Transmission problem - Jeep Cherokee

Lake Worth, FL

#167 Sep 18, 2011
I hope someone can help- Until recently my 98 jeep cherokee limited has been pretty good to me- But, Seems I may have drove about a 10050miles orso, without enough tranni fluid, cuz I noticed that as I acclerated to 60+mph, my rpms would not drop down, but go's up to 3000 rpms @ around 65 mph &up... 1. what should your average rpm's be at when doing 65-75 mph??? And, what may be my problem- Is the only possoblity -that I may have burned up 4th or 5th gear??? and need another tranni, Or, is there an easier solution???? All advice is welcome, please help - thanx!!!!!!

Lake Worth, FL

#168 Sep 18, 2011
OOps- I meant, I drove about 150- miles---not 10050 miles...

Scottsbluff, NE

#169 Sep 18, 2011
melissa wrote:
I have a 99 jeep cherokee bought used a few months ago.feel like we got jipped, but paid 3700 for it. It has around 175,xxx miles on it, we have had to do some work on it; but one thing we can not figure out and we haven't spared the money yet to take it to have diagnostic test done- but i did take it to a transmission shop and they said it was no problems in the transmission; but thought it had something to do with the engine/fuel intake?? What the problem is IS that it will not pick up speed fast. It doesn't seem to have shifting issues, it just takes time to shift into gears, like if you step real hard on the gas pedal and expect to go fast, quick, it will start to go, but then sorta draw a blank, and the almost just leave you almost like"floating"..then it like starts to gradually pick up speed. The best way to drive this jeep is to drive it slow and gradually pick up speed. has anyone had any problems like this, or have any suggestions on what it can be?? maybe some ideas that we can try doing b4 taking it to a shop? I did buy some enging cleaner stuff you put in your gas tank thats suppose to clean your fuel or something, but no improvements.....also- i have a wiring? issue with the tail lights? they seem to work somtimes, along with the blinkers etc...sometimes I have 1 tail light, other times they both work.? any ideas?
Do you have stock exhaust? It could be a plugged catalytic converter. If you temporarily disconnect the exhaust in front of the converter and the problem goes away, it is most likely a plugged converter. Can happen over time but usually happens if you use too much of an oily fuel additive at once. Could also be a fuel filter or fuel regualtor issue.*Be sure to reconnect the catalytic converter to be street legal*

Lake Worth, FL

#170 Sep 19, 2011
Hi All; This is Ray again.....Hoping that someone will respond to my issue, and please give me some advice--Thanx agian....Ray

Tomball, TX

#172 Sep 21, 2011
My girl friend has 02 Grand Jeep Cherokee and her tranny just went out her. She took it to Cottmans Transmission in Fredricksburg, VA who charged her $2500, they so-called fixed the issue and when I came up to visit we were on I-95 headed to North Carolina and heard a very loud thump/boom from transmission and OverDrive light came on (also forgot to mention the night before after leaving the airport the OD light was on and engine rpm was around 4500rpm) so we took it back to Cottmans and he tried to blow us off but I wasn't going for that and all he could say was let me plug it up to my computer and check the code and it wouldn't read out a code then he proceeded to say let me pull it back in and let it run and heat up and see if a code reads out, so I let him do it then after he realized we was not going for no more B.S. He had one of his guys take it for a drive actually "Drive It" down the street. He said he will look back into the transmission and found out that the trans cooler was bad and line was stopped up so that was te problem for that. The first problem was torque converter which cost $630 and now this. Luckily he fixed for free and also paid for part of rental car fee. Then today my girl called and said OD light came back on and Trans Over Temp light came on. Either Cottmans suck or Jeep has really shotty transmissions. Also would like to know why he just didn't replace the whole transmission in first place?

Saint Louis, MO

#173 Sep 27, 2011
Ihave a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
reverse just went out,,, it seems like it goes into reverse but, the truck wont move checked the transmission fluid a little low but, seems good, cant find a repair manual HHHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLP!

