Transmission problem - Jeep Cherokee

Lexington, NC

#104 Jan 3, 2011
keith_JaxFl wrote:
I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. After I drive and the Jeep heats up, the overdrive turns itself off and then the light "trans over temp" comes on the dash. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Im havig the same problems already changed out a sensor in the trans and fluid and filter change. Fluid and filter both clear of metal/debris. You have any soulutions yet?

Washington, DC

#105 Jan 5, 2011
My 93 cherakee jeep tires stop moving in a snow storm i Heard a grinding noise when i was applying the brake when i went to press on the gas only my front tires would move so i got it towed to a mechanic who thought the master cylinder was gone because the brakes had locked up so he changed both. the next day my brakes felt loose and i got stuck at a red light again cause my front tires moved but my rear tires wasn't i took it back to him. after a week of looking at it he said it was the transfer case and the transmissions he wants to try the transfer case first then if not right then try the tranny.....What's WRONG WITH MY JEEP???????...HELP!!!!

Bronx, NY

#106 Jan 5, 2011
Have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 101,000 miles (I am the original owner)just started having transmission problems.When the car is warmed up at a stop it starts off in 2nd gear.My son, a Chrysler/Jeep trained Tech is going to try changing the fluids/filter to see if it will help and check for metal shavings in the transmission.Will let everyone know the outcome.This is the last Jeep I will ever buy, going for a Volvo next time.

Knoxville, TN

#107 Jan 8, 2011
I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee Sport(automatic) with 133k on it. Just started having transmission problems with it. It will shift gears until it climbs past 45mph, and then the rpms will increase and not shift again after that. I only drive between 60-65mph on interstate because it is pushing close to around 2.5-3 rpms already, and trying to go higher than 70mph feels like the thing is going to fall apart on me. Also, due to icy weather, I shifted into 4wd Partime to get on to the main roads, but then it wouldn't shift back into 2wd. So now its stuck in 4wd Partime. I'm not sure what exactly needs to be done, but any suggestions would be helpful. I don't know a whole lot about transmissions, but I know i don't want to be jipped at a dealership if its something i can fix on my own...Thanks!

Franklin, TN

#108 Jan 12, 2011
The fix for most of the above post can be found here . Unfortunately, the pictures have been removed. I have two high milage jeeps and have done the fix to both. If you can do it yourself it will cost about 150.00. If you let the dealer do it more like 800.00

Franklin, TN

#109 Jan 12, 2011

Kingsland, GA

#110 Feb 17, 2011
I have 95 jeep cherokee with an auto transmission.when its cold out the over drive light stays on until it gets warmed up.and the tranny stalls the engine when I come to a stop and I have to put it in neutral to keep engine running what could be causeing these problems?

Plano, TX

#111 Feb 22, 2011
I have a1996 cherokee lador my battery dies out every three day i have. A new alternater my engie ligh keeps coming on and it acts like it doesn't want to move can some please help it has 260k

Fpo, AE

#112 Feb 25, 2011
I need help with my 99 Jeep grand cherokee. The reverse light is not working. I have replaced bulbs, still no luck. The cable that change from P,R,N,D for my jeep goes straight in the tranny, there's no connection for to check. I hope this helps, the # that's on the tranny. P52119099AA 45RF.

Hilmar, CA

#113 Feb 25, 2011
I have 1998 jeep grand cherokee I just replace the governor sensor and tranducer
And it cleared the check engine light. After test driving for few miles I hear whinning noise come out underneath sounds like from transmission when I checked the fluid it looks like it dried up but I don't see any leak, filled it up again with 4 quarts and still hear whining noise in drive. Is there anyone knows whats causing it

Clarksville, TN

#114 Feb 28, 2011
i have a 99 jeep cherokee limited and the transmission is shifting hard at times. its not shifting into third gear until i hit about 70 mph. then when it hits fourth and its time for it to down shift due to slowing down it shifts down hard. if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. thanks.....

United States

#115 Mar 1, 2011
I have a 99 jeep cherokee bought used a few months ago.feel like we got jipped, but paid 3700 for it. It has around 175,xxx miles on it, we have had to do some work on it; but one thing we can not figure out and we haven't spared the money yet to take it to have diagnostic test done- but i did take it to a transmission shop and they said it was no problems in the transmission; but thought it had something to do with the engine/fuel intake?? What the problem is IS that it will not pick up speed fast. It doesn't seem to have shifting issues, it just takes time to shift into gears, like if you step real hard on the gas pedal and expect to go fast, quick, it will start to go, but then sorta draw a blank, and the almost just leave you almost like"floating"..then it like starts to gradually pick up speed. The best way to drive this jeep is to drive it slow and gradually pick up speed. has anyone had any problems like this, or have any suggestions on what it can be?? maybe some ideas that we can try doing b4 taking it to a shop? I did buy some enging cleaner stuff you put in your gas tank thats suppose to clean your fuel or something, but no improvements.....also- i have a wiring? issue with the tail lights? they seem to work somtimes, along with the blinkers etc...sometimes I have 1 tail light, other times they both work.? any ideas?

