Honda CRV Air Conditioner problems

Minneapolis, MN

#485 Jun 1, 2009
I have a 2001 CR-v and my air conditioner started rattling, the next thing I knew the bolt that the compressor clutch plate attaches broke. I am with everyone so far. This is definitely a problem and honda should be looking into the situation.
Bob P

Littleton, CO

#486 Jun 1, 2009
I have a 2002 CRV. The air conditioner made a funny noise and quit working. Took to dealer and was quoted $4,200 for repair due to failed compressor sending metal fragments and metal dust throughout the system. Just called American Honda and was told tuff luck - they would not offer assistance. I asked if they knew this was a problem and if the compressor was re-engineered to alleviate this problem in the future - would not comment. I found an independent auto air specialist who'll do the same job for $1,300.

Jacksonville, FL

#487 Jun 1, 2009
I have a 2004 Honda CR-V - I love my car - Goldie Honda - but today it sounded like a jackhammer in my engine - and the next thing I knew the AC was blowing HOT air - I knew right away what the problem was. The first thing I did was come home and google Honda CRV Air Conditioner Out - and these pages popped up that have been a great help. I immediately called American Honda - got a claims # and drove my car - in over 90 degree heat - to the dealer with which I purchased it from (new off the lot). I sat there for 2 hours before being told they had to talk to a regional manager before giving me a quote about my bill. They said the compressor locked up! They didn't mention any other damage - but now I'm curious as to what else maybe wrong. I am expecting a call back from dealer late tomorrow morning - hoping (finger's crossed) for good news. I've saved up money this year (in a bad economy) to take my daughter to Disney World and this would crush me if I couldn't manage to do that. We used to own a Dodge Caravan - the AC went out then the Transmission - everyone told us to trade it in on a Honda - you'll never have a problem - now look. So I'm waiting on a phone call as to whether or not I have to crush the dreams of a 10-year-old. This sucks. Honda admitted on the phone it was a problem they are dealing with - two people at the dealership admitted more and more CR-V's are coming in with AC problems - and one actually said they'd gotten a bulletin about the "situation"! So what is Honda going to do? I was so looking forward to a Honda Element next - but I don't know anymore. I'm scared - I thought I would be safe driving a Honda - now I'm stuck with mechanical failure!

Irvine, CA

#488 Jun 2, 2009
to kara
i had a 2000 honda crv the A/C started clicking when idling. it still worked but clicked and kind of of weak. i pulled up this web site and read all these storys! i also thought honda was a great buy 6 yrs ago. i sold the honda for $7000 and told new owners about A/C. then i bought a 2006 toyota rav4. i am over honda. hopefully honda will fix yours for you, good luck

Jacksonville, FL

#489 Jun 2, 2009
Update: Just got the call from the dealership. They quoted me a price of $3085.00 (plus shop fees and taxes) and said they would only charge me $1375.90 - which is still ridiculous - but much better than $3000. I am angry and upset with Honda. If they knew the equipment was faulty why didn't they fix it? Why didn't they stand behind their customers?

Since: Jun 09

Mesquite, TX

#490 Jun 2, 2009
We need to all get together and call Honda and sign a petition on their AC problem. I believe it is a defect.

Grapevine, TX

#491 Jun 3, 2009
Patricia and all,
I called Honda last night about my compressor going out only 6 months after the car was paid for and only 4,000 miles after my warranty expired. They told me the compressor had not been recalled (I knew that) and that they would file a claim but they were not going to pay to have it fixed.

They said the compressor is only under warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Since my car is 6 years old and has 104,000 miles, he said I was way out of warranty.(I knew that too.)

They suggested that I call the service manager who could go to the District Parts Service Manager.

I told him I would check with my service manager at my dealer; however, I also told him I was going to report this to TX Department of Transportation, the Attorney General, and the news media. I told him that was the only way that I could find other people in my area that were having problems with their compressors.

I also quoted the high numbers of people with the same problem on this website and on .

