Jeep Liberty problems

Pharr, TX

#285 Jul 7, 2009
Radiator Fan motor or Relay bad! Ck to see if it is running when the guage shows hot.
Troy OR

Valley Springs, CA

#286 Jul 20, 2009
hopalongliberty wrote:
Have a 2003 liberty ltd it hops around corners,put in any 4x4 mode and it feels like its binding in the rear and bangs and thumps when turning. Took it to a dealer had the diffs lubed and the guy actually tried to tell me you should'nt drive in 4 wheel if it's not snowing (huh?) any input.
You shouldn't drive in 4 wheel if you don't need to. the "hopping" is because as both axels run parallel and you are making a turn the rear axel (with no steering)can't equally complete the radius of the of fron axel and that is why the tires push out ot "hop"
leslie k ohio

Keller, TX

#287 Jul 21, 2009
I have a 2003 jeep liberty sport ,relocated, drove it to tx from ohio and now my tranfer box is shot. Im now 2000 miles out of factory warranty when 3 months ago they told me it was my brakes. Any body else have similar problems with transfer case? any suggestions?

Bellingham, WA

#288 Jul 28, 2009
I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty that has had compression problems in the #3 cylinder. Now I am taking the head to a machine shop to have it rebuilt. I don't know what I'm looking at for a cost...? I'm sure labor will be outrageous, but I would like to how much poorer I will be.

United States

#289 Aug 4, 2009
dont drive the jeep in 4 wheel drive on the dry pavement. it has to do with the gear ratio. the back spin faster than the front cause of highway use. the front is mainly used to get you out of a jam like mud or snow. the front tires move slower than the back its the gear ratio on each u must make sure both diffs are the same gears or you will break them.
hopalongliberty wrote:
Bough mine 1 year ago and learned about the ball joint recall,took it to Ensign chrysler and was delighted at their courtious proffesionalism. Other company said call periodicaly to see if we have any, same company that took it for a test to find out why it binds in4x4 mode and said nothing wrong these jeeps do that. Ensign is going to take care of this problem also. Hmmmm wonder where i'll shop for any future chrysler products.

Salt Lake City, UT

#290 Aug 7, 2009
Jim it sounds like you might have a leak somewhere in the lines that let out harmful fumes from your gas tank and into what they call a toxic gas reducer. When there is a leak the obvious thing to do is to check the cap for the tank to see if it seals properly, if not, then you have to lower your tank and check the lines. I have done it a few times. That might be your problem. What is the code the computer reads when the diagnose it?

United States

#291 Aug 7, 2009
Jeeps guzzle way too much gas.
Christy OH

United States

#292 Aug 15, 2009
Bought a 2008 Jeep Liberty last Jan and have taken it in to the dealer to be fixed two times already. The first time was after 9 months of driving the Jeep because the rocker arm came off. This time it is because the AC clutch is broken and needs replaced. I am glad that it has all been covered under the warranty, but I was not expecting problems like this so soon.
Henry Miami Florida

Miami, FL

#293 Aug 15, 2009
What is P0442 in my jeep liberty 2003
Any ideas Thanks

Christiansburg, VA

#294 Aug 15, 2009
Sheridan wrote:
I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty that has had compression problems in the #3 cylinder. Now I am taking the head to a machine shop to have it rebuilt. I don't know what I'm looking at for a cost...? I'm sure labor will be outrageous, but I would like to how much poorer I will be.
Just replacd engine in 02 liberty. Did alot of research. The 2002 engines sludge really bad which is what my problem ended up being. For $2500 you can get a brand new engine from a place in MD called powertrain products. Labor was $965 to put it in.Checked several places and all about the same 18-22 hours at $55 an hour. Now thats not rebuilding it,that is a new engine. For $299 i also got the kit from them with water pumpand all hoses and stuff. It costed me about $4100. WIth them getting engine from different place would have been about $5,000.

Christiansburg, VA

#295 Aug 15, 2009
bdsted wrote:
Disconnect the battery to reset the computer. After you reconnect the battery the check engine light should be off. If it comes on again do the following to get the service code, which you should be able to search the web for more information on the problem.
Put key in ignition. Turn the key to power on the vehicle (don't start it, just engange the electrical power). Repeat this two more time (total of three). On the third turn keep the power enganged. The odometer will flash with a p###### code. This is the service code that can be search on to determine what the issue is.
<quoted text>
I have read that on here but it doesnt work like that on my 02 liberty. The engine light does the flashes. Replaced engine and 160 miles later engine light came on. In 03 it did same thing and was 02 sensor. So figured was same problem this time. We did the code test and came up 02 sensor. Then went to advance store and they used there code reader to tell us which one it is. The 02 libery has 4 o2 sensors on it.

