'06 Civic A/C condenser damaged by pe...

Winchester, KY

#101 Jul 12, 2008
Have just experienced the same thing on our 07 Fit with 14K miles on it.$642 + tax to repair. Luckily I work at a dealership and will have my techs repair it at cost (about half the price). But I'm extremely disappointed with Honda right now.
I have a 98 civic as well. I reached in and poked on the condenser with my finger. Nothing budged, in fact, it hurt my finger tips. I reached in to poke on the condenser in our Fit and pieces buckled under my fingers.
Cheap aluminum seems to be the problem. Clearly that wasn't what the radiator on my 98 civic was made out of. It withstood moderate pressure (and hurt me to push on) where the fit's condenser gave way under light finger pressure.:(
I just hate that I'm paying to have this fixed and the same thing could happen to us again next week for all I know.
I reported it with the NHTSA as well, just in hopes that if enough people complain something will be done.

I am already looking to replace it. The question now is: Is this a common issue amongst newer model cars in an attempt to lighten the load and make them more fuel efficient. I will be doing LOTS of research on such repairs on each model vehicle I consider buying in the future.
This is too expensive a repair to make frequently.

Alliston, Canada

#102 Jul 13, 2008
I got a 2008 honda civic and a rock had punctured my condenser also after only 2 months of having the car. It was a Brand New Car with only 4 km's on it. Honda Canada said it was an Act of God, or in other words they dont give a shit. The Worst thing is that i went to the garage and said that my AC wasnt working, the first thing they said is a rock must have hit the condenser. If honda knows about this flaw they should have fix it for the 2008's but they didnt cause they wants it to break and get replace. I came up with an idea of protecting the condenser;
just install a screen in the back of the vent for the condenser so that rock wont touch the AC unit.

Omaha, NE

#103 Jul 20, 2008
I had this same problem also guys...I'v been looking around for an aftermarket condenser and hopefully it would be made of better quality than the OEM one.

I too agree that honda should do something about these but as we all have seen and heard. They don't give a shit.

Hopefully someone can do something or have a solution for us.

Panorama City, CA

#104 Jul 26, 2008
There is an easy fix on this pebble, rock piercing the condenser and it's cheap. Go to Ebay and look for Odyssey mesh plastic grille, I monitored this seller they had been selling a lot of this grille. I dont know if there is one for Honda Accord yet.

Keasbey, NJ

#105 Sep 10, 2008
I thought it was just my Odyssey that had this problem. I contacted the lawyers below who seem to have a class action going, but haven't heard back from them yet.

J Cromer

United States

#106 Oct 12, 2008
This problem has been going on for years and Honda can't address the issue. Shame on them. Last Honda I'll ever buy. I've owned many vechicles in the past 40 years ... never had a problem with a pebble taking out the ac condenser.
I have a 2008 Civic 3 months old 3700 miles and never been off a pay road. Why can't honda put a mesh screen behind the grille?
I submitted my name to join a class action lawsuit. http://www.honda-lawsuit.com/
Charlie Sarkioglu

Grandville, MI

#107 Oct 24, 2008
I am suing Honda! I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey and it fell victim to a BUG that punctured the condense!$900 repair!
Jim Cromer

San Francisco, CA

#108 Nov 21, 2008
If your'e in Ca and have the problem with the BS excuse about a "pebble" in the condenser .... please email:

Ms. Grassinger at
[email protected]

Tell her you have the same condenser problem as case Re: C-0129-2009

Here is the address if you want to send a formal complaint or go to their Web site to file a complaint.

New Motor Vehicle Board
1507 21st Steet, Sutie 330
Sacramento, Ca. 95811

If you're in the San Jose area maybe we could organize a protest in front of one of the Honda dealers to inform new customers about the problem.
Nick Turner

Pasadena, CA

#109 Dec 3, 2008
Compare the treatment I got at Honda with Toyota. After an accident repair the molded stripes down the side did not match the other side of the car. Toyota replaced, under "goodwill warranty", all the moldings on the other side of the car to match. This car is 7 years old now!!! Goodwill indeed. Take note Honda! I know which company I will be looking to when it's time to buy. I want a good car AND a company that backs it up!

Irvine, CA

#110 Jan 7, 2009
I dont know why you guys will have to thru all the hassle and dissapointment dealing with this rock pebble issue on Honda vehicles. In Ebay there is a guy selling a cheap grille to protect your condenser. It's called Honda Odyssey grille. This will solve aggravation. It's cheap!

