Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2537 comments on the story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

Created by schneider11 in the Lincoln Owners Club Message Board. Your Host is pat What is this discussion about? Lincoln LS, Sedan # 609 of 618 torque converter noise by chrisannr Feb 22, 2006 my mechanic says ...

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United States

#586 Jan 11, 2009
Okay so i got a diagnostic check on my car because
i was having problems shifting into 4th and 5th gear. cant remember the codes but it said
"PCC Solenoid circuit failure, shortened ciruit."
and thats what was causing problems in 4th and 5th gear. it acts as if i dont have those gears like its in neutral. how much would this approx. cost do u think? would i need a new transmission?as i am in the navy and going overseas soon and im trying to sell it. thanks for your help.

Las Vegas, NV

#587 Jan 19, 2009
Code P0430, on a 01' Lincoln LS V8 sport. Is it the Catalytic converter or the 02 sensors..please help I already changed the 02 sensor after the Cat.
chris M chance

Fresno, CA

#588 Jan 23, 2009
Had the engine in our 2000 v-8 ls go out At 89,695 miles Due to the timing chain tensioner. Found documents from lincoln on the concept of the Ls & how the timing tensioners are "New" technology & will remove any slack through out the life of the engine, Can not find any information in regaurds to when we should of replaced it & No info on how to check the operation of the part. Only to find out that as of 2002 the part has changed 3 times from plastic to all alloy metals that NOW will not need to be replaced. Why would you revise a part with money & hours all to find a fix & tuck it away somewhere where the owner of the car will never have acess to see it.
Asked FORD OVER 20 TIMES (All Documented) for help but get NO ANSWERS!
Have had the FORD / LINCOLN Dealers tell me the part never needed replacing but when I called a Jaguare dealer and ask the same question the tell me not to drive anything more than 60,000 miles on the tensioners, So are lincoln & ford lying to me or do they not have any knowledge with the items they are supposed to be selling?
Feel free to email me @ [email protected]
Info on the concept of the Ls is found here:

Denver, CO

#589 Jan 27, 2009
PDK wrote:
I have a 2002 Lincoln LS with 91K miles. Today it started to hesitate on the highway and then on a side street. Got home and started reving the engine and a horrible smell came from the exhast. What could be the issue.
i had the same problem on my 02 ls. it is probly a coil pack that went out. can be fixed for around 300 at a shop. or about a hundered if u do it your self.
Steve in Atlanta GA


#590 Jan 31, 2009
I have owned my 2002 LS since new. The battery keeps going dead. We have installed a new battery and alternator to no avail. Anyone else have this problem??

Lima, OH

#591 Feb 2, 2009
Have any of you tried the auxualliry coolant pump make sure that they are getting power to them there are two of them on the right side of the radiator one on the bottom and one on the top mounted to the fan shroud another thing that i have found is that the hydrolic fan system dont seem to be reliable i am taking it out and goint to install an eletric fan and see if that helps.. butt make sure you check the pumps i was talkng about earlier.

Brampton, Canada

#592 Feb 4, 2009
i had the same was a hose leak behind the motor ...its a hose that connected to your intake manifold and go's behind the motor all i did was plug this hose and now it runs great

Brampton, Canada

#593 Feb 4, 2009

Owasso, OK

#594 Feb 6, 2009
I have a 2001 LS V8 -- My car keeps dumping it anti freeze. It first happened one day while I was driving and it has happened more and more frequently ever since. The tank has been replaced, the cap has been replaced. Had it towed 2 weeks ago and they told me the hydrolic pump & hose needed to replaced. Today it dumped the anti freeze again. Any Ideas, the dealership can't seem to figure it out.

Columbia, SC

#595 Feb 11, 2009
I have a 2002 LS V8. My car is having start up issues. As long as I'm in and out it cranks just fine, but if left off for a while it hesitates to crank and I have to try 2 and 3 times to start it. When it does crank there is a strong fuel smell and sometimes if left for longer periods of time like days it backfires under the hood. Does anyone have the solution to fixing this problem?? In desperate need of HELP!!!

