Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions

There are 2590 comments on the story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Lincoln LS Owners: Problems & Solutions. In it, reports that:

Created by schneider11 in the Lincoln Owners Club Message Board. Your Host is pat What is this discussion about? Lincoln LS, Sedan # 609 of 618 torque converter noise by chrisannr Feb 22, 2006 my mechanic says ...

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West Monroe, LA

#466 May 18, 2008
Have a 2000 lincoln LS driver seat won't work when key in inserted. neather will the seat switches. What controles this, fuse ok
need help.

Warren, MI

#467 May 22, 2008
i have a 2000 lincoln ls v8 and i bought it one week later the engine light comes on cat 1 and 2 deficancy so i get the cats replaced now it comes back on and it says p1151- indicates vehicle running lean.( 02 sensor heater circuit signal intermittent. bank 2 sensor 1) has anyone had the same problem??if so how did you fix it?
Jim in Auburn

Cecil, AL

#468 May 24, 2008
I have a 2000 Lincoln LS. The other day I turned off the car and tried to restart it and the horn went off and the lights were blinking like someone hit the panic button on the remote. I pressed the open door button on the remote and the horn quite, tried to start the car about three more times and the same thing the horn and lights went on again. When this happened the car would only turn over one time. We sat for a few minutes and then the car started. The change oil light had been on before the problem.
Jim in Auburn

Cecil, AL

#469 May 24, 2008
cris wrote:
i have a 2000 lincoln ls v8 and i bought it one week later the engine light comes on cat 1 and 2 deficancy so i get the cats replaced now it comes back on and it says p1151- indicates vehicle running lean.( 02 sensor heater circuit signal intermittent. bank 2 sensor 1) has anyone had the same problem??if so how did you fix it?
I had the same problem. We went to a car wash and had an under body flush with the car wash and the light went off. Go figure. Prior to the car wash I changed both converters, O2's, changed 7 coils, valve cover gaskets spark plugs and fuel filter. It runs great but the engine light still comes on once in a while. Now I go to Auto zone and have them clear the light. I'm suppose to burn 93 oct. gas but I rotate with 91.
Jim in Auburn

Cecil, AL

#470 May 24, 2008
vanv wrote:
<quoted text>Yes go to they have them in stock,good price.
I changed two in two and a half years. I have a 2000 LS V8.

Waynesville, NC

#471 May 25, 2008
I have the same problem. I will have my PCC solenoid checked also.

Steve wrote:
<quoted text>
Louis, I also have a 2001 LSV8 with the exact error. Tranny guy says it could be a PCC solenoid?, but thinks it may take a few hours to diagnose. I will probably just take it to my local dealer for diagnosis. If you get any further info, please reply.

Waynesville, NC

#472 May 25, 2008
I have the same problem with my transmission not shifting into overdrive. I will have the PCC solenoid checked.


United States

#473 May 27, 2008
donald wrote:
should i buy a 01 ls with 98000 miles? clean title and carfax
Why buy one with 98k when youu could buy mine with 80k!!! Just kidding...dont buy any '01 has had most of the same problems as the rest of these posts. I fell for the sexy looks and the V-8...dont make the same mistake I did!!!
C dogg


#474 May 29, 2008
Yeah Im certain thats ignition coil gone, and its shaken couse your like down to 7 or 5 cylinders, depending on your engine, it works off and on, and when u hit highway spees it should go away until you soow back down to bout 40. i had the ame porblem, but it wasnmt on the ls tho. so hope that helps.
Smirnoff wrote:
2001 LS V6 started it up this morning and have bad vibration and the car shifts very rough. Service light started flashing, then went to being on solid.
drove the 5 miles to work and it would run ok, then vibrate, run ok, vibrate...u get the idea.
is this a tranny issue. I initially thought so but don't think it is.
barbara wright


#475 Jun 6, 2008
I have a 2002 Lincoln LS. My problem is the horn will not work. replace the fuse no luck. Any help will be appreciated thanks so i can get it through inspection'