Uniontown, PA

#296 Aug 20, 2009
It sounds familar. My car is a 2002 Jeep Liberty that has started to shut off for no reason at all. I had my oil changed, spark plugs replaced and filter replace. I keeps doing it. I got two codes from the car, P0346 and P1299 and the engine light flashed 12 times. Can anyone tell me what this means? Please
robin robert

Mesa, AZ

#297 Aug 22, 2009
2004 Jeep Liberty has major issues. CD player wont work and CDs get stuck. Hearing a major clunking and spinning noise under the vehicle that no one knows where it's coming from and overheating consistantly and A/C doesn't work and blowing heat every once in a while.

Fort Collins, CO

#298 Aug 28, 2009
Yes, the exact same thing happened to me....I was zapped with a $978 bill because of a $300+ power steering hose assembly. It sucks and I'm not sure if I was ripped off or not. The Dealership where I had it serviced regularly for 4yrs was one of the casualties of the closures. I trusted them. 2002 Jeep Liberty I planned on driving til it falls apart...which I hope is at least another five years.
JeepStressed wrote:
I have to say that I can't complain much about my Jeep. Its been good so far, until the car completely would not start on this past Friday. It started just fine all day and then Friday night, it just wouldn't work. The lights would come on, the windows would roll up and down, the radio would play, etc.(sluggishly, but eventually)Also, once all the other stuff started lighting up, if you tried to blow the horn or unlock the doors , everything would shut down. So I had it towed to a mechanic and now I'm being told the battery is bad, some wiring was damaged and had to be replaced and that it needs an alternator!$600+...has anybody heard of this happening with this car?! Have you had it happen? I feel like I'm getting snowed and ripped off and there's nothing I can do about it except pay because I need my car.

Fort Collins, CO

#299 Aug 28, 2009
by the way, the Dealership didn't give me the diagnosis or repair it, it was closed. The only place to two it was to Goodyear..They fixed it.

United States

#300 Sep 2, 2009
ive had my 02 liberty for about 6 months now (got it from my mom who bought it new). ive had to replace the radiator because it had a small hole in the plastic part, then had that problem where it would shut off and the tach would go crazy (got a new crank and cam sensor and added fuel stablizer) and now its running good again. hopefully it will last me till i graduate.

Pittsburgh, PA

#301 Sep 9, 2009
went in for a front end allignment on my 2003 Jeep Liberty mechanic couldn"t do it said all the bolts where rusted and he couldn"t get them to come off ????? 6 years and the underside is rusted yhea the could have torched everything off then replace the whole front carriage for about $700 dollars the you know whats had no problum selling me tires 3 days before at which time the allignment was to be done the manager at Fuccillos told me he FORGOT but he remembered to give me a bill for over one thousand dollars

United States

#302 Sep 10, 2009
Chuknchez wrote:
Had the same problem in my 2002 Liberty Sport. Very simple fix. Your electric fan is going. My fan relay went first. Have your mechanic replace the cooling fan relay (or module as it is called) and the electric fan. Models with standard cooling package do not have a belt driven fan, only an electric one that is controlled by a relay circuit. You can get an replacement fan fron Radiator US (check e-Bay) for about $120 with shipping.
the fan on mine is in good working order...we bypast the relay switch and the fan came on...i put a new switch on a few months ago...dealership said the switch style had been changed and improved....

San Antonio, TX

#303 Sep 11, 2009
My sister in law has a 03 jeep liberty and as she comes to a stop the car will start to shake then it will just shut off. Anyone have any answers?

Grand Blanc, MI

#304 Sep 25, 2009
I just purchased a used 2006 Jeep Liberty and notice that the transmission temp light will flicker and an alarm bell sounds once or twice in a 30 mile drive. Doesn't seem to affect anything else and doesn't make sense that transmission temp would even be an issue since driving is very light (on highway). Have read many comments about PCM or BCM issues on Libertys. Any suggestions appreciated.

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