Boston, MA

#596 Feb 13, 2009
Hi, I'm also having problems with my 2002 Lincoln LS. I went to get an alignment done and I was told that my engine was knocking so I brought it to the dealership and they told me it wasn't the engine it was either the tranny or the catalytic converter. Can someone please let me know if this sounds right and would be covered by the warranty, how much would it be, and wish me luck because if it's not this I am going to flip!!!!!!!!!!
Scott in Georgia

Cumming, GA

#597 Feb 15, 2009
OMG... It just doesnt stop. These cars all suck! I dont think there one thing y'all are experiencing that I haven't fixed on my lincoln. 2000LSV8.. What really bites is, you take it to the dealership, and they charge an arm and a leg for any repairs. But first, they pull the list of what you should have to fix at the current mileage. Then recommend it fixed as part of the problem... So you shop around and get slammed everywhere else.
I watch the new commmercials for the new lincoln M??"Starship" (so they say... LMAO STARSHIT!!!!
Whats even funnier are any posts of ppl stating they are thinking about buying one of these pieces of shit!
Then, the please help posts. Heres HELP, GET A SECOND JOB TO AFFORD THE PIECE OF CRAP WE BOUGHT!!!
Damn, I WILL NEVER BUY A LINCOLN EVER AGAIN>>> AND For that matter, My mind is tainted on any ford product, as this is supposed to be the high end..

Andover, MA

#598 Feb 16, 2009
Derrick wrote:
I've got a 2003 LS it has 68000 on it just put #8 coil in it and ran good for one day and the light came back on and its got a miss again love the car but ?????? ANY SUGGESTIONS ??????
Your valve cover gaskets are toast. Chrominc problem with these cars. Oil gets in the spark plug cylinder and shorts the coil, causing a misfire condition and usually cooking the coil. If you don't replace the valve cover gaskets you'll just keep popping coils, eventually cooking your catalytic converters from the misfire. They're not all that difficult to do yourself...just remove all surrounding accessories to give you the space you need.

Andover, MA

#599 Feb 16, 2009
Liz wrote:
I have a 2001 LS V8 -- My car keeps dumping it anti freeze. It first happened one day while I was driving and it has happened more and more frequently ever since. The tank has been replaced, the cap has been replaced. Had it towed 2 weeks ago and they told me the hydrolic pump & hose needed to replaced. Today it dumped the anti freeze again. Any Ideas, the dealership can't seem to figure it out.
Assuming you replaced the degas bottle, you may have a bad thermostat and/or air in the system causing flow issues. If air pockets surround the thermostat, it will not operate properly from time to time. These cars have VERY particular air purge procedures after refilling the coolant. You can't just fill it, drive and then check the fluid level. You need to bleed the air out per factory spec.
Andy Skiffington

Brandon, FL

#600 Feb 17, 2009
My 2005 Lincoln LS with 24,000 miles keeps slipping gears. I took it to Ford and they did not diagnose any problems. Any other owners expeiencing this problem?

Sunland, CA

#601 Feb 19, 2009
I have a 2003 Lincoln LS,, 6 cyl. A couple of weeks ago I had a puff of steam come through the air conditioner vent. I immediately turned off the air and haven't used it since. The heater works fine but winter will be over soon. Does anyone know if this is a thing I can fix at home?


United States

#602 Feb 23, 2009
I lincoln ls 2001,car starts fine, but when press gas pedal car will not move. Vehicle will roll in reverse and cost forward when in gear, but nothing happens when gas pedal is pushed.

United States

#603 Feb 24, 2009
I have a linclon ls and I can't find my fuse box to change my fuse could somebody tell me where it might be located at in the car

Worcester, MA

#604 Mar 1, 2009
Damm i was seriousley thinking about getting a ls in a month buy by the looks ok this i might pass on this problem

United States

#605 Mar 10, 2009
i have the same issue with my truck only...but if i hit the remote incorrectly my windows will go down also.

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