Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2557 comments on the story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

Created by schneider11 in the Lincoln Owners Club Message Board. Your Host is pat What is this discussion about? Lincoln LS, Sedan # 609 of 618 torque converter noise by chrisannr Feb 22, 2006 my mechanic says ...

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Cheree Girl

Seattle, WA

#706 Aug 14, 2009
Ok so.. I love my car to death but as of lately she hasnt been so appreciative. First off.. she misfires like every other lincoln ls it seems and recently shes been failing to start. When turning the key, I wait for everyting to stop beeping before turning on the engine but as soon as it begins the odometer and every other measuring tool on the dash goes all the way to the left like to the max and then back right to 0 right before the alarm begins to sound. Just today, as i put the key to the on position with the engine off, my rear sensors began to sound. Not too sure if its battery related because I had my bumper replaced with new sensors so this new tid bit is a bit baffling.. None the least, while the key is in the on position, when I apply the brake it the abs light illuminates with each breakage saying check advancetrac. The engine oil and battery are also illuminated as well. Im not sure if there is something wrong with maybe how the wiring was done seeing as my car was rear ended while off, pushing it about 15 ft forward into neighbors driveway and resulted in a new frame replacement. Do you think this could have thrown off my wire setup in some way? I know my batterys not dead because in the manual it states trunk will not open with dead battery and everytime she refuses to start for me I can still open the trunk. The battery is mounted down firmly so I know its not back there rocking everywhere.. Ive pretty much grown accustomed to the "dead battery" and have learned to open the door and turn off headlights upon key removal but it still seems to die like someones sitting in there listening to my radio.. I took it to a trusted mechanic and when plugged up read no error codes and was told it started on the dot for them but not me.. I am so confused and have a Ford warranty so not so much stressed just more so irritated seeing as I bought the car and a week later it was involved in a drunk hit and run while a was sleeping. The car hasnt been right since.. If this sounds like an accident cause problem. I also just read in the manual on p 185 that "if the battery is disconnected (or removed), it will be necessary to reset the parking brake; the message center will display APPLY PARK BRAKE.." which it does in the on position but Ive been needing to have my park brake serviced since the accident so im not sure if this applies to me or not because my park brake is "broke." any and all info would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP!!! Sorry about the length.. Ive just had too many problems with my girlfriend lately!!!
Cheree Girl

Seattle, WA

#707 Aug 14, 2009
Oh yeah its a lincoln ls 2003 V8 sport. And its also gone into etc fail safe mode for the first time in the past month. Funny how every other post on not starting and alarm sounding seems to be an 03.. I think we should all file a claim against Lincoln. I love my car and think the creators should too seeing as theyre making a fortune off their defective model. Ugh i hate it.. I barely hit 85k Monday and have only had it since 73k. I know i need a tune up but have been getting my regular maintenance as advised to do so until then. Thanks again..

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#708 Aug 16, 2009
Jeff wrote:
Can someone tell me how to determine if my cars transmission type is an L5 or an S5 3.0 V6 2002 lincoln LS. I can't find it on any of the paperwork or stickers on the car.
If I'm correct, the L5 shifter will show d4 and d5 and a slot to the right with a + and - sign. The S5 will show each individual gear (d5, push to right for d4, pull to the rear for d3,d2,d1.
Scott in Georgia

Cumming, GA

#709 Aug 20, 2009
Just checking in. After getting rid of my 2000 ls i have 2 rims chrome alloy. If anyone is interested, Email me @ [email protected] and ill send you a picture of them.. How bout 50 bux an you play shipping?
Cheree Girl

Seattle, WA

#710 Aug 21, 2009
So i took my booboo to the dealership and had them run some things and come to find out it was a bad battery.. Now i just have to finish with my engine problems :o

Atlanta, GA

#711 Aug 24, 2009
I have a Lincoln Navigator 2004- my car slipped out of Park, while on an incline... I have heard that other year/models have had problems with the traction control device... Has anyone ever heard of this... where on the web can I find more information on ford's response to this major problem.