Rochester, NY

#174 Oct 1, 2011
bought 2000 cherokee sport with 138000 dumped all fluids used dextron 3 now wont shift right volts spike to 19 check engine code p0715 speed sensor turbine malfunction dumped dexton 3 put in atf 4 with 24 oz lucas have same problem not as often might get better in time tranni machanic said dont change fluid after the fact these trannies dont like change if thay were not maintained properly WTF

Rochester, NY

#175 Oct 1, 2011
sid wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you figure this out? I have the same problem [email protected] Thanks
did you try adding limited slip gear oil additive to diff

Chicago, IL

#176 Oct 2, 2011
Hey it's me again 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo won't go in reverse any suggestions ?? Need help !!! Email me at [email protected]
Garry Macalister

Norwich, UK

#177 Oct 2, 2011
jeep gets to 30mph then won't go any faster it is automatic what could be the problem?

Fairmont, WV

#178 Oct 21, 2011
will a 93 tran work in a 98 cherokee

North Olmsted, OH

#179 Oct 25, 2011
adam wrote:
I have the same problem with not shifting but mine started when a mechanic power washed my engine. Any suggestions?
thats how mine started too i dont get how that could mess something up

Las Vegas, NV

#180 Oct 25, 2011
Had shifting problems for about a month and now when I put it in drive the car just quits.
Has this happened to anyone else?
jackie l

United States

#181 Oct 28, 2011
just got my breaks done and now when i put jeep in revere it makes a whining sound does this mean training is going?

Fenton, MO

#182 Oct 28, 2011
Actually, could be front sealed hub assembly. I've replaced one ~100K and will likley be replacing a second one soon ~150K. Both were original, starts out as a slight noise and as it gets louder sounds like a loud "woosh" especially ~60mph.
Felix wrote:
I have a 1999 Grand Cherokee with 165k miles on it; a couple of weeks ago I started hearing a squeaky whistling noise while driving, and stops when the car is on idle (it gets louder the longer I drive). It radiates all under the car, making it impossible to pinpoint. Someone told me my tranny is about to go out. The fluid is clean and I changed the filter late 07.
Any ideas on what this problem might really be?
02 Grand Cherokee Laredo

Santa Monica, CA

#183 Nov 1, 2011
Jerry wrote:
I have a 2004 Cherokee Laredo with 55,000 mis. When driving, there is a whining sound coming from beneath, sounds similar to a high pitched turbine. In neutral, it cannot be heard either at idle or when revving. My son described it as sounding like a remote control car is racing beneath the Jeep.
Sound like anything you're familiar with?
Thank you very much for your help
I had the whining on mine for a while, more pronounced at certain speeds (45 and above). Sometimes the noise would go away after getting below 45 and would never return, sometimes it would return once I reached 45 again. Turned out to be a wheel hub. I also could hear the sound from reflecting loudly off the highway divider, that is how I knew it had to be a wheel.

Dayton, OH

#184 Nov 2, 2011
Steven wrote:
Yo, I was thinking about buying a Jeep Cherokee Laredo with 108K on it but after visiting this page and listening to all of this, for one, I am sorry that you have all gone through these problems but two, I guess doing your homework really works, I'm not buying it now. Thanx guys, you are great
I called my local junk yards and asked the parts sales guys what kind of parts get sold the most, he told me transmissions, and front axle shafts with the cv joints, and rear ends are a close 3rd. Does this sound right to you guys?
Gerald Young

Edmonton, Canada

#185 Nov 9, 2011
Chief of the Cherokee wrote:
Also, when I am going through a parking lot, it will sometimes abruptly shift back and forth between what seems to be 1st and 2nd, as if it is confused. I have to play with the peddle (like give it more gas, then let off to coast at that speed) to cruise at a comfortable parking lot speed. Any ideas to fix it???
It appears your post has been on for some time. This is exactly what my 1994 JGC started to do. Did you ever find out what the fix was?


United States

#186 Nov 13, 2011
Ok so mines a 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo and when you start out in first gear it winds up real high before it will shift to second and then if you push the gas real quick or try to accelerate real fast it revs really high before it will shift. Any ideas on what I should do?
Bill Connecticut

Norwich, CT

#187 Nov 18, 2011
I have a 92 cherokee lerado with a 4.0 automatic tranny. When it shifts from 1st to second, it takes longer than usual then it will not shift into 3rd unless i really lay into the gas then immediatly let off the gass. It dosnt always go into 3rd but when it does, thats what i have to do to get it to. Once in 3rd, it runs great. Any ideas?

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