I do not have the $4,500 to $5,000 to replace the whole system. Read my other post about paying $1,400 to have this fixed. In summary, my service advisor warned that this is only a partial fix and the compressor will go out again because of metal parts being flushed through the system.

I do not have the money to fix my air conditioner, even if I did, I would seriously consider putting this kind of money in the car.

I did tell Honda that if I had wanted a disposable car - one that I could throw away after I paid for it - I would have chosen a different brand.

I agree that we need to notify authorities. Does anyone know if this is this class action lawsuit material?
Bob P

Longmont, CO

#492 Jun 3, 2009
I've heard rumblings of a class action suit, but nothing concrete.
Jennifer K

Atlanta, GA

#493 Jun 4, 2009
Just wanted to put my two cents in here. I have a 2002 CRV with 140,000 miles and I have had relatively few problems with this car until my A/C went out last week. I took it into the Honda dealership to get it repaired only to find out that the compressor had blown up and sent metal shavings throughout the system. I was given an estimate of $3,100 to have the entire system replaced.
We decided to have a second opinion at a local, independent Honda shop and we are now having the system replaced for $2,200 (all original Honda parts). This mechanic explained that Honda used an A/C manufacturer for this model (and others) that was known by Honda to produce junky equipment. He told me that they stopped using this company back in the 90's because the equipment was faulty but went back to using them for some reason.
My car has a lot of miles so I can see why Honda would not help me out, but anyone with under 100,000 should call Honda for assistance in paying for their repairs. Hope this information helps.
Jason S

Floyd, VA

#494 Jun 4, 2009
I was driving at highway speeds in our '04 CRV (70,000 miles) and heard a whir and then a loud clanking/rattle and something bouncing under our car. We had heard a strange rattle when the AC was on prior to this happening...This was I guess the straw that broke the AC's back. I thought we had thrown a belt but then we came to find out it was the AC clutch like all the other folks here.
This seems like a systemic and persistent enough problem that Honda should do a recall.
Repair is going to be $1,500. Has anyone had this with this amount of mileage?

United States

#495 Jun 4, 2009
Jason S. describes exactly what I experienced at about 60,000 miles on my 2004 CRV. Cost was a bit over $1600. I wish had seen this before the work was done.
Jason S

Floyd, VA

#496 Jun 4, 2009
I guess I have to come to Texas to get this repaired..Jim, How much convincing did it take for them to pay up? What kind of fit can I throw?

Bentonville, AR

#497 Jun 5, 2009
I have a 2002 Honda CR-V with 148,000 miles on it. The air conditioner went out two years ago but we were living in the Northeast at the time and didn't bother to get it fixed. Since we moved back South we decided to get it repaired and were told it would be $3400 to fix it by the dealer (more than the car is worth!) We took it to a local mechanic who did the work for $1180. Same story as every else - the whole entire system was contaminated and had to be replaced. But, based on what I've read here, we were lucky it lasted this long! Very disappointed in Honda.
John in Tampa FL

Tampa, FL

#498 Jun 6, 2009
What happened??? Did they ever fix it???
I have a 2004 CRV that I bought in May of 04, the a/c just went out. Dealer said it would be $3500.00 to fix. Will no honor warranty even though it only has 37K miles and the warranty just ended a month ago.
Anthony Browning

Corydon, IN

#499 Jun 7, 2009
Oh the horror! Our 04 CRV just did it too. Bits and pieces of compressor strewn about and a 1 inch hole blasted through the compressor housing. Don't know if I am going to fight with the dealers or Honda or just do it myself with a part from Autozone and hope for the best. With the speed at which the system evacuated, I am unsure if I believe all that stuff about the metal bits, besides there should be an accumulator that stops debris and moisture from continuing movement around the system. I'll update as soon as I have a solution or repair it myself. Glad I just bought an 08 Nissan Rogue in December so I have a car with AC! This honda has caused us a litany of other issues, so it's looking like the end of the relationship for us too.
Barbara vdO