Norristown, PA

#712 Aug 25, 2009
2002 Lincoln LS V8 won't start, battery fine, electrical fine...can start after pulling into reverse and back to park...several times
Dave S

Pennington Gap, VA

#713 Aug 28, 2009
My 2006 Lincoln LS does the exact same thing. You can't let the car sit for more than a few days. The dealer said he couldn't find anything wrong and everything checked good. He said the car likes to be run everyday and you have to keep the RPMs above 2000 for a while to get a good charge (my wife only drives about 20 miles a day and does go on the highways too often). It seems that if I don't lock the car, the charge will last longer on the battery. I suppose the security system is drawing power. Mine is fully loaded with Nav system and just about everything else. Maybe all the electronics are just discharging the battery slowly. It still happens from time to time, but I just try to manage it and run it on a long trip once a week. I think I'm going to take it back to the dealer again. If they can't fix it 3 times, I may invoke the lemon law.

East Bridgewater, MA

#714 Aug 29, 2009
Shune wrote:
My 2000 Linclon LS has been acting as though it has overheated. When I pull over for 3-5 minutes, the indicator light goes off and then the car resumes as usual. It is real nerve wrecking and I don't know what to do. When I'm in route the temp gauge slowly goes up and I turn on the heat and it brings it back normal.
I am afraid that it will too expensive if I take it to the dealership. ANY SUGGESTIONS????
My 2000 ls did that too you just need to put antifreeze in and it will be fine

Salem, OR

#715 Aug 29, 2009
my 01 ls heat dosent work?
2005 LS V8

Ida Grove, IA

#716 Aug 31, 2009
joe d wrote:
ive had this ongoing problem when the engine is cold i was getting a knocking noise then squealing noise tillit warmed up 2006 lincoln ls now i just get the squealing noise they cant seem to find the problem they put new belts altanator the power steering pump went i think its in the pulleys does anybody have any ideas in the winter you hear it worse
check ur bearings.. maybe in the altanator..

Puerto Rico

#717 Sep 3, 2009

Dothan, AL

#718 Sep 8, 2009
I have a 02 Lincoln LS V8. Sometimes the car will not start. Has a new starter. Everything seems to work ok when turning the ignition switch but the starter does not engage. After trying to start the car several times it may start. This comes and goes every couple of weeks. Does anyone know what would cause this problem?
amy renee

Tyrone, GA

#719 Sep 9, 2009
I own a 2001 Lincoln LS .. It keeps running hot, we have replaced the water pump & thermostat. What else could the problem be ????
Ms Jones

Richmond, VA

#720 Sep 16, 2009
Just bought a 2002 Lincoln LS 5 days ago and I've had to take it to the dealer to look at it every day so far. The dealer says there's nothing wrong with it and is not trying to help even though I have a warrenty it's through him. Every morning when I go to start the vehicle it turns over but does not start. The dealer has replaced the battery and the alternator. Please help I hope I haven't bought a lemon.

Brooklyn, NY

#721 Sep 18, 2009
my lincoln 2000 has the same, my mech is great and says its the catalic converter.

Dothan, AL

#722 Sep 18, 2009
It looks as if nobody has a fix for the 02 lincoln V8 that will not start, at least I have not seen any post. Let me try to be clear about the problem, when you turn the key sometimes nothing happens at the starter. After several tries bam the starter does it's thing and the motor starts. This is after installing a new starter and battery. Has anyone had a successful repair of this problem. You would think the Lincoln folks would help out with some solutions.
Jake Nash

Riverton, WY

#723 Sep 18, 2009
Mike wrote:
It looks as if nobody has a fix for the 02 lincoln V8 that will not start, at least I have not seen any post. Let me try to be clear about the problem, when you turn the key sometimes nothing happens at the starter. After several tries bam the starter does it's thing and the motor starts. This is after installing a new starter and battery. Has anyone had a successful repair of this problem. You would think the Lincoln folks would help out with some solutions.
Your ignition switch has a short in it, or a dead spot.

United States

#724 Sep 19, 2009
Jenn wrote:
i have a 2000 Lincoln LS v8 and it randomly shuts off when i stop at a red light or stop sign.. any ideas on what that could be? it starts back up just fine though. ThanxX
Jenn, I have the same problem. Did you ever find out the problem?

United States

#725 Sep 19, 2009
Jenn, I have the same problem. You ever find out the problem?

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