Honda CRV Air Conditioner problems

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#445 Mar 30, 2009
Well mine went a little bit further than most. On our 2003 CRV with 83K miles the AC failed. I had another independent shop diagnose the trouble but was told by Honda that I would have to get it diagnosed by them if I was to get any compensation. After paying Honda of Marin $132.00, I was told Honda was refusing to pay any portion of the repair which was estimated to be $1,200.00. So I thought this was rather unfair and I also object to the fact that I have to have a new compressor installed that is going to have a predisposition to failure. I would have expected more from Honda.
JB Weld

Woonsocket, RI

#446 Apr 1, 2009
Our 1995 escort (151,000) has an AC system that has never been serviced and will still freeze your nuts off. Bizarre. The reliability of this 30mpg vehicle is due to Mazda heritage. There are three of these cars in this small community of 156 homes.
Bianca Tucson AZ


#447 Apr 4, 2009
Wow -I am so glad I decided to check the net for Honda CR-V A/C problems. I bought my Honda new in May 2004, in October the same year the whole A/C unit went out with a big "clunk" noise. At first I thought I ran something over that hit the undercarriage of my car...but then the A/C blew warm and I knew. THe same thing happened again just two days ago at 69,000 miles. It was exactly like the first time. I have an appointment with the Dealership I bought it from and I keep my fingers crossed that Honda will do the right thing.

Irvine, CA

#448 Apr 6, 2009
i have a 2000 honda crv about a year ago the a/c started makking a clicking sound when idling. it still works but clicks. does anybody think its shot ot just needs repairs.
Seattle CRV owner

Seattle, WA

#449 Apr 7, 2009
Well this forum has certainly been enlightening. The A/C in my 2002 CRV with 120K miles is no longer working, although I never heard any kind of noise as some people reported when their compressor "blew up". So I'm hopeful that maybe the problem is not that serious. I really love my CRV and have kept it well-serviced at my local dealer. I called them to schedule the 120K service and mentioned the A/C problem. I asked what the likelihood is of getting the repair cost covered if it turns out to be the compressor, a known problem. The service adviser told me that "due to the economy" Honda is tightening things up and it would be unlikely that they would cover any of the cost since my warranty expired at 100K. I'll report back here what happens after they actually diagnose it.
Seattle CRV owner

Seattle, WA

#450 Apr 7, 2009
I found this link when I was googling the A/C problem.
First and Last Honda

United States

#451 Apr 13, 2009
2002 Honda CRV purchased in Jan09 just had a/c,compressor and coil replaced. When brought to dealer told they have not heard of any a.c. problems and it there were the car would have been recalled. Have always owned Toyota's but teenage daughter wanted Honda CRV. Husbands Toyota 198000 miles my Toyota 110,000 miles no mechanical problems to date. We were going to shop Honda for replacements. Now No Way.

Irvine, CA

#452 Apr 13, 2009
update on my 2000 honda crv, found out clicking noise is compressor going out could cost $500 to $1000.00 to fix. i have purchased a 2006 toyota rav4 with certified 100k warranty. i will be selling my honda crv and will tell the buyer about the problem. i loved my honda but i'm going with toyota!!

Madison, AL

#453 Apr 21, 2009
Wife's 04 CRV just had AC compressor clutch fall off. She's on her way to Stokes Honda in North Charleston, SC..... Update Later.


#454 Apr 27, 2009
I have a 2002 CRV with 64k miles and the AC broke.I just spoke with American Honda and they would not cover any costs for repair. Extremely disappointed in Honda and will never buy from them again. I will make sure I share with all friends and family not to buy Honda!
mike ottawa canda

Ottawa, Canada

#455 Apr 27, 2009
I bought my 2004 Honda CRV-EXL new, just doled out recently $1700 for speed sensor and other wheel related items, refused to pay $500 of the bill after original quote was $1200, mechanic replaced nearly everything till he found the right part, very PO'd with Honda over this, so just today weather hits 31C and my AC is blowing warm air,havent gone to the dealership yet, i didnt hear the noises described on this iste, i am going to get away lightly anyone have an opinion as to how severe my problem may be, loved Honda, going to Toyota or Nissan next
Ed C

Blacksburg, VA

#456 Apr 27, 2009
My car lasted a bit longer than most on this board, but the A/C compressor on our 2004 CRV finally blew up this weekend.