United States

#500 Jun 8, 2009
I thought you could depend on Hondas! This is my third Honda, but my first CRV. It is a 2005 and the a/c just stopped. A mechanic informed me that the compresser was locked up and that I would have to replace it. He also recommended that I replace the condenser to keep from "debris contamination." The estimate is $1100. Although my CRV has 97,000 miles, I never even considered that the a/c would be my first maintenance problem!! I will contact Honda America, and will also look into the Honda lawsuit I found a link for in an earlier post. I urge others to do the same!
Jason S

Floyd, VA

#501 Jun 8, 2009
Called Honda America...went for the calm, cool, and collected approach. Got a case number, now I just have to wait in my hot hot car. I don't have much hope...maybe they'll spring for a 50/50 split.
Jeff C

Hartland, WI

#502 Jun 9, 2009
I called Honda America and got the runaround from whoever I talked to. I then faxed them this letter:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my disappointment with my 2002 Honda CR-V. The air condition in my vehicle stopped working and I took it to Schlossman’s Honda to get it looked at. My vehicles A/C compressor blew up causing metal shavings to go through the whole A/C system. After seeing a $3300 estimate for repairs I decided to do a little research.
I went home and started to look for others online who have had similar issues. I was shocked at the number of forums that had user posts with similar issues. This gave me reason to believe that it was a poorly manufactured part and not just standard wear and tear causing the problem. An air conditioning unit should not “blow up”. If this was a rare situation I would believe I just had bad luck, but there are way too many posts on forums from other owners to consider this a rare situation. I also found a website, , which is starting or has started a class action lawsuit directly related to this issue.
I also read that many of the people with these problems have contacted Honda America for help in dealing with the issue. Many people have responded that Honda America paid for a large portion of the repairs. I called Honda America but was not satisfied with my conversation. The person I spoke to told me they could do nothing. There are way too many posts from people with this issue for Honda to not be aware of the problem and I’m shocked that a recall for this was never issued.
I also don’t understand why Honda America has helped many people with this but I was not given consideration. There are many, many reported cases of Honda helping these people with this problem for it to just be a coincidence. We are loyal Honda customers who also own an Odyssey. We have been very happy with these vehicles and the service we have received at the Honda dealer but this situation has really made me think about what make of vehicle to purchase in the future.
I would appreciate your attention to this problem. Please look contact me with any questions you may have pertaining to this situation. I have included all my contact information below.
Thank you for your time.

And I got my response today:

Dear Mr. C

Thank you for contacting American Honda. We deeply regret to learn of the air conditioning compressor failure that your vehicle has experienced. At this time, your vehicle is outside any and all warranty parameters, which would cover repair/replacement needs due to defect.

Under the terms of our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the warranty coverage on the air conditioning compressor was for a period of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. At this time, your vehicle is beyond warranty parameters by over three years and we are unable to provide financial assistance towards your repair.

Mr. C, we do hope you can understand your position. Thank you again for contacting American Honda and for allowing us the opportunity to respond.

Ron Robbins
Automobile Customer Service.

David Miami FL

Hollywood, FL

#503 Jun 9, 2009
My 2003 Honda CRV A/C has gone kablooey after only 38K. Bought it new in 2003. The dealer quoted $2400. I called Honda America after reading this forum, and they said they'll get back to me after 1-2 business days. The service rep. said 38K was a ridiculous mileage. It should not be imploding at that mileage. The dealer said the compressor fell apart and shavings were embedded in the system. Whole thing had to be replaced. I had a Toyota for 10 years and never had a lick of problems with the entire car! Here's hoping Honda knows this is a good advert for Toyota...or Chevy.

Alpharetta, GA

#504 Jun 10, 2009
2004 CR-V with 58,000 miles. The A/C clutch sheared off. The whole system has to be replaced. Total tab:$3256. If Honda of America does not do right by me, this will be my last Honda. I started buying Hondas to avoid this type of thing. Don't they care about losing customers?

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