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Bigfork, MT

#542 Feb 18, 2010
Fronz wrote:
<quoted text>
File a complaint on the Daimler/Chtysler site. They are "reviewing" my complaint.
I am tempted to just get in touch with a civil lawyer. I have been the route of contacting Daimler, contacting Better Business Bureau, contacting FTC, and was just blown off.

Apparently, this is not some major defect to them, even though it is common knowledge they have used garbage for components.

I personally, have experienced hypothermia while driving, and my windows ice up in some conditions and have to pull over on the highway to scrape them off. But, according to those that oversee these complaints, it is a comfort issue rather than safety. They must not have spent much time up here in the Northwest to understand peoples bodies freeze, and it is actually easier to see out of a window that is not covered in ice, and standing on the edge of a dark highway scaping windshields is a bit stressful. But, at least they saved money on cheap parts when they built my Jeep, as well as all the other Jeeps that have the same problem.

Good luck with your dealings with Daimler. I know I won't buy another product from them.

United States

#543 Feb 18, 2010
It is frustrating not having your heater work. The dealerships make a lot of money fixing it too. Sometimes up to 1500.00!!

Don't freeze up there! I bought my repair kit from for only 150 bucks and got myself toasty warm again.

Check it out at

Since: May 08

Salem, MA

#544 Feb 19, 2010
Brian wrote:
I have a 2006 JGC. My heat is working but it's stuck on the lowest fan setting. The directional control (floor, dash, window) is working fine, but my blower isn't. I've been reading about the blower resistor and am wondering if that is the problem.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Brian:

Problems with you blower motor Can be a number of things.

It sounds like the common problem with the blower motor Connector.

If you need more help with your Blower motor, Recirculation and Blend doors, leave a message at the Blen Dor

The website that designed & engineered the first Original No Dash Removal –
Dual Control blend door repair.

Also the first No Dash Removal – Recirculation door repair, only $5.00

Hope this has been helpful for you,
Blen Dor

Since: May 08

Salem, MA

#545 Feb 19, 2010
I have noticed lately that a few new members are having troubles with their heat in the 99/04 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

Below are brief instructions on how to replace the broken blend doors.
For more information visit the

Assuming you are going to replace the 99/04 Jeep Grand Cherokee blend doors yourself.
You would start by disconnecting the negative battery cable.
If you are going to remove the dashboard, etc to replace the blend doors.
It will take the average person with little or no auto repair skills approximately 12 to 16 hrs. Also the vehicle should be taken to a shop that can recover the refrigerant before you start removing the dashboard and HVAC box..

If you are going to do the type of repair where you cut an access hole in the side of the HVAC box.

A short version of how the access hole repair is done.

Disconnect the Negative battery cable.

Lower the glove box - by hand

Remove the actuator motor - You will need a Phillips screw driver

Cut an access hole in the plastic HVAC box - I supply a multi-purpose cutting bit, you will need a rotary type of cutting tool, like a Dremel, RotoZip, etc. Or you could do the cutting by hand with any type of small cutting tool, it will just take longer doing it by hand. Or some people use a narrow pointed soldering iron!

Remove the broken blend doors - by hand

Install the new Blen Dor kit - easy, just slide the new doors in place - NO screws or other fasteners with the Blen Dor kits.

Replace the actuator motor.

Close the access hole - Replace the wall piece of plastic you cutout - I supply an aluminum tape to cover the groove made by cutting the wall.

Close the glove box - Your Done!

It is almost as easy as what you just read, the hardest and the most time consuming thing to do is cut the access hole.
The job should take between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Depending on how long it takes you to gather your tools, etc.

If you need information on the Recirculation door problems, visit the website that designed the first No Dash Removal – Recirculation door repair.

Also the website that designed, engineered and marketed the first Original No Dash Removal – Dual Control blend door repair.

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#546 Feb 19, 2010
Good point blendor - If you decide to do it yourself a terrific site to buy your blend doors from is

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#547 Feb 22, 2010
Where do I cut this hole every one is talkn about. There's no details about it


#548 Feb 22, 2010
Go to the link i pasted at the bottom of this post. About half way down that page you will see "Cut a small hole in the plastic HVAC box" it is in blue writing and is a link you click to see the image of the line you cut. Very easy job.

North Liberty, IA

#549 Feb 25, 2010
I have a 2001 JGC Ltd. and my heat just slowly started going out. Then finally one day just stopped completly. The knob for low-hi air is on high and there is no air coming out of the vents. Is this the Blend Door problem or do you think it may just be a belt or fan problem? Any Suggestions?

