Sensors for 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Iowa City, IA

#61 Apr 23, 2011
frustrated wrote:
Can anyone know the cause for engine not staying on after replacing the input speed sensor on a hyundai sonata? I check everything after replacing the sensor, turn on the engine, but it turns off after running for about 10-20 seconds.
. Welli had the same probl w my 97 cavalier something wrong w the anti theft car would start for a few seconds then cut off due to the car thinking it was stolen somehow and would cut off the gas to the fuel injectors

Edmonton, Canada

#62 Jul 1, 2011
My 2000 sonata jerks and seems to have troubles catching gears.... Unless you go slow.... Thought it was fuel problem but no issues when In neutral revs normally....any suggestions?

Fulton, NY

#63 Jul 8, 2011
I have a 2000 sonata that while cold drives great. once the temp gets to its normal operating temp. the car doesn't link to into 3rd. the rest of the gears seam to shift fine. Ive replaced the sensor that hooks to the shifter. with no changes. Also once warm if i go to take off from a stop light it will start out and get to about 15 mph but then it feels like it goes into natural, then after a sec. the car shifts and drives. Does any one have a fix to something like this or possably a idea as to what it might be.

Thanks Brad

Kannapolis, NC

#64 Sep 17, 2011
I have a 2000 sonata that was running good but one day on as i was driving it it shut off on will start on the mornings but shuts off after a few minutes..i replace the alternator, battery, timing belt and fuel pump and filter with out any does the thing..can any body suggests anything?. thank you all..

Pompano Beach, FL

#65 Sep 27, 2011
I bought a Hyundai Sonata 2001 and the cruise control doesn't work, when I put it on the light going on but doesn't work the speed on I press the set bottom, what can I do can some one help me please? Thank you

Franklinville, NJ

#66 Oct 4, 2011
Kevin wrote:
<quoted text>
My wife has a '00 Sonata and she had this same problem it took me awhile to figure out, but its actually a very easy fix atleast for her car it was. I had to replace the engine coolant temp sensor which runs about 40 or 50 bucks for the sensor. The reason this was causing the car to stall and sputter was because it controls air / fuel mixture based on the engines temp. Once I fixed this never had the problem since.
Where is the engine coolant temp. circuit high input located on a 2001 Hyundai Sonata 6 cylinder located...anyone know?? Tks

Franklinville, NJ

#67 Oct 4, 2011
Does anyone know where a engine coolant temp circuit high input is located on a 2001 Hyundai Sonata 6 cylinder.....Tks

El Paso, TX

#68 Nov 12, 2011
I am helping someone work on their 2000 Sonata and it will not change gears. It starts out in high gear and stays there. The problem is I have changed the speed sensors, Input and Output, but that did not fix it. I believe the problem is the Transmission Range Sensor but cannot find the part. I have not called th dealer because they usually want and arm and a leg. Has anyone had this issue and if so what fixed it? Thanks

Bryant, AR

#69 Dec 14, 2011
my 2002 hyundai sonata stalks but only at low speed like 15m/h does any one know why

Sydney, Australia

#70 Feb 17, 2012
Hey i have a 2000 Hyundai sonata,,it well be driving fine and then will just rev it self up and down and then when u go to drive it will stall can someone plz help?

Saint Peters, MO

#71 Mar 3, 2012
Kev-O wrote:
I'm the same as ELC. My 00' Sonata GLS is normal one time, then "bang" it feels like my power is reduced by 90%. It's dangerous in traffic b/c it will hardly get up to speed. At first I replaced the fuel pump and filter. Went to the auto store. there diagnostics computer said bad MAF sensor, bad crank sensor and there was a torque converter clutch malfunction. It's very baffling. I'm gonna start with the crank sensor.
ps: i calledd my dealer and there is NOT a recall for the MAF sensor on my car.
Anybody got any advice?
I had the same problem and changed the MAS air flow sensore and it was like a brand new car.

Deurne, Belgium

#72 Mar 6, 2012
renita wrote:
my hyundai sonata 2000 will not start i've replaced the crank sensor and the ignition failure sensor and when i got my ignition failure sensor replaced my car started for like 3 min and shut back off and would not start. My mechanic has had my car for two weeks. Could someone please, please help me find out what the problem is.
Just in case you are still following this threads: We have exactly the same problem: How was this finally solved?

Naperville, IL

#73 Mar 6, 2012
Naty wrote:
I have a 2000 sonata that was running good but one day on as i was driving it it shut off on will start on the mornings but shuts off after a few minutes..i replace the alternator, battery, timing belt and fuel pump and filter with out any does the thing..can any body suggests anything?. thank you all..
Could be the crank shaft sensor

Willard, OH

#74 Mar 10, 2012
2000 sonata starts fine, idles up then idles down to 500 rpm and sputters then stalls. wants to stall while driving. no pwer to accelerate and stalls when stopped

Iowa City, IA

#75 Apr 17, 2012
Hi, I have 2000 sonata
it have some problem like it's not starting anybody know the sensor name i have to know the sensor name..........

Sydney, Canada

#76 Aug 16, 2012
rob wrote:
i just bought a 00sonata for $1500 the only problem it has is that its sputters wile driveing why is that can any help me on this
My01 did this I replaced plugs wires and coil pack works fine now

Guilderland, NY

#77 Sep 6, 2012
I have "00 sonata and the other day while driving it shifted hard one time then check engine light came on. It didn't stall it got us home which wasn't far but while driving it it didn't seem like it wanted to go it still starts but barely is this a sensor problem or is my transmission gone please help
Jafaru Adams


#78 Sep 25, 2012
I have a 2000 sonata gls v6 Engine and it wont start it will only crank but refuse to start we have replaced the crankshaft sensor is still having same problem they have checked all the wires and fuse all is in tact i was forced to get a new engine and it still wont start please can anybody tell me what to do their company here is Nigeria charges half of your car price just to fix problems for us
Stephen Evans

Halifax, Canada

#79 Apr 22, 2013
Megan McLaughlin wrote:
<quoted text>
Reply to Raghu:
I just replaced my speed sensor in my Sonata and it cost me about 253 dollars with parts and labor.
You got ripped off its one 10mm bolt and is easy to get at.
haynes fraser

Trinidad and Tobago

#80 Oct 28, 2013
I am having problem to obtain a ignition failure sensor for my 2002 Hyundai Sonata in Trinidad . could some one tell me where in Trinidad i can obtain this part. My car is down. i need this part desperately. Thank you and God's blessings.

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