1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting pro...

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#122 Jul 6, 2008
so everything has been closed gotta order one tomorrow

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#123 Jul 6, 2008
I am lost on my 93 grand cherokee. 4.0 auto, drove it,parked it, came to no start. engine turns over but no start. I have spark and lots of gas. changed crank sensor,cap,rotor,wires and plugs. Anyone have problems with fuel pressure regulator?

Phoenix, AZ

#124 Jul 7, 2008
i have a 93 GC with the same problems, only way worse... from what i'm figuring out, it looks mainly like a grounding issue with the main computer. i'm still working on it, but if that's it i'll post it

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#125 Jul 7, 2008
ok fixed it all
first here is my details
i have a 94 jeep GC laredo with the 4.0 4x4 with security

problems - i had to turn my key to acc and leave it there for 1 to 30 mins after the few mins was up my truck would start to tick it was the asd and fuel pump relay then the check engine light would come on then the truck would start.. thought it may be the security

1.for days i searched for my security module found it under my rear seats under the grey carpet yay module is now gone problem not gone

2.cleaned changed kicked every sensor in the truck yet the problem never left

3. hit the salvage yard got me a pcm from a 93 GC laredo Without security (seeing how i took my module out it worked fine) my pcm numbers were 56028300 the new pcm number is 56028310 all problems fixed starts up like a champ no sputter no stall no wait

GO GET A PCM you gotta get the pcm with security if your vehicle has security and you have not taken out the module if you have removed it a non security pcm will work but not the other way around (security pcm with non security truck)

sorry so long but i am happy
Perp Plexed

King, WI

#126 Jul 9, 2008
I too have endured the 'no start' issue with mine.

some things you might try as I troubleshoot a much more 'persistent' no start issue now, are:

1.) work the shift selector back and forth thru the shift ranges. the 'neutral / park' detect switch, if worn or contacts dirty, can make this 'no start' thing an infrequent pain in the pitot tube.

2.) check the battery terminals. take them off. sandpaper the insides of the cable portions good, and also, the battery posts. tighten them good.

3.) last but not least, if you can get underneath enough to put a 2x4 on the side of the starter and then whack that with a hammer, the hammer blow might 'seat' the worn out starter brushes enough to allow you to limp home or whatever. If this doesn't work, it's probably somewhere else.

4.) a whole lot of people on here seem to be seeing this 'turn the ignition on to just before the crank position, wait for the 'check engine' light to come on, and then turn the starter to get it to start' issue. I've never seen that, but I am going to try that myself and see if it works or not.

5.) drop back ten yard, punt.(honest, I think once these cars electrical systems get corroded or otherwise compromised by water and such, they go really south in a hurry and act very weird). I think even a jeep dealership would not be able to fix most of these problems, and just easter egging these problems (buy parts till it starts to run again) is too expensive to do that, unless you are either INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY or STUPID, either case, you don't need a JEEP, you need a damned HUMMER.:)

not the oral one, either...though that's not a bad idea at this point in time.

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#127 Jul 22, 2008
In the past two weeks my vehicle information center has been going haywire. While driving down the road it blinks on and off and diplays the message : Lo, Part, and Full time with squares above it. Also,(and I don't know if this is related at all) but recently the alarm system will go off when I start it. None of this has happened in the past and I wanted to get your advice about what you may think the problem is before I take it in to service it and possibly spend more than it's worth.
Any help will be most appreciated.
Thanks so much.

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#128 Jul 22, 2008
Sorry forgot to mention this above....My air is also not working. Tried to add freon but of course that didn't do the trick. I'm pretty sure its the compressor. I feel like it's on a downward spiral and its gonna die on me completely soon. Thankfully I'm not having the starting problems most of the other people are having with theirs...yet. Any advice with the info. center, alarm, air problem would be most helpful.

Millmont, PA

#129 Aug 2, 2008
I have 3 jeep cherokees. Two XJs and One ZJ. The ZJ is a 93 that was fine and now will only start after I turn the key on and off for a number of times. replaced fuel pump relays and pump itself. It will not start untill you hear the pump run witch take a few on/off turns of the key switch. Dont buy a Chiltons manual at the auto parts cause they have the worst wiring diagram I ever saw. Anyone have any ideas? I can drive it but, who knows if it will start when I need it too. The other Jeeps are great and I would buy another XJ in a heart beat. But, this one has issues. Help. [email protected]

Grapevine, TX

#130 Aug 3, 2008
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V8

If the temperature outside is over 85 degrees, I have to pump gas about 4 times while cranking to get it to start. I can turn it off, and it will start right back up. Engine is running strong, and transmission is shifting smoothly. Once I turn it off and leave it in the heat for over 20 minutes, I have the same problem all over again. Dealership can't seem to find the problem. I have taken it 5 different times to have it serviced for that particular problem, and it is always the same, "We can't duplicate the problem." I believe it is they just don't know how to fix it. In the winter and cooler months, I starts GREAT!

Higginsville, MO

#131 Aug 3, 2008
john wrote:
My 1993 jeep grand cherokee. has a problem sometimes when i drive it over railroad tracks or large bumps.at 50 mph or more it shakes from sid to side like crazy to the point where i could lose control of it have a feeling its the front suspention if any body knows whats wrong please tell me
steering stabilizer $50 easy to change

Memphis, TN

#132 Sep 23, 2008
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep started put in reverse, put into drive, put back into reverse (pulling out of parking spot)Jeep died and wouldn't start again. Had towed to auto shop. They had us buy an ECM unit and flashed. Shop installed - still won't start. They don't know what to do, have been looking but can't find why it won't start.

Louisville, KY

#133 Sep 23, 2008
Crystal wrote:
I have a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8, 168,000mi. I have loved it up until now. I have spent nearly $2000 at the mechanic's shop and I don't have any more money to spend...if I didn't have so much invested in it, I'd roll it off a cliff! It began skipping and stalling (like there was water in the gas) Ran it all out, got gas at a different station. Same problem. Left me stranded on a hot day. Motor would turn over and over, just wouldn't fire up. Paid $70 to have it towed. Mechanic cranked it and moved it TWICE, mind you, out of his way. Got a tune up. Still skipping, not stalling. Got some fuel injector cleaner. Still skipping, worse on hot days. Just died one day (thank God I was able to roll it down the hill into my driveway.) Fuel pump not making noise when you turn on key. This is CRAZY--it cranked a day or so later and I drove it to the mechanic's again. Replaced fuel pump and filter...again..just had filter replaced w/ tune up just a week earlier. STILL SKIPS...sorta like all cylinders are not firing properly...WEIRD, I know! Ok, so drove it to work, then home again for lunch, started back to work and the DAMN thing wouldn't even turn over! I mean, all the lights come on on the dash...the battery is powering all those things (new battery, too!) but when I turn the key, it doesn't fire at all! NOTHING! I'm out of money! I can't afford to have the damn thing towed back up the shop and some more work done. Please help! Does anyone have any suggestions?
All you have to do is remove the body grounds, clean the area around them up, and put them back, that will solve the problem outright

Louisville, KY

#134 Sep 23, 2008
caleb wrote:
<quoted text>
steering stabilizer $50 easy to change
Nothing to do with steering stabilizer, just the jeep "death roll" they all do it, sorry

Fostoria, OH

#135 Oct 26, 2008
i have a 94 gc laredo when i bought it it started fine then all of a sudden wouldnt start i had a friend come look at it and they got it started after it sat there for a week they said i need to prime my fuel pump by leaving the key turned forward for a min so i assumed if i changed fuel pump i wouldnt have the problem any more WRONG i spent $335 on it and i still wouldnt start i found out if i keep the key turned forward for a long period of time (sometimes 45 min) it would make this clicking noise almost like a generator then my check engine light would start to flicker once the clicking was finished the check engine light would be there and my truck would start i have to do this every time my truck sits longer than 15 mins i cant do this every morning to take my child to school cause its not relaiable i have changed the relays and still didnt help a friend of mine jus told me they were reading all these websits and said pretty sure its the computer but is $250 and i jus wont antoher opinion before i buy it cause im kinda out of money thanks alot for helping please email me with any answers [email protected]
Jenny Brainerd MN

Big Lake, MN

#136 Oct 28, 2008
I have a 93 Jeep grand cherokee limited. And when I try to start it the headlights flash and the security light comes on and I can not start the truck. Any suggestions?

Mcminnville, OR

#137 Oct 30, 2008
In regards to
Irving, TX
The heat problem your talking about, is only partially electrical. The door actuator motors, were not originally manufactured with electrical stops. After a while, the physical stops will break, and the doors will all fall closed. When that happens, the motors will turn and turn until they burn out. They need to pull the dash out, and replace every door assembly, and the motors that are burnt out, which could be all of them. This is usually a two day job, and runs in the range of $800-$1000 I believe.

Olympia, WA

#138 Nov 2, 2008
1993 Straight 6. Recently cooler here, and engine will start but cranks like it has molasses in the system. Also all the regular lights flashing, security, etc. Fine when warm. Thoughts? [email protected]

Salt Lake City, UT

#139 Nov 10, 2008
I am wondering if anyone has had any real success with this? As far as I can tell, the main suggestion is cleaning and reinstalling the PVM. Does this really work?
Ken schoenborn

Bakersfield, CA

#140 Nov 11, 2008
My 1995 jeep the check engine light came on (41) and the alternator stopped charging and battery died in about 45 min. Tested battery and alternator and both were good. Tested ground and was good. Checked continuity between battery alternator and ground all good. Alternator will come on sometimes when I turn on the ac/heater and sometimes randomly when I start it up it will be on but nothing happens all of the time. I'm thinking of replacing the pcm before I give up and take it to a shop. Anybody have any ideas?
Ken schoenborn

Bakersfield, CA

#141 Nov 11, 2008
The idle control isn't working either. I've been manually adjusting it so it will run.

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