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#188 Nov 28, 2011
I have an 02 grand cherokee laredo with roughly 156k on the trans.When driving after a little while the tranny almost feels like its popped out of gear.I have to pull over to stop n shift it manually through the gears to get going.After I begin to drive im able to shift back into the drive gear,but when I come to a stop its not down shifting to 2nd or first.Feels like when im taking off its stuck in 3rd gear,and the only way for me to get going again is manual shifting? Any clue?

Willis, MI

#189 Dec 2, 2011
Most of the issues I have read on the Cherokee Laredo sound similar to what I have fixed on my daughters 2002 Grand Cherokee. The electric window regulators are junk. The plastic connection drys out and breaks.$70 on . The brake issue, the calipers,rotors and pads and the front steering damper shock need changed. The transmission erratic shifting, the Control Solenoid(also called a govenor pressure solenoid) and Pressure Sensor need changed, approximately $170 on Search around for the best prices on the parts and fix these things yourself and save a lot of money.

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#190 Dec 20, 2011
I have a 200 jeep grandcherokee limited 4.7 v8 and my trany is messing up it doesnt have first gear and starts off in second. When i start it up in the morning i runs good drive ok but no first or od then when it heats up the trany stop working all togeather and no reverse or drive what could be wrong

Watchung, NJ

#191 Dec 27, 2011
i have a 98 cherokee, always shifted good and today i lost drive, when u start in 1st gear it revs to about 4000 rpm before it shifts to second and never shift to 3rd. Apprectiate any advice

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#192 Dec 30, 2011
2005 jeep Cherokee 70,000 miles. Just read all these post. I just put my second transmission module in my jeep a 1,000 dollar each time. Now the transmission is totally done. After hours on the phone with chrysler, they acted like they were go to help. A week later they said they could not help n they r going to charge me 4,500 to rebuild. Fuck chrysler I will never buy another piece of shit from them again. I will make sure not to let anyone I know buy one. Chrysler should have never been bailed out. They should of been left to die like there shitty automobiles leave there owners.

Dawsonville, GA

#193 Jan 10, 2012
how do you reset the computer
Dave C

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#194 Jan 10, 2012
Just fixed a 2002 transmission with most of the symptoms posted on this board. I purchased a new governor pressure solenoid, pressure switch and the solenoid pack that controls the overdrive shifting. Total cost including the 6 quarts of fluid, filter and the 3 parts was less than $250. The bands were also adjusted which takes about 10 minutes. Low and Reverse band adjustment needs to be done before reinstalling the pan because it is located by the valve body. The upper gear band adjustment is done on the driver side of the transmission. If you have a transmission shop do this work, it will cost you the price of a rebuild. Do it yourself for under $300. One thing to note is do not put any transmission treatment crap in it or it will make it worse. Lucas Transmission treatment will make the fluid to thick and will overheat your transmission. Flush your fluid and put new fluid in it. No additives!
Dave C

Willis, MI

#195 Jan 10, 2012
jch wrote:
how do you reset the computer
If you don't have an OBD analyzer to reset it, unhook one of the battery cables for a minute and then hook it back up. The computer will reset to factory original and will take a while to recalibrate itself. Easier to take to AutoZone or some other auto parts store and have them clear the codes if that is what you need done.

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#196 Jan 12, 2012
I have issues with my 2004 jeep transmission from a cold start it takes the the car awhile to go from 1st to 2nd. when its warm you don't notice. I took it to the dealer who pulled an O sensor code off the computer and replaced that then his trans guy ran diagnostics and supposedly was removing the pan to look for debris. now i'm told I need a new transmission. Is this normal for the Jeeps I just reached 90K miles 2 weeks ago. I am really not trying to pay $3000 for a new transmission if I don't have to. an suggestions? anyone?

Milledgeville, GA

#197 Jan 28, 2012
i just bought a 2002 grand cherokee and my tranmission when your going to a red light and staring to slow down my jeep makes a bump noise from second gear to first it is a automatic transmission what is wrong with it

London, UK

#198 Feb 4, 2012
Hi Guys,

2004 Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD (I'm in the UK).
When moving the gear selector from P to D I hear a low 'thud' and the left rear of the vehicle lifts approx 2 inches. The engine light is now on and the vehicle will not change out of 1st gear (I guess from reading lots of the posts on this site that this is 'limp' home mode).