Chambersburg, PA

#116 Mar 3, 2011
i have a 2002 jeep the over dive light comes on and off the tranmission over temp light comes on some times i must let my car run for 10 min in order for it to get into the right geer any help from someone who has been through this please

Orlando, FL

#117 Mar 4, 2011
I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, 256,000 miles. Occasionally when I shift into reverse it sits there for 30 or 40 seconds before it kicks into reverse. Other times it kicks in normally. What is this? The tranny fluid level is good, but I've never had the tranny filter changed. Anyone think changing the transmission filter will do any good? Thanks for your input....

Brooklyn, NY

#118 Mar 20, 2011
i have 2002 jeep grand cherokee after i change the radiator there is war transmission light come on then off when i start the truck was not befor please anyone know about it

Since: Mar 11

Orlando, FL

#119 Mar 20, 2011
Max wrote:
1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic, 6 Cyl. 4.0L
Automatic transmission. 103.000 Miles.
Hi, I am not good with autom. transmssion, I can really use some help on this one...
I bought this Jeep used 3 months ago with 100k on it; I have put 3.000 miles on it then the transmission started acting up:
When motor is cold, regardless of warm/cold weather, it is really hard to get it to shift from 1st into 2nd; it revs up as if it was in neutral and I have to play with accelerator pedal to get it to shift. When motor temperature reaches about 140/150 degrees shifting gets a lot smoother. At 200/210 degrees temperature the problem disappears completely. Any ideas? I thought it may me a faulty throttle position sensor or pressure governor, but wouldn't that be faulty all the time regardless of motor temperature? Trans. fluid looks and smells old, probably still original. Should I flush? Should I just drain and refill or should i also replace pan-gasket?
Should I also change the filter? I hear that if the filter has been sitting there for a long time it is not advicebale to replace it as it sort of bonds to the tranny in a way that once removed it may not allow the replacement filter to sit properly. Is this true?
Should I add Lucas or Pro-long or some other trannie treatment?
Please help me with any ideas, I have had really bad experiences with my local transmission shops.
If you drain and refill you'll have to replace the pan gasket anyway. I'd change the filter out as well, I've never heard of anyone having problems with it fitting correctly. I have to change my filter too, the tranny fluid is dirty looking and I'm having problems with it going into reverse intermittently.

Brainerd, MN

#121 Apr 6, 2011
I have been reading peoples comments about their transmissions and i havent read someones who has the same problem. When i start my jeep up in the cold, the transmission will shift to overdrive perfect when i reach about 55-60. But when the jeep gets to its normal temperature where it usually stays it wont shift into overdrive which makes my RPM's high, espically on interstate. Im not sure what to do, i have been told to maybe change the transmission fluid or maybe its just a sensor. Its a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Thank you!

Westland, MI

#122 Apr 8, 2011
Jerry wrote:
I have a 2004 Cherokee Laredo with 55,000 mis. When driving, there is a whining sound coming from beneath, sounds similar to a high pitched turbine. In neutral, it cannot be heard either at idle or when revving. My son described it as sounding like a remote control car is racing beneath the Jeep.
Sound like anything you're familiar with?
Thank you very much for your help
I was told that noise were the front hubs...dnt know how true that is.
Doug in California

Lemoore, CA

#123 Apr 9, 2011
I have a 1987 Jeep Cherokee with an automatic transmission. I grandpa had it sitting for a year without tags.When he died it was given to me. It runs and shifts great. I put it in 4 wheel drive to show my son and that worked fine...but when i put it back in 2 wheel drive and try to drive it, it wont leave 1st gear...its stuck going 5 mph! I have tried everything..I had to drive it home going 5 mph... And every time I stopped, the motor would die so I would have to restart it, put it in drive, and go slow or it would wind out. I let it sit all night, and it is still doing it. I tried switching it bak and forth from 4x4 to 2x4, checkked the fluid level, drove it in reverse, adjusted the TV cable on the fuel injection throttle...nothing fixes it. It's a 4.0 LTR Straight Six Cylinder. The only thing I did different that day was wash the motor off 1 hr before this happened, but im pretty sure if it was this that caused it...the problem would have started as soon as i left the car wash im thinking! Can someone please respond if you can tell me anything...I begging you...its the only car i got and i cant afford the transmission shop.Please help me....Doug in Tulare, Ca

Cork, Ireland

#124 Apr 11, 2011
blah blah, bring back willies, they knew how to build a tranny....

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