Lincoln LS Sucks!!
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Matt D

Lexington, KY

#1 Apr 15, 2008
I have been very loyal to my LS since I fist got it. Since then I have had all the problems everyone else is mentioning: Foggy head lights, passenger window breaks, back of driver seat continuously popping off, Air Bag light staying on, oil leak on engine (burning smel), etc. I have always turned the other cheeck b/c I loved the car when it had no problems. I always get everything done fixed at the dealership by the way. Well, two weeks ago my transmission goes out on my L/S. The car has 88,000 miles on it. To me, that is not too many miles (especially when you always do the 50,000 and 80,000 mile service plans at your dealership.I pay 3,000 to fix the transmission. Now, my engine light comes on and I am assuming the transmission was not fixed correctly. Well, come to find out my inition coils are bad and my rear wheel barringis going bad. Another $1,800 to fix. I am exhausted with all the problems this car has caused me. I have friends that drive Toyotas and Honda's and they have 200,000 miles on their vehicles and not once had a transmission or engine problem. I called Ford and they told me there is nothing they can help me with. My wife drives a Ford Escape so we considered ourselves loyal customers. I feel so betrayed by the lack of Fords willingness to help as well as their lack of recalls on what they consider a "luxury vehicle". If you want to discuss this further with me or want to share your story you can always email me direct to [email protected]

United States

#2 Jul 21, 2008
I have a 2005 LS V8. Only problem so far has been the thermostat and that repair was covered by original warranty. With the new extended warranty on surge problems that Ford announced recently, I had a minor surging problem checked out and they replaced the throttle body, and that was covered by the original warranty. My time is about up on this original warranty, so I'm wondering whether I should purchase an extended warranty. But I don't know what extra problems might appear in the next 3-6 years/36,000+ miles (I currently have 43,300 miles on the car). Any thoughts or suggestions from other 2005 LS owners? Thanks!

Clayton, NC

#3 Aug 9, 2008
I have a 2001 V8-LS. I actually love my car. I have 144,000 miles on it. I have had to replace six ignition coils in the last year. I have replaced two window motors driver and passenger. Now my horn works sometimes and sometimes not, but its the airbag spring. Thats actually about 200-300 dollars to repair. I didn't want to get it repaired but now it's affecting my cruise and radio volume controls. :( I finally paid it off and I love it, but repairs are expensive.

Katy, TX

#4 Oct 11, 2008
I have had some of the same problems with my 2001 LS. My drivers window does not work, I have replaced 6 coils. None of my options on the steering wheel work along with my horn. i spent too much money on this car to have these types of problems. i will never buy another car of this type.

Saudi Arabia

#5 Oct 25, 2008
im thinkin of buying a used 2000 LS, has 76,000 miles on it.. havent checked out da car yet.. but judgin from numerous blogs, and discussions.. this cars seems like a handful... dont get me wrong da car is sexy as hell, but would anyone Encourage me to BUY IT or is it a wrong Idea!:S
its ma first car! so pls help!

La Habra, CA

#6 Nov 25, 2008
tell me about it, i have an 06 ls v6 and as soon as the warranty expired i started to have problems... seems like my tranny is about to give out and i only have 75000... :( i always to the oil change with pure synthetic and no problem with engine. transmission been acting weird for almost 4 months but just recently got worse... jumps hard to get to third gear when goin normal speed... but pretty nice on highway.. still some what pleased with it.

United States

#7 Nov 27, 2008
I have a 2001 Lincoln LS and this I must say is the worse car I ever owned. My advise to all that own this American piece of shit is to either sell it, trade it or burn it.. ok maybe not burn it but just get rid of it, with out going to jail. I HATE THIS SHIT!!!!!

Akron, OH

#8 Dec 17, 2008
Same thing here, 2001 LS with air bag light on($200.00), advance track light on ($990.00) for parts only, rack and pinion stearing leeking...
70000 miles. Hope you have deep pockets to maintain this car. Its a car for Corporation Executives and the company to maintain it..

I wish I boutht a Camery instead...

Hudson Falls, NY

#9 Dec 18, 2008
2001 LS V8 sports package. I've owned it since 14,000 miles and now have 119,000 mostly hiway miles. I want to make it to 200,000. I've replaced a couple of coils and a bearing at my expense and a catylitic converter on warrenty. She's running great right now but starting to notice shifts from 4th to 5th (used to never notice a shift). I'm planning a complete flush of the tranny fluid. My biggest problem is tires, they last 40K max with major cupping on the outside. I get it alligned with every tire change and my tire dealer said its the camber out designed by Ford for stability. Has anybody found a tire that last longer with a good allignment?

I drive this car 80 mph for 100 miles a day and it feels as solid as a rock. It will blow away any of the tinny POS Jap cars out there with just two fingers holding the steering wheel. Its a good design if it is taken care of. Thank you for any tire advice.


#10 Dec 19, 2008
I have a 01 LS with 140k on it. touch wood so far no issues with the car. apert from fogging headlight on the driver side. The back part of the passagnger seat is commin out. but I love this car.

