue someday. Ohh i'm not a mechanic yet i can fix it better than one on occations of course. Posting done!! cya lol :D.
my 2003 lincoln will not rise. i can hear air leaking for the T-union where the air lines connects. i also hear air leaking from the rear drivers side wheel. i also hear a clucking noise coming from the rear drivers side wheel. i have been told is the shock/strut which is bad. is the air suppose to leak from the union? there is a small round part of the union that comes out and goes back in and when i touch it i hear more or less air seeping out. can someone help me. oh, one more thing, does the air indipendently fill up all 4 airbags because the 2 rear bags are full and the front 2 are not. how does that [email protected] please respond. tahnks

La Vergne, TN

#217 Feb 8, 2011
omar wrote:
yes Joe, you have a fitting problem is the one where the lines split from the compressor is like a t fitting
i am have the exact same problem. i am trying to replace it now. is the air supposed to leak at all from this t shaped valve? when i took it off an tried to blow air trough one end while covering up the other 2 ends i can hear air seeping out. is that normal? is itsuppsed to work like that?
2003 Linc

Burgessville, Canada

#218 Feb 10, 2011
Right side of sensor got stuck.( looks like low rider)hehehe It happend to me when i drive my linc thro the river or when i go off rode ;)All you have to do is press the sensor with scrodriver. if you go to the Ford dillership they are going to tall you. that you MUST changed them( left and right)It's gonna cost you like $600.So,evry time you have this problem you can fix it your self and save some money.:)
Sorry for my English.

Plano, TX

#219 Feb 12, 2011
Hello Everyone,
I've been through most of this blog and want to say thanks for all the great info. My 03 suspension collapsed when Dallas had the great Super Bowl ice storm. Yeah, I know i have cold weather leaks but now I know how to fix thanks to all of you. My compressor has been screaming at me for a year or so and during the cold just flat stopped running. So I bought one from Arnott and put it in but it doesn't run. Ok, a $40 relay from Ford and it still doesn't run. So, I checked the voltage on the relay and I am not getting a good ground on one side of the coil. I have since grounded the negative side of the relay and the compressor runs fine but the car doesn't inflate. So the electrical on the compressor is fine (and the old relay was probably fine) so my $64 question is this. What sensor/solenoid/module tells the compressor to turn on (ie sends the signal to ground the - side of the relay. I have worked on a lot of cars where the sensors act as switches to ground but which ones and where do I check? No wiring diagram I can find shows this (that would help greatly) little magic circuit but I figure something went out that keeps the relay from getting a ground and switching on. All the fuses are good. I am getting a check suspension but thats probably because its totally deflated. I have tried reseting with the switch in the rear (for flat tires), taking the battery off and back on and going through some of the reset checklists you guys have mentioned, yet nothing. Some switch is not working to ground the relay and turn on the compressor. At this point I have $250 in it and if I can't get it working, I'm going manual with Arnotts $647 or $900 shock/spring conversion and maybe they will give me a little credit on the compressor I bought. Any help would be appreciated. Since I'm probably in for o-rings and all the cold weather fixes, if I can't get the compressor to come on, I'm not going to spend much more. Thanks again to everyone for the super learning. BTW the car has 67,000 and worked well. I knew if this suspension cratered, I would be in trouble so here I am. Thanks

Plano, TX

#220 Feb 13, 2011
Hello again,
I finally decided to drive the car with the flat suspension based on some of the notes that you need to get about 30-35 mph to fully reset the suspension. That did the trick and now its pretty much back to normal. I'm probably in for o-rings when it gets cold again but since I'm in Texas, maybe that will be next year. Thanks to all of you for the education, insight and tricks.

Dallas, TX

#221 Feb 15, 2011
Olavo B in post #35 offered to send the workshop manual to help others. Well 2.5 months after sending him an email and getting no response I went in search of the manual. So here is the link and I suggest saving to your computer just in case.
http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/562903/2003-n... Now if somone could give us the o-ring sizes we might have an even cheaper fix. Pages 43-46 contain the info on front airbag/shock removal and disassembly. Hope this can help some of us.
shorty 13

Porterville, CA

#222 Feb 16, 2011
Fred wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, except my 2003 Nav is lowered on both the rear and front. I am wondering if there is a air valve that you are suppose to pump air into. I do hear the air sus. engine initiate, but I still see "CHECK SUSPENION" warning and my truck is still lop sided.
my passenger and driver side wont go up they told me that its my relay and my air bag compressor the amount for repair is $1500 thats not good my own mechanic said that the cheaper way to go and wont hurt anything is to take the bags out on all side and add springs wont get the smooth ride but u will get a normal drive like all other cars and the amount wont be no more that $200 includes labor problem solved

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