Rochester, MN

#111 Feb 21, 2009
Alan wrote:
Also, please file complaint with:
This way, eventually when there are enough complaints, Honda will have to face it and not giving excuse for the repair.
file a complaint with The United States
Have you ever heard of Pearl Harbor?
Please you people are such Traitors!!!!!!!

North Charleston, SC

#112 Mar 12, 2009
I just had the same problem with a 2008 Accord purchased in April of that year. The dealership suggested I get a custom made grate because they don't have anything like that to fix such a profitable problem.

There is a place that is ramping up for a lawsuit. http://www.honda-lawsuit.com/...

United States

#113 Mar 13, 2009
I purchased my 2008 Honda Accord Coupe January 2008. My air stopped working in August of 2008. I took it to the Honda dealership. Low and behold they say a rock hit the condenser and that is not covered under the warranty. They showed me some random spot on the condenser that does not look like a hole. I took the car to another mechanic and he told me that honda is jerking my chain that is not the issue. I told the service guy at honda, that the car is poorly designed because this is going to happen again. Honda has bounced me around and around about this. After reading the stories on the internet, I wish I never bought this car!!! This is my last, and I mean last honda!!!! I am trying my best to get rid of this crap!!!!What a way to treat a consumer!!!
Marie-Allen TX

Iola, KS

#114 Apr 13, 2009
My 2008 Honda Civic condenser was punctured as well. I ended up in the emergency room with R134H (hope that's correct) poisoining. This was coming in when I turned my A/C or vent on. I was dizzy, my arms were tingling and my hands cramped up to where I had a hard time steering.
The service tech told us this happened "a lot."

Memphis, TN

#115 Apr 25, 2009
My 2206 Honda Civic Coupe had the " Ac condenser punctured by the rock or road debris" AC diagnosis, too. The Honda dealer kept the car overnight for an $828 repair!! Thank goodness I found this forum and took the advice given here of contacting the insurance company to find out if they will cover the damage. Mine is handling it as comp claim and all I will be out is the $50 deductible. Also, as a result of this forum I have filed a complaint with the NTHSB. I would like to encourage everyone to unite their voices on this matter. Honda is wrong for expecting consumers (and insurance companies) to pay for damage to their vehicles caused by obvious design flaws. Whats worse is it can happen again and the consumer can do nothing to thwart another costly repair.

Seattle, WA

#116 Apr 28, 2009
I went to use the ac on my '07 civic for the first time this spring and found that it does not work. Had honda dealer diagnose for approx. $120.00 and they reported that there is a hole in the condenser from a stone probably. They want $590.00 to repair. A small shop on the other side of town wants $425.00. I really think that honda should fix because it really is a result of poor design. I'm thinking of putting 1/4x1/4 wire mesh behind the opening after the repair is made. This should not restrict the all too important air flow.

Neptune, NJ

#117 May 18, 2009
This happened to us in February with our 2007 Civiv EX, 30k and less than 2 years old. Got the same story as everyone else here, rock, like a windshield, blah blah blah...

A law firm in NJ has started a class action suit for anyone interested:


I got an aftermarket condenser (TCY Genera) though my mechanic, all said and done it cost us $470 to replace. Honda wanted to charge us $700. I also spent $30 on materials at Lowes, took the bumper off and covered the gaping holes Honda calls a "grill" with steel lath, spray painted black. Nothing's getting near that condenser now.

Tinley Park, IL

#118 May 24, 2009
Well, same thing just happened to my 2008 Civic. I bought it in January and tried to use the a/c for the first time last week, nothing but warm air. Took it in to the dealer and guess what...my car also fell victim to the ruthless pebbles that I must have hit on my half mile daily drive to the train station! They quoted my $560 to fix as it was not covered under my extensive warranty. I'm going to make as much noise about this as possible to Honda, the attorney general's office, anyone that I can get to listen. I've also filled out the complaint form at www.honda-lawsuit.com to participate in the class action suit against Honda. I will NEVER purchase another Honda vehicle!

Philadelphia, PA

#119 May 27, 2009
Update- I finally got the GM of the Honda dealer where I made my purchase to cover the expense of the repair. They are calling it a "one time goodwill gesture". Clearly implying that if it happens again, they will not cover it. I will be buying some sort of grill insert to try to protect the condensor from future road debris. To anyone else having this problem-be persistant and call repeatedly! Go straight to the top of the dealer and make a lot of noise. Hopefully, reputable dealers will do the right thing and pay the bill.
Had the same problem

Bevier, MO

#120 Jun 11, 2009
Mike in St. Louis

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