Richmond, CA

#12 Apr 24, 2009
I own a 2005 Lincoln LS V6. Thus far I have had the air condition heater control valve stop working. The dealer repaired it as it was under warranty. The vehicle has 23,100 mile on it. This car is well taken care of with tires rotated every 5 k. I notice a tumping sound and took the vehicle in to the dealership. The report the Continental front tires to be cupping. The car drives straight. Funny thing on the www this cupping seeems to be a common problem. My warranty is up next month. Any suggesting to getting this issue resolved?

Denver, CO

#13 May 7, 2009
I own a 2006 LS V8 with 69,000 miles. I bought it at 35,000 miles with an extended warranty. I have had all the services performed as required and just recently had my first major problem. The car has two fuel pumps that work to enable the engine to start quickly when cold. I had to have both of them replaced when the car started surging and then wouldn't pump gas to the engine. This was luckily covered under my extended warranty. What I didn't have covered was that the loss of fuel caused my throttle body to go bad too, which wasn't covered and costs about $500. Contacting my extended warranty company I learned that they have different levels of service depending on how much you pay for. The throttle body would have been covered two services higher than my level. I was never told this from the dealer and believed I was extending the original warranty and only incurring a deductable payment. Well, no more extended warranty for me ... I'm dumping the LS and buying new, then dumping again prior to original warranty.

Covington, LA

#14 Jun 5, 2009
I have a 2004 ls with the 3.0 and i have 70,000 on it now and the only problem ive had was the shift pack in the tranny acted up which the warrenty covered and it had a miss caused by a detail shop that steam cleaned the motor and got water in the sparkplug well. as for ignition coils going out. i was told by a lincoln mech. that if one goes to change them all to keep from having to keep going back 1 by 1
Mike part 2

Newark, CA

#15 Jun 6, 2009
Here the follow-up on the cupping tires. So the original tumping sound was at 17 mph. I had the tires rotated and the sound occurs at 40 mph. I took it in to a shop for an alignment. The Caster was off .1 and the Toe was off .02. It didn't make a difference. I hear the car/tire combination is not that good. I'll probably get some a diiferent brand of tires next time.

Harrisburg, NC

#16 Jun 9, 2009
I have a 2001 Lincoln ls V8 and Im having one problem after another. I have replaced all the coils, valve cover gaskets, motors on both driver and passenger side windows,not to mention the back passenger window needs it,replaced the bucket that holds the antifreeze. I had to replace the battery and it was expensive and hard to find. My horn stopped working, my airbag and autotrack light stays on. My tires wear out fast (at a whooping $1000 for tires that can get expensive). Overall I love the driving exp of my Lincoln LS V8

Charlotte, NC

#17 Jun 29, 2009
I have had my 2002 LS v8 for a little over a year now. I have had to replace the clockspring in the steering wheel $150 and also the airbag wiring harness under the seat $100. I have replaced coils 2, 3, & 7 so far at $200 each. I wish I never bought this car! One of the worst mistakes of my whole entire life. Can't wait to find someone to buy it. It looks beautiful but costs way too much money to maintain. Not to mention the synthetic oil changes for $80 and the premium only gas requirement.

Chesapeake, VA

#18 Aug 11, 2009
I have a 05 ls v6 and the only thing i love about this car is the look. So beware, don't judge this car by it's cover. This car is a piece of shi-. At the very beginning w/less than 5K miles, the steering racket had to be replaced (covered under warranty). I had to replace several studs. Tech said aftermarket wheels cause studs to pop.I had to take rims off. Had to replace front rotors. Had misfire #6 cyclinder and had to replace coil and spark plug in Apr of 09. Doesn't appear problem was fixed. Still encountering the same problem now in Aug. Was told that the problem could be the throtter body now. I am convinced that this model of lincoln was a huge mistake. I will never purchase a lincoln again and encourage anyone else out there interested to do the same.

Clio, MI

#19 Aug 11, 2009
i have a 2002 LS V8. i dont have a single problem with my car. it has 42,000 miles on it, but of course i take damn good care of my car and no matter what car you buy there are going to be problems with it. but it is a lincoln so its going to be reliable. if you cant hadle the price of repairs buy a cheaper car like honda.... i'd love to hear about all the problems you'll have with those.... but anyways I am the second owner of my Lincoln and I knew worked with the first owner and it never visited the shop except for regular maintence. trust me i know it hasnt i worked at the Gord dealership that he brought it to.

Newark, CA

#20 Aug 12, 2009
Back again. I own a 2005 Lincoln LS V6 with 24K on it. I'm wondering if this is going to be a problem.

After the dealer changed the heater control valve I noticed the a/c fan has gotten really loud. People are commenting on the noise. Everyone had a similar experience with the a/c fan?

New York, NY

#21 Aug 16, 2009
1. replaced ALL coil packs (after dealer did it twice)

2. cheap ass window regulators freeze up and die (every winter)

3. my front wheel fell off at a stop sign from broken studs (with stock wheels mind you)

4. air bag light,traction light and ABS lights on

5. no speedo or dash lights anymore

6. exhaust clogged up from unspent fuel getting in there i guess from the coils

7. head gasket twice

8. cat converters are totally f'd

I could go on but it pains me. bought this car brand new in 01 and it has proven to be a rolling shit bomb ever since.


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