After taking the car to the dealer, I was informed that there is a hole in the compressor and the entire A/C system needs to be replaced. The repair costs are $3500!!! Although I am the original owner of the vehicle and have done all my maintenance at the dealer( West Broad Honda in Richmond,VA), they are refusing to pay for any of the repairs and told me that it is not their problem.

I opened a case with the Honda corporate office and am waiting for their response, but based on the other posts on this board, it looks like I will have to spend the next few weeks complaining to them.

This is my fourth Honda vehicle and I've convinced at least five family members and co-workers to purchase Honda vehicles. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated by the way the dealer is handling this manufacturing defect and not taking any ownership in the products that they sell. I was planning on buying another car this year, but after this incident Honda is definitely off my list.

File a complaint at the National Highway Traffic Safety website. Unless we all file complaints, Honda will not issue a recall:

Also, this law firm is collecting information for a class action lawsuit. It looks legit and I provided them with my information:

Ottawa, Canada

#457 Apr 27, 2009
is there site for canada foe the class action lawsuit or a numbe rto call honda in canada with a complaint
enrique raleigh nc

Durham, NC

#458 Apr 29, 2009
my 2004 crv ac had rattling sound at 56000 miles,dealer said compressor need to be changed.they won't cover it since it's past warranty.called american honda and said same thing.i'm asian and i have a honda car and motorcycle in the philippines, we have worse roads and driving conditions,i take pride to say it's old and reliable. NOT NOW ,i guess. if i could shout out to all ASIANS, you'll know what I'll say. It's about HONOR and pride. A defective part should be recalled.It's a shameless company.Generations after me,friends around me and hopefully generations after them and their friends and their generations aroundand after them might hear this story and you think they might get a HONDA.wake up

Mountain View, CA

#459 Apr 29, 2009
After having my AC compressor fail in my 03 CRV with 83K miles and being told by Honda they would only pay for $200,00 of their charges I bought a compressor off ebay mainly because it has a two year warranty and it came with a new filter and a new expansion valve. It cost me about $500.00 to have my friend put it in but I know he is really good on air conditioners.

So I took apart my old compressor and expected to see a piston compressing system but instead I saw a spiral chamber that another spiral chamber turns against. The freon gets compressed by going down a smaller area when it gets at the end of the spiral loop. I think this is a more advanced way to make a compressor. I also checked out the bearings and they are all what I would call roller bearings. It looks to me like it is built really well so I am not sure why so many of them are failing. I know refrigerators have gotten away from rotary compressors and are doing helical compressors but I am wondering if anyone has some insight as to why these things keep failing. An explanation of the theory behind this type of compressor would also be appreciated.



PS I can e mail a picture if anyone wants to see the interior.

[email protected]
d wood

Cincinnati, OH

#460 Apr 30, 2009
Looks like I am a victim now too. Only going cost me 1500. I will probably kepp having my oil changed at Jeff Wyler in Florence Ky, but maybe Ill be wandering around telling their customers what to expect.

Monrovia, CA

#461 May 2, 2009
My father's 2002 CRV doesn't have any noises or anything coming out of it but when he turns on the AC all that comes out in warm air.

Could someone tell me what the issues can be? He's pretty handy and would like to know the areas he could check (if it's self repairable).

Thanks for any help!

Mableton, GA

#462 May 4, 2009
I have an 03 CRV w/ 85k. I had the clutch removed by an indy shop,since the bolt broke. I was told the compressor was ok & it would cost $850 just for the clutch. However, I'm going to the Honda dealership with no warranty to see if the compressor has also locked up. Over-the-phone quote was $650 for the clutch only & $1650 for clutch, compressor & coils. There has been no recall that I know of so looks like I'll try my luck with American Honda. Does anyone have a direct ph.# to them to get a ticket #?

Bonaire, GA

#463 May 5, 2009
The HONDA Toll Free # to call: 1-800-999-1009
They will give you a Case #, and the only option you have is to take your car to Honda Dealership to get it fixed, dealership will call Honda. You pray and hope for all or part of the cost being reimbursed by Honda!!

Danville, PA

#464 May 7, 2009
Just thought I would add something to this mess. I have a 2002 CRV with 91,000 miles. Air conditioning stopped two weeks ago. Garage calls and tells me that I have a quack in the compressor body and the cost for total repair is $1150.00. How does a compressor body quack? My dealer says there is not a issue with CRV compressors. I guess he hasn,t been on this site. Honda of America will not help.

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