Just to behold this beautiful vehicle is to experience Shock and Awe, but it is wrapped in matte military green as a tribute to America's heroes, and to honor those who have fallen. Upon purchase, 9.11% of the purchase price will be donated to 9/11's victim fund.

2008 Lamborghini Superleggerra
Black/Black Suede
Wrapped professionally in 3M Matte Military Green Foil
23k miles
Turbo kit was installed at 15k miles

-Heffner Performance 1050TTG (Twin Turbo)

[*]Four ply silicone hose couplers
[*]T style hose clamps for all air charge piping
[*]Engine removal and disassembly
[*]Installation of steel cylinder liners
[*]Custom designed CP forged pistons
[*]Carrillo billet steel connecting rods
[*]High performance piston rings
[*]New engine bearings
[*]New engine gaskets and seals
[*]New main bearing cap bolts
[*]New cylinder head bolts
[*]Engine assembly and installation
[*]Upgraded twin disc clutch system
[*]Speed sensitive boost control system
[*]Twin ball bearing turbochargers
[*]Twin TIAL 44mm waste gates
[*]Twin TIAL 50mm pressure relief valves
[*]Custom Spearco water to air intercooler
[*]Stainless steel turbo exhaust piping
[*]Polished stainless steel air charge piping
[*]Twin high flow air filters
[*]Braided stainless steel turbo oil and water lines
[*]Upgraded engine management system
[*]Twin high flow in tank fuel pumps
[*]Upgraded fuel lines
[*]High flow fuel rails
[*]High flow fuel injectors
[*]Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

-3M Clear Bra (complete hood, complete fenders, and front bumper)
-Tinted Windows
-Powder Coated Black Rims
-Laser Pro Park Laser Jammers
-Hardwire for Radar Detector
-RSC LP560 Bumper

The car is hard loaded with all options
- Navigation
- Carbon Ceramics
- Carbon Interior
- Rearview Camera
- Big Carbon Wing
- Carbon Side Mirrors, Hatch, Diffuser

The car has 23k miles but is in IMMACULATE condition. Dyno for car can be emailed.

The car also has the Motec M800 system installed.

Asking $159,000

For more information, please feel free to contact [email]lambotroop@gmail.com[/e mail]

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