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#204 Aug 1, 2008
I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty. When I fill the gas tank, gas gushes out all over the place.(I don't top off) The service dept. at the dealership told me that to fix my "gas leak" would involve putting in a new solenoid and a vapor canister.$347.00 + tax. Does this sound right?( For that kind of $ I might as well stop pumping gas when its nearly full) Please...can I get some advice here?
Patti Norcross

Detroit, MI

#205 Aug 5, 2008
I have a 2002 liberty and I am on my 3rd set of speed sensors. It has 3 or 4 of them. I can only have a speedometer work for 2-3 years it seems. When they go, the car starts staling out and of course it never happens when you are near home. The car only has 64k miles and since the sensors are in the transmission-I have had more expenses fixing this thing than its worth. I just want to know if anyone out there has had the same problem.
Patti Norcross

Detroit, MI

#206 Aug 5, 2008
Celena wrote:
<quoted text>
I just bought a 2002 Jeep Liberty as well and do not have any of those problems yet anyway! Does you jeep make a clunking noise when you are driving?
Its the speed sensors causing this and with the transmission "clean out" It will run you about 400. Ive had it done twice but the jeep doesn't give me any other problems.

Westerville, OH

#207 Aug 7, 2008
Frustrated wrote:
I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty with 69k miles. I have begun to have stalling issues when trying to start the Jeep. As long as I keep my foot on the excelarator, it stays on. Once I place my foot on the brake to change the gear, the car dies. It runs fine if I start it with my foot on both the brake and excelerator, but this not safe. Has anyone found a cure for this problem?
my 2003 liberty is having the same problem with 60k miles...did anyone send you a possible solution?

Nutley, NJ

#208 Aug 11, 2008
I had written the other night complaining about the problem with the key cylinder....i recommend that the problem be addressed as soon as it starts to cause trouble. most dealerships key the cylinder to your existing keys for approx.$120 and if you have halfway mechanical friends the replacement may take about an hour but be warned that if you allow the cylinder to completely seize they will have to drill out the old cylinder and that will become more costly. Good luck!!!

Riverview, MI

#209 Aug 25, 2008
I have a 2006 Lberty CRD. It has had a clunking sound since about 20000 miles. It occurs as you are coming to a stop and when taking a curve.. Last week the engine light came on and it has no power, in fact I have to manually turn off the overdrive when taking SMALL hills (in Michigan) on the highway or lose 5 miles per hour. I stopped at Autozone and they said the code was a problem with the turbo. Any thoughts on this??

United States

#210 Aug 30, 2008
I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty with 32,500 miles. Vehicle has been running fine...until the other night. Had started the vehicle to leave, had to turn it off - then start right back up, when I went to start back up = nothing it was dead. Just tried to jump start it but no luck - makes clicking sounds, but won't turn over??? No lights, no sounds, no warning??? Any suggestions? Any suggestions that won't cost me a fortune!!! Thanks. Dani

Blandon, PA

#211 Aug 31, 2008
I was told once that you should activate the 4 wheel drive atleast once a month regardless if you need it or not. I was told to do this to keep the inner parts lubricated and for early problem detection.

Rockingham, NC

#212 Sep 9, 2008
I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty and one day I drove to school fine, went back out to crank to leave about two hours later it wouldn't crank. Call my husband he came to give me a jump, we got it crunk. Well I drove it a couple of miles home and it cut off again. We had it towed to the dealer, the dealer said it was the battery off top. Well we changed the battery and the inside lights does not work,the tire sensor is bad or missing, the radio doesn't come on either. I am very fustrated I don't no if the warranty covers this, and the people at the dealer were very nasty to say that they don't no what the problem is and we may have to pay for the problem. The car has 42,000 miles and I purchase it at 35,000 mile in January of 2008, it is Sept. 2008 now. I don't even want this vehicle anymore reading all the problems people are having.

United States

#213 Sep 16, 2008
Jim wrote:
I was wondering if anyone could help with a problem my wife has been having with her 2003 Jeep Liberty Limited. The vehicle has 88K miles and runs well. About 2 months ago, the check engine light came on and wouldn't go off. My wife took it in for an early oil change and diagnostic. The oil change didn't solve the problem and the diagnostic showed nothing wrong. Then a few days later, the light went off. A few days later the light came back on again. She then brought the vehicle to a mechanic and, after diagnosing the vehicle for over 2 hours, decided that the gas cap needed to be replaced. The light went off. 2 days later, the light came back on again. Brought the vehicle back to the same mechanic who did a full oil change, tune-up and replaced the gas sensor. The light went off. That was yesterday. Today, the light came back on again. I refuse to bring it to another mechanic and have them "guess" at the problem, charge us an arm and a leg and wind up having the liht come back on a few days later. Any suggestions?
You can contact me at [email protected]
Thanks to anyone who can assist..
I've had similar problems with a 2002 that only has 65000 miles. I was told it was a "misfiring" diagnostic code, and that it needed spark plugs and wires. a little less than a month later (after the warranty expired) it still continued, and I was told that the valves are the root of the problem!

Avon, CT

#214 Sep 19, 2008
Mike wrote:
My headlights go off for a few seconds at a time, followed by clicks...then back on. This repeats at regular intervals. Also, the door locks sometime go up and down. Dealership cannot recreate the problem ?
i have this problem too, infact whenever i even mention it to anyone, i go start my jeep and it happens.....i also have dash lights flick on and off and it sounds like someone is arming/disarming the alarm????


Cairo, Egypt

#215 Sep 19, 2008
i av a problem with the CD player too ... i need any help plz ans bk ppl if u av any advice 4 me ( liberty 2004)....thnx
Marcy Phx AZ

Phoenix, AZ

#216 Sep 20, 2008
I recently had my 2002 Jeep Liberty timing belt replaced. It was originally communicated that the manufacture belt was defective and Chrysler had come out with a new belt that required interactive parts to be replaced as well (Kits). There were two kits required ($240 x 2=$480). I promptly called Chrysler Corp. office and inquired why the part was not on recall if it was defective...long story short after talking with several supervisors , manager and a local service manager at one of the dealerships. The part is not considered "defective" but is "revised" the reason for the revision is that Chrysler contracted with a different parts vender that only has the revised part and kits.
My question is, has anyone pursued reimbursement through Chrysler for the cost of the kits? Due to the consumer (“us”), not being responsible or having to pay more for a business decision that was most like a cost saving for them but is penalizing their customers?.
Thanks for your input in advance,

Cairo, Egypt

#217 Sep 20, 2008
av liberty2004 , y bist when it thing on (D) it should drive automaticly but it doesint! i should accilrate so it goes! help!!!

Panama City Beach, FL

#218 Sep 22, 2008
Margaret wrote:
I just purchased a 2002 and the Check engine light came on. I was told that it is the gas cap and to make sue that I hear it click when I fillup. They also told me not to fill the tank with the engine running. I hope that is all it is.
<quoted text>
It is a vacuum leak around or at the vacuum canister, you have to find the leak and then either prplace the leaking line or put clamps on every hose at the canister

Panama City Beach, FL

#219 Sep 22, 2008
barb wrote:
I just purchased a 06 liberty , on the 9th of last month, needless to say its been in the shop all but 3 days since buying it , check engine light on after driving of car lot , needed new coil and ignation switch and plugs, took it back needed new brakes and rotors , took it back cause the calibers locked up after the brake job they did , they called us a tow truck and the tow company backed into the front end so needless to say its getting a new grill and paint , they call say its done go to pick it up and it has scratches on the hood that were to deep to buff out so its still in the shop and i havent even drove it 3 days since buying it and our payment is dued what can i do about this they will not trade me for another vechilce but they are honoring all thier work with no cost to me other then no jeep right now
I am an old car salesman, I wound not take it back and would make them replace it with another vehcle or take them to cort.

Panama City Beach, FL

#220 Sep 22, 2008
If they will not do that then make them refund you rental car fees, or tell them that you are going to sue.

Jacksonville, FL

#221 Sep 29, 2008
I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 2WD. Back in June the serpentine belt tensioner broke and we had it replaced. Immediately we heard slight squealing and rattling. Took it back and was told that the new belt and tensioner had to get set in. The sound disappered for a couple of months but then started up again. Took it back last week and the tensioner and belt replaced ( was under warranty so no out of pocket expense). Just got it back and it is doing again. Especially loud in the morning. Took it back again today and the dealer admits that there is a problem but is not sure what to do. they are going to contact the manufacturer to see if they are aware of the issue. Supposedly a new design for tensioner was done since 2003 and that me be the problem. Has anyone elso encountered the same thing and if so what did you do about it, My Liberty only has 57000 miles on it and have had no problems with it up unti now. Thanks.

Calgary, Canada

#222 Oct 12, 2008
graymall wrote:
<quoted text>
As you may have read, I had the same problem! CDs would get stuck, periodically, but it would eventually release it.(Eventually) That was the first time. The second time, the player partially released the CD, and I pulled it out, with force, and then it kept showing "ERROR". Both times, the dealership nearest to my home, replaced it with no problem, as it was under warranty, still. So, with that, I guess my only suggestion would be to bring it to the dealership and get a new one. If you are no longer under warranty, I might suggest replacing it with a different brand from whatever the factory install is. This is assuming the problem is with the CD player, and not some strange problem that is generated from the Jeep itself!! Good luck!!
Also having this problem. Only a 2004 and about 80,000km on it so I'll take it to the dealer and see if they'll get me a new one under warranty. Hopefully can.

Sparta, IL

#223 Oct 12, 2008
hopalongliberty wrote:
Have a 2003 liberty ltd it hops around corners,put in any 4x4 mode and it feels like its binding in the rear and bangs and thumps when turning. Took it to a dealer had the diffs lubed and the guy actually tried to tell me you should'nt drive in 4 wheel if it's not snowing (huh?) any input.
If you use 4WD on dry pavement, you may experience your tires jumping occassionally in order to relieve tension that builds up in the transfer case from the axles turning at a slightly different speed. This puts a lot of strain on all components from the differentials to the drive shafts, and most especially on the transfer case. You may, in fact, total your transfer case by causing it to bind up. One axle is trying to to make 1/2 rotation while the other wants to make a full rotation after a turn in which the front wheels travel farther than the rear wheels. Pop! You've broken an expensive element in your drive train, and now you need a tow, because the transmission can no longer output to the rest of the car. You're looking at 3k to fix it (without warranty if they know you did it). this is not just jeeps, but any 4wd

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