I found a post indicating a possible sensor problem.

Anyone had the same problem?

Whitehall, MI

#199 Feb 13, 2012
so i just put a transmission in my 1997 jeep cherokee sport the last one went out on me no big deal i thought, after replacing the transmission every thing hooked up except for one electrical connector under the hood its a black connector on the jeep harness and a gray one on the transmission... the wont plug in to each other i am assuming that that plug controls the shifting bc it wont shift threw gears unless i do it manually by moving the shifter from 2 to 3 to drive... is there a correct coontroler that i can swap out to fit??? any feed back would be very appreciated thanks

Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

#200 Feb 13, 2012

Edinburg, TX

#201 Feb 14, 2012
My girlfriend has a 2000 Cherokee Laredo with about 190k into it, once u drive off its seems to have a hard time kicking in to 2nd gear untill it revs to 4500 rpm, then it shift up without a problem...when you stop,the same thing up to 4500 rpm...should I change the tranny oil or what could it be...thnx people..

Harrisonburg, VA

#202 Mar 18, 2012
keith_JaxFl wrote:
I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. After I drive and the Jeep heats up, the overdrive turns itself off and then the light "trans over temp" comes on the dash. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
please let me know something if you figure something out. My 99 is doing the same thing and I cant figure it out.
dro jeep

Oakland, CA

#203 Mar 25, 2012
melissa wrote:
I have a 99 jeep cherokee bought used a few months ago.feel like we got jipped, but paid 3700 for it. It has around 175,xxx miles on it, we have had to do some work on it; but one thing we can not figure out and we haven't spared the money yet to take it to have diagnostic test done- but i did take it to a transmission shop and they said it was no problems in the transmission; but thought it had something to do with the engine/fuel intake?? What the problem is IS that it will not pick up speed fast. It doesn't seem to have shifting issues, it just takes time to shift into gears, like if you step real hard on the gas pedal and expect to go fast, quick, it will start to go, but then sorta draw a blank, and the almost just leave you almost like"floating"..then it like starts to gradually pick up speed. The best way to drive this jeep is to drive it slow and gradually pick up speed. has anyone had any problems like this, or have any suggestions on what it can be?? maybe some ideas that we can try doing b4 taking it to a shop? I did buy some enging cleaner stuff you put in your gas tank thats suppose to clean your fuel or something, but no improvements.....also- i have a wiring? issue with the tail lights? they seem to work somtimes, along with the blinkers etc...sometimes I have 1 tail light, other times they both work.? any ideas?
the light issue might be the plugs ontop of the back window unplug them and replug them again(my license plate lights were out turned out the plugs werent making goood connection

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#204 Apr 16, 2012
I am also having the exact same problem word for word. I don't want to drop a bunch I money if it's not necessary to do. I bought the jeep in January at 180km and it was running fine, but the past month or so it started to whine a bit then progressively got worse. And today I drive it only to find out it won't shift out of first gear and my rpm revs high and still it won't shift. I was told that tranny is going on it. Could it be something small to fix? Or is it going to got me 3k to fix it?
Ben wrote:
I also have an '02 Grand Cherokee 4.0 6cyl. Trans has always made a "turbine" whinning noise when you stomp on the gas (for the past 3 years). All of a sudden the other day it will not shift out of 1st gear unless the tach is up to 4k-4500, then shifts into higher gears, but will not shift back down into 1st when you stop.
It's also giving engine code P1762 - Govoner pressure sensor too high.

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#205 Apr 21, 2012
Hey my brother gave me his jeep cause Im getting my license and his car is like yours It shifts but it doesn't go faster than 20mph well my other brother is a mechanic and he told me I need a new transmission so Idk if this helps but i have the same car as you

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#206 May 16, 2012
So I am thinking of buying a 1999 jeep cherokee. The tranny is out. I'm thinking if I put a new one in I should be good to go. Anyone know how much a transmission is? Should I buy the jeep?

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#207 May 28, 2012
I have a 2005 jeep rubicon with an automatic transmission. The check engine light comes on and it goes to second gear and won't come out. I disconnect the battery cable, it clears the computer and then it works fine for a while. Has anyone out there had the same problem or can help me? A guy looked at it with a computer and he said it scanned lock up converter.

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