#476 Jun 7, 2008
Well what can i say i'm only was 22 when i got my 2000 LS V8 sports. I've bought my Oct 24, 2005,i had three months of fun with it. That's when all hell broke loose. My drive door would close cause the inside handle corde riped. Then my AC needed themostate,hydropump,waterpump ,and a bottle for antifreeze. Third thing was my engine light came on i had a misfire that cost me $835 cause i needed three or four spark plugs, two head gas, and something else that i can't remember. Then a year later the samething but i only needed two spark plugs and something else that was around $529.68 these are the dealer prices. Then a around last 4 July i needed lower ball joints in the front on both sides. Those cost me the most really it set me back like $1,274.48 cause i kept hearing a rattle in the front around the my wheels. Then a week before Christmas this past year 07 i had a flat going to work in the front driver. It took me about 2 hours to get the dumb thing off then one on the lung nut broke off. I called the dealer the nut was $100.00 to replace but just for a damn tire they wanted $245.00 cause the V8 which i think thats full of shit! Plus the linement and balance wasn't even added in invoice yet! Oh yea i just got all new brakes and roaders and disk in month of Feb which was around $721.00. Now final and hopefully the last thing that's messing up is my factory radio. It sometimes play, it doesn't show the time, but until i hit RDS button it displays. I'm really getting tired seeking money on this car and what crazy this is my first car!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#477 Jun 11, 2008
I have a 2002 Lincoln LS with the 3.9L V8. It is over heating and the emission light is on, does any one knows whats wrong, and which is the best gas station to go to, sometimes the car jerks, even after I had a tune up.
Shawne Proctor

Pleasanton, CA

#478 Jun 23, 2008
Josie wrote:
We bought a brand new Lincoln LS 2001 4 yrs ago and 4mos ago the check engine light came on, got hook a machine to find out what the problem is they said it needs a complete tune up so we got it service even though we get a complete service once a year but the light is still on infact when we took the car out of the shop the car is hesitating too when it runs it wasn't causing that when we brought it in, and so I had someone look at they said to change the fuel filter and I also put fuel injector cleaner in there to see if it will work it's still hesitating. Before we put the car in the shop we got it read twice before to make sure the diagnostic machine is not always right one is saying there was oil in the fuel injection and the other is saying not, I don't want to keep spending money getting all this done we already spent 3500 dollars just trying to figure things out, so what do you think the problem is.
Mines is doing that right now it may be the Electronic Thottle Control.
Shawne Proctor

Pleasanton, CA

#479 Jun 23, 2008
It may be the Electronic Thottle Control, because mines is doing that now, I am going to put in on the diagnostic maschine to see exactly what is wrong.

Marlborough, MA

#480 Jun 23, 2008
My 2002 Lincoln LS has the battery light and the air bag icon flash on and off but it seems to drive fine - is this safe or how can I stop them from illuminating?


#481 Jun 24, 2008
my air bag light stays on

Hainesport, NJ

#482 Jun 25, 2008
That is not safe, that means that the air bags are not going to work in the event of a collision. I have the same problem right now, however mine was in an accident involvng the passanger side and the airbag deployed, i'll get back to you on how it works out for me, but you should go to dealership / and find out how to reset the air bag which I plan on doing but they charge a fee. Anyone finds out how to let me know . There is a special tool to reset the airbag and it will not work with the normal OBD II tool however there is a tool that works for the SRS (saftey restraint system) but I have not found it yet any info let me know...]
Jason B

United States

#483 Jun 27, 2008
I have a 2001 Lincoln LS with the V8. The dash is teling me that the charging system is going out, and the battery light comes on. I took it to autozone, and they said the alternater is fine and that the battery has a full charge. Im assuming the electrical system in the dash is going out. Has anyone had this problem, and any idea on the best way to fix it?


Edmond, OK

#484 Jun 28, 2008
I've got a 2003 LS it has 68000 on it just put #8 coil in it and ran good for one day and the light came back on and its got a miss again love the car but ?????? ANY SUGGESTIONS ??????

United States

#485 Jun 29, 2008
Louis wrote:
My 2001 transmission warning comes on. My mechanic says that it is reporting error codes 734, 735, and 795.
Since the warning came on, it seems not to get into 4th and 5th gear.
Any ideas?
Louis I have the same issue with my lincoln same year and also v8, same codes for mine as well its the solenoid,mine also does the same in the same gears, also my car resets its self if i turn it off and on, the rpms just run high,

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