Jeep liberty noise-- sounds like meta...
Ed K


#102 Jun 14, 2010
darkesha wrote:
i hope someone got an idea what is causing this noise, since i have the same problem.
Had a rubbing noise on my 2002 liberty. Was louder when you made a turn. Check the lip on the inside of rear brake drum ,rust will build up there and rub the backing plate.
Cleo T


#103 Jul 15, 2010
2005 Jeep Liberty Crd - My jeep had a burning (oil) smell since getting a brake job from same garage only to be told everything is okay your brakes have plenty of wear left -- then it broke.. Had it towed in to get fixed -- given new braking system and I was assured that nothing else was broke.. Thank goodness had invested in extension to extend warranty which ended up paying for this last bill but not without consequences -- like when you goto a doctor you can tell by thickness of folder how many issues one has had to be resolved same here !!

Delta, Canada

#104 Aug 3, 2010
just had the steering rack replaced on 2004 liberty it was leaking also i had the breaks checked mine has disks all round . When i was driving i noticed a rubbing sound on cornering when i told my mechanic he took the jeep back in done some research and found there is a spring system upgrade to stop the calipers from floating side to side when cornering .The springs are not sold with the parts kit but are available on bitching to Chrysler . I do have an annoying low constant noise coming from the rear end and it does not change when braking but gets lost at higher speeds . Any ideas any one .
Killin Killin

Cheswick, PA

#105 Aug 21, 2010
I have the same problem on my 2002 Jeep Liberty Sports 3.7L. The grinding noise started as if it's the brake or the bearing. I took it to the dealer, they said its the axles or the front ball joints, they replaced them on a recall basis. The noise started to be like its holding down the speed. I've changed many parts starting from the rear breaks and axles to the front, including front and rear drive shafts,bushings,U-joints several times,the crossmember brackets and transmission bushings, wheel bearins twice, tie-rod ends, stablizer bars and links,tires repeatedly and breaks cylinder sets, shock absorbers, Break Calibers and pins sets repeatedly, the transfer case bearings, Repeatedly change all rear end bearings and differential gears, and multiple times alignments,but the grinding don't stop. Sounds bad in the morning. Then noise seems like its going around under the vehicle.

Dallas, TX

#106 Oct 5, 2010
I have a 2006 liberty . At 40,000 miles it had that loose metal rattle in the rear passenger side . Dealership said it was nothing . Took it to a local mechanic and they found a loose sheet of metal that separates the rear brake from the parking brake . The fastener broke somehow . Mechanic had to pull the axle to get to it and drill another hole to re-attatch. Cost $350. He said the other side may break loose some day but at least I will know what it is . Now my front brakes rattle and they said it's just because they are over half worn brake shoes . PATHETIC !!!!

Dover, OH

#107 Oct 20, 2010
VMR wrote:
According to our dealer the rear end grinding noise is due to poor design of the emergency brake mechanism. We have had our 03 liberty in may times for this and they finally have fessed up that it is a design problem for which there currently is no fix. There are temporary fixes (brakes, cleaning the mechanism etc) but the noise will come back. As of now Chrysler is not doing much to rectify the problem. Trying to tell us it just they way it is---good luck everyone!! We are contacting Chrysler.
Did Chrysler help you out at all? I have had grinding noise in the rear end for months now. I have had several things repaired and still the grinding. We had rotors, brakes, axles and the whole emergency break done. I contacted Chrysler and they want me to take it to a jeep dealer...i called the closest jeep dealer and they said it would cost me between $250-$300 just to look at it!
Please let me know if you found the problem. Thanks

Lindale, TX

#108 Oct 22, 2010
D Mac wrote:
My 2006 liberty goes through a lot of brake pads, due to (According to my mechanic)the brake calipers seizing, he says he sees this very often on liberty's, does anyone else seem to have this problem? and I heard that liberty's have excessive road noise, being my first jeep I dont know what is excessive, but every single one of my passengers mentions the almost deafening sound, especially at about 60 m/h or 100 km/h. Am I alone?
NO you are not. The brake balancer in the Jeeps are of poor design. not a safety issue but will require monitoring of the pads and discs. the disc itself becomes untrue much faster than other makes and models. this means replacement of each every 50k or so depending on your driving habits

United States

#109 Oct 30, 2010
Im willin to bet that the problems that many of us experience are caused by the front differential as well as the transfer case. My 2005 started making these noises after it had popped out of 4low. I apperantly did not shift the lever all the way up and when I started to go it popped out of 4wheel drive. Im not sure yet if its the front diff or the transfer case, but the noise is worse when Im tunring. It only makes sense that its the front differential because the sound subsides while going straight. I also drained some of the front diff and found some, not many,metal specs. The transfer case showed no sign of metal in it. I wonder if is broken teeth in the differential? I also have a problem with the front wearing the inside tread of the tires which has ruined a new set of tires in less than 10,000 miles.
Jeff wrote:
I too have a Jeep Liberty... a 2002 4x4 Limited. It was purchased new by my brother in 2002 (or maybe 2001... I don't remember), and he sold it to me in early 2006 because his wife wanted a lower, quieter vehicle to tow her newborn children in (the liberty is lifted with custom intake, exhaust, and tires). He was the only owner, and keeps his vehicles in excellent condition (One of those 'car guys'). It's ran great and I love the vehicle, except for this 'moaning noise' coming from the front end that a few have mentioned. I personally wouldn't call it a grinding noise, so I don't know if it's the same issue as some others have mentioned, but it's definitely a noise. I only notice it when its cold, and only for the first 5-10 minutes of driving. It's quite pronounced when first turning on the vehicle, but after 2 minutes or less it only happens when I turn the wheel... keeping it straight makes the noise go away. And then like I said after 10 minutes or so I don't notice it at all anymore (with the only problem being that my usual commute is to work... which is about 3 minutes away... meaning the sounds almost seems to never go away!). I asked my brother about it and he did say he remembered it being 'whiny' during cold weather, but he recalled it going away 'almost immediately'.(His commutes being 20 minutes; as a side note he parked the jeep in his garage, but I live in apartments and have no such luxury).
I mentioned it to my dealer last winter and he said "it's just cold"... which is all good and well except I've never heard such terrible noises from ANY other vehicle when "it's cold". But sadly, everything I've seen supports such a theory.
My brother proposed that maybe it's the power steering fluid getting stiff or frozen and just taking time to become warm and fluid again. He also said he vaguely remembered the dealer saying something about the off-road, towing package 4x4 limiteds came with some 'special off-road fluids' in the shocks and suspension... but honestly couldn't remember exactly and figured the salesman was just blowing hot smoke up his ass. I personally don't know enough about vehicles to say anything at all on the matter.
Does anyone who knows anything about it think that's a possibility? If so, do you think replacing the power steering fluid could help? My fluid levels are fine, but I don't think it's ever been replaced (nor do I even know how one would go about doing such a thing).
Even still, mine has never sounded serious enough to make me worried, especially since down here in Texas our winters are typically about 2 months long... but after reading these comments I'm starting to wonder what else might be in store for me down the road. Ohhh, and yes, I did take the Jeep in for the recall on the ball joints. Were there other recalls I haven't heard about? I'm not impressed with my dealership at all, and wouldn't be surprised if they jerked me around with the ball joint replacement or something to that affect.
I'm at whits end, what do the experienced owners think?

Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada

#110 Dec 21, 2010

I had similar Grinding sounds front wheel area.

TO make a long story short, it was the POWER STEERING FLUID which was almost empty!

On a Transmission service they forgot to refill it.

I filled it up with Mopar fluid and PROBLEM GONE.

Try that first, check your fluid level, east and fast to do.

hope that's what it is

Altoona, PA

#111 Dec 26, 2010
I have a 2001 jeep sport, I also have the grinding noise under the front end, but it seems as though it happens when it has been running for a while and the jeep is hot. It also only seems to happen when I am turning. My Husband has had it looked at twice and both times they could find nothing. I am starting to ge worried. This noise started about six months ago.

Glenview, IL

#112 Jan 14, 2011
I have a jeep liberty 2002 with 164'500 miles on it.I had a real bad grinding noise it turned out to be the front drive shaft universal joint.A tear in the rubber boot let water and dirt grime in the tear and ate up the weird ballberring universal.Went to junk yard got another one fixed the prob.
Daqn Laurin Calgary

Calgary, Canada

#113 Feb 6, 2011
Kreelie Pryor wrote:
Two months ago My husband and I purhased a 2002 Jeep Liberty. Almost immediately it started making a strange sound. It sounded like the brakes were rubbing. We checked the brakes out and they seemed to be fine. Unfortunatley, this is our first Jeep so we thought perhaps it's just the way they sound. We recently had our first snow and I had to put the Jeep into 4 wheel drive for a day . Now it won't go back into 2 wheel drive. It makes a horrible sound. It sounds like there are gears grinding against metal. We took it by our local Jeep dealership and they said it sounds like the the transfer case could be going out on it. They told us not to continue to drive it or it would cause more damage. We are hoping we caught it in time. If not it is going to very costly. Has anyone else been having this problem. Have you had to repair or replace the transfer case? If so what had to be done? Was it very costly? Please someone help me if you can. If you have any useful information please let me know. Thanks
Just replaced the transfer case in my 03 Liberty, was making a humming sound when in 4X4 and on the gas but not on 2X4 or off the gas. I wound up blowing a tire and using the spare which was a different brand but supposed to be the same size. Turns out it was a little bit bigger and that is what fried the transfer case. It was making a loud humming sound and vibrating prior to t-case replacement. New tires, new t-case, loud humming sound back to low humming when in 4X4 and vibrations gone. Replacing front drive shaft and having an overhaul done on the front diff to get rid of the remainder of the noise. hope it works!!!
My point: Make sure you have matching tires all around! Different tires although they may have the same numbers on them may not be the same size. Since Jeeps have a clutch type system that allows 4X4 to be used full time where the t-case is allowed to slip to prevent 4X4 hop in corners, different size tires cause the t-case to work too hard and burn out.
Other problems is that Jeeps don't have universal Joints on the front drive shaft, it is a rubber boot (like a cv boot) which cracks and wears out. A little bit of wear in the ends of the drive shaft will cause a humming sound when in 4X4. The drive shaft and grease boot only comes in a complete unit. Costly when replaced!!
Eric Kaiser

Keene, NH

#114 Apr 10, 2011
Paul, was this ever resolved? I have the same issue with my 2005 Liberty.
Paul Duff wrote:
Have a 2005 Jeep Liberty with 5000 miles. Since we first bought it we've been baffled (and so has our dealer) by a rubbing/growling noise. It seems to be getting worse and occurs more often now. We've had it back to the dealer 4 times now and have gotten everything from: brakes dragging, emergency brake not releasing, and now they presently are investigating the possibility of it being in the transfer case. Possibly it's caught in between gears.
Seems to be worse when we first back out of the garage and go down the driveway in the a.m.. We think it's actually doing this all the time. Our mileage has never been above 17 mpg. and is usually 15 mpg so we are wondering if this could be connected.
2003 jeep liberty sport

Noblesville, IN

#115 Apr 15, 2011
I have a 2003 jeep liberty sport, I recently started experiencing trouble with the 4 wheel drive. There is a loud grinding noise when I use it now it says it in 4hi but the lever isn't even up and now it wont even drive. What is the problem with this, and if this many people are having the same issue there should be a recall.

Washington, DC

#116 Apr 27, 2011
Hopefully someone can help me out but it doesn't sound like i'm having any similar problems but, My jeep liberty is an 06 and I have had it for only a year. When I hit my brakes it sounds as if I'm stopping on some ice or rocks. It scares me all the time but the crazy thing is it doesn't always do it. I told the repair shop about it and have the faintest idea on what it could be and being as though it doesn't happen all the time I feel as if I'm crazy. But it is really annoying and it happens at any given time so if its raining I hit my brakes ahead of time cause I don't know when it will make that sound. Has this been going on with anyone else. I had new pads put on it so I don't know what its is.

Science Hill, KY

#117 Jul 23, 2011
06 liberty, 2wd: 60K miles. bought new. while breaking, slow speed (10-20 mph) a grinding sound with a very slight brake pedal pulsation, left front, one time, noise last 1-2 seconds. Had it to dealer twice, unable to duplicate problem. doesn't occur on every stop. No noticeable wheel pulling. Any clues as to what this could be. Possible ABS sensor needs cleaning?,
Mark Laquidara

Framingham, MA

#118 Sep 4, 2011
I also have this rubbing/grinding noise in my liberty when turning. It is a 2003 model it started when it had about 35,000 miles on it. Only does it when turning quickly to the right. I wonder if this is related to the joint recall recently released?

Huntsville, AL

#119 Sep 6, 2011
Bought 2002 liberty LE in 2003. Prior one put 12k on it. I've since added 101,000 and have changed the front drive axle and yesterday replaced the Rt CV axle. Not a hard off roader but not afraid to put it through it's paces either--poison spider in MOAB was pretty easy overall. Otherwise the vehicle has lasted without any problems, all electronics and electrical systems are working fine! Am I bragging, nope, just saying not all Liberty's are POS as you all state. Only mods are a 1 1/2" OME lift.
Mikethe bike


#120 Oct 31, 2011
SStoudt wrote:
Have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee & taking it back today for the 4th time with the same grinding sound occuring when turning. Used to only occur when turning after parked, but now is occuring while taking a turn on the road. Last time they said they replaced something in the steering column (spring?) but problem & noise continues to grow worse. Jeep is at 41,000 miles (none offroad). From my googling, it appears that this is a fairly common problem with Jeep. Anyone find a root cause for this problem yet?
Check the diff. I had to replace mine to cure the problem.
Mikethe bike


#121 Oct 31, 2011
I had a clicking/grinding noise from the rear, got louder when cornering. A replacement diff cured the
problem but Chrysler have come up with a replacement diff. transmision oil to help stop the problem, try that its cheaper.

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