Problems pumping gas

Brockville, Canada

#122 Feb 24, 2013
My toyota echo 2003 same thing , really annoying
Bob C

West Bloomfield, MI

#123 Feb 25, 2013
I have the same problem with my Hyundai Sonata 2005
when pumping gas it keeps shutting off.
ASE master tech

Springfield, VA

#124 Feb 28, 2013
problem relies evap canister vent valve system.
when the engine is cold and first time cycle the ignition or started in the morning the evap system perform evaporative emission check pcm commanded vent and purge valve to stay close for certain periond of time and fuel tank pressure sensor monitors the changes inside the tank, any movement in the pressure is consider evaporative emission failed and check engine light will eluninated the second time detected the same. evap canister vent valve normaly open to allow relieving back pressure during refueling if this malfuntion stuk in close position mostlikely the pressure will comeback to the filler neck immediatelly during refueling and pump shutoff will occur.

Nashville, TN

#125 Mar 2, 2013
I have the same problem with my 2003 hyundai accent. I just bought the car and dont know what to do about that problem. I hate that it takes 20 mins to put in 10 dollars worth of gas. Can someone help?

Lowell, MI

#126 Mar 19, 2013
I have wood that was stuck in my gas tank I got most of it out but it must be some more in there because I still can't pump my gas

Fort Wayne, IN

#127 Mar 21, 2013
I have 2009 Sonata GL and has gas tank problem I can't fill up the tank within a minute it start to puke the gas and afraid to go to dealer reason they all are thieves

Roseville, CA

#128 Apr 1, 2013
I have two 2003 Hyundai Accents. One I fill at home with five gallon gas cans without a problem, but I cannot put gas in it at the gas pump. My second Accent is now beginning to have the same pressurized filling problems. Why isn't Hyundai fixing this engineering shortcoming?

Madera, CA

#129 Apr 9, 2013
My 2005 Hyundai Sonata will not start/idle after putting gas into gas tank. If I can get gas to go into take. uhg. I have had this car since it was new. Love my car but lately it has be stumped anyone else?????

Chula Vista, CA

#130 Apr 9, 2013
I have the same problem with my Mitsubishi Endever. Pu;mp quits after a few seconds of pumping. It takes forever to fill the tank.
hyundai owner

Mount Airy, MD

#131 Apr 27, 2013
AnnaL wrote:
Same problem with my 2003 hyundai Sonata. help!
i also have an 03 Hyundai sonata and am having the same problems i have changed a few parts on the evap system (two way valave, fuel sender) but still no luck did you ever fix this problem? if so what did you do?

United States

#132 Apr 30, 2013
hyundai owner wrote:
<quoted text>
i also have an 03 Hyundai sonata and am having the same problems i have changed a few parts on the evap system (two way valave, fuel sender) but still no luck did you ever fix this problem? if so what did you do?
I have an 02 Chevy Impala that was doing the same thing. I took of the vent hose that runs parallel to the gas filler neck and blew compressed air into it. Fixed the problem. Hope this helps.

United States

#133 May 18, 2013
Haven the same problem with the gas pump on my 03 Hyundai tiburon. Help Hyundai


#134 May 26, 2013
Lou wrote:
<quoted text>
you need a purge valve i work for hyundai
. I have a Hyundai Sonata 2002 it showing check engine and Airbag light, pls kindly tell me wat to do about it... Please u can reply me into my email. [email protected]

San Diego, CA

#135 May 28, 2013
I just purchased a 2013 Sonata at the beginning of May, and the first time I filled it up I had the issue where it just clicks off as if it was full. So I drove around to a new pump and it did the same thing. At the next fill up, it did the same thing, but at a different gas station. I went to my dealer and the sales people said they have never heard of anything like that, but I can make an appointment with the service people.
So I went and talked to the service guy about it, and he told me that they see it all the time, and itís just an issue with how Hyundai designed the car. He even said he owns a 2013 Sonata turbo edition that does the same thing. I asked him if itís a known issue, why it hasnít been addressed. He said that he doesnít know, but he gave me the number to corporate and said I can call them and complain, and if enough people do this, they might address it.
He told me that if I hold the pump at an upwards angle when I pump gas, and engage the auto pump latch, that I shouldnít have an issue. I did this at my next fill up and it worked fine. However, itís a pain in the arse having to hold up the pump while I fill the tank.
Iím surprised the guy admitted this to me, but Iím more surprised it hasnít been fixed by Hyundai

Matthews, NC

#136 Jun 4, 2013
I have a 2000 hyndai sonota and everywhere I pump gas it stops after 10cents at first I thought it was the gas pump but it happens everywhere I go, I have tried barely putting the nozzle in and it still does it, I am seeing a lot of hyndai vehichles are doing this has anyone had a resolution to this or any idea what the issue is with these cars...

Haslet, TX

#137 Jun 8, 2013
I just bought 2012 Chrysler 200. It is doing the same thing. I took it back to dealership. I picked it up today from them. I went to put gas in and it is still doing it.

Rossville, GA

#138 Jul 16, 2013
I have the same problem with my 1998 astro van. Can someone please tell me where to look and what to do to unclog it. I have never had this problem untill this last month. Thank you in advance.

Council Bluffs, IA

#139 Jul 25, 2013
Billy Herron wrote:
Yeah My mustang is suffering from the same problem is there a way that i can fix this my self
Did you ever find a way to fix your Mustang? I have a 2005 Mustang same issue.

Irvine, CA

#140 Jul 29, 2013
haven't read all posts. I have worked at good year in Topeka ks for 5 years and the heart land race way for nascar. Sears for 4 years when they did more then just tires and shocks.
Ever herd don't keep pumping the gas handle when filling up stop pumping when handle clicks.
you can send to much presser to your charcoal canister in the back sending the carbon in to the hoses and cheek valves. pull filter off(small box around gas tank usually two hoses going to it one big and one small) see if you can blow threw them if not the big one is the check valve it usually runs to two valves this should be your fuel arm vent hose. you can usually know that the fule arm/ valves / or filter is clogged when you take the gas cap off and no woshhhhhhhhhh sound comes out (fumes are trapped in system and cant vent ) Also after you fill up its hard to start because its sucking fumes traped in tank instead of gas, try blowing out hoses check fuel arm for blockage. clean the two check valves. reset engine light if you can by disconnecting battery for 20sec see if light turns on after 15 to 45 miles...
Mike [email protected]

Hazel Green, AL

#141 Aug 21, 2013
Change the air filter. Tommy

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