Jeep Liberty problems
Bob W

Mckeesport, PA

#264 Mar 15, 2009
I have a 2003 Jeep liberty .
at around 45 to 55 mph i get a vibration comming from the back ofthe jeep.
does anyonehave an idea as to what can be causing it?
Roger Tremblay

North York, Canada

#265 Mar 29, 2009
Kelly Murray wrote:
I have a 2004 jeep liberty which recently started making noise in the rear end, I have no owners manual and wanted to know how to check the differential fluid, and or how to grease the axle. I do not think it is anything mechanical becasue it does it when just coasting out of a parking spot in neutral, as it is a 5 speed.
Hey I have the issue, is it a humming sound? The kicker for me is that I didn't have an issue with it unil the dealership changed the seal and dif bearings... the noize I'm getting is a rumbling hum as if the shimming was messed up or something slacked off... did you get yours checked? Please let me know what the outcome is.


Saint Peters, MO

#266 Apr 6, 2009
The cd player in my 04 liberty has a cd stuck in it. I can still listen to the cd but when I hit eject nothing happens. I can hear the cd spin like it's trying but it still remains stuck. Any suggestions?

Minneapolis, MN

#267 Apr 7, 2009
Disconnect the battery to reset the computer. After you reconnect the battery the check engine light should be off. If it comes on again do the following to get the service code, which you should be able to search the web for more information on the problem.

Put key in ignition. Turn the key to power on the vehicle (don't start it, just engange the electrical power). Repeat this two more time (total of three). On the third turn keep the power enganged. The odometer will flash with a p###### code. This is the service code that can be search on to determine what the issue is.
Wheeljack wrote:
Hi All,
I have and 06 3.7 L Liberty and I have run into a new problem. The engine light has come on and when it happened the temprature guage needle dropped back to 0. When I pulled over and shut off the ignition, i heard an unusual reving down type noise. When i re-started the engine, the temp guage worked but the engine light remains on. Any thoughts or ideas?

Calgary, Canada

#268 May 8, 2009
I have a 2005 Liberty CDI 4x4 LTD. The rear diff is growling Chrysler says there is water in oil, and vehicle must have been submerged, this has never happened, can anyone tell me what would cause failure to keep water out of diff, or how it may have gotten there.

Winnipeg, Canada

#269 May 8, 2009
hopalongliberty wrote:
Have a 2003 liberty ltd it hops around corners,put in any 4x4 mode and it feels like its binding in the rear and bangs and thumps when turning. Took it to a dealer had the diffs lubed and the guy actually tried to tell me you should'nt drive in 4 wheel if it's not snowing (huh?) any input.
If you are running the vehicle on dry pavement, you should not be using the 4 wheel drive system. It is very hard on the drive train. Only in slippery conditions (rain, snow, ice) should you use the 4 wheel drive.

Winnipeg, Canada

#270 May 8, 2009
Darryl wrote:
I have a 2005 Liberty CDI 4x4 LTD. The rear diff is growling Chrysler says there is water in oil, and vehicle must have been submerged, this has never happened, can anyone tell me what would cause failure to keep water out of diff, or how it may have gotten there.
Had the same problem on my 2002 jeep tj. Most likely cause was condensation over time. I blew up my front differential.

Winnipeg, Canada

#271 May 8, 2009
hopalongliberty wrote:
Bough mine 1 year ago and learned about the ball joint recall,took it to Ensign chrysler and was delighted at their courtious proffesionalism. Other company said call periodicaly to see if we have any, same company that took it for a test to find out why it binds in4x4 mode and said nothing wrong these jeeps do that. Ensign is going to take care of this problem also. Hmmmm wonder where i'll shop for any future chrysler products.
maybe you shouldn't own a 4 wheel drive vehicle. All true 4x4's will do that when turning on a dry surface....(Not AWD system)....

George Town, Cayman Islands

#272 May 10, 2009
i really like the look of the jeep liberty spor and would lobe to purchase one, used 2006 or newer
but after reading all of the problems i am questioning this purchases, i do not want a problem vehicle,
is anyone happy with theirs or is it a money pit ??

Gardiner, ME

#273 May 13, 2009
We just bought a 2005 jeep liberty limited has 43000 on it and the light can on and would not start it eventually did the problem had to do with the starter something to do with the revolutions. We were getting back into our vehicle three days later and the light can back on. We are taking it into the dealership in the morning can only imagine what it is now. I refuse to drive around with my check engine light on whether it has something to do with a program in the jeep to go off to get serviced or not. Is this normal for a 2005 jeep liberty limited with 43000 to have the engine light come on, is anyone having this problem as well?

Hartford, CT

#274 May 18, 2009
I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty and had the same problem with the engine light being stuck on in September 2008. They couldn't find anything wrong and just reset it and sent me on my way. Well the problem is back and My engine light is stuck on again. They still didn't know what the problem was that was causing it. They want to replace the CPM. They already ordered two and replaced them and they don't work either. They now are saying it is a programming issue. Any Thoughts?

Norfolk, VA

#275 May 26, 2009
My 2003 Liberty stalled over a month ago, and I had it towed to a mechanic. The coil packs (because 2 had blown), spark plugs, and even the computer itself has been replaced...TO NO AVAIL. Does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on with my Jeep?

United States

#276 Jun 7, 2009
About 3 weeks ago I noticed a clicking noise from the rear gate. I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 with about 125k miles and sometimes travel on gravel roads. After pulling the rear panel off I found 2 cracks in the inner support panel where the 2 top tire bracket bolts are that support the tire weight. The original factory tire and rim are on the gate. The dealer said they have not heard of any problems like this. This is a Jeep isn't it. I guess if you just keep it garaged and stay on smooth pavement you will never have a problem like this. This is my last Chrysler product! Anybody else having this type of problem?

Philadelphia, PA

#278 Jun 7, 2009
I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty Ltd. On my way to work it was doin fine. But when I started it to drive it home it made a cranking sound. I did not try any further for fear that I might cause more trouble to the car..Does someone know what this is?
Supposed ROI

United States

#279 Jun 13, 2009
I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport with 98000 miles on it. No problems until about the last 3 months. I was driving, the check engine light came on and it stalled. Now the light remains on and will occasionally fash, run rough when I start the jeep. I then will turn off the jeep, restart, and the light will remain on, but the car is driveable [no inducator light flashing]. Cylinder #2 misfire each time. Changed spark plugs, o-ring, rotors, new fuel injector, changed/flushed oil, and put in a new computer board. I also needed to replace the battery this last week [6 years old] as it went dead. Any ideas? No leaks or other problems. I'm still driving the jeep, I am just afraid I may do further damage.
Cesar Soliz

San Antonio, TX

#280 Jun 16, 2009
hopalongliberty wrote:
Have a 2003 liberty ltd it hops around corners,put in any 4x4 mode and it feels like its binding in the rear and bangs and thumps when turning. Took it to a dealer had the diffs lubed and the guy actually tried to tell me you should'nt drive in 4 wheel if it's not snowing (huh?) any input.
4-wheel-drives are not designed to be used in cornering situations. Differentials are designed to "slip." When you take a turn (let's say to the left), the outer wheels (those on the right side) actually turn faster than the the inner wheels (left side). Physics would dictate that the outer wheels are making a larger circle.

When you engage the 4x4 system, all wheels are turning at the same rate. they are essentially locked together to give your tires more grip. 4 tires worth of grip versus the 2 or 3 that you typically have when making a turn. The binding that you hear is actually a combination of your outer tires being forced to turn faster and your inner tires being forced to turn slower.

This put's a heavy strain on your steering and suspension system.
Dave M

Richmond, VA

#281 Jun 28, 2009
nancy wrote:
I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty, I have noticed that the check engine light comes on ONLY when its rainy or wet out. As soon as it's dried out for a day or so, the light goes off... I'm not worried about it.
I had the same issue with my 2004 Jeep Liberty. It turned out to be the o2 sensor. I couldn't understand it. I kept resetting the light. Went to a mechanic and they told me they couldn't pull the code on the computer back up. finally I went out and purchased a code reader for the car and when the light came on I checked it. Sure enough it was the o2 sensor.
Also a note,I let my Jeep go to long doing that and wasn't worried at first. Then it started stalling when the light came on. Be careful and get it looked at.

Manlius, NY

#282 Jun 29, 2009
2008 Jeep Liberty battery issues since new. Vehicle battery will go dead after sitting for about 12-15 hours. Battery is so dead the doors won't even open, have to use a key. Dealer replaced battery, ignition, gauge cluster,directional light switch, cruise control (4 times) They have also repair shorted wires(they said) under the floor rugs. Most of work under warranty, but now on me. What gives? Anyone else had this issue??

Jersey City, NJ

#283 Jun 30, 2009
graymall wrote:
Has any1 had any problems with the factory installed CD player? I have a 2005 Liberty and have had the CD player replaced twice now, and the one I have now, almost felt like the CD was going to get stuck...which is how the problem starts. It is a 1-CD player. Fortunately, it has been covered under the warranty, so far! The dealership tells me there are no other reports of problems, that they know of. Any1?
I have had the same problem before and am experiencing that problem right now! Just be happy you don't have the 6 disc player. I'm going to remove it myself and see if i can pry the jammed disc out from the back. I'll let you know what happens.

Pharr, TX

#284 Jul 7, 2009
Xavo wrote:
Having problems with my 2002 jeep liberty limited. Bought it like 6 months ago and after 2 months of use it got overheated. Took it to the mechanic and he said the motor was dead but he would reconstruct it. The car worked ok but i had to keep bringing it in to the same mechanic to check it because it wasn't running like i bought it and the a/c got messed up and wasn't working on #1(low)(still doesn't work). Anyhow, 3 months later the same thing happened took it to another mechanic, the motor was dead. Had to replace the motor bought a used one and installed it. After a few weeks of using it, it started overheating again. Now the a/c also started blowing hot air whenever the car stoped moving. The car wont overheat when it's running, but if I stop because of traffic and stay without moving for a while it's start to get real hot. I'm worried about this issue, I was told by the mechanic that this was an issue that happens to all 2002 jeep libertys, nevertheless I don't have 3k more to spend, already wasted 3k twice to fix it and the car was 12k when I bought it. I just found out about the ball joints recall and will send it after I talk with the mechanic this weekend. Any ideas, advice or help anyone could offer? Thanks
Radiator fan motor or relay bad!

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