Northallerton, UK

#550 Mar 2, 2010
I have a 2003 Grand and have just read this post 1/2 day too late. Our Grand is at the moment in pieces in the garage about 10 hours into the labour it takes to get to the problem, although they are insisting that it is not the Blend Door. I had air coming out the vents, but it was cold.
andy england uk

Glasgow, UK

#551 Apr 13, 2010
hi try removing motor in glove box turn the blend door shaft clockwise it may lock shut and then u will have heat drivers side but will be hot all time unless it slip openleave motor off then if need u can do again

United States

#552 Apr 13, 2010
Colby - It sounds like our recirculation door has broken free and is blocking your fan. On the passenger side footwell if you get down low and look up, you can see a round fan housing that can be removed by unscrewing 3 screws. I bet if you drop it down you will find it being blocked by the flap door that has broken and fallen down there.

Julie - That sux! Next time try for the no dash removal aluminum blend door repair. It's guaranteed for ever and it costs very little. I hope you can get your Jeep back on the road again.

ATTENTION: If you have a Grand Cherokee and no heat do not go to your dealership!!!! GO TO:

Since: May 08

Manchester, MA

#553 Apr 14, 2010
Hi Colby:
I’m not sure what you mean by the heat slowly started going out.
If you are talking about the air is hot, but the air flow slowly stop flowing.

That sounds like the recirculation door.
Just lowering the blower motor to access the broken recirculation will not fix your problem.

Do not go to the dealership they will only install the low quality plastic parts again or
???, they are only selling low quality copies of the Blen Dor Store’s original Dual Control no dash removal design.
!!Buyer beware of imitations!!

Visit the they have a NO Dash Removal Recirculation door fix.

The Blen Dor Store is the Inventor of the No dash removal Dual Control blend door repair.
Go to for a complete line of DIY - No Dash Removal HVAC system repairs
Annette Ross

Cumming, GA

#554 Apr 15, 2010
I have a 06 jeep grand cherokee laredo extremely hot air blows through my vent and on the floor board,I took it to goodyear tire and they told me the same thing,its my blend door acuator which would cost me $650 to fix because they have to pull the whole dash board out,lets all complain and go after Chysler!!!My email is [email protected]

Since: May 08

Manchester, MA

#555 Apr 15, 2010
Annette Ross wrote:
I have a 06 jeep grand cherokee laredo extremely hot air blows through my vent and on the floor board,I took it to goodyear tire and they told me the same thing,its my blend door acuator which would cost me $650 to fix because they have to pull the whole dash board out,lets all complain and go after Chysler!!!My email is [email protected]
Your symptom does sound like it could be a blend door actuator motor problem.
But, it should not cost $650 to replace.

You do not need any experience to replace that actuator motor.
A quick explanation on how to check the blend door actuator motor.
Lower the glove box.
The actuator motor is to the left of the glove compartment opening
Remove the two Phillip head screws and a wire connector.
You are now ready to test that actuator motor.
You can use two wires and a 9volt battery or the vehicles battery.
The polarity does not matter, switching the wires will only reverse the rotation of the motor.

For instructions on how to lower the glove box and access the actuator motor, please visit the Tech Tips page at the Blen Dor

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#556 Apr 15, 2010
Annette Ross wrote:
I have a 06 jeep grand cherokee laredo extremely hot air blows through my vent and on the floor board,I took it to goodyear tire and they told me the same thing,its my blend door acuator which would cost me $650 to fix because they have to pull the whole dash board out,lets all complain and go after Chysler!!!My email is [email protected]
Your pain is felt by all of us who own Jeeps and have had the pleasure of no heater. Unfortunately the blend door repair solution from and blendors only covers the 1999 - 2004 Grand Cherokees that have the heater issue and not the 2006 like you have. Good luck to you!

Redmond, OR

#557 Apr 17, 2010
i just bought a 1999 grand cherokee limited--every option-loaded. I had a brand new radiator installed--it overheats when AC comes on. Huh?

Selby, UK

#558 Apr 20, 2010
Thanks guys!
Cherokee Kaching

United States

#559 Apr 28, 2010
Hello there.
Having spent $2068 getting the cooling system fixed last year the I'm now faced with the problem where the driver side gets boiling hot and the passenger side is freezing. I'm working through this forum to get my complaint lodged. Thank you for sharing this information.

Fair Lawn, NJ

#560 May 3, 2010
I think im having the same issues. My a/c blows cold for 30-45 min great. Then the air stops blowing out the vents. You can hear the blower fan going full blast. But no or little air out any of the vents. Dealer has chgd the a/c comp.,dryer,control head in dash, housing vents in the dash, a/c hose. all extended warranty thank god, BUT STILL DOES IT !!!!!!! Any ideas ?????????

Houston, TX

#561 May 6, 2010
I think it may be the recirculation door which is similar to a blend door. It is a small plastic door that decides if the air comes from the outside or the inside cabin. If it breaks it can fall down and actually block the blower fan from moving air. You can open the glove box and see a screen vent that should have a little flap door in there. If it is missing it is most likely stuck down above the blower motor (by the passengers feet)

You can also try doing the self diagnosis by following the instructions here:

(watch the video down the page)

They have the fix for blend door issues also (if you have A/C but no heat on one or both sides)

Good luck!

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