2006 jeep liberty sway right when acc...

2006 jeep liberty sway right when accelerate and back left when I let off

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Rachael Saad

Loudonville, OH

#1 Apr 5, 2010
Someone, anyone please HELP. I have a 06 Liberty with a major problem. When I accelerate the jeep sways to the right and when I let go of the accelerator is sways back to the left. I always thought it was the wind pushing aganist the jeep until my husband drove it a year later a realized it is not the wind. We replaced the Rear control Arm, and rear shocks. The problem is still there. It almost feels like the jeep wants to twist. Kinda like its getting too much power (I know thats not the problem). My husband is changing part after part just like the dealer does until they solve the problem. We get to save on labor but the parts are getting expensive. The dealer is upset with us because I told them it takes a mech to diagnose and fix a car, anyone could change a part. My 6yr old could change parts out why not pay her $90.00 an hour. Please Help. Thanks [email protected]

Aurora, CO

#2 Apr 11, 2011
I have a 04 liberty, there are 3 main culprits, lower control arm to axle bushing(this can fail clipping a single curb), the rear ball joint, or the rear upper control arm bushing(these guys were practically designed to fail with any serious suspension movement).

Now, if its the lower bushings the best way is to buy a new control arm with them pre installed, then fill the holes(the cause of every failure of this bushing I've herd of) with a 60 shear urethane, let it cure then put them on the jeep.

The ball joint, usually fails after one of the bushings fail putting more strain on it, if you have a press and time it can be pushed out and a new one in. you can also buy a new upper are with new ball joint and bushings.

The Upper bushings, well if these fail your bail join probably failed shortly after, they are a rubber flex joint with very little rubber holding em together.

Its far more easy to replace the entire control arm then it is the bushings alone, it can be done alone but a friend is definitely good to have. the hardest part is the bolt on the muffler side, a pry bare can move it just enough to get the bolt out.

I'd suggest filling the upper bushings with urethane as well, or lest that is what I'm dong as this is the 3rd time I've had to replace them.

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

#3 Apr 18, 2011
I have a 05 liberty. Had the same problem for a long time. Finally found failed lower control arm to axle bushing. I replaced the complete control arm, it's much easier than replacing the bushing. By the way replace both sides to be on the safe side. My liberty rides like brand new again. It didn't occur to me to fill in the holes with urethane but sounds like a great idea.

Stone Mountain, GA

#4 Sep 18, 2011
Semi-old post, but I may have some insight. I just did some upgrades on my Jeep Wrangler, and one of my upgrades was rear upper and lower control arms. I purchased some VERY flexible control arms with "Johnny Joints," which will articulate for extra flexing. On a Jeep Liberty, you may have bushings on your control arms that are worn out. You also have a track bar that keeps the axle centered and the bushings on the track bar might be worn. I'd suggest getting under your Jeep with a flashlight and have someone shake the rear until you see a bushing that's moving too much. Good luck.

Stone Mountain, GA

#5 Sep 18, 2011
Oh, and my Jeep Wrangler now does this "swaying" under acceleration with these flexible rear upper and lower control arms. Obviously, your Liberty wasn't built to flex like this, so look out for those bushings.

Little Elm, TX

#6 Apr 18, 2012
My 2005 Liberty was part of the recent recall for the rear control arms. I took it in this morning and after they replaced them the sway went away completely. It was really bad before hand to the point of being very scary in the rain. I would press the gas and you would feel the rear of the Jeep shift to the right, let off and it would shift to the left, but not after they replaced the rear control arms under the recall. I guess I never really knew how bad it was, it almost feels strange to not have to compensate for it moving side to side, but I am definitely glad it doesn't do it any more!

Cleveland, OH

#7 Jan 22, 2013
I have a 2010 Jeep Liberty. When I am backing up and turn my wheel left or right I hear this popping sound and can feel it in my brake. The dealer has replaced my knuckles, bar busshing. The sound is still there and for soem reason the dealer has been fixing everything except for the issue.
Cliff D

Guelph, Canada

#8 Jan 23, 2013
Check for recall on this. CHrysler will replace lower control arms on rear.

Terry, MS

#9 May 15, 2013
My 03 jeep liberty is popping on the driver side when I turn sharp left or right also pops when I hit the brake only pops 1 time not more than 